Cringing at My Old Drawings (100k Milestone) 

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Wow.. like wow.100k is so many people o_o
Also sorry if you think the video is a bit too long :P Kate and I recorded for 50 mins, and I tried to cut it as much as I could :/ Ahh well, hopefully you enjoy it anyway.
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I don't even now what to say.. Just thank you ♥

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15. sep. 2015

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Evan Dotts
Evan Dotts Pred 16 urami
Now she’s at 9m subs
Callingallgamers none of ur busness
I love how she’s exited by 100k and now she has 9.53 mil
Christopher ball animation
Any body watching in from 2021 ?
mlg yoda
mlg yoda Pred dnevom
Weed was my favorite
Lindsay Marcus
Lindsay Marcus Pred dnevom
2:13 anybody else thinking what I’m thinking about squidwards leg-?
Lindsay Marcus
Lindsay Marcus Pred 53 minutami
Yaboysgarbage No, way off 😂
Yaboysgarbage Pred uro
That’s springbobs hat
Lisa A
Lisa A Pred 2 dnevi
Little Jaiden: I wish that everyone stays happy on earth Meanwhile in other galaxies: DEPRESSION INTENSIFIES
Icy Illusion
Icy Illusion Pred 3 dnevi
now u have 9.5 mil almost 10 ur cool
winter blossom
winter blossom Pred 3 dnevi
Uh 100 killagrams?
-kiwi Wolf-
-kiwi Wolf- Pred 3 dnevi
Five years later 9.52 million 👌
Galaxygamer Pred 4 dnevi
Your old drawings are better then all mine convinced
Rhy - A - Fry
Rhy - A - Fry Pred 4 dnevi
I want a sign copy of the ''what in the world'' book please
Siri Pettersen
Siri Pettersen Pred 4 dnevi
Who else is watching this in 2021
Jazz CDV
Jazz CDV Pred 4 dnevi
Ezra Rowe
Ezra Rowe Pred 5 dnevi
Why are there random blurs
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia Pred 6 dnevi
Lol i searched up on Google her last name and it's dittfich i'm not sure if it's correct
Dharyelle Porcioncula
You are my favorite youtuber i alwas subscribe you
Dharyelle Porcioncula
Hey you got m 9.51 sub 😯
Sydney Littdem
Sydney Littdem Pred 6 dnevi
nyan cat
Anime Ok
Anime Ok Pred 7 dnevi
at the time she was talking about the "weed" part i was playing animal crossing and tortimer called me sprout lol
Leo Mohammed
Leo Mohammed Pred 7 dnevi
Dose Kate has a SLtv channel
Arianna Isabella Jamandre
2:00 did i just see two bunnies in a net ? what was lil jaiden thinkin?
RakeBoi21 Master Of Rakes
That aged well
Italian Pasta
Italian Pasta Pred 8 dnevi
Her 10 year old drawings are my 13 year old drawings 😂
Kailyn Hyun
Kailyn Hyun Pred 9 dnevi
Is it just me or when I was little I didn’t really color my drawings I just....drew with pencil and outlined with like, a sharpie or something.
mason Pred 10 dnevi
Look mommy, I drew weed
Illiana M
Illiana M Pred 10 dnevi
5:28 “I like how I put my dog instead of my brother” 😂
Mystic POGO
Mystic POGO Pred 10 dnevi
Imagine to think that 100k would turn into 9.49 mil
Flora West !
Flora West ! Pred 10 dnevi
Dana Rogers
Dana Rogers Pred 11 dnevi
Now she has 9.46 million ʢ•ᴥ•ʡʢ•ᴥ•ʡ 😱
Andris Brauns
Andris Brauns Pred 11 dnevi
8:06 My mom calls those goat legs And im 9 but i draw them on birds
Sharanya Banerjee
Sharanya Banerjee Pred 12 dnevi
who knew that in a little over 5 yrs later and now she's at 9.49 million
Abby Awesome
Abby Awesome Pred 12 dnevi
Me *draws line* “UGGHHH said so boooorreed” Jaiden *draws 100 million dots* ... “Needs more dots”
Phil Algozino
Phil Algozino Pred 12 dnevi
Emma Roberts
Max Anthus
Max Anthus Pred 12 dnevi
Congrats on 100k my love
Brennan Hawkins
Brennan Hawkins Pred 13 dnevi
Almost at the golden play button. Keep going!
