Being the Best/Worst Ever 

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life, amirite?

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2. dec. 2018

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Sanari Ismail
Sanari Ismail Pred 13 minutami
People who liked purple are FREAKS! Her shirt in her profile *exists* Please don’t attack me saying it’s a pinkish purplish shade
Hyp jeramyah
Hyp jeramyah Pred 44 minutami
she said my name I am in a video
Crazy Kitty Wyatt
I can relate with my piano lol
Sara Lionberger
Sara Lionberger Pred 2 urami
This video still hits hard
Gronola Pred 3 urami
Lara Schroeder
Lara Schroeder Pred 4 urami
What I struggle with the most is comparing myself to younger people. Yes they started drawing at age 8 while you only started drawing at age 11 but I should have tried harder then! Don’t get me started on people who started drawing at the same time as you! Then I was LAZY during that time and I once spent a MONTH not drawing much and that makes me the FAILURE that I am today!!!! WOW LARS! YOUR 15 AND YOU STILL CANT ANIMATE! YOU SHOULD HAVE STARTED AT 13 LIKE YOU WANTED TO AND YOU WOULD HAVE HAD 2 YEARS OF PRACTICE AND HAVE BEEN SO GOOD BY NOW! I feel like I wasted my life and time and that I am destined to perish a talentless failure at the age of 16.
WannabeCartoonist Pred 5 urami
5:39 "Easter eggs viewers can only catch when pausing the video" I now feel s p e s h u l
Pokimon hamster Club
Pokimon hamster Club Pred 11 urami
I watched this vidio when it came out and now I’m rewatching all of these kinds of videos she made because I had some how got all of these struggles
tovenaar trisi
tovenaar trisi Pred 14 urami
w-wait... i l-like p-purple.......-_- ah man
LastKnight0727 Pred 21 uro
3:58 "Yea, why is the yolk intact? What's it made of? Can we produce this indestructible yolk and profit?"
iluvfishrods- Gaming
iluvfishrods- Gaming Pred 22 urami
8:23 Dream stans reaction to GeoSquare
The Mouse Channel
The Mouse Channel Pred dnevom
1:00 Welp- There goes Family
Barb Baltz
Barb Baltz Pred dnevom
“Always look at how far you’ve gone not how much you have left” - me 2021
Em & Ems Pfister
Em & Ems Pfister Pred dnevom
This made me want to do a lot 🥳
Tom Louis Müller
Tom Louis Müller Pred dnevom
5:42 LoL! That's me. Right now :| But thanks algorithm for recommending this video to me. And thanks Jaiden. Edit: 6:09 oh sh*t this feels weeeird because that's exactly how I'm feeling right now.
Kunoichi Chan
Kunoichi Chan Pred dnevom
But I like purple 😥 (I'm not actually upset about this)
Samina Begum
Samina Begum Pred dnevom
When my favourite colour was blue I watched this and it said if purple is your favourite u r a freak I watched it again when my favourite colour was purple I purposely watch this just so I can be sad😆🤣🤣🤣🤭
dagemer1234 videos
dagemer1234 videos Pred dnevom
van gooooooooooooooooooo wtf gogh isn't goooooooooooooo (im dutch, he was dutch)
Leianah Hernandez
Leianah Hernandez Pred 2 dnevi
6:07. ...... I like purple
Sandra Woodbury
Sandra Woodbury Pred 2 dnevi
Best part: 8:23
Krack it
Krack it Pred 2 dnevi
Hey guys I literally saw an advertisement I mean an ad in this video of how to attract women using a single word I mean is the room is not trying anymore
kaue dasilva
kaue dasilva Pred 2 dnevi
3:44 You’re welcome.
Lylah D
Lylah D Pred 2 dnevi
What she is saying is Be proud, not self absorbed 😌
Shreyas SAANVI
Shreyas SAANVI Pred 2 dnevi
Well i like purple
Idk Pred 2 dnevi
Am freak.
xxmama demonxx
xxmama demonxx Pred 2 dnevi
Try telling that to my unstable mental health.
RobloxCrew Pred 3 dnevi
me who loves purple lol
Squirrel Sans TV
Squirrel Sans TV Pred 3 dnevi
I... I like purple.
Chris Nustra
Chris Nustra Pred 3 dnevi
i like purple
어머조 Pred 3 dnevi
Wow... I related so hard to this video it hurts.
Purple Gacha Gurl
Purple Gacha Gurl Pred 3 dnevi
Welcome back to Therapy with Jaiden.
