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UPDATE: I got a 100% on the project!! Ahh that makes me so happy! Thank you all so much for the support on this project, and I'm glad all my hard work on this was well worth it ♥ It's really crazy because my teacher really doesn't believe in giving full perfect scores, yet I somehow managed to earn it~ Again, thank you all.
For my Designing Life class in college, I had to create a "Hero's Journey" for my life. A Hero's Journey is the path you go through in your life that tells your own life story. We had to present it in any way we thought would be creative, so I thought the best way for mine (considering SLtv is such a big part of my path) is to express it online and have you all react to it. I think it's an interesting concept for my professor and you people to come together and experience this as a whole.
The internet is a strange and wonderful place that connects you to amazing opportunities. I'm glad I can be a part of it.
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I hope you enjoyed my little "Hero's Journey" experiment!

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17. nov. 2015

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Peyton Brink
Peyton Brink Pred 2 dnevi
😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️WOW! I can't believe she overcame her self consciousness. I love Jaiden and because of this video I will be more confident and be a SLtvr one day, even if I am 9.
Twitchy-c8ke Pred 4 dnevi
When The World Wants to give up...
Clara Hannon
Clara Hannon Pred 5 dnevi
Ha when jaiden was in college
Audra Robinson
Audra Robinson Pred 6 dnevi
I'm 9 and I've seen different types of your vids. I like all your vids!
Luanna Romero
Luanna Romero Pred 8 dnevi
Thanks so much
Garcomp Lord
Garcomp Lord Pred 9 dnevi
Make I book jaiden
Terraria Fan
Terraria Fan Pred 9 dnevi
U have more subscribers than cupquake
Miner Mole
Miner Mole Pred 9 dnevi
So inspirational.
Isa_animation Pred 10 dnevi
Wow you made me cry im not even joking
Isa_animation Pred 10 dnevi
rachsafff _
rachsafff _ Pred 10 dnevi
You mean youre *not* even joking
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy Pred 10 dnevi
i dont want to put any pressure on you bro so you do you
saltyseaturtle 21
saltyseaturtle 21 Pred 10 dnevi
Wow the art is so cool
Cats, Gaming And More
Cats, Gaming And More Pred 10 dnevi
This vid was posted on my birthday 🎂
ZAYD ISMAIL Pred 10 dnevi
You’ve come a long way jaiden be proud of yourself 😄
Qashaf TRM
Qashaf TRM Pred 11 dnevi
Jaiden you inspired me to leep trying and improving animating thank you for this video
guts2 Pred 12 dnevi
This is so cute and i love this vid
AB - 04ML 837324 Churchville PS
Where is Ari
Maia Miller
Maia Miller Pred 12 dnevi
the octopi //:
the octopi //: Pred 12 dnevi
Great video
3D01 Mo Chin AU
3D01 Mo Chin AU Pred 12 dnevi
I like it ,Jaiden.
Jonas Moore
Jonas Moore Pred 13 dnevi
you are amazing ;)
Stanley James
Stanley James Pred 14 dnevi
jaiden everyone loves you do not even care about the 1k who did not like it you got this jaiden you can do it
Snofflan 31
Snofflan 31 Pred 14 dnevi
Nikosaurus 42
Nikosaurus 42 Pred 14 dnevi
Good video jerble draws! I think you should draw a monkey in your next video.
Crazy Case
Crazy Case Pred 15 dnevi
Your great I Love how you let us into your world
Seth S.
Seth S. Pred 15 dnevi
Ohhh thank you
Soul Index
Soul Index Pred 16 dnevi
Jaiden: "I got a 100% on the project!!" Every professor I've ever had: "I don't believe in giving grades above 90%"
Master Deity Link
Master Deity Link Pred 16 dnevi
Good I like it But Don't say Personal thing *Hint*
Elbert brience zhuo
Elbert brience zhuo Pred 16 dnevi
Who found this in quarintine
Seth Payson
Seth Payson Pred 16 dnevi
Little d00d
Little d00d Pred 17 dnevi
ima find it funny when in 2021 people are gunna say, "so who wants to go back to 2020?"
Brian o
Brian o Pred 17 dnevi
Rishab .B
Rishab .B Pred 17 dnevi
And Jaiden has taken over Ihascupquake 🙌
Aadomination Pred 17 dnevi
5 years ago: I’m pretty good on SLtv currently 2020 Jaiden: o__o
Kyle laury
Kyle laury Pred 18 dnevi
2015 jaiden: kalm 2020 jaiden: dramatic pokemon nuzlock video
Lennaert Hondelink
Lennaert Hondelink Pred 18 dnevi
Who else thought that laugh at the end was really cute?
