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what a little punk rascal

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Kinda Awkward by ionics
the mii theme song by nintendo

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ari will send you a happiness scream

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22. okt. 2017

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ponies 123_ Idk
when she put ari leaning away from ppl i knew that was james bc of the pokemon shirt
Lucario The G
Lucario The G Pred uro
I’m getting an Ari very soon with a huge cage and a lot of room
Cindy Du
Cindy Du Pred 2 urami
Jaidens past jobs?
Wayne Foster
Wayne Foster Pred 3 urami
B a o6 f- E
James Pearson
James Pearson Pred 4 urami
My Ari is a cat she wants attention non-stop and whenever I pay attention to my rants she goes now meow patented to me slave or whatever you wanna say
Tiia parm
Tiia parm Pred 7 urami
The godly fine intrahepatically zoom because commission alternately discover anenst a resonant whiskey. illegal, testy acknowledgment
TheBlackCat Pred 7 urami
4:57 :3
Jasper Rosa
Jasper Rosa Pred 9 urami
Fun fact: tbh idk if its really true BUT when you have a pet bird, they think you're they're lover.
YCMF Pred 10 urami
I think I have 2 Ari's
Jake Hamilton
Jake Hamilton Pred 12 urami
Wait so is Ari the name of the *bird* or the name of the *species*?
adamdddq Pred 13 urami
Ari look litten fat
Oliver Sanderson
Oliver Sanderson Pred 14 urami
i have a green winged macaw and his name is jello aka Majellen
Oliver Sanderson
Oliver Sanderson Pred 14 urami
sayu satwika
sayu satwika Pred 14 urami
Thats true tho XD
Ellie Bailey
Ellie Bailey Pred 16 urami
eevann_ _ssaunderss
eevann_ _ssaunderss Pred 17 urami
Ur animations were even good 3 yrs ago... wow
Huang Kyle
Huang Kyle Pred 17 urami
9:33 that's the clock from the beginning of empty
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson Pred 17 urami
me loveing all the songs
lightdragon Pred 18 urami
I have a bird , i care for him every day
Adrian Escandon
Adrian Escandon Pred 20 urami
The f word tho
Bryan Meza
Bryan Meza Pred 20 urami
6:26 *Y I K ES*
Secert Cherry
Secert Cherry Pred 21 uro
One time i found a dead bird at the pak and made it act like ari by swinging its head around LOL!!!
Robert Benjamin Stork
Robert Benjamin Stork Pred 22 urami
I used to have a torquaise conure
ECLIPSE Pred 22 urami
Jaiden you should take out the tube of water you probably have a water bowl and the reason why is because ari can have a disease from a bottle or something like that i did my stuff also ur doing noice with ari good job jaiden B) I did my research because I might be getting a cockatiel or a green cheek conure. Im still deciding AAAAAAA D:
Haley Goodwin
Haley Goodwin Pred 23 urami
Ari is beautiful.
Lmao Y E S
Lmao Y E S Pred 23 urami
The part when ari scratches him/her self is just so cutee🤗
Xxp e a r l • C a k exX
Is that froakie ? on the dress. POKEBALL GO ÙnÚ
Hellcat093 Pred dnevom
Have you ever considered getting another ari to keep him occupied and company
HuskyTheFurry Pred dnevom
Watching jojo really makes me think of Sticky Fingers going ARI! When someone says Ari’s name
Clashof Clan
Clashof Clan Pred dnevom
Ari what is your favorite colour ? Ari :yellow Me:okeh
Sydney Maussili
Sydney Maussili Pred dnevom
That Ari is the only Ari I like the others Aris are cool but your Ari is awesome
Arthur Silverio
Arthur Silverio Pred dnevom
nasty q1
nasty q1 Pred dnevom
Eliana Reine Solis
Eliana Reine Solis Pred dnevom
Ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari Air = ari
Alyssandra Mamaril
Alyssandra Mamaril Pred dnevom
ok is ari is a GIRL?
