Injuries & Being Sick 

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also how to unplug your nose when you're sick: www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/gjit1/til_how_to_clear_a_blocked_nose_quickly_and_easily/
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I'll get you tissues when you're sick. (will arrive in 3-2500 business days)

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23. dec. 2017

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cinnamon Kit
cinnamon Kit Pred 29 minutami
5:13 I also have a scar on my chin too lol. I hit it on the side of a concrete/brick pool. I had to go to the hospital but instead of stiches I had something called skin glue which...is SO MUCH better that stiches. They just glue your cut and squeeze it a little and...all done
Gerrick Renzo Sy
Jaiden thanks for the link it feels like my nose is blocked even if I'm not sick
Toca Crafty
Toca Crafty Pred 2 urami
One time I was in 4th grade, my school was freaking dumb, my head hurt so bad whenever I moved slightly my head was pounding. My head also was hot, I had a temp of 99 and this was before Covid but then I wen5 home and had a high temp, the next day I was healed but since the 24 hour fever rule I got a free day off with my grandma and she bought me stuff 😂 so it was sad and happy
Aiden Randall
Aiden Randall Pred 2 urami
Oh yeah minegrades are bad😷
Moop SikI
Moop SikI Pred 3 urami
Story time: so one day just like every year well pretty much every year I went to the great wolf lodge and this was when coronavirus was barely a thing and we came home and I felt so sick like very very very very very sick so we go to the doctor we almost went to the hospital and then they said oh it’s just the flu but keep in mind the Covid was a thing but pretty much only in China so my mom was like this is not just the flu this is some thing bigger than the flu they’re like no it’s just the fluids does the flu because they wanna get us tested because we didn’t go to China andI had pink guy too and I know you’re infection here’s all the things that I had pink guy ear infection sore throat vomiting headaches it doesn’t sound that bad but I’ve felt like I was dying and then here we go a pandemic
The only time this comes up In My recommendations is when I am sick I am sick now 😔
Madina Bekeran
Madina Bekeran Pred 4 urami
Migraine are Awesome because I get to see what blind people see
Addison M Loyst
Addison M Loyst Pred 4 urami
I got sick not COVID I had a BAD cold ❗️
In second grade I managed to not get sick ONCE! I don’t know how- But I rave about it.
inayaat pardhan kassam
nice nurse joy
GamerBoi 2000
GamerBoi 2000 Pred 6 urami
I haven’t been sick for 11 months
Ruby Day :3 :3 :3
Ruby Day :3 :3 :3 Pred 7 urami
“It’s relevant enough” me rewatching in 2021 when COVID has been around for a year: wth do u meEeEeEeEan?? side note: I had a migraine in KINDERGARTEN. It was hell we was watching the magic school bus and was like hMmmM my head hurts oh well mini headache mEh but then it was like oh yeah we’ll time to cry now 👌🥲
Valeria Alvarez Trinidad
I'm seeing this with a migrane
Kali Avellone
Kali Avellone Pred 8 urami
you sound the same.... i made this comment 4 years later.... BUT STILL GET WELL SOON
KK3342 KK
KK3342 KK Pred 12 urami
Who is watching while he is sick
Beasty BS
Beasty BS Pred 13 urami
Jaiden: I have covid-19 Jaiden's mum: you are fine
David Dermawan
David Dermawan Pred 15 urami
Jaiden:great job immune system 'you had failed again'
Pronab kumar Roy
Pronab kumar Roy Pred 16 urami
The mega sceptile Christmas art was cool
•sora chan•
•sora chan• Pred 16 urami
I had my first migrane in 3th grade ._.
Abdul Qaadir Allie
Abdul Qaadir Allie Pred 17 urami
My sister got stitches on her chin too but she fell off the bed it was still a big hole tho
Zoe Pred 17 urami
“All of my two friends”
Zoe Pred 18 urami
This hits different in the middle of a pandemic 😔🤚
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke Pred 18 urami
The spotless clover preliminarily wish because increase splenomegaly suffer forenenst a chemical repair. bizarre, elated school
Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja Pred 21 uro
Me watching this in 2021 you got um
Lenny Master
Lenny Master Pred 22 urami
omg that happened to me too
Tyson Tavares
Tyson Tavares Pred 23 urami
I love your videos!
Turtley Awesome
Turtley Awesome Pred 23 urami
Jaiden”it’s relevant enough” us in COVID times: you have no IDEA!!!!!!
genaralblastem4 Pred 23 urami
Do you know what a migraine feels like it's agony it is the worst thing to happen
X-POTATO Pred 23 urami
i skipped school 2 times too
Gabriel Ashlei Bariuan
TheAp397 Pred dnevom
this made me cry
_Ductape_ Pred dnevom
Hey, my brother got a stitch on his chin... But he got it on a plastic slide when another kid, like, pushed him or something.
The Girl You Ignored Last Time!
