My Horrible Nightmare Group Project 

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*continuous internal screaming*
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Music: In the shaddows by ionics (it had two d's in the title so that's how i'm spelling it too)

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You helped me stay strong while "persisting in the face of difficulty"

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13. okt. 2016

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Epic Couzin Gaming
Epic Couzin Gaming Pred 37 minutami
this is being recommended in 2021
Kelsey McCutcheon
Kelsey McCutcheon Pred 2 urami
7am to 10pm...15 hours a day while not unheard of, I wonder if it wasn't more likely that she didn't wanna do it over the weekend
Sparky Studios
Sparky Studios Pred 2 urami
PePe 2017
PePe 2017 Pred 5 urami
And thats why I did all drawing or pc work in primery school did alone. 😀🙃 People in group, did nothing, but I did everything 👌🏻 Btw, good video 🙂
Lord Rain Bloodstorm
It's really like that, though. Savage Jaiden is awesome.
Carissa Belford
Carissa Belford Pred 8 urami
I am in 9th grade now. 2 years ago, I was in seventh grade wondering on what team should I be . I ending up sitting with Sunny but also did not because she was bossy. Raven came in . Follow by Jorge ( Spanish name ). Max did not sit with us because of Sunny. Sunny said “ don’t let him.” Raven said “ We are going to agrue over over and get f . Jorge said “ Yeah.” I said “ The teacher is looking at our group and I overheard her saying that Max will be in our group or all of us are in lunch detention. I am sure this will work well because I know.” I said “ I am not going to clude my vote for leader . “ Everyone in my group voted for me . I am shy kid but I am honest kid at school. Max said “ Lets do Hanukah .” Sunny said No Christmas. I said “ Max why do u want to do Haunkaa? Max said “ It is a family tradition.” Sunny said “ If it his holiday and it must be lame one I said “ Sunny, stop that or else Max said “ Oooh, Sunny gonna get into trouble.” I said “ You two can stop arguing or else make the teacher have u both in the lunchroom .” Max said “ Fine.” Sunny said “ I am sorry , I am sorry. I said “ I forgive you both even though Sunny is the only one that did make an apology. At least Max whisper into Jorge ear : To not vote for Christmas and also tell that to Raven. Jorge said that to Raven but I stop him and says let’s have a vote. Sunny was trying to push my arm down because she wanted me . I said “ Max and Sunny stop being cheating and we need rules. Rule one no voting for others and including raising hands . Rules 2 no plagiarism. Rule 3 If I see anyone agruing and we will do the voting system and if its ties it will be against the two opponents. Sunny was the only one to vote Christmas because she was obess of present . I said “ Three people vote for Haunkaa . Max said “You also voted for Haunkaa . “ I said I forgot to count myself for Haunkaa and I forgive u max . Raven said “ I am tried of Max and Sunny agruements.” I said “ yes u can leave the group. Who else want to leave group . Noone wants to. Max see Sunny do his work so Max out of anger decided to mess with Sunny work . Jorge said “ Can I leave?” I said “ Do u means the bathroom or group? If the bathroom asked the teacher . Jorge said “ Can I leave the group?” I said “ Yes , the worst team can treat their players fairly. The better one will give u nonthing to do because u have an hearing aids . Jorge also tell that Raven . My English teacher said “ Why is your group having the tree ? It is impossible to do for three people . Your group can do five slides instead.” I said “ The number of people in a group does not mean how well we get. Raven left because Max and Sunny arguing. Same with Jorge. I am already established some rules like a teacher, principal , or any other official like an president. I am the elected group . Monday the thrid day of project and being in libary . Earlier the day , Jorge said Can I join your group but I will join the group on Wednesday because I have litteray speech therapist, I aslo have to go on doctors appointments on Tuesday. I will tell that to Sunny and Max at different times said I to Jorge and the agruing has happened to be lest common after rules . I explained to Sunny and said “ Yeah and now we can get rid of Max . I said no his work is great and he is not copying of it anymore. Max said “ Yeah , Jorge is here and it says bye bye to Sunny. I said “ No looks at Sunny arts skills is good . “ On Tuesday , Max was copying right and plagiarism . I ending up having to get the teacher envole and do a little lesson with the co-taught teacher. I given them both and thumbs up after they fix it. I left Jorge to be first checker . We each present in this order me , Max , Sunny . Jorge. Nices picture Sunny. We did have some of the reliable resources.We got 100% if it wasn’t for Sunny and Max agruing so the teacher gave us C but we were made an incredible presentation. Me and Sunny did stutter but we ending up help each other . We even show the video . We got a second heighest score 90/100 but one team got all points. The rest of groups got bs. There was only one group got f .
r. m.
r. m. Pred 11 urami
Random Dude
Random Dude Pred 14 urami
6:39 wait, it isn't a standard in America? Like in my country everyone knows a second language and 50 % of the people who I know knows 3:/
RoyalMeera Pred 19 urami
Chase Toyama
Chase Toyama Pred 21 uro
I was laughing at those end credits. Not the pain & suffering part mind you, but the karma was too funny!