Draycon2326 Pred 13 dnevi
pretty cringe worthy but i think mine is more cringe can't believe i drew "Devil Owl Man" >_
Pebble Browser
Pebble Browser Pred 13 dnevi
Also its funny that she made personas for browsers, since they kinda do have anime character versions for them now- Wonder which version was first? I think Jaiden did it sooner
Pebble Browser
Pebble Browser Pred 13 dnevi
5:43 this is the vent of a child expressed through art about the bag of chips she ate and said Jaxen did it
pozpot Pred 13 dnevi
I think she drew better when she was ten than me now
•sophie• UwU crustysylveonhufflepuff
Marcel Telang
Marcel Telang Pred 13 dnevi
10:28 now she has a little birb
Tree Thing
Tree Thing Pred 13 dnevi
I can’t believe how much you’ve grown from even now to your newest videos!
Owen Griggs
Owen Griggs Pred 14 dnevi
Now she is at 9 and a half million
Krusty Boi
Krusty Boi Pred 14 dnevi
Hint hint “WEED”
Krusty Boi
Krusty Boi Pred 14 dnevi
I saw the image for the video and got confused
Nevermore Pred 14 dnevi
r e m a k e w e e d . y o u a r e n e a r l y a t 1 0 m i l l i o n . y o u m u s t .
Nevermore Pred 14 dnevi
Ok this is kind of irrelevant.. but her handwriting is so good?!?!
TheREEalDragon Pred 14 dnevi
9.48M+ Subs *Deep breath*
Maddelyn Maffei
Maddelyn Maffei Pred 15 dnevi
I lafed so hard at Weed!!!
Alan Laiter
Alan Laiter Pred 15 dnevi
Michael Jackson woulda loved your brother too😳
Zaida Kmiechick
Zaida Kmiechick Pred 15 dnevi
9 mil subs later.....
Miner Mole
Miner Mole Pred 15 dnevi
The power of (Nintendo) Switch (before it was a thing)
Jana Rayan
Jana Rayan Pred 15 dnevi
what is your dad name
Bella Cupcake
Bella Cupcake Pred 16 dnevi
1:40 aww a cute tiger or a cheetah I love it so much!!!!!
entity x
entity x Pred 16 dnevi
Tiny jaiden: *name a thing weed* Me: DİE OF LAUGH 😂😂😂
Neal Bateman
Neal Bateman Pred 16 dnevi
The little fire flies look like floating lemons with the faces but They are so cute your drawings are better than mine at least and they were so nice
CloudBearii ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
That one drawing on the thumbnail reminds me of this vine Is that a weed?!? No it’s a- IM CALLING THE POLICE! *types 911 in the microwave* 911 what’s your emergency? ------ Is that a police?!?! IM CALLING THE WEED *types 402 in the microwave* 402 watch’s smokin?
Maki Harukawa
Maki Harukawa Pred 15 dnevi
I see you are a person of culture as well.
Showtime GFR
Showtime GFR Pred 16 dnevi
“I still want a bird but not this one” Ari: Allow me to introduce myself,
George Weasley's Lover
Gachalife Queen44
Gachalife Queen44 Pred 17 dnevi
Outdoors And Travels
Outdoors And Travels Pred 17 dnevi
13:21 Jaiden: acts innocent Me: that's a bit sus
legendry gamers
legendry gamers Pred 17 dnevi
who loves jaiden animation drawings as much as I do?
I EatTape
I EatTape Pred 17 dnevi
Hm I wish my mother got me things to do my art when I was little need that child practice
regina Guard
regina Guard Pred 17 dnevi
Jaiden is awsome!!! So is her drawings!
