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Tony's Video: sltv.info/label/qLqJnJTEr5FpqIg/video
TONY: sltv.info
Link: vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/cartoonhouse/images/0/09/Toon_link.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151016035401
I literally got HUNDREDS of comments telling me to make this collab (lol no thanks to Tony) They were flipping everywhere!! So here's the video for god's sake xD Hope you enjoy.
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26. jul. 2015

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Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings Pred 2 urami
tonyvtoons is SO fun to say tonyvtooms tonyvtooms tonyvtooms tonyvtooms tonyvtooms tonyvtooms hehehehehe
Mohit Methani
Mohit Methani Pred 6 dnevi
6:22 funniest moment for mee 🤣😂
I'm here
Drawings from Jayden
Drawings from Jayden Pred 10 dnevi
Okay, so I got to the description... and Link was not there. Yeah, I was pretty sad.
Alan Laiter
Alan Laiter Pred 11 dnevi
The face smack happened to a friend but with her fingernail, the dude had a Harry Potter looking scar for like a week
Flareon376 V
Flareon376 V Pred 11 dnevi
ivysgran Pred 12 dnevi
Oh no she complemented the banana 😓
ivysgran Pred 12 dnevi
Where's ari
Mayonnaisethe5th Pred 9 dnevi
Jaiden got ari in 2016 this video was made in 2015
AxerrYT Pred 13 dnevi
4:52 This is why Jaiden hates high fives
Jesse Kuma
Jesse Kuma Pred 14 dnevi
5 years late but. Happy channelversery
Ava Ha
Ava Ha Pred 15 dnevi
lets just say my friend was drinking ice tea, and I told her a really funny joke and she choked and couldnt breath. Her face was bright red, like a tomatoe! I was basically crying I was laughing so hard.
MegaHenox Pred 15 dnevi
Sanic in the Thumbnail this is going to bee good
BirdBoard Pred 18 dnevi
I ship them 😂
Airplane 64
Airplane 64 Pred 18 dnevi
When she says link is in the description but i dont see Link: *visible confusion*
Jason Hunt
Jason Hunt Pred 18 dnevi
Miles Miller
Miles Miller Pred 18 dnevi
WonderTwins Pred 21 dnevom
One time I got in trouble in class for yawning..
Sam Galaxy
Sam Galaxy Pred 21 dnevom
Who is here In 2020/2021
Anvesha Samaddar
Anvesha Samaddar Pred 23 dnevi
Magically Me
Magically Me Pred 24 dnevi
Here’s a funny story: When we first got my puppy (she used to let me hold her she hates it now 🥲) she was so small and there was a hole in the fence and SHE WAS SO TINY SHE SLIPPED THROUGH THE FENCEAND IT WAS SO FUNNY it scared me 🥲
Karthikeyan PG
Karthikeyan PG Pred 25 dnevi
Looks at bug : *botany session*
G. Calderon
G. Calderon Pred 25 dnevi
This animation thooo on 2020 it’s sooo better no offence
david marin
david marin Pred 26 dnevi
if mad cocaine is the reason you run around with bare foot, then explain what filthy frank is on, when he was making his videos.
Gozel Bozaganova
Gozel Bozaganova Pred 27 dnevi
i have olot of funny storrys
It'sYourBoyAl Pred 28 dnevi
That's Dpmics sprite
Jules Lagarrigue
Jules Lagarrigue Pred mesecem
here voice is maturing
Noa Stærke
Noa Stærke Pred mesecem
One time i was at my friends house, and when i was about to leave, my friend just showed up like out of nowhere and i got a top 10 most choked parts of my LIFE. I collapsed on the floor and could almost not breath! It was that funny
Erica Davis
Erica Davis Pred mesecem
Ahh... the nostalgia!!!!
pony girl
pony girl Pred mesecem
I like jaiden and ari so much
Amphinobi234 Pred mesecem
Was the tennis rachel the rachel that randomly asked some boys to make it look like you were dating at a bowling alley?
Charlotte Mudge
Charlotte Mudge Pred mesecem
Me and my brother were once playing tag and I had my mini fusball table out and his toe ran into it at full speed and he broke it and I could stop laughing. (I ended up almost getting a broken nose)
Kat Marrs
Kat Marrs Pred mesecem
When I was young I lived in a neighborhood where there was a steep hill on the road and a dead end so there wasn't really and through traffic. My friend and I decided to blindfold ourselves and ride our bikes down since "we did it every single day". Yeah...........
Sunny Taneti
Sunny Taneti Pred mesecem
All of the people watching this after five years,hi :)
Sajid Manzoor
Sajid Manzoor Pred mesecem
Wait is Tony domics? And what is his Chanel called? Because I want to watch his videos.
LiveWire Gamez YT
LiveWire Gamez YT Pred mesecem
No. Domics is not tony. Domics is called Dominique. Also Tony doesn’t upload anymore.