Bright Bear JX
Bright Bear JX Pred 21 uro
0:54 why is there no Karen?!?
Really jaiden? More internal screaming?
Desmond Friend
Desmond Friend Pred dnevom
blood rain or whatever sounds like a modern youtuber just going helo in a monotone dead voice that makes you think a robot really wants to play minecraft
Fan Fabulous
Fan Fabulous Pred dnevom
Here’s a tip for going in a group project Make a whole project by yourself on whatever you doing and then create the real one with the ppl in ur group and if they are complete a holes and don’t do nothin grab the one u did by yourself and use that then say the ppl in ur group did frickin nothin
Ahh Beastmode
Ahh Beastmode Pred dnevom
Me 8f I had that group: *walks up to school* Also me: GIVE ME A NEW GROUP! teacher: what why? Also also me: THEY ARE SO TERRIBLE AND THEY DID 1% OF THE FRICKEN PROJECT!
veronica Richards
veronica Richards Pred dnevom
what about renesmay in twighlight
ANK075 Pred dnevom
“Most annoying girl names” -Britney -Nevaeh -Jayden No wonder why she didn’t use the first few names that came up on google
ATOMIC Pred dnevom
I feel your pain Jaiden...I recently had a group project in my last semester. I'm generous by saying I did 70% of the work. My partner only did THE FREAKING SOURCES. THEY WEREN'T EVEN GOOD SOURCES. I ended up working on that project virtually by myself for about 18 hours over two days. (P.S. I still didn't pass the project bc of how bad the dudes sources were.)
lily quigley
lily quigley Pred dnevom
Jaidens mind:I declare group projects banned!
Yashica Mylavarapu
Yashica Mylavarapu Pred dnevom
I feel absolutely sorry for Jaiden. I can relate 😔✊✊✊
erika flores
erika flores Pred dnevom
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Becky Webster
Becky Webster Pred dnevom
omg im so glad I don't have to do group projects. lmao omg i know the pain of doing the whole project by yourself.
Ave anthony Sambitan
4 years in school prison
Spaced_ Out
Spaced_ Out Pred dnevom
I can relate to that, most of the time I try to do projects with a group they do nothing but talk, sometimes I find they have done nearly nothing. When our teachers have seen it they will grade everyone lower even though I was the only one who tries.
Thamizh M
Thamizh M Pred 2 dnevi
Group projects.... You either do all the work Or u are not able to do anything.
Egg Fam
Egg Fam Pred 2 dnevi
The insidious celery frequently tame because support hisologically extend like a aggressive lobster. nutritious, rough representative
Lisa Minci
Lisa Minci Pred 2 dnevi
And girls, if you're watching this, im sorry, BUT I HOPE YOU FAILED
Itz_natrual Maddie
Itz_natrual Maddie Pred 2 dnevi
Wow, her college sounds like me in middle school right now
Taylor Pacheco
Taylor Pacheco Pred 2 dnevi
OMG hahaha sorry about that im "bloodrayne" good job tho
Mark Dream
Mark Dream Pred 2 dnevi
Your videos always has sadness :/
Logan Martin
Logan Martin Pred 2 dnevi
i feel so bad for you
minecrASH101 Pred 2 dnevi
"Did you do the project?" "yes" "oh cool"
Jax Schmidtlein
Jax Schmidtlein Pred 2 dnevi
“I’m laughing cause it hurts,” the slogan for 2020
Evangeline Honey
Evangeline Honey Pred 3 dnevi
exacly how did she pass pre-k😕
Krithika_Rangan Krishnamurthy
Did anyone notice that Jayden was on the list for most annoying girl names. I know they aren't spelled the same but still.
Vritual_Espeon Pred 3 dnevi
8:53 I laughed so hard
Vritual_Espeon Pred 3 dnevi
3.Jayden literally everyone whos here :BRUH
Philip Sortland
Philip Sortland Pred 3 dnevi
This video is made of pure anxiety.
