My Opinion on Traveling 

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traveling and all that jazz~
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I'd walk on a moving sidewalk next to you ;)))))))))))))))))))

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Ismi and Sam
Ismi and Sam Pred uro
This was more like random thouths
arkiegirl 816
arkiegirl 816 Pred 4 urami
Android Maximus
Android Maximus Pred 18 urami
Are you scared the Nazi And Hitler you know Adolf Hitler he killed 1 million Jewish people
Android Maximus
Android Maximus Pred 18 urami
Ever heard of the Soviet union
Android Maximus
Android Maximus Pred 18 urami
Or you even fear communism
Android Maximus
Android Maximus Pred 18 urami
Which historical leader you fear the most
The Okayest
The Okayest Pred dnevom
You have to think that if you have the aisle seats, you are the person with a butt in your face
Meh dog Rulez
Meh dog Rulez Pred dnevom
Wait if the restroom is hands free how can they get toilet paper??? 🤔
Yovany Nataren
Yovany Nataren Pred dnevom
Jaiden animation: I look like a drug dealer that smoked to much alcohol Me: wait, you cant smoke alcohol
jaya lakshmi
jaya lakshmi Pred dnevom
I’m seven I go on the effort with my parents sucks for you🥲
Alexanderli88 Pred dnevom
“a drug dealer that smoke too much alcohol”
Tianna_1437 Pred dnevom
Jaiden being scared of what she might of said and just agreeing made me laugh xD
Victoria Winston
Victoria Winston Pred dnevom
李鑫 Pred 2 dnevi
It’s loud in a plane but when you’re outside it’s even LOUDER
Business Clown
Business Clown Pred 2 dnevi
3:07 the things I've seen on that seat...
KareBear Pred 2 dnevi
I was that girl 😅😅😅I think
Sean Garland
Sean Garland Pred 3 dnevi
But how would we get groceries back to our homes
JoshMasterX Pred 3 dnevi
Moving sidewalks everywhere? Jaiden, You're a genius Ps: I like ur vids
legends of zelda
legends of zelda Pred 3 dnevi
GirlOne Pred 3 dnevi
I love the clip of the random person in the seat...who else?
Lauch Lauch
Lauch Lauch Pred 3 dnevi
The middle set is the best
Belinda Chaplin
Belinda Chaplin Pred 3 dnevi
Belinda Chaplin
Belinda Chaplin Pred 3 dnevi
MLG call of duty Player
Berzoingles Pred 3 dnevi
Dang guess I don’t like the middle seat now
MiniAussieMaster Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden: This girl then says, "I like your shoes!" Me: Oh, sorry, let me just- **screams younger sisters name** (IM NOT SAYING HER NAME, DEAL WITH IT.)
Dominus Plays
Dominus Plays Pred 4 dnevi
Hello everyone I really want to git to 50 subs and I would appreciate if you sub to me
Sonic Animations
Sonic Animations Pred 4 dnevi
I’ve made animations
Jehmin Lee
Jehmin Lee Pred 4 dnevi
If you do you don’t
Hoa Le
Hoa Le Pred 5 dnevi
i agree with you i love the thig
Alanna Yates
Alanna Yates Pred 5 dnevi
heh, you wanna talk about not going anywhere for ten months?
K E n o s
K E n o s Pred 5 dnevi
Wooow she smoked to much alcohol
Jacob Rojas
Jacob Rojas Pred 5 dnevi
I am too and I still am 5:12
Bunny lover Mot
Bunny lover Mot Pred 6 dnevi
Nobody: Me: Dying because she came to Boise Idaho where I've lived for forever and didn't know she was a thing three years ago😭😭😭
Elizabeth Barletta
Elizabeth Barletta Pred 6 dnevi
Satin child
Mel Ders
Mel Ders Pred 6 dnevi
Vasil Nikolov
Vasil Nikolov Pred 7 dnevi
Dankwolfgaming Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden: Moving sidewalks! Theres not much more to say here. (Talks more) Me:WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT?