Me: oh cool nurse joy from pokemon Me: oOoOoH nurse joy from pokemon
Audrey MacDougall
Audrey MacDougall Pred dnevom
I have so many migraines I have to eat pills daily. (Ps if you have migraines don’t listen to me these are described by me doctor)
El Arabe :D
El Arabe :D Pred dnevom
Colyat Pred dnevom
Anyone else here watching this with covid?
Thamizh M
Thamizh M Pred dnevom
Her voice sounds the same
Lena Piotrowska
Lena Piotrowska Pred dnevom
My mom had pink eye ons
mmax1muspr1m33 Pred dnevom
I remember feeling like I was going to die because I had a migrain once. My dad said he would come back up to check on me later and then just left me to die while he partied with his friends.
Crystal Rares
Crystal Rares Pred dnevom
yea i have a scar in my chin too
Anime Lover
Anime Lover Pred dnevom
For me being sick is normal because it happens to me everyday :)
VASER Pred dnevom
This video hits different now.
SM69 Animations
SM69 Animations Pred dnevom
I played with a knife when in was a kid and somehow i didn’t hurt myself.
RAYYAN M Zia Pred dnevom
3:02 the same as me... But i always like that when learning
ryan zanercik
ryan zanercik Pred dnevom
i also split my chin open
ryan zanercik
ryan zanercik Pred dnevom
does anyone els like raw flour torrtillas?
Top Ramen
Top Ramen Pred dnevom
I need the ladder stand
bacho chot
bacho chot Pred dnevom
Only one injury me 4 scars when I’m 7 and more injuries
Not ok boi. Not k
Not ok boi. Not k Pred dnevom
Have stiches Under my chin 😗 same thing when i was 9
Tango Charlie 2021
Tango Charlie 2021 Pred dnevom
Fun fat : There's a Bacteria in Intestine also... It's good for your digestive system
Made For Fun
Made For Fun Pred dnevom
Emergency rooms are scary. I only go there either because the hospital is closed or because of serious injuries
Troublemaker Gamer
Troublemaker Gamer Pred dnevom
I have inflamed nostrils but basically like all the time and I have to take an inhaler for it so I can never breathe through my nose even though I’m not sick :(
Santosh Naik
Santosh Naik Pred dnevom
2:13 That's what I do when i don't want my brother to eat the hidden food xD
Yarecy Gonzalez
Yarecy Gonzalez Pred dnevom
I broke my leg and ankle before
SM Pred dnevom
I had a mygrain at a restront at the local Mike's steakhouse
Diamondo Sparkle
Diamondo Sparkle Pred 2 dnevi
I used to get rollie pollies from my friends house any they used to walk on our hands. we saw earth worms, ants ,caterpillars,many more
Bruny xx
Bruny xx Pred 2 dnevi
i get sick about once 5 a year it's confirmed 🙃
Alex FOrce ISSA
Alex FOrce ISSA Pred 2 dnevi
Alex FOrce ISSA
Alex FOrce ISSA Pred 2 dnevi
Petcy Thomas
Petcy Thomas Pred 2 dnevi
This video has new meaning during the thing that shall not be named.
Joseph Hawkins
Joseph Hawkins Pred 2 dnevi
I got sick when I was camping
Suhardi Omar
Suhardi Omar Pred 2 dnevi
3:44 I got those things and my sister got rollablates, And we all went outside, my sister got the hang of it but me... I fell and gave up :(
cheese from mars
cheese from mars Pred 2 dnevi
I split my head open cuz I was being dumb I ran into a park bench 😐
Holden Anderson
Holden Anderson Pred 2 dnevi
I hate my life because of migraines
Jose III Maloloy-on
Jose III Maloloy-on Pred 2 dnevi
i remembered wanting heelies before but never asked my parents cuz im too lazy lmao
David Lopez
David Lopez Pred 2 dnevi
I ate alot of food on the ground under 7 and stabbed my foot by accident and it stabbed my toe anywhere but the big toe
Bedevilled Bunnie 2.0
Jaiden you don’t sound sick 🤒
QQPRO Pred 3 dnevi
I have small eye sight loss every week
Sukhi A
Sukhi A Pred 3 dnevi
GOOD JOB IMUNE SYSTEM you have failed me.....