TSL_Emi_Claps Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden: Horribleness of F*** you Me:*checks every other video of jaiden Also me: But jaiden never said a bad word ;-;
Neil Kickasschurch
Neil Kickasschurch Pred 3 dnevi
D-did Jaiden just say “twat”
1234Julo Pred 3 dnevi
0:54 *reads Jayden under "What are your top ten most ANNOYING names?" Me: *giggles*
Milkii Playz
Milkii Playz Pred 3 dnevi
Davin Su
Davin Su Pred 3 dnevi
Most anooying girl names jayden Me: *Burst out of laughther
Gamer Rat
Gamer Rat Pred 3 dnevi
Every group project has: 1. The person who never shows up 2. The person who does literally all the work
Purple guy
Purple guy Pred 4 dnevi
POG OxtailRice
POG OxtailRice Pred 4 dnevi
Group Projects are the wooorrsst! Except Craft or Building Group Projects :3
Little Miss Malfoy
Little Miss Malfoy Pred 4 dnevi
Did anyone notice that jadyen was on the most annoying girl names list
am i the only one who noticed HER NAME WAS ON THE LIST- 0:54. (put it in slow)
wallabygm Pred 4 dnevi
*doesn't care that jayden is one of the most annoying girl name*
Kathryn Solomon
Kathryn Solomon Pred 4 dnevi
just wanted to say that this inspired me to do the same thing in my english class this past semester 😝 revenge is sweet
Ann Summers Ware
Ann Summers Ware Pred 4 dnevi
0:05 Me: HUUH She is the impostor
꧁ Macy’s Studio ꧂
Anyone realize that in the links section, it showed “Jayden”?
ZX Remix XZ
ZX Remix XZ Pred 3 dnevi
鈴木裕幸 Pred 4 dnevi
"this frickin b- before too much time past.." -Jaiden Animations 2016
Jarema Karwowski
Jarema Karwowski Pred 4 dnevi
For me it's never group project. It's my project with some people I have to give sth to do. Every to weeks we have to do a presentation about topic we have no idea about. I just do the reaserch, send group sources I found and prepere sub topics. Then I everyone chooses one for themselves. Since everyone reads thier own part, they are repsonsible for it. I just make sure they won't say all the same information and the whole thing is structured.
Shay Nae
Shay Nae Pred 4 dnevi
Poor Jayden
Alie Pred 4 dnevi
This is why I hated group projects in uni. I always had to do most of the work and because I was serious about schoolwork, I ended up looking like a killjoy, even a bad person when I got angry and ditched one groupmate who decided her extracurricular was her priority.
Pachacutti 101
Pachacutti 101 Pred 4 dnevi
Those notes that girl took wouldn't even get her anything above a D in middleschool
No BøDY Pred 4 dnevi
In elementary,when there's a group project. Whenever I say- "Who wants to be in my group-?" Everyone would just start fighting just to ask me- "Can I be in your group :)?" I'm like the smarty-pants of my class so in every group project-I always have to be the one working on everything and keeping things under control. One day I decided to make the 2nd smarty-pants student in class to be the leader instead,after that I thought- "We it's her time to shine for them,and it's time for me to rest" But-NO-I celebrated too early-I WAS STILL THE ONE DOING ALL OF THE WORK-But at least I managed to pass the project and get a good score.
Jacob Kohr
Jacob Kohr Pred 5 dnevi
I relate to this on such a deep spiritual level. I only wish my teacher was that understanding.
Princess of cute
Princess of cute Pred 5 dnevi
This sounds so similar to something that happened to me lol
Scarlet Azbury
Scarlet Azbury Pred 5 dnevi
I feel bad for you
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Pred 5 dnevi
That car audio wasn’t that bad, huh, Audi o
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Pred 5 dnevi
“Now I’ve gotta pretend like I know these hockey pucks”
Aditri Shukla
Aditri Shukla Pred 5 dnevi
poor jaiden
Thelma Dixon
Thelma Dixon Pred 5 dnevi
The imperfect ghana bodily scatter because pan resultantly increase towards a resolute philippines. adorable, wasteful clave
Jackson Welch - HES 2028
you can see the name jayden when she searches up annoying girl names I wonder who has a name like that *cough* jaiden *cough*
LinkMain68 Pred 6 dnevi
2021 anyone
Bubbles The dog
Bubbles The dog Pred 6 dnevi
Pain and suffering: Jaiden
GamePlays Epic
GamePlays Epic Pred 6 dnevi
i am actually named jayden -_-
Pinapplear Pred 5 dnevi
Good name!