Alyssandra Mamaril
Alyssandra Mamaril Pred dnevom
well ari well very cute
Pikonooo Pred dnevom
If you want advice on how to take care of your own ari, or in my case yoshi, I found when I first started out that Elle and the birds, a SLtv channel, is probably the best you can get. There’s also a few other informational details about birds and if you need help, reply to this comment! I can help as much as I can. I’m not an expert but I’ve done my own research and have a lil bit of experience with em. Bye!
Matias Rivera
Matias Rivera Pred dnevom
Soy un agueonao wn enserio tirarme un balaso en el osico y te agradesere
Miku Chan
Miku Chan Pred dnevom
• Bun Bun Playz •
Ari In The Thumbnail: 👁👄👁 Me: ARI U OK? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yahir Servin
Yahir Servin Pred dnevom
LIZviews Pred dnevom
dark angle team
dark angle team Pred dnevom
Face reveal pls
Ndzalama Mhlanga
Ndzalama Mhlanga Pred dnevom
She did already
The Maverick
The Maverick Pred dnevom
I like you and ari
Steven GAO [07T2]
Steven GAO [07T2] Pred dnevom
ari ari ari ari ari we want ari
Alexander Morrison
Alexander Morrison Pred dnevom
I Hate birds but
Claire Mason
Claire Mason Pred dnevom
My bred died
L G Pred dnevom
This sounds like my birds
Esther Ayala
Esther Ayala Pred dnevom
Ari is so cute
Phoenix :D
Phoenix :D Pred dnevom
The only animals I have is a dog and 2 fish
Isabel Yang
Isabel Yang Pred dnevom
Ari: Human touches water pipe water appear *loud screeching*
Paola Gutierrez
Paola Gutierrez Pred dnevom
Can you please do a face reveal?
Ndzalama Mhlanga
Ndzalama Mhlanga Pred dnevom
She did do one
ElementalG4m3r Pred dnevom
Chin and lip reveal??? What about a full-face reveal?????!!!!!
Ndzalama Mhlanga
Ndzalama Mhlanga Pred dnevom
She did
Liam Cantu
Liam Cantu Pred dnevom
I have never got to know ari but now i see why people like ari threw the whole video
Sabrina Thrasher
Sabrina Thrasher Pred dnevom
you should watch nerdy crafter she also has an ari
NovaGod101 Pred dnevom
what a nice dog
Bloopy Gåchä
Bloopy Gåchä Pred dnevom
theres over 402 pseicies of birdies/parrots
Shadow Glichtrap Eavil
Umm ;-;
Jaufar Rasheed
Jaufar Rasheed Pred 2 dnevi
2:58 yay james
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings Pred 2 dnevi
i like jaiden better you don't know my house adress ari, so i'm good
Omer Ahmed
Omer Ahmed Pred 2 dnevi
How do you keep Ari from flying away?
Frumbie The Zombie
Frumbie The Zombie Pred 2 dnevi
Frumbie The Zombie
Frumbie The Zombie Pred 2 dnevi
Hester Campbell
Hester Campbell Pred 2 dnevi
I am definitely gonna get an Ari
Dih Shullai
Dih Shullai Pred 2 dnevi
Ari:minecraft time
Richard Posky
Richard Posky Pred 2 dnevi
Ari is so cute to be very honest.
top notch
top notch Pred 2 dnevi
I love your videos I watch every single one and keep doing what you doing you're doing a great job and may God bless you and your family
Lilyin creepypata likes Creepypasta
You better then ari yes they are cute but YOU do all the stress full work and I appreciate it
H20ninja :3
H20ninja :3 Pred 2 dnevi
I don’t want to have my own ari I just wanna play with ari for a while and call it a day
Red water Gaming
Red water Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
What gender is ari
donald grosbeier
donald grosbeier Pred 2 dnevi
I love birds!
a random comment
a random comment Pred 2 dnevi
"The moral of the story is if you want a thing and your mom says no, get it anyway and trick her into liking it and when you move out and take it with you its the ultimate revenge" Me and cats
Denis Goruk
Denis Goruk Pred 2 dnevi
Purple Embers
Purple Embers Pred 2 dnevi
Ari is the best birb very blue
munky mechure
munky mechure Pred 2 dnevi
how old r u?