Zoha Fathima
Zoha Fathima Pred 18 dnevi
what is your last name jaiden
Zoha Fathima
Zoha Fathima Pred 18 dnevi
i love your drawings i am 7
Abel Vandenbussche
Abel Vandenbussche Pred 18 dnevi
ari the bird
Pav Czek
Pav Czek Pred 18 dnevi
I'm here in 2021
Munchii Pred 18 dnevi
100k and this was a bit less than 6 years ago...
Inese Zigele
Inese Zigele Pred 18 dnevi
15:53 is me when i see a dog
Conrad Biondi
Conrad Biondi Pred 18 dnevi
5 yrs later..
Goststar Pred 18 dnevi
10 m here we come!
SugerGamer Pred 19 dnevi
Why are you can draw so good? xD
lipuz Pred 19 dnevi
why did I get this video recommended youtube? I liked it, but... why?
Lila Bartlett
Lila Bartlett Pred 19 dnevi
Fun fact: A Trillion seconds ago dinosaurs were on the earth
SaraDee83 Pred 19 dnevi
Jaden i know your last name but I won't tell bc of your privacy reasons
SaraDee83 Pred 19 dnevi
Soo jaidan could've named weed twig
Juice Box Head
Juice Box Head Pred 19 dnevi
Scruffy is a name I remember
Annah Lancaster
Annah Lancaster Pred 19 dnevi
Julia Bensousan
Julia Bensousan Pred 20 dnevi
Who’s watching this in 2021 and knows who pet is
Marina Zinn
Marina Zinn Pred 16 dnevi
me lol
• MoonSplash •
• MoonSplash • Pred 20 dnevi
9.45M now!
Victoria Vampire
Victoria Vampire Pred 20 dnevi
The sloppy beam distinctly pick because cd immunocytochemically juggle notwithstanding a general gentle postage. ill-fated, hissing teaching
Luke Devilux
Luke Devilux Pred 20 dnevi
5 years later she is in 9.45 Million
kyle steele
kyle steele Pred 20 dnevi
Five years ago she had 100k now almost 10mil
Cookie Cutie XD
Cookie Cutie XD Pred 20 dnevi
2021? Enyone? 👌
crossy! Pred 16 dnevi
Leo Rasmonkey
Leo Rasmonkey Pred 20 dnevi
Why is parte of it blurred out??
Ariel Chapman
Ariel Chapman Pred 20 dnevi
I don't like the look of the 2 one are you hanging the little dogs :(
Evabovia Pred 21 dnevom
Yes I would
Pizza! gaming.
Pizza! gaming. Pred 21 dnevom
cringe you have to reacte to thus video agen
JaY GaminG
JaY GaminG Pred 21 dnevom
I am watching this in 2021 LOL
Default soldier
Default soldier Pred 21 dnevom
I like cats
Bigbrainer yea
Bigbrainer yea Pred 21 dnevom
i have also made a pop out
Sir N
Sir N Pred 21 dnevom
I do not know why, but since midnight I'm maratoning her videos... Sorry for the bad english
ShadowBlast 1397
ShadowBlast 1397 Pred 21 dnevom
now she's almost at 9.5 million subs. I started watching her when she was at 7 mill subs
Steven Oggie
Steven Oggie Pred 21 dnevom
Steven Oggie
Steven Oggie Pred 21 dnevom
Steven Oggie
Steven Oggie Pred 21 dnevom
የልፕዪጎርጕ ረዐዐጕነ ረጎጕቿ ል ነልሁነቿኗቿ
Carter Rice
Carter Rice Pred 22 dnevi
The face blur is on a bit
Sushi Wolf
Sushi Wolf Pred 22 dnevi
Now she's almost at 10mill wow good job!
w. banana cat 1
w. banana cat 1 Pred 22 dnevi
-16:37 look at mr crabs hand Money money money money money money