Ari's Birthday! (again) 

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Music: Slippin' and Slidin' by SkipPeck

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D a million bird kisses to you!

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29. apr. 2018

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Annie Rodgers
Annie Rodgers Pred uro
I have a bird but I
påštėŁ wåffŁė
No offense to Wolfe chu but DONT GO TO HER DISCORD SERVER you will get bullied :’C
Donal Animations
Donal Animations Pred 5 urami
Chicken Licken
Chicken Licken Pred 6 urami
Starlight Vids
Starlight Vids Pred 12 urami
I really want a bird but I’m afraid my cats will eat it
Manish Wadhawan
Manish Wadhawan Pred 15 urami
Hi jaiden! have you ever taken care of a pigeon ?
Cheyenne Long
Cheyenne Long Pred 15 urami
Happy birthday Ari
feary playz
feary playz Pred 17 urami
i drew a Ari pokemon
JoshuaTDM 1
JoshuaTDM 1 Pred 18 urami
Where did you get ari
Sunset Studios
Sunset Studios Pred 19 urami
4:17 PLEASE Take the happy hut out! and get natural wood perches, also remove the mirror
Jc Toons
Jc Toons Pred 20 urami
What brid should I get an cockatiels or a cockatoo
Jonah Wright
Jonah Wright Pred 22 urami
I really want a bird🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦
—çhãpoi __
—çhãpoi __ Pred dnevom
Me: **have deppresion** Murphy: *not today*
Jestina Koroma
Jestina Koroma Pred dnevom
WE have the same b day :D
Rosa Zamano
Rosa Zamano Pred dnevom
I love all animales and i Will give 100$ to the birds.🦜🐦
Advay Aloni
Advay Aloni Pred dnevom
After watching this video, I have to Morning poop every single day. Am I a bird?? Or is Ari related to me?
Valeria Navarro
Valeria Navarro Pred dnevom
4:11 *Lookkkk atttttttt thiiiiiiiiiisssssss jusssst forrrrrr yoooooou waddddda yaaaaa thiiiiiiiiiiiinkkk*
Elizabeth Battis
Elizabeth Battis Pred 2 dnevi
I wanted a parrot for months until I realized I didn't want it poops a lot!
Tammy Blackford
Tammy Blackford Pred 2 dnevi
Sheena Pred 2 dnevi
Junkoqi Pred 2 dnevi
i have an ari! my ari is a parrot named altaria after my favorite pokemon, my little brother is trying to make her say fuck since i got her lmfao
im bald
im bald Pred 2 dnevi
I named my bird after ari-
Emily Nettleton
Emily Nettleton Pred 2 dnevi
I just got 2 ari and they dont like anyone yet
UghTM Pred 2 dnevi
when you have the same bday as ari
Angela Irwin
Angela Irwin Pred 3 dnevi
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha really that big jeez
[ANTARCTICA] Pred 3 dnevi
the ending makes me happy
Mandy James
Mandy James Pred 3 dnevi
Happy b_day ari I'm a bit lake
puppy Pred 3 dnevi
𝕊𝕠 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕝
Stanley dapenguinboii 18
5:53 no offence Murphy but *ur neck is made out of jelly*
CASSIDY CRANE Pred 3 dnevi
a birdie pooped on me
Brandon Ly
Brandon Ly Pred 3 dnevi
My bird is stupid and it wont get out
bhl bhl
bhl bhl Pred 3 dnevi
Hey Jaden do you want to pat my dog its breed is is a small mix breed I think?
Chetan Sehgal
Chetan Sehgal Pred 3 dnevi
That's what I would do if I got a pet !!!!!