Elf Cuber
Elf Cuber Pred 3 dnevi
Im using this video to write an essay lol
Sinjini Roy
Sinjini Roy Pred 3 dnevi
GrumpyGobbler Pred 3 dnevi
Moral of the story, we all suck and are going to die.
Turginator Pred 13 urami
Isn’t that the moral of all stories!?
Ham sandwich
Ham sandwich Pred 4 dnevi
6:54 what she was describing just like 30 second ago sounds like when Chad is the fastest kid in 2 grade and never let that down
Local Bear
Local Bear Pred 4 dnevi
child: **falls out of tree** Jaiden: *this is fine.*
Mas Pred 4 dnevi
3:15 it seriously sounded like she was saying the year 2020 and I got freaked out how much she knew
Caryn Terres
Caryn Terres Pred 4 dnevi
Lol more like 400 ears
Amena Begum
Amena Begum Pred 4 dnevi
Bruh my fav color is purple and i am not a freak i guess
Fellow bacon pro
Fellow bacon pro Pred 4 dnevi
The best thing to stay alive is being negative ( that’s my opinion).
Bızdık Bıngıl
Bızdık Bıngıl Pred 4 dnevi
One half of my bedroom is PURE PINK, one part is a disgusting hue (looked from translate) of green. I shouldn't have ask my mum to paint my room's walls to that when I was 7.
OP Infinity 3.2
OP Infinity 3.2 Pred 5 dnevi
"People who like purple are freaks!" Me: Oh shoot well I'm a freak
Rose Anna
Rose Anna Pred 5 dnevi
6:20 I actually painted my room blue when I was 8 or 9 cuz I said my favourite color was blue. It's not.
Grilled Cricket
Grilled Cricket Pred 5 dnevi
Hey thats mea
Aleczander Marleau
Aleczander Marleau Pred 5 dnevi
im the one who thinks thairself is bad at every thing oof i cant spell
Samuel Miranda
Samuel Miranda Pred 5 dnevi
thats mean i like purple ;-;
Da Ostrich King
Da Ostrich King Pred 5 dnevi
Spam the reply section with the word yes.
Da Ostrich King
Da Ostrich King Pred 5 dnevi
Da Ostrich King
Da Ostrich King Pred 5 dnevi
Da Ostrich King
Da Ostrich King Pred 5 dnevi
Da Ostrich King
Da Ostrich King Pred 5 dnevi
Who here wouldn’t be surprised if jaiden played the piano piece in the video instead of it being a SLtv video.
Brent Ball
Brent Ball Pred 5 dnevi
i do go to the bottom part of the description often :D
Patrick Perez
Patrick Perez Pred 5 dnevi
go to 8:20
Olayinka Gbadebo
Olayinka Gbadebo Pred 5 dnevi
The dabs the dabs !
Mackenzie Munson
Mackenzie Munson Pred 5 dnevi
I am only 12 and I have had the identity crises three or more times
Unknkown Introvert
Unknkown Introvert Pred 5 dnevi
and one of my family members loves purple so you aint no freak
Unknkown Introvert
Unknkown Introvert Pred 5 dnevi
brain on negativity: ___________ me: too late, i already dislike myself and i already compare myself to others (but i live your vids, they make me think of my friend and make me laugh!)
FenFennecFox Pred 6 dnevi
Person in vid: dabs Me:why... T~T the dab is evil...
Jeff DaPenguin
Jeff DaPenguin Pred 6 dnevi
bruh i like purple
WingsofFire Master999
Who was that blonde guy who kept showing up?
장홍순 Pred 6 dnevi
The substantial clipper morphologically flash because almanac suggestively tire between a general gentle toothpaste. black-and-white, daffy drug
MTN Bro Pred 6 dnevi
The Jake Paul disses 😂
Lynx peters
Lynx peters Pred 6 dnevi
3:26 hah! Love how GingaNinjaOWO put herself in
lil OwO
lil OwO Pred 6 dnevi
I see your favorite color is purple 😏
Ryder Does Stuff
Ryder Does Stuff Pred 6 dnevi
3:30 Wha-
Mattias Gardener
Mattias Gardener Pred 6 dnevi
This video makes me feel like I am filling a void in life during covid 19
MikiNotTheMouse Pred 6 dnevi
I like blue
CiaraPlayz Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden: BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS William Afton: *Am I a joke to you?*
Agustina Pavon
Agustina Pavon Pred 7 dnevi
Me encanto el video esta re hermoso 💝
Capitanhugo 98
Capitanhugo 98 Pred 7 dnevi
i talk spanish someone talk spanish? i'm so lonely
Ana Maria Guerrero
Ana Maria Guerrero Pred 6 dnevi
ZazminArcade Pred 7 dnevi
i like purple i'm not a freak but meh who cares my mind: (/ ; - ; )¤=[]::::: > my expresion: 乁(ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)ㄏ
Chicken Animation
Chicken Animation Pred 7 dnevi
surileo owo
surileo owo Pred 7 dnevi
Eres genial, animación 100/10 😍😍😍😍😍😍
BowserJr68 Pred 7 dnevi
It’s 2021
dragon Pred 7 dnevi
I am going to let my sis see this because she need it
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
HUNTER FORTIN Pred 7 dnevi
Exude me my fave color purple
Rhonan Brownfield
Rhonan Brownfield Pred 8 dnevi
1:16 Hearing Jaiden drop that bomb is really cathartic somehow.
