I'm too Awkward for My Own Good 

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the cringe is strong, here
Thanks to Ami & BlackSen for the voices!
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13. maj. 2016

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amir hosseinzadeh
amir hosseinzadeh Pred 5 urami
Mahi means fish in farsi :|
Alesana Pred 15 urami
feels like someone is holding a mirror in front of me :x guess jaiden is my cringesister
Epic Gamer 101
Epic Gamer 101 Pred 20 urami
I like cheese
Cray ray
Cray ray Pred 3 dnevi
LOVE the ending!!!!
im 9 an i love your vids and im shy too
jesus trevizo
jesus trevizo Pred 3 dnevi
So because she asked us to share stories lol I always end up ending conversations with someone at school and walking in the same direction as them and it’s always awkward. So basically in the collage I go to there’s a parking lot right next to the building we us and I’m a music major and all our classes are in the same building. Like all of them, and I always talk to people outside the building about life and junk and it never fails, the conversation ends, we say bye... and then we just awkwardly walk to the same parking lot. And this happens like everyday haha so yea that’s a small story about awkward situations I deal with heh
Barrientos Marie Cruz
I can relate so much
X brawler
X brawler Pred 4 dnevi
That moment when you don't want to be the one to say bye on the phone so your just awkwardly silent till they say bye
Almight Clan
Almight Clan Pred 5 dnevi
your brain: 3.. 2... 1,,, now go
Firebird C.S Phoenix
Not an awkward story, but i did it without thinking so it’s funny :p One time in science, me and a few other kids in my class had to go into another room to finish some work we missed the day before. One of these kids (I’ll call him Carl) was a jerk and an idiot, and we had hardly ever talked before hand, until he looks at me and says ‘Hurry up and get your work done so I can copy it.’ I didn’t know how to answer so one of the other kids tells him to just do his own work. Carl: No. Other kid: Why can’t you do your own work, it’s not that hard! Carl: I can’t do it because I can’t read. Me, thinking: He’s just lazy. ... Me, thinking: Wait a second. Me out loud: if you can’t read, then how are you supposed to copy me? Literally everyone else- OOOOOOHHHHHH GET WRECKED Me: ... Didn’t mean to do that... but heck yeah.
nuhaa moh
nuhaa moh Pred 5 dnevi
2:23 I do the same ALL the time!
David S
David S Pred 5 dnevi
It's funny how "shy" people fail so badly in social interactions... while trying not to be weird 😂. I'm a shy guy and I know the struggle 😓. It's like my brain is just wired differently. Mine is like a giant mess while "normal" people have good cable management. PC enthusiasts know what I mean... Anyway, I guess I'm just oversimplifying the complexity of brains, but I really wanted to make that analogy 🤗
Joaco J
Joaco J Pred 6 dnevi
Funny how the tennis one was a self fulfilling prophecy
Wally Fone
Wally Fone Pred 7 dnevi
Superboom909 Pred 7 dnevi
You are so relatable
Red Pred 7 dnevi
I could totally relate to that.
Zoe The simmer
Zoe The simmer Pred 8 dnevi
I have forgotten how to socialize in quarantine....
Brandon Romero
Brandon Romero Pred 8 dnevi
It's been 4 years, you still cringing?
Thunder Bolt
Thunder Bolt Pred 8 dnevi
Alex the broken gachatuber
Luv how U said right after"not that being lesbian is a bad thing" 👏👏👏👏😭😂
Maryam Akbarzada
Maryam Akbarzada Pred 9 dnevi
Me to im sooooo awkward
¡Mikz! Pred 9 dnevi
Ah, finally Jaiden's swooping hair is starting a lil
Pebble Browser
Pebble Browser Pred 10 dnevi
I died at the staring one. Thats just... oml I would've probably open my eyes a bit more widely and shake my head a bit or something to try and make it obvious I've been spaced out but probably would have made it even more awkward
Jesse Kuma
Jesse Kuma Pred 10 dnevi
The dead eye stare is who I am
AFK BOY Pred 10 dnevi
No I know what you want pathta with no thaue
Rayven 354
Rayven 354 Pred 11 dnevi
When you realize that this was uploaded when she had anorexia Holy music stops...