Katrelle Alysha Faumuina
Kaitlyn Nettie
Kaitlyn Nettie Pred 4 dnevi
ari's birthday is a day after mine
Martha Pollitt
Martha Pollitt Pred 4 dnevi
Lythorus Gaming
Lythorus Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
Fan aaaaaaahhhhh
Vibing Nugget
Vibing Nugget Pred 4 dnevi
I have a budgie
Cherry blossom 72
Cherry blossom 72 Pred 4 dnevi
Jaden:awwww he's a little chicken Me:🤣
Kubix Pred 4 dnevi
whos watching these in 2021 also i have a conur
W͜͡a͜͡t͜͡e͜͡r͜͡m͜͡e͜͡l͜͡o͜͡n͜͡ P͜͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡z͜͡!
Idk my two birds toffy and mango birthday TwT
Rosalea Matta
Rosalea Matta Pred 4 dnevi
Ayyy its almost Ari's bday again again and again
CUTE cupcakes
CUTE cupcakes Pred 4 dnevi
Is Ari blue or green?
Milky Strawberry
Milky Strawberry Pred 4 dnevi
The fan is going to ruin the balloons 😂😂😂😂
Milky Strawberry
Milky Strawberry Pred 4 dnevi
I really like your animation so well it's so "SMOOTH"and I like the animation when you turned on the fan😂😂😂
Milky Strawberry
Milky Strawberry Pred 4 dnevi
Unknown Pred 4 dnevi
Ari is in Arizona as a April baby Ari Arizona April AAA Nvm.
Tegar of the 7 son's
UniquelyyOlivia YT
UniquelyyOlivia YT Pred 4 dnevi
I have 4 pets.. ..
LemonyTaste Pred 4 dnevi
I’ve morning pooped once, *and yes. It felt amazing.*
El Benezer Mirabuena
You have another birthday comin this year.
Sans Pred 4 dnevi
edgelord birb
Puro In a box
Puro In a box Pred 5 dnevi
Murphy is a pretty bird Change my mind
JAYNA CONWAY Pred 5 dnevi
how do i get ari plushie
Charli ?
Charli ? Pred 5 dnevi
Don’t we all have morning poops? I know I do😅😂
ILoveAdoptMe___046 Pred 5 dnevi
The pig thing is based of a roblox game:Piggy
Vritual_Espeon Pred 5 dnevi
"I'm throwing a birthday party for a bird" Employee: I don't get paid enough for this stuff
Shawna Mckinney
Shawna Mckinney Pred 5 dnevi
You said bird bain
Tina Saputra
Tina Saputra Pred 5 dnevi
Did she/he turn 3 or 4?
Hamme The Hamster
Hamme The Hamster Pred 5 dnevi
Is it sad that ari had a better brithday then me and had more people come
Quinn Harris
Quinn Harris Pred 5 dnevi
Do you have the same bread that we have a black cap Coneir right bird
Avery Church Santos
Avery Church Santos Pred 5 dnevi
Alice Andrea Vasquez Arteaga
wait... So you throw Ari across the room? ( joke )
SoyJoxios Pred 6 dnevi
3:30 emo ari
Liss Amyah
Liss Amyah Pred 6 dnevi
And also I said the bird
Liss Amyah
Liss Amyah Pred 6 dnevi
I got a dog and a cat and two birds
ryan mcgee
ryan mcgee Pred 6 dnevi
*"Ari, Your adopted, And Who if your real Mother"*
Blue haired Weeb
Blue haired Weeb Pred 6 dnevi
When he took a poop I nearly choked my saliva
Slush songs
Slush songs Pred 6 dnevi
When I grow up I want to have the same job as Jaden sorry if I said your name wrong.
