My Childhood Obsession with Animals 

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i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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22. sep. 2019

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David Dermawan
David Dermawan Pred 2 minutami
jaiden:until my dad finally couldn't handle it anymore and got for my seventh birthday
itsDonutdragonlovergirl Lover Girl
*" I want that "* Jaiden-2020
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez Pred 4 urami
Meagan Roopnarinesingh
Question:Did you name your bird Ari because there was a character in Maximum Ride named Ari?
Brooke Marino
Brooke Marino Pred 7 urami
Ari in the end is throwing things of the shelf
Lola Wynn
Lola Wynn Pred 9 urami
looks like I'm a rat
Yuri Kamado
Yuri Kamado Pred 9 urami
I love the maximum ride books
Joyo Us
Joyo Us Pred 9 urami
Jaiden:gimme a dog 🐶gimme a mouse 🐭gimme a parrot 🦜 Me:uh a fish 🐠
Lynette Ramsay
Lynette Ramsay Pred 11 urami
Rachel Wohler
Rachel Wohler Pred 11 urami
0:18 this happened to me as a kid but with a nintendo switch it continued for about 2 years.and one christmas my mom and dad gave up and got me it and BOI was i in love with that switch.
pogify Pred 11 urami
I’m just a rubber chicken
Jaiden:I will get a dog that’s a promise Also Jaiden:Gets another bird named tofu
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Pred 11 urami
I have a reptile a bearded dragon
Rose Cambell
Rose Cambell Pred 11 urami
0:04 how i convinced my mom to get a dog (i actually got one)
Mundo do vicente
Mundo do vicente Pred 11 urami
David Dermawan
David Dermawan Pred 15 urami
Jaiden:but what about the time you were gonna let meget a mouse because i asking for a parrot Mom:nope that ship for sailed Jaiden:toche mother
Baka Baka
Baka Baka Pred 15 urami
Me after reading Maximum Ride: So wait. Did you get Ari's name from the book????
Janet Tan
Janet Tan Pred 15 urami
Scenario in the future. Jaiden's child: Mum, i would be over the moon if you got me a charizard
feary playz
feary playz Pred 18 urami
Jaiden i have three sugar gliders
salma jimenez
salma jimenez Pred 19 urami
I have 3 dog
Kaaspeert NL
Kaaspeert NL Pred 19 urami
Can I have a ryhorn?
Blue moon the gem scale
Hey Hi
Hey Hi Pred 21 uro
Jaden animations if you come over to my house I have two pets they are both cats. But you can only pet the gray one. The black-and-white one is a brat
Mark Dream
Mark Dream Pred 22 urami
0/Maniwa_ Alterta-chan
Hey Jaiden, (Maybe Best Friend), your life and your videos are my life. LMAO
Lavern Love
Lavern Love Pred dnevom
the muffin man
the muffin man Pred dnevom
did she call ari thiccems
Michael crawford
Michael crawford Pred dnevom
Well guess what I have simple pets and when I mean simple pets I mean dead mice and rodents on the porch cats and dogs three dogs and four cats and that's how many pets I have just a few we have thousands of dead mice and rodents though
Striker Squad
Striker Squad Pred dnevom
I want a charmander Pokémon as a pet, YET THEY ARENT REAL 🥺
ToniMarie Pred dnevom
Jaiden i know whwt you look like now you look beatilful Jaiden: OH SH-
ToniMarie Pred dnevom
Me: no problom :3
ToniMarie Pred dnevom
Also Jaiden: but thanks. :>
Luca Quevedo
Luca Quevedo Pred dnevom
"can a 12 year old buy a hous-"
smarties1McGee002 Pred dnevom
Did you read the manga of maximum ride or the chapter book?
Marcos Garrido
Marcos Garrido Pred dnevom
Literalmente coincido con todo en mi vida con esta chica
Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown Pred dnevom
When you said that you wanted a mouse and your mom said that you’d have to get rid of Scruffy, that makes sense. Scruffy would eat the mouse anyway.