Amos Ravenclaw
Amos Ravenclaw Pred 7 dnevi
I had the same moving sidewalk idea
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
Natural Harmonia Gropius
I wish I can meet Jaiden irl
Natural Harmonia Gropius
@Daantje Maybe I'm a Simp
Daantje Pred 7 dnevi
Stanley James
Stanley James Pred 8 dnevi
Stanley James
Stanley James Pred 8 dnevi
0:33 hey guys
EG641 Pred 8 dnevi
1:09 press [g] to put on mask
Oceanimator Pred 8 dnevi
"Flying human tins of sardines" 😂😂😂
Shadow Pred 8 dnevi
I’m so confused, is the isle supposed to be wide or thin
isnot neverdream
isnot neverdream Pred 8 dnevi
PICKLE THE ONCE Pred 8 dnevi
I was on a plane once going to my grandparents' house for the holidays, and my parents and siblings were sitting a few rows in front of me. I was seating in between this American or British couple, and I was eating some chips. The man on my left, since I was about 7 and he was just trying to be nice, cracked a small joke about having some of my chips. then I replied with "...I don't share my chips with strangers...". After that, they didn't really talk to me. That was a random human interaction. I was such a...what's the word? Oh right! dumb.
huh huh
huh huh Pred 8 dnevi
Yes🙆 ...:》
Tharun Ramarajan
Tharun Ramarajan Pred 8 dnevi
0:33 Jaiden: "if you haven't, you should leave" Me watching this in 2021: *looks up definition of leaving bc I forgot what it means*
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Pred 8 dnevi
you crack me up jaiden i mean it for real
The mad nightmare
The mad nightmare Pred 9 dnevi
Moving sidewalks You know that would cost trillions And they might only be able to be used in the day to avoid pollution since we can use solar panels to power them in the day but at night idk
MOLAX20 Pred 9 dnevi
This video is cool
Just A Random Guy
Just A Random Guy Pred 9 dnevi
3:07 *This gave me bad memories*
Fancyman Pred 9 dnevi
1:26 why I'm I laughing so much
cool girl
cool girl Pred 9 dnevi
That little girl was me and I was trying to say hey how are you
Swung Burrito
Swung Burrito Pred 9 dnevi
Jaiden: I traveled Me in 2020: you monster
Twins_pack ks
Twins_pack ks Pred 9 dnevi
A person sat next too me on a plain and the person just gave me candy sooo I was happy😂🍬
Daniel Lu
Daniel Lu Pred 9 dnevi
i prefer the window cause I could sleep easily there
DNA_AshPlayz Pred 9 dnevi
I never went to an airport
superstanley y
superstanley y Pred 10 dnevi
first comment first
Happy Sensei
Happy Sensei Pred 10 dnevi
It's weird how i relate so much to that awkward conversation I'm not good with kids
BallisticPotato1 Pred 10 dnevi
Holy crap is the music from the mansion in super paper Mario? I haven’t played the game in like 8 years but I’m pretty sure it is
Cutie Adventures
Cutie Adventures Pred 10 dnevi
Jaiden in this: handfree what and why Jaiden in 2020 : wait that makes sense Me: haha
Kumar Ayush
Kumar Ayush Pred 10 dnevi
It's funny cuz I've never travelled anywhere outside my country nor have I ever sat in a plane
mochai Pred 10 dnevi
"smoked too much alcohol" uhh what?
CDH Animations
CDH Animations Pred 10 dnevi
What is that 1% we’re you want to look like that
Rhonan Brownfield
Rhonan Brownfield Pred 11 dnevi
4:08 Well, yes, Jaiden. However, as the individual in the aisle seat, you are the one who must endure the butts of your neighbors in YOUR face. So, it's a bit of a double-edged sword...