Just Max
Just Max Pred 8 dnevi
0:43 I'll never hear it normal again (u know what I mean)
moonlightthecutewolf mills
Hey I like purple💜💜💜💜💜💜!!!! That's not nice!!!!... I'm not a freak...
Yubulyme 0987
Yubulyme 0987 Pred 8 dnevi
Hindsight 2020 oh god no
Sans Pred 8 dnevi
3:31 or among us..
Sans Pred 8 dnevi
2:58 me when my friend hits me with a foam sword
Sans Pred 8 dnevi
1:16 lol
Morgan Bachtiar
Morgan Bachtiar Pred 8 dnevi
The thing is, getting in the middle ground about self-worth is kind of impossible. It’s either “I want to die.” or “I am god’s gift to this world!” Most people on the internet fall into the first category. Now about me, I am kind of strange in behavior. While most people would try very hard and either eventually succeed ad be happy (or feel not good enough like what jaiden explained) or fail and feel completely worthless. I dip my toes into the water and nope outta there if there is an ounce of “I can’t do this and if I fail I’m gonna get mad that I suck.” To the people out there, depending on your mental state I would suggest this or not suggest this. People with “I want to die” maybe try this since you won’t feel horrible if you somehow fail. To people in a healthy mindset, good job! But don’t do this, just trust me. I fall into a strange category of “I’m too tired and lazy to care about anything.” It’s not healthy either and falls more into a subcategory of “I want to die” but I’m to tired and lazy to care about this so go think about your category or sumthin, I don’t care just don’t bother my mandatory midday 60 minute nap.
Albinator 08
Albinator 08 Pred 9 dnevi
This actully helped me. Thanks Jaiden! 👍
Chris Matney
Chris Matney Pred 9 dnevi
You mean shi
Jeremy DeGroat
Jeremy DeGroat Pred 9 dnevi
Welp I guess I'm a freak then
Magnemite987 Pred 9 dnevi
I like purple. seriously
Jade Bayo Ba
Jade Bayo Ba Pred 9 dnevi
7:27 i still don't get the references...
memes Pred 9 dnevi
2nd one is Logan paul i think? 3rd one is Kanye west prob, idk who the first one is
Jade Bayo Ba
Jade Bayo Ba Pred 9 dnevi
B-but i like pourple :c
david goldrock
david goldrock Pred 9 dnevi
so my self worth shouldn't be tied to the fact that everything i touch becomes awesome?
American Bacon
American Bacon Pred 10 dnevi
American Bacon
American Bacon Pred 10 dnevi
Compare yourself to yourself from yesterday
Ollie’s stupid Things
I got jinkyed
Kirby Boi
Kirby Boi Pred 10 dnevi
Amy Tourand Johnston
Amy Tourand Johnston Pred 10 dnevi
グリッチ Pred 10 dnevi
jaiden allmight
RockyDoesStuff YT
RockyDoesStuff YT Pred 10 dnevi
3:29 *W h a t*
GTgaming4211 Pred 10 dnevi
This all makes a lot of sense but the only thing that gets me down with this stuff is those assholes who make everything a competition and don’t just enjoy life
GTgaming4211 Pred 10 dnevi
I just wanna say she said in hindsight is 2020 yet this was made 2 years ago
ابراهيم games
ابراهيم games Pred 10 dnevi
Did jaiden just say shit?
Cheepi Cheebi
Cheepi Cheebi Pred 10 dnevi
This video is commentary on Logan Paul in disguise! You fell for it fool! THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK!!!!
serena b
serena b Pred 10 dnevi
I like the color blue
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