The Most Underrated Game Ever 

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dino time gets weird
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9. feb. 2020

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GoldenApple Giver
GoldenApple Giver Pred 5 minutami
I love Nimtembo
Fel209ipe Pred 49 minutami
Every creepy scram be like: 2:35
T Kamran
T Kamran Pred 2 urami
I want to play this game
Jaro Toman
Jaro Toman Pred 4 urami
An Air biť rock
Jaro Toman
Jaro Toman Pred 4 urami