Lucy Myers
Lucy Myers Pred 18 dnevi
Jaiden, your literly living my dream! So remember no matter what don't let what you love go!!!
Marivi Casado
Marivi Casado Pred 19 dnevi
Hero's journey : 2015 : *Open to everybody.* 2019: I pEeD oN mY wAlLeT sO nOw I hAvE a PeEd WaLlEt-
your local frog man
your local frog man Pred 19 dnevi
the animation in this one is super smooth, i love it!
HaydensCatAnimations Pred 20 dnevi
I don't think I've watched this one ?
goldbread games
goldbread games Pred 21 dnevom
look how far youve come. almost 10 million now!
SxrrySarah Pred 21 dnevom
jaiden u have more subs than your old fav youtuber- wowzers
yomest idk
yomest idk Pred 22 dnevi
why are jaden's 5 and 4 years ago getting recommened
Abimations Animations
Abimations Animations Pred 23 dnevi
wow, this is an amazing vid and it really made me happy because im moving and going to a new school it is a lot, but this video well, just really REALLY helped. but now im a %100 persent sure that i will do it like make new freinds, do new stuff ect. by the way you make great videos and i know this is the path you will choose because im in the FUTURE!!!but seriously you can do it
Karis The Unicorn
Karis The Unicorn Pred 23 dnevi
I’ve been a fan for over a year How have I never seen this
DemonDuff Pred 26 dnevi
Anybody else feel like after you watch jaiden animations your entire day just got better.
Bahadır Kartal
Bahadır Kartal Pred 27 dnevi
Dizzy Stick
Dizzy Stick Pred 27 dnevi
Holly shoot dude this art and animation * - *
Sarina 2 :D
Sarina 2 :D Pred 29 dnevi
Jaiden: doing this is college Me: doing this in 7th grade,,
Sophia Kuca
Sophia Kuca Pred 29 dnevi
Jaiden, this touched me
Jotie Pred mesecem
Why is no one saying hi to professor heywood Hi professor heywood
Elise Jones
Elise Jones Pred mesecem
I know you will probably not see this but I also am doing heroes Journey. It is what I was assigned with in language Arts. I am in 6th grade and I hope you are doing well! Love, another fan
Amphinobi234 Pred mesecem
I legit am doing a project in my 8th grade english class on writing a narrative based on the hero's journey I've basically crammed all 11 steps in my head edit: Jaiden's steps are a little different from mine
Cate Pollard
Cate Pollard Pred mesecem
you are so cool jaiden
Areeb Animates
Areeb Animates Pred mesecem
This was DEEP.
nobody Pred mesecem
But seriously the title of the video and the titles of the steps are like a action anime episode name.
nobody Pred mesecem
These are the SLtvrs who helped us figure out the ways of life. Gave us a reason to live. Taught to live a life with no regrets. Thanks for existing.❤️
SlurpNoddle Pred mesecem
I’m starting my own animations channel after this
Anthony Hernandez-Galicia
If i was there with jaiden ill tell her to do what she loves yea life is hard and i'm in my childhood but i'm not an ordinary one and even if im young Jaiden Good job controlling your life and hope the best for you.
nezuko kamado
nezuko kamado Pred mesecem
Sarah Da Kitty
Sarah Da Kitty Pred mesecem
*Today this popped up on my reccomended,and I'm so glad it did*
Sean Balce
Sean Balce Pred mesecem
2015 Jaiden: sweet, shy, nice, courages 2019 Jaiden: “ A rAt BurSt thrOugh the WinDow and Ate All ThE ChIp’s “
Jonah Isaacs-Luciak
Jonah Isaacs-Luciak Pred mesecem
This is honestly just like my life, except I haven't met any SLtvrs in person. I love art & want to start animating, because I think I can be really great at what I'm doing & people will actually like it. Though, I'm also not sure where to start or how to start for that matter. I really need some positive support & possibly some help for how to start. Jaiden has been an inspiration for me in my life & gave me the idea that I want to be an animator. I know I have the potential to be amazing, I'm just not sure how to use that potential in the best way possible.