Clio LoRi
Clio LoRi Pred 6 dnevi
ok that last clip made cried... people can be so cruel towards animals (I'm not talking about that nice person singing to the bird, obviously)
Gabriela Farrelly
Gabriela Farrelly Pred 6 dnevi
William Fetkovich
William Fetkovich Pred 6 dnevi
where was aris 2020 birthday and will there be a 2021 birthday video
Caleb Snyder
Caleb Snyder Pred 6 dnevi
I just realized and searched it up the birds can we grow their feathers
Marija Nikolovska
Marija Nikolovska Pred 6 dnevi
Mine b dey is in April 7
Pankamil123 Pred 6 dnevi
5:35 I had this bird on left
shreeraj mohanty
shreeraj mohanty Pred 6 dnevi
ummm is hen a bird cause i have 4 of them tag me on instagram @IMMERSIVE216
Vasili Dallas
Vasili Dallas Pred 6 dnevi
4:30 yall ever just *N E C K E X T E N D*
Leo Mohammed
Leo Mohammed Pred 6 dnevi
0:24ur 2
DaWeirdGirl YT
DaWeirdGirl YT Pred 6 dnevi
Such a cute brat.......
Lidia Kempska
Lidia Kempska Pred 6 dnevi
I have two birds and one of them layed an egg, so now im a grandmother and a mother
Julia Wormer
Julia Wormer Pred 6 dnevi
Sometimes i feel like a bad birb owner cuz i dont get sunny (the burb) out enough. But atleast he has toys and a nice healthy diet
Julia Wormer
Julia Wormer Pred 6 dnevi
he actually now hates EVERYONE and only likes his toys and flat perch
Kohs Hs
Kohs Hs Pred 6 dnevi
Ari birth day at 2021
Nekomata Umbreon
Nekomata Umbreon Pred 6 dnevi
Y'all ever just want to be friends with a famous SLtvr but they're thousands of leagues above you and you're too scared to tell them and one day you accidentally make a comment under one of their videos saying about it and now them along with the whole world know?
Angela Kindschy
Angela Kindschy Pred 6 dnevi
The wii music is so random and fitting
Nekomata Umbreon
Nekomata Umbreon Pred 6 dnevi
Aidan Chau
Aidan Chau Pred 6 dnevi
Why does Murphy always spins his/her head?
Hom Tolland
Hom Tolland Pred 7 dnevi
Yey to Murphy
Supa Trevon
Supa Trevon Pred 7 dnevi
Ivan Ecija
Ivan Ecija Pred 7 dnevi
APerson ThatComments
5:13 tho XD
Superdjw101 Pred 7 dnevi
You see I can't have peanuts
Spike The dog
Spike The dog Pred 7 dnevi
nobody: jaden at the fan: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Paul Berres
Paul Berres Pred 7 dnevi
That last part warmed my heart
MeL Amal ina
MeL Amal ina Pred 7 dnevi
You make a mess
Jerilee Protacio
Jerilee Protacio Pred 7 dnevi
Ciro Gamer
Ciro Gamer Pred 7 dnevi
me looking at ari ||||||||| ||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||| 1:49
James Pearson
James Pearson Pred 7 dnevi
I don’t have a ari I have rats 3
Saurinho aleatório
Saurinho aleatório Pred 7 dnevi
I have a bird but he hates everyone Because i was born....
Addyson Pred 7 dnevi
my dog, Loki, is actually a brat but hes great! he pees on the ground every day at least 2-4 times. he actually hates me. but i love him with all my heart and i think hes my emotional support dog but not official Edit: ok so this is random but im a teen with no money so i cant donate any money to anywhere so i just checked the go fund me and guess what! now i have ads after ads of go fund me. also i saw a go fund me for an officer who died in the capital raid on the 6th? and i think that is the most sick thing ever. i feel like i dont feel the effect of someone dying until i know there name and who they are. i think this world is getting so sick now...we need to stop the violence with protest and be more peaceful to everyone. ok i need to get back to the 3 assignments that will take me hours to do and my teachers gave no notice :,|
Animal lover /super rainbow family
Ari maybe lonely.Can you get him a friend?(Not the rainbow ones because the rainbow one will KILL ari)
Mayssa Pred 8 dnevi
Ah..the morning poop. My bird kiwi dose that when we met her out for her cage but not mango.
HyperSour Pred 8 dnevi
1:47 One of my favorite animated expressions on that bird
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