M⃝a⃝n⃝g⃝o⃝ T⃝h⃝e⃝ T⃝a⃝n⃝g⃝o⃝
Ala Nagi
Ala Nagi Pred dnevom
i h 4 CATS 4 4 1 is in are home
Brianna MartinezMendoza
I love dogs birds but I have a dog but never got a bird:(
Just L
Just L Pred dnevom
Bruh I like how I didn't know what maximum ride was but like..here I am. Reading it.
Zoe Trogolo
Zoe Trogolo Pred dnevom
I just got Maximum Ride. I have had it for three days. I am on chapter 103.
lucas Dart
lucas Dart Pred dnevom
Jaiden: I have Ari and he's ari-ready enough. Me:Did she noticed that she made a joke
Elikim009 Pred dnevom
I have a kitten :)))
Froze Doge
Froze Doge Pred dnevom
Still waiting for the dog jaiden
AzurePlayer 12
AzurePlayer 12 Pred dnevom
Is-is no one going to acknowledge the homestar runner reference at 4:40?
Kawaii Gachatuber
Kawaii Gachatuber Pred dnevom
What do you use to animate??
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda Pred dnevom
Imagine ur child wants a dog but instead u get them a fish and then they said: how many fish must die before I get what I want?
Anime lover UwU
Anime lover UwU Pred dnevom
i have a cat named SUSHI his on my pfp
Crystal Queen
Crystal Queen Pred dnevom
Jaden: no he’s a dumb bird. Ari: -wiggles- Jaden: no your a good bird. 🤣
Zubaidah Ibeth Kindig
And raccoon and squirrel and flying squirrel
Hope Glazes
Hope Glazes Pred dnevom
Zubaidah Ibeth Kindig
I loved animals too and I still do I love cats dogs kittens puppies and birds and rats a hamsters and mouse and head chogs
XxBøba CookiexX
XxBøba CookiexX Pred dnevom
0:03 I want that (me also : I want that toy
Rehna Gamez
Rehna Gamez Pred dnevom
Im insanely love robert pattinson liks how u love pets
James Pearson
James Pearson Pred dnevom
Rats are betterThen mice
Robert Bob
Robert Bob Pred dnevom
Cinco Mr.P
Cinco Mr.P Pred dnevom
Same but all my pets died after so i call my self "Pet-O-Death"
Vexin Gilreath
Vexin Gilreath Pred dnevom
Me - *Watching this at 2 am, holding my nose to contain my laughter so i dont get in trouble.* Also me - *Watching it in the afternoon and not even chuckling.*
Janna Landis
Janna Landis Pred dnevom
Brennan Thomas
Brennan Thomas Pred 2 dnevi
I don't care if this was 2 years ago be a zoo keeper
Leah Mills
Leah Mills Pred 2 dnevi
I have six ducks
King Shark
King Shark Pred 2 dnevi
I’m in Canada
xXsheyXx Pred 2 dnevi
Wait I have a mouse too but last time there three mouse but my special two mouse was died but I have many rats in my house but they live in my up 🏠
ꕥ꧁بوبا اللطيفة꧂ꕥ
Jaindens future: hey mom can i get a lion and monkey and gorilla?
Snow flake
Snow flake Pred 2 dnevi
Me a year ago:what are Komodo dragons? Me now:oh frick if that happens Jayden Nana nana hey hey hey goooodbyeee
Rosegold c:
Rosegold c: Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden is my twin
Roblox Kitten gamer
Roblox Kitten gamer Pred 2 dnevi
Oh no having 3 cats is not a good Idea
yeti Pred 2 dnevi
Who's binge watching jaiden animation in 2021?