Maia Louise Suzara
Maia Louise Suzara Pred mesecem
Oh my goodness Jaiden! You have gone through a lot! Right now, you have 9. 14 MILLION subscribers! Thats a lot... wow! You are a great youtuber, and, keep going! You will always have people supporting you
Teddymations Pred mesecem
If cupcakes didn’t exist then we wouldn’t have the greatest channel ever… jaiden animations
Chad Boyko
Chad Boyko Pred mesecem
and now she has 9 million subscribers
Silly Barrel
Silly Barrel Pred mesecem
This is a great demonstration of a hero’s journey and If you don’t like this then I don’t know what you will. This video is so inspirational and can show that the little things help a lot. Great job Jaiden I really hope that you keep succeeding and you really deserve more than what you have. ❤️
Sophia Burch
Sophia Burch Pred mesecem
How am I only seeing this now?????
Kim Minh Anh
Kim Minh Anh Pred mesecem
Next weekend (hopefully lol)
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! Pred mesecem
The cover picture style is different from the videos style... idk...
Guapo Bread
Guapo Bread Pred mesecem
How the heck do people art
Teddymations Pred mesecem
Idk man
DerenPlayz Pred mesecem
I m the same with you jaiden
Lanny T
Lanny T Pred mesecem
As a little boost, your videos helped me wake my artistic spark, so now I draw way more often and have the confidence to show other people my art. Thank you
Missed Opportunity
Missed Opportunity Pred mesecem
F1GHT3R TW1NS Pred mesecem
This is so calm and unique and it actually deserved 100% Congratulations jaiden this is one of my favorite videos. We are all proud of u 😁
Sans Pred mesecem
Wow 1k jerks but look at her now ha
Asif Mahmud
Asif Mahmud Pred mesecem
90% of the ordinary world: *average*
NINJAT TCN Pred mesecem
This is a great vid even now
Kyla Marie Domingo
Kyla Marie Domingo Pred mesecem
Hi, Jaiden! I am Kyla and I'm huge fan of your works. I was inspired to be an animator and hoped to be as good as you are in the future. Just that, I wish that the two of us would meet in the future and hope that the both of us can be friends. ^^
Rahand Op
Rahand Op Pred mesecem
So good jokes
Mason Hunter
Mason Hunter Pred mesecem
Some confidence: no-one cares that you think you’re doing bad, we care that _we_ think you’re doing good
Bruh Man
Bruh Man Pred mesecem
She kinda look like obama
riley herring
riley herring Pred mesecem
You have 9 million subscribers nice work
Chevy Eye
Chevy Eye Pred mesecem
Omost 10mill
Odalys Valadez Sandoval
How have I not seen this until now? Guess I’ve never know
KCismypuppy Pred mesecem
OH MY GOSH OUR TEACHER MADE US DO THIS BUT FOR A FAKE CHARACTER, (it was just in 6th grade though lol)
im being an animator soon and really love art! your one of my biggest insparations! and soon hope we can have collabs! i support you through all the way!!!
TotalElias Pred mesecem
Hi Professor Heywood :v
Raiden Gray
Raiden Gray Pred mesecem
Ryan Cypher
Ryan Cypher Pred mesecem
You can do this and you make great videos
Ryan Cypher
Ryan Cypher Pred mesecem
It's ok you got this you are fine
Nature Princess
Nature Princess Pred 2 meseci
"Can I still make a living without a degree?" *Yes* *Monitization*
EpicKittenGO !
EpicKittenGO ! Pred 2 meseci
Subject Eleven
Subject Eleven Pred 2 meseci
Five year anniversary of this youtube video! Actually, I'm one day late...
IDunce Pred 2 meseci
Same here dude!
Δήμητρα Δεληδημητρίου
wow 5 years i dont think that you thoughtthaat you will be where you are now ,arent you?
Ghostlie K
Ghostlie K Pred 2 meseci
I’m having major flashbacks to 8th grade language and having to write an essay on how The Hobbit has aspects the Hero’s Journey Archetype..
Adalyn Ramirez
Adalyn Ramirez Pred 2 meseci
Oh my this was exactly 5 years ago Good job jaiden!
XxBigBeansxX 420
XxBigBeansxX 420 Pred 2 meseci
2015 jaiden: inspirational and stuff Jaiden now: wHaT iF bANaNaS aTe PeOpLe?
Jaxtyn Oliveri
Jaxtyn Oliveri Pred 2 meseci
you are amazing Jaiden please dont give up on what you love
Tom Hume
Tom Hume Pred 2 meseci
@Jaiden Animation I got a new Facebook account with my gmail account its Thomas Hume :) I wear a white shirt with blue writing 👌🎮.
LPP Pred 2 meseci
This came in my recommended
123 Blade
123 Blade Pred 2 meseci
I like this art better than 2020 jaiden art
Inteleon Pred 2 meseci
i had the heros journey project in 6th grade-
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