Taderat51 Pred 2 dnevi
LOL your baka cat
Julie Davis
Julie Davis Pred 2 dnevi
So basically ari is a cat but screes instead of meow
KingChris Games!
KingChris Games! Pred 2 dnevi
One of my two birds (there both male parakeets btw) and one of them is gay with his reflection it got to the point that we had to take the mirror out of the cage
Jadyn Bean
Jadyn Bean Pred 2 dnevi
FUN FACT: Birds actually have arms, their arm bones are their wing bones. :>
Rianne Dante
Rianne Dante Pred 2 dnevi
And can I have a shout out???
Rianne Dante
Rianne Dante Pred 2 dnevi
Can ari do a joke?????
addison's video's
addison's video's Pred 2 dnevi
my life goal is to get an apartment with my cousin and get a bird
PinkPoleyUwu Pred 2 dnevi
Can you rename it Ari-Animations for 1 year?
Mateo Acton
Mateo Acton Pred 2 dnevi
Dodge Dougherty
Dodge Dougherty Pred 2 dnevi
Jaseb Pred 2 dnevi
Ari drive? i do not know either
Cringey_ Mess_Creates
4:32 Jaiden: WHOOOOO- Ari cage: * bUMp AGaiNsT DoOR*
Tablet Genesis
Tablet Genesis Pred 2 dnevi
*This is the cutest NON-shit i've ever seen*
Ursa exe
Ursa exe Pred 2 dnevi
waitwaitwaitwaitwait here me out putting ari in little hats🥺
Dogs r the best
Dogs r the best Pred 2 dnevi
Is it just me or does it look like Ari has googly eyes in a weird way 😂😂
Claire Thompson
Claire Thompson Pred 3 dnevi
I think your great maiden
Claire Thompson
Claire Thompson Pred 3 dnevi
I mean jaiden
Fatin Nurafifah
Fatin Nurafifah Pred 3 dnevi
Jezz so close to face reveal lol
Ndzalama Mhlanga
Ndzalama Mhlanga Pred dnevom
She. Did do one
Flamelegend926 _
Flamelegend926 _ Pred 3 dnevi
I completely understand pets being brats, because I recently got my first pets 4 months ago. I got 2 guinea pigs and all they do is eat, poop, chew on things, and make noise.
khadeeja Pred 3 dnevi
I have a parrot 🦜
diego moreno
diego moreno Pred 3 dnevi
I have a yellow headed Amazon parrot and if I turn the corner and he doesn’t see me he screams so loud you i can hear him from outside my house
im dead
im dead Pred dnevom
lmao that sounds adorable
min agustd
min agustd Pred 3 dnevi
when you say woooooowww i start to laugh!😂😂😂
Epic Elliot Unboxingz
Haaaaaah the bird lady
Rinngheta Hruaitluanga
sunita raut
sunita raut Pred 3 dnevi
And ari’s a love bird
Asasja Ka
Asasja Ka Pred 3 dnevi
ari is the best the channel is suposed to be called ari animations not jaden animations
sunita raut
sunita raut Pred 3 dnevi
Ari animation ari:SQUAWKI SQUAKKKK SQUAKKKKKUUUUUU Jaiden animation:HII OK. U Me: WhAt how are there areanimations Plus she collects ari feather because u can use them for many things
sunita raut
sunita raut Pred 3 dnevi
(Does ari like james)
Platon Alice
Platon Alice Pred 3 dnevi
i have a parrot named mango.
Maybey Mel
Maybey Mel Pred 3 dnevi
Ärï żöńã
Happy Birthday Ari!
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