Overpowerd sky
Overpowerd sky Pred 11 dnevi
window seat better if you gonna sleep because you have something to lean on
TheDounutIsHere Pred 11 dnevi
Me: *mutes it as class video plays* video: *talks about different people having different problems* jaiden video: *shows person stabbing person with gasoline* outcome: *stabs with gasoline* everybody has their own problems in life-
totallynotivan Pred 11 dnevi
moving sidewalk genius 40000 IQ
Zuko _
Zuko _ Pred 11 dnevi
“Smoked too much alcohol’’ -jaiden laminations 2017
Cheetah Chica
Cheetah Chica Pred 11 dnevi
Jaiden: “Smoked too much alcohol” Me: 🤔
Cheetah Chica
Cheetah Chica Pred 11 dnevi
No offense to Jaiden
꧁Simp_ Freak꧂
꧁Simp_ Freak꧂ Pred 11 dnevi
true story: I was the girl who is talking to jaiden :0
Hayden Lim
Hayden Lim Pred 11 dnevi
0:03 where do you get the background song
saku likes anime
saku likes anime Pred 11 dnevi
smoking alcohol
Carterplays Terraria
Carterplays Terraria Pred 12 dnevi
I've never been on a plane
Koster O'Connor
Koster O'Connor Pred 12 dnevi
i have never bin on a airplane
Jeanie Haase
Jeanie Haase Pred 13 dnevi
The ad cheese ultrasonographically ban because denim parallely buzz concerning a staking maraca. complex, creepy club
Creative Juice
Creative Juice Pred 13 dnevi
I genuinely believe “Edna” was my sister. Right time frame, right general area. My sis even talked to someone on our third flight. I swear she even talked to someone that fit jaiden’s general description at least twice on separate flights. Can’t be positive though. But if it did happen, I wish I had known that it was jaiden.
Sloane the Person
Sloane the Person Pred 13 dnevi
who else just realized this has music...
Gwendyylen Pred 11 dnevi
Elizabeth Afful
Elizabeth Afful Pred 13 dnevi
Elizabeth Afful
Elizabeth Afful Pred 13 dnevi
Julianna Williams
Julianna Williams Pred 13 dnevi
Smh 0:47 is the life we need with COVID
Gwendyylen Pred 11 dnevi
Antoine Beck
Antoine Beck Pred 13 dnevi
Me while getting on a plane: *under my breath* chance time always screws you over... Drug Dealer: Hey~
Tony Donselaar
Tony Donselaar Pred 13 dnevi
Wat te shit How doo you anemied teht
Floyd Phillips
Floyd Phillips Pred 13 dnevi
The moving sidewalk ideas sounds good but there is a drawback you need to power the moving sidewalks which is a whole other thing to deal with but it is a good idea
• Itz_Lunar Fox •
• Itz_Lunar Fox • Pred 13 dnevi
5:22 at some point i thought that could have been me since i talk a lot then i realize i live nowhere near your country and i live in Indonesia and i am socially awkward
Gwendyylen Pred 11 dnevi
Survival Mode
Survival Mode Pred 14 dnevi
“Smoking to Much alcohol” jaden 2017
Gwendyylen Pred 11 dnevi
Olivia Zwiers
Olivia Zwiers Pred 14 dnevi
When I was a little kid I thought that cars were on moving sidewalks
JForce 6
JForce 6 Pred 14 dnevi
Jaiden: smoke to much alcohol
Angelic Pred 14 dnevi
Nice try jaiden Sidewalks everywhere Would cost BILLIONS
The Trey Show
The Trey Show Pred 14 dnevi
Jaiden in Michigan where I live there's a mall that has moving sidewalls
Freak Show
Freak Show Pred 14 dnevi
Don't you love to SMOKE some ALCAHOL 1:25
Gwendyylen Pred 11 dnevi
Grace Dureza
Grace Dureza Pred 14 dnevi
Can we talk about the girls bathroom is always and the guys bathroom is like a dessert no one is there
Therese Carmil
Therese Carmil Pred 14 dnevi
The plane just bend
Kevin Reidy
Kevin Reidy Pred 14 dnevi
U cant use the bathroom without hands cos then the technology cant detect it
Sandra Acevedo
Sandra Acevedo Pred 15 dnevi
Let me add on the moving sidewalk topic, if you fall, you'll still be able to get to your destination... 'cause you're still moving.
Wildfire14 Pred 15 dnevi
Jaiden: i was a shy turtle Me: I am the shy blob. The blob, shy
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