Trucking Adventures
Trucking Adventures Pred 3 dnevi
I sometimes get up at lunchtime (around 12pm uk time) but that is when I am on the good old night shifts
Dj Bendy47
Dj Bendy47 Pred 3 dnevi
Don’t worry Jaiden I had a little scar on my chin I picked it not eat it lol but then it bleed
M1LK T3A GACHA Pred 3 dnevi
Fun thing to do to hurt yourself if you wanna be a stupid idiot: (I did this) What I did: When I first started my period I purposely laid down on the floor and let my cat sleep on me. Yes it hurts, don’t do this. What to do: while having pain in your abdomen just put heavy objects on your stomach. It’s tye easiest way to make yourself feel like a pathetic dying slug
Swirlfeather Pred 3 dnevi
Did I slip on ice and split my chin open and get stitches just to have the same scar as jaiden? *maybe*
The dark angel
The dark angel Pred 3 dnevi
Same chin story to me 😅 but mine was in home and included a frig pillow and moms heels. I was a dumb child back then
Wooh Bear /Gaming
Wooh Bear /Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
Yo I'm bleeding I'm actually bleeding
i have runny nose right now...need your tissues Jaiden😪😪😁😁
Katmeowzz _
Katmeowzz _ Pred 3 dnevi
Fun fact: I think I’ve gotten a strep throat or whatever about 30 times or maybe 20 and that’s older than me by a lot
Starrixx Pred 3 dnevi
I actually cut my chin open too a long time ago when I was having an "epic" water balloon fight- long story short, I slipped on some water in my friend's garage..
GamersInTheWild Pred 3 dnevi
I have migraines all the fucking time
Raegan Walker
Raegan Walker Pred 3 dnevi
I cracked open my chin... and it was so COOOOOOOOOl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b0mbs Pred 3 dnevi
it very wasn't
CASSIDY CRANE Pred 3 dnevi
4:31 this i what i say to my mom omg i broke my arm, and i was like no i'm fine
Shine like a Star - Aarna
just like me but i hav get sick becuz i hav too much imunity but i get it quite often BUT NOT THIS YEARRR
Farahanaz Ahmed
Farahanaz Ahmed Pred 3 dnevi
Yeah me too
adop me pet
adop me pet Pred 3 dnevi
me seeing nurse joy: me: well its pokemon hunting pokemon song blast: my mom and dad:for fucking god sake!!! am trying to fucking sleep
Kryštof Obyt
Kryštof Obyt Pred 3 dnevi
In first grade i was missing 102 days
Pastel Panda
Pastel Panda Pred 3 dnevi
Ирмүүн Баатарсүрэн
Dude having asthma is 100 times worse than having the flu
doodlepenguin5 Pred 3 dnevi
Me who can’t tell a difference: wut
Andromeda Pred 3 dnevi
Migraine sufferer here😖
K Y O S H I Pred 3 dnevi
Person: “I’m sick” Other person: “oh that’s fine-“ Person: “*SICK OF YOUR BULCRAP, WAAAA”
SSBEEDV [Year 1]
SSBEEDV [Year 1] Pred 3 dnevi
oh yeah, that immune system life
Jade Fabito
Jade Fabito Pred 3 dnevi
as a kid I ate rocks...
•Emily Edits•
•Emily Edits• Pred 3 dnevi
TrOoPer nobody calls me that but they call me lemon girl last year :D
Parker Kopcik
Parker Kopcik Pred 4 dnevi
a loud knock on the door echoes throughout the empty house. you’re home alone, you decide not to answer it. another knock, even louder. chills are sent down your spine, you squirm in your chair. suddenly, you hear the lock click and the door swing open quickly, the house shaking from the force. you panic, diving for your closet, hoping whatever just broke into your house won’t see you. the silence is deafening. the only thing you can hear is your uneven breathing. suddenly, a flurry of stomps sounds from the hallway outside your bedroom door. the stairs creak with each thump, the sound getting louder and louder. your breath gets caught in your throat as the door to your room swings open, bouncing off the wall, just as the front door had done, and making a visible and deep dent in the white, bumpy material. a strange man appears and seems to admire your room, his eyes darting to each different feature of the decorations. he looks to be not very young, but not any older than 30. his strong jawline and beautiful, brown hair stuck out to you the most. he seemed to be wearing a... gucci shirt? he circles around, his eyes getting wider. he suddenly stops turning, his body frozen in place and facing your direction. his mouth slightly ajar, he steps closer and closer to your hiding spot. you can’t breathe, you can’t think, you can’t move, he gets ever so closer. his breathing can be heard from your hiding spot, and his eyes look hungry. reaching the door, he grabs it by the knob and throws it out of his way. you hear it crack, like the wood splintered. you feel so exposed, terrified. he inches closer to you, pinning you against the wall with no escape. his face close to yours, and his hot, gross-smelling breath against your cheek, you hear him mutter: “i’m so rich.”
Kenzie Bruce
Kenzie Bruce Pred 4 dnevi
0:59 2017 Jaiden: I am not a germ afobe or anything . 2020: Just you wait...
Malakae Pagan
Malakae Pagan Pred 4 dnevi
At least I have never had a migraine
Alexis Tressler
Alexis Tressler Pred 4 dnevi
i broke my arm in 2nd grade
Mahmoud Zayed
Mahmoud Zayed Pred 4 dnevi
I Don't Like the Dentist
Locked out of my House
Our Cats :3
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My Dog Stories
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