Stuffy Saga
Stuffy Saga Pred mesecem
Ok so one time I was playing tag and I tripped a girl and she told on me and I sat out for the rest of recess
ItzCherry_star Pred mesecem
I was in 3rd grade and we had to put on a play so we also lined up to go to the bathroom
Happy Bunny Queen
Happy Bunny Queen Pred mesecem
One time in my dream my younger sister was talking smack and being a brat, so for some reason I reached out to slap her, and ended up hitting my arm against my window with full force. It definitely woke me up. and if kind if stung for a while. (I wouldn't have hit her in real life)
Alan Keaton
Alan Keaton Pred mesecem
1 animated bug was killed in the making of this video
Fabian Martinez
Fabian Martinez Pred mesecem
The nostalgic lily phenotypically cycle because chive principally squeeze down a whispering cone. brave, lucky garden
Nate The Awesome Dude 9000
I think that kid was Coco for Drugs.
Honey Azam
Honey Azam Pred mesecem
Jaiden : laughing is amazing Me: I beg to differ cause I value life
Once I was in the Disney store and I saw this little mermaid dress and I wanted to try it on so I strip naked and my dad saw it so he covered me in his jacket and then a worker was walking down the hall looked at us and said “don’t worry this isn’t the first time”
Steven Godinez
Steven Godinez Pred mesecem
I love it
Nat H
Nat H Pred mesecem
One of my stories is at school and I was trying to get away from my friends because I just wanted a little break so when I got away from them like I could not see them at all my bff jumps out and just sleazed my stomach and I got so scared that I bit her and I'm so surprised because I didnt feel her when I bite her so she went to the teacher and was like she bite me and I was going in tires and hugging the teacher begging to not send my to the front office because my mom works there so then when we went to specials the teacher wanted to take me before we start so I did and we were going to the front office and then I went to my mom's desk and she said what did you do and I said whispering I bite my bff and then my mom was like we will talk about it when we get home so when we got home she didnt spank me but she told me it was not okay so yeah I hope you liked my story
RIDAH WASSAN Pred mesecem
Umm I'm in 4 grade AND I'm 9
Sean Riano
Sean Riano Pred mesecem
I have a story, So i was playing with my friends in the neighborhood then one of my friends chased me like he was honna kill me so i ran in circles then when i was in my house i screamed for my mom to open the gates then when he was coming i went full circle again then when i came back my mom was waiting at the door looking at me with my friend chasing me
Paul & Tara Marshall
Why you show a man cooking eggs?
OmegaSpartan Pred mesecem
Cuz this is ur brain on drugs.. any questions?
D Blockhead
D Blockhead Pred mesecem
Something my friend said that made me laugh till the point in which I couldn’t breathe was when they said “I would try to think of a pun about yoga but it wouldn’t *work out* , it’s a bit of a *stretch* .”
D Blockhead
D Blockhead Pred mesecem
Badum cha…
jenny sun
jenny sun Pred mesecem
hoo is wallching this in2021
Acidicfruit Pred mesecem
Who else got this recommended five years later?
Firebird C.S Phoenix
Firebird C.S Phoenix Pred 23 dnevi
The Raine Network
The Raine Network Pred mesecem
3:45 No thats an egg
mac_II Pred 2 meseci
my parents hate me
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 2 meseci
Raiden Gray
Raiden Gray Pred 2 meseci
“And I couldn’t play after that” Well no wonder you couldn’t play after that, the ball decided to swerve around you!
Robb and Meredith Witzel
Rich Keaton
Rich Keaton Pred 2 meseci
rip bug
Dylan Mc
Dylan Mc Pred 2 meseci
Penguin 11
Penguin 11 Pred 2 meseci
A collab!
Connor Luken
Connor Luken Pred 2 meseci
one time I told my friends that I was taking a Latin class and so he asked me to say something in Latin, to which I franticly replied in "sum canis" probably expecting it to mean some iconic Latin proverb of wisdom (there are a lot of those) you want the translation of my statement? "I am a dog" needless to say we burst out laughing
Shad3z_MZ Pred 2 meseci
fun fact: i could of gave myself paralysis by touching a jellyfish in the sand that i thought was a mushroom lol
Felipe Cat
Felipe Cat Pred 2 meseci
The kid was on pixy sticks
Jessica Meng
Jessica Meng Pred 2 meseci
I really like your channel jaded
Peanut Harry styles
Peanut Harry styles Pred 2 meseci
I remember when this video came out💔💔 I’m old now
Zarellan Gamer
Zarellan Gamer Pred 2 meseci
Poor tonyvtoons He even didn't get 1 million subscribers (LOL im in 2020)
Dragon Luvver
Dragon Luvver Pred 2 meseci
holy moly when I was younger I thought TonyvToons was Jaiden's husband what child brain
Sir Phrosty
Sir Phrosty Pred 2 meseci
3:45 So my brain goes great with a dash of hot sauce , bacon & a glass of orange juice?