PassiveSmoking Pred 6 dnevi
The Group Project is one of the most important things you'll ever do in college/university. Not because it teaches you anything about the subject, or even because it teaches you anything about teamwork, but because it teaches you the most important life lesson you'll ever learn. ALL YOUR CO-WORKERS ARE LITERAL GARBAGE!
Pinapplear Pred 5 dnevi
Genuinely hilarious, this deserves more likes
Lucas Emanuel
Lucas Emanuel Pred 6 dnevi
It seems like my Politics project last year. So, we had to do a Article, not a slide to present, BUT A FREAKIN CIENTIFIC WORK IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS, and do you think that the teacher accepted any errors? THAT MAN WANTED EVERYTHING P E R F E C T WITH THE ABNT RULES. So, every group had 5 persons, mine started with 5 but one just gave up, and the other managed to DESTROY our work BECAUSE SHE HAVEN'T READ THE M***ERFUCKING TEXTS, AND THEN SHE WAS LIKE "okay i give up" AND MY GROUP ENDED UP WITH 3 PERSONS. So, we had to make the work all over again, sleeping like 2 to 3 hours every day to get it done, and we did it, TRUST NOBODY.
Ecclesia Mission Eastern
signal CUT -
signal CUT - Pred 6 dnevi
Jaiden: *oof*
HazardToons Pred 6 dnevi
I’m going through the same thing right now...I’ve spent five hours on my project ;-;
Pinapplear Pred 5 dnevi
Good work so far! Keep pushing yourself but remember to take breaks and drink water! It’s important to take care the yourself! 💖
Lucas Valentin
Lucas Valentin Pred 7 dnevi
It say on de bord hahahaha
Lucas Valentin
Lucas Valentin Pred 7 dnevi
How to make fier memes
Name ̇
Name ̇ Pred 7 dnevi
Basically what I do in every group project: Breathing and existing
William Stout
William Stout Pred 7 dnevi
I’m surprise that Karen was not on the list of most annoying girl names
Ayesha Z Khan
Ayesha Z Khan Pred 6 dnevi
It was when I looked it up
MidnightBlaze16 Pred 7 dnevi
This is why I try to work alone when I can. My mental health often leads to me being the one who does the least work, so I try to avoid dragging other people down with me
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
Stef Motion
Stef Motion Pred 8 dnevi
0:54 lol it says Jayden
Mellow Rodriguez
Mellow Rodriguez Pred 8 dnevi
*4 Years past* me:*waching it in 2021*
Blip taion
Blip taion Pred 8 dnevi
At least the jayden is not spelled the way you spell your name
Kiwi Kunn
Kiwi Kunn Pred 8 dnevi
Actually im bilingual My normal language: tagalog 2nd language: english THANKS FOR THE RESPECT TO US BILINGUALS JAIDEN!!!
Carlos Nava Fernandez
The twilight reference
Soul Index
Soul Index Pred 9 dnevi
2:54 We're skipping the fact that the person tried to pull a "I work 15 hour days on the weekends" *AND GOT AWAY WITH IT?*
Cody Elliott
Cody Elliott Pred 9 dnevi
I know the feeling except it was oral in person. I was extra shy and awkward back then 😅
M 2
M 2 Pred 9 dnevi
i hope u failed......🤣🤣🤣
Sheenyl Hassan
Sheenyl Hassan Pred 9 dnevi
I simultaneously love and hate google drive.
Butter Dawg
Butter Dawg Pred 10 dnevi
Still me favorite video
LV _GalaxyGurl
LV _GalaxyGurl Pred 10 dnevi
I’m always the one who does all the work in the project 😪👌✨
Sean Peebles
Sean Peebles Pred 10 dnevi
Been there jaiden
Aar On Paule
Aar On Paule Pred 10 dnevi
Yes. Agreed. Group projects tend to be ugh...
Nicholas Lackey
Nicholas Lackey Pred 10 dnevi
Actually, it’s only 300% over the limit, but it is 400% of the limit.
the nickel of memes
the nickel of memes Pred 10 dnevi
this is what jumpcutter by carykh is for
An Avocado
An Avocado Pred 10 dnevi
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Pred 10 dnevi
“How did you even pass grade preschool?!”
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Pred 10 dnevi
Searches the most annoying girl names, her name comes up
Pinapplear Pred 5 dnevi
Cool pfp!
Stephanie Lai Sim Sim
Stephanie Lai Sim Sim Pred 10 dnevi
Back at my day I was the only one who was doing the project while the rest of my group just played Minecraft
Lego [-_-]
Lego [-_-] Pred 10 dnevi
lol...your name's there too...OMG Jaiden 🤦‍♂️ p.s I think its Jayden who is bad... You are epic...🙂
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