Lovely Cactus
Lovely Cactus Pred 11 dnevi
"4 years ago" I am early •-•
Theresa Bennett
Theresa Bennett Pred 12 dnevi
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Dorothy Miles
Dorothy Miles Pred 14 dnevi
The acoustic appeal nomenclaturally arrive because tuba ganguly admit absent a debonair dinghy. gamy, psychedelic budget
Dark_Wolf Pred 14 dnevi
LunDruid Pred 14 dnevi
Jaiden 2016: "I'm absolutely garbage at small talk." Jaiden 2020: "... ... ... ... ...so what's your favorite part about being ... ... ... ... you?" Reeeeeeeeeeeelatable. T_T
Pastel Reign!
Pastel Reign! Pred 15 dnevi
My aunt: Have a nice day at school! Me: YoU tO!
Silly Goose and CatBat Animations
2:43 my gosh this happens to me all the time If I'm staring at you I can't really see you, I'm in my own world lmao
Oristi Pred 15 dnevi
Same, sometimes I make very cringy moments out of nowhere and i now wish I could hit my past self with a bat at those cringy moments and say to my self, Bad! No! Bad!
Madeline Coville
Madeline Coville Pred 15 dnevi
who was sad when she said the salad is worth more then I am
Michael McAllister
Michael McAllister Pred 15 dnevi
Why does this video explain my whole life tho ;-.
Michael McAllister
Michael McAllister Pred 15 dnevi
Also I’m a lesbian too :)
EJ Padilla
EJ Padilla Pred 16 dnevi
Yep leabian is bad
EJ Padilla
EJ Padilla Pred 15 dnevi
@Tunkey Audrey lol lesbian*
Tunkey Audrey lol
Tunkey Audrey lol Pred 15 dnevi
Mr.Sandals Pred 16 dnevi
So cute :D
DonJuan ER
DonJuan ER Pred 16 dnevi
It's been 4 years...over the cringe yet?
Neko'here Pred 16 dnevi
This needs more views and like BTW.
m e l o n
m e l o n Pred 17 dnevi
𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕤𝕦𝕓𝕤𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕓𝕖𝕕! ♡^▽^♡
TopShelf Puff
TopShelf Puff Pred 18 dnevi
0:20 So jaiden, about those 4 years.
10cody7 Pred 18 dnevi
I can't even count the amount of times that I've accidentally done the zone out and stare thing...im a failure at life
Aidan Acosta ( Student )
3 years latr “U still cringing?”
Sasso Atomico
Sasso Atomico Pred 20 dnevi
At the restaurant Jaiden only wanted Pasta with no Sauce
schafezr0000 Pred 20 dnevi
lol, Jaiden I'm weird too I'm watching this video 4 years after it was made!
Steve Wallace
Steve Wallace Pred 21 dnevom
I once heftily insulted a person in the middle of class. Like, really bad. I spent a year regretting then apologized. Well as it turns out she had forgotten and I ended up reminding her of the whole thing and it was even worse. And in the end I was only able to get over it by remembering something rude she said to me in the 3rd grade.
AkaiAzul Pred 21 dnevom
It's alright. You appear to be an INFP, according to the MBTI personality typing. That means your morals and feelings are too priority, you're very creative and smart, but rely most on your experiences to make sense of the world. However, you're unable to make see the world the way most people can, but you're surprisingly able to blend in except to those you're close to where you reveal your innermost workings. Only the most astute will catch on and will judge you for it, until they get to know you.
Felix Forssén
Felix Forssén Pred 21 dnevom
Mambo jumbo?
L Pred 21 dnevom
Anyone else looking through these comments just to find something to relate to?