Jack Colson
Jack Colson Pred 2 meseci
To think that jaiden just got out of high school around the time this video came out is crazy to think
Homemade humor Bishop
Homemade humor Bishop Pred 2 meseci
Bare feet is a southern thing.
Diona Let’s play
Diona Let’s play Pred 2 meseci
SOLAR NUMBER Pred 2 meseci
I just realized *link* is in the description
Celina Martinez
Celina Martinez Pred 2 meseci
ok there is this time when i used a bucket as a helmet and l said like two minutes after I shouted sort of like a Scree but with the word echo I laughed for the rest of the day my granma was mad (IDK Y)
KC INDA HOUSE Pred 2 meseci
whos watching this in 2020
Gabriel Williams
Gabriel Williams Pred 2 meseci
I got a funny story. I was in zoom and we were playing some math game and I kept spamming YEET in the chat and one of the new people at the school told me to stop and I said can you just let me enjoy this one thing, I don’t get much joy out of life. And everyone in the zoom just starts dying laughing and is like are you okay? Don’t know if it’s really that funny of a story but I don’t care.
Olivia Groff
Olivia Groff Pred 2 meseci
Her drawing has changed so much omg! 😄
Gacha Doge Stars
Gacha Doge Stars Pred 2 meseci
Gamerzplayz Gaming
Gamerzplayz Gaming Pred 2 meseci
What did the corn said to the pineapple Nothing because fruits and vegetables can't talk or one is fruit and one is a vegetable so they have different languages
Gaming for Some Reason
One time me and my firmed we’re running toward each other for a high five but I accidentally held on to his hand and I tripped us both
Emmitube UwU
Emmitube UwU Pred 2 meseci
I was having a sleepover with my friend and she is like, CRAZY! She want to uses the washroom and she came back acting all posessed and crawling like a spider and hissing and grunting. She hopped on me and started to drool all over me and i screamed and then we burst out laughing
Tobias Pause
Tobias Pause Pred 2 meseci
He: This is your Brain on Drugs. Me: Oh it looks better and gets Tasty.
Max Fast - Brawl Stars
Holy crap... Jaiden was so different back in those days...
Max Fast - Brawl Stars
When you're so desperate for more Jaiden goodness you watch her old videos...
Max Fast - Brawl Stars
binge-watching Jaiden rn... anyone else? n-no? umm... ok..
Caleb's Cartoons
Caleb's Cartoons Pred 2 meseci
I was so disappointed when link wasn’t in the description
DoggoGamerYT Pred 2 meseci
didnt laugh
Redek Pred 3 meseci
i was running and i didnt see and i was bump into a how its it called like the lights on the roud thingy
jes jorbita
jes jorbita Pred 3 meseci
That is so funny haha 10/10
GalacticKitten Pred 3 meseci
Gamer Group
Gamer Group Pred 3 meseci
He probably heard the teacher say if she complemented you you would get a piece of candy so she didn’t complement you every time you hear the word G 84th teacher I mean printable
{Clear Claire}
{Clear Claire} Pred 3 meseci
Who’s here watching in 2020? ..................👇🏻
{Clear Claire}
{Clear Claire} Pred 3 meseci
Sure I will not I changed it I’m fishing for dislikes
Screaming Rowlet
Screaming Rowlet Pred 3 meseci
Can you not fish for likes
Hizombry Pred 3 meseci
I’m in the thumbnail
Terror Talks
Terror Talks Pred 3 meseci
Newest comment!
Austin Horn
Austin Horn Pred 3 meseci
i love your channle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my name is vivian and my sister's name is adele she's 4 I'm 6!
Austin Horn
Austin Horn Pred 3 meseci
@Dr Door Very astute. You want a medal?
Dr Door
Dr Door Pred 3 meseci
Joined 13 years ago
Incogninto1 1
Incogninto1 1 Pred 3 meseci
I do have a story but...
GTgaming4211 Pred 3 meseci
Scoodleloo Pony
Scoodleloo Pony Pred 3 meseci
I just can't imagine how Jackson felt when he realized he squish the bug please show us the rest of that story :3
Mango Potato
Mango Potato Pred 3 meseci
MEHISCAT y the faces
Maidenator Pred 3 meseci
Dang this got into my recommended
Elliot Bergh
Elliot Bergh Pred 3 meseci
Don’t y’all ever wish you could access some sort of video of all the funny things you’ve said/done in your life?
Marion Smith
Marion Smith Pred 3 meseci
Went on a nature walk with my 1.5 year old nephew. We found a cute Caterpillar, my sister held the caterpillar for my nephew to look and and being the sweet boy he is he decided to give it a hug... all of a sudden the caterpillar went for a veeeerrry long nap . RIP caterpillar 🐛
shannon heraty
shannon heraty Pred 3 meseci
Welp someone here is on mad cocaine (joke probubly
Union of Soviet Socialists Republic
When the banana has better behaviour than you
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Flying RC Car
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