Joshua Birkmann
Joshua Birkmann Pred 2 dnevi
James patterson? More like... James... *Rallison.*
Bush Track
Bush Track Pred 2 dnevi
It’s not really an animal obsession it’s a pet obsession
Bush Track
Bush Track Pred 2 dnevi
America shouldn’t allow exotic animals to be just kept as pets, it’s how the populations of bears, tigers and snow leopards are so low, and in Australia sugar gliders are almost extinct
Rachael Zarate
Rachael Zarate Pred 2 dnevi
you have time to sit on the couch and play video games but not time to feed your goldfish It is so easy
arti wagh
arti wagh Pred 2 dnevi
Kesha or scruffy
arti wagh
arti wagh Pred 2 dnevi
What happened to your dog after
Porfirio Rocha
Porfirio Rocha Pred 2 dnevi
I wish for my birthday to get a dog
Lucas Pelaez
Lucas Pelaez Pred 2 dnevi
I had a mouse I named him Astro:)
donna rule
donna rule Pred 2 dnevi
i have a 2 rabbits
Gregg Quinn
Gregg Quinn Pred 2 dnevi
Why didn’t you get a guinea pig.
Fenny Aprias
Fenny Aprias Pred 2 dnevi
I have a cat named pipin and kelly its my aunt pet but the house is near in my house :)
Lunar_NightEcho Cookies
Hey there! I have always been a fan of animals, and right now my favorite animal is a snake. You’re great at drawing and animation, and that inspires me to become like you. You are amazing.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Indi Stokes
Indi Stokes Pred 2 dnevi
Smol Exotic
Smol Exotic Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine a dead fish clogging the toilet
Sahira Devkota
Sahira Devkota Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden sayes dog Me be like : pomeranian and pens capsile pens
Super Plushy Friends
If you come to my house you will get of the bite
Racer Nuz
Racer Nuz Pred 2 dnevi
0:16 window jaiden Lol
Brony King Amethyst Rain
I've had cats and dogs growing up. Some were in between i've also had 3 hamsters. One escaped its cage and never returned, one died of old age, and one died after surgery to remove a tumor. my great uncle raised sheep for wool, and my mother had a horse that died of colic, and got another mare who also has colic but by the time we we found out she got it, medicine for it was available. My mom got a pair of blue parakeets that drop like flies after she passed. And as of now I'm caring for the last three of my late great uncle's sheep, my mom's horse, and two outside cats
Maria Clara
Maria Clara Pred 2 dnevi
Wait... you wanted an Amazon parrot? We get those for free here in Brazil, they just come to your house if you leave a piece of bread somewhere
Jim Jim
Jim Jim Pred 3 dnevi
The capricious station pathogenetically surround because copy intraoperatively interrupt around a tasteful deer. level, kindhearted crown
pin me
pin me Pred 3 dnevi
pin me
pin me Pred 3 dnevi
pin me
pin me Pred 3 dnevi
Incorrectly Human
Incorrectly Human Pred 3 dnevi
7:40 Is that James's old hampster?
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 3 dnevi
I have 2 dogs and a snail
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 3 dnevi
Random Guy
Random Guy Pred 3 dnevi
Gumball and sand my dogs
Kaia_papaya428 C
Kaia_papaya428 C Pred 3 dnevi
I wanted a sugar glider too
Bill Stank
Bill Stank Pred 3 dnevi
We have fun then is that so that I have them sale he got a good swim to
inamina My cat's name is amina
You're definitely jealous I have two gerbils three fish Two Goats like 10 chickens and three cats!
Lazypotatoo_oof cupcakes
Jaiden:"i would be angry if you dont let me play with your pet" Me: wanna play with my cat that scream chew scratch in any time :)
Charlotte Suarez
Charlotte Suarez Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden this video made me get a ferret and her name is shipo i love her so much and i still have her also everyone before they get a ferret schould research before getting one.
Mariana Barros
Mariana Barros Pred 3 dnevi
Ivyfrost09 Pred 3 dnevi
6:00 Your welcome to play with my 4 cats though XD.
Ivyfrost09 Pred 3 dnevi
OMGosh I also made PowerPoint presentations on why we should get a pet. (I wanted a hamster) I never got one...*Sniffs*
fredyfazbear_683 Pred 3 dnevi
my dream pet its a fox, someday.... someday
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