Minecraft singers
Minecraft singers Pred 21 dnevom
Silly silly Jaden
itsasarahmichelle Pred 21 dnevom
I wish your videos were like ten more minutes long 🥺 lol
Star movie's
Star movie's Pred 21 dnevom
Me: calls teacher “sir” *teacher is female*
Kora ze Dragon
Kora ze Dragon Pred 21 dnevom
I have a funny story lol,so one time me and my cousin Alexis was at dis fancy restaurant,and we sat down and we got our food.We enjoyed it,until this creepy lady started staring at us.We knew it was in purpose because she was talking to her friend then when their conversation ended,she stared at us again.We be super creeped out,and Alexis started crying lol,so she went to her godmother (the one who was taking care of us) and just hid behind her chair lol.Stupid idiotic me decided to hide under the table,out in the open! Alexis came back to me and she started hiding too,and it was reallyyyy awkward lol!We started staring at her and she started staring at us lol.Finally,we got up and sat in our chairs again because we got desert and right after finished,we left!The end LOL. Ps.she watched us eat our desert.
_Mae Mae Panda_
_Mae Mae Panda_ Pred 22 dnevi
About 3 years ago I accidentally called my male teacher mom and I still haven’t recovered
Fabian Martinez
Fabian Martinez Pred 22 dnevi
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lisamariefan Pred 23 dnevi
Yeah, I've done the accidentally starting at someone thing...
Excalibur178 Pred 23 dnevi
*penne pasta with tomato sauce*
Fuxy22 Pred 23 dnevi
Chill we're all awkward to a certain degree and it gets better the more you do it but if you don't do many social interactions for a while it can also get worse. As they say practice makes perfect.
xX Glitchy Victory Xx
xX Glitchy Victory Xx Pred 24 dnevi
My awkward story. While I was in school I saw a unicorn pen and it was the mean girls pen so I asked if I can borrow it but she said *"that's not mine that's yours! Did you forget????"* And I said *"WHAT?!"* And I almost got scolded for shouting. Yep thats my awkward story
Michael Manning
Michael Manning Pred 24 dnevi
These animations are a gem Never stop animating 😂
Bahtiyor Sultan
Bahtiyor Sultan Pred 24 dnevi
Same 𝓰𝓾𝓻𝓵
Big Boss
Big Boss Pred 25 dnevi
Hey it’s been 4 years. Jaiden is finally free from the cringe!
AKiwiBird _
AKiwiBird _ Pred 26 dnevi
Nobody can blame you, talking to human beings is hard
Jeffrey Klaumenzer
Jeffrey Klaumenzer Pred 26 dnevi
I can relate to this video
layla marie
layla marie Pred 26 dnevi
Hey Jaiden! Have the 4 years ended yet? Just wondering bc it’s been 4 years and I still think of something I did
J And
J And Pred 27 dnevi
He hahahahaha
RECMonika Pred 27 dnevi
0:09 : wait this isint the thing you supposed to say when you meet a new person i always did that and nothin wrong happend and im not shure why ( meaby beacose im a stupid kid)
꧁sᴜɴsᴇᴛ ᴄʜɪᴘᴘɪᴇs꧂
once in 4th grade there was this free time thingy that we got to do what we wanted. people wanted the computes and there were only two so we did it in register order. when it was almost my turn, my crush (yes, i HAD a crush) asked me if I had a turn on the computers yet. I completely freaked out and said "oH YeS! ToTtAlLy HaD A TuRn!" even though I didn't. I am still cringing.
Paulo Cazares Belman
Paulo Cazares Belman Pred 27 dnevi
due to this video I noticed that jaiden puts music in her videos, it got me like "wait this whole time her videos had music and I never noticed 🤯🤯?"
Kassie Smith
Kassie Smith Pred 27 dnevi
2020 anyone??
Meg Matey
Meg Matey Pred 28 dnevi
Me on the entire video: same
Khondoker Mahtab Ali
Part 2
Colton K.
Colton K. Pred mesecem
“4 years ago” Well I guess she’s done cringing now.
palmerica1 Pred mesecem
When it showed “pasta and tomato sauce” didn’t anyone start thinking “Pathta with no thauce” LOL
Nextro 11
Nextro 11 Pred mesecem
This is relatable i make a sound when i cringe, then once im with a friend eating out then did the sound and he asked what happend to you you sounded like you died or something i told him its just nothing btw i was zoning out that time and i remmemberd something embarrassing Sorry for the bad english
Анастас Анастасов
Very cute video. Jaiden, no need to cringe at those stories! Actualy EVERY ONE have this tipe of stories in his life. They are really shameful in our heads and some people will laugh at them, but they don't realize in this moment that even they have the same stories.
Dark Fox
Dark Fox Pred mesecem
Form future it bean 4 years
Paula Medina
Paula Medina Pred mesecem
I’m so sorry jaiden!!!!
David Barrientos 1C
David Barrientos 1C Pred mesecem
2:27 I do that a lot, i become blind and i can't hear anything I'm just quiet thinking and talking to myself
PloofyDarkJaguar Pred mesecem
The title of this video should just be “relateable”
Nuggie Jjj 610
Nuggie Jjj 610 Pred mesecem
Cousin: happy birthday Me: You too, er uh your welcome, happy-, um yeah
Giselle Lopez (Student)
Sometimes in on a phone call with Some random person and I W A V E and say “ Bye! Have a amazing rest of your day! Then, I hear my mom and grandma laughing and it hits me....... It’s a call not FaceTime or In person I can’t get over le pain .... So I cry in my room out of embarrassment ;>; Oh lord
WD gaster
WD gaster Pred mesecem
Anybody else got this recommend 4 years later
puppy dog
puppy dog Pred mesecem
pls make a part 2 but for longer and more stories please!
Rorie White
Rorie White Pred mesecem
Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pupet Gaming
Pupet Gaming Pred mesecem
4:21 mumbo jumbo (youtuber)
Erika Kamado
Erika Kamado Pred mesecem
Me: hi guys...... Friend : hi...... *Akward silent* Me: *dying inside*
Madison •-•
Madison •-• Pred mesecem
Once a boy in my class (was supposed to be saying this nicely) said to my best friend "you don't have to worry because AP se your the biggest girl in the world." Meaning your tall enough to reach the top of the blackboard
Johnny Cortez
Johnny Cortez Pred mesecem
You are my people.. 😃
Raizel Ece Fulgencio
I do this to
MAJ’s Voice Go Large
Maybe call this Cringe Series
Pangolin Pred mesecem
Jaiden is mood
RajaGamer08 Pred mesecem
The amount of times Jaiden has to say that being a lesbian isn't a bad thing is sad because so many people can misinterpret everything just for drama
mira7480 mira7480
mira7480 mira7480 Pred mesecem
One time I sort of "liked" a boy in school and he asked what time we could leave. Right off the top of my head, since I knew our schedule by heart, I automatically said "2:15!" Then he said, "Oh! Thanks! You're smart. " Right away I was flattered because a boy in my class complimented me so, I said back, "Thanks! You're funny," because I wanted to thank him by complimenting him back. I sent him an email, asking him if he had a phone because I wanted his phone number. The End.
jazmin smith
jazmin smith Pred mesecem
do a part 2!
Ori TheRainbowLover
Ori TheRainbowLover Pred mesecem
Please make part 2! Ily Jaiden (and Ari)
Nikui Ketsueki
Nikui Ketsueki Pred mesecem
I relate, but in my case it's less sudden waves of not knowing how to interact and more eternal drowning in the unfathomable (hehe get it because fathoms) depth of my awkwardness flood. Shout out to my fellow 24/7 socially awkward/anxious/autistic/disaster queer/flustered lesbian people.
Elise DeRuby
Elise DeRuby Pred mesecem
The bloopers are cracking me up 😂
Jeremy Berkland
Jeremy Berkland Pred mesecem
If her brain wasnt lying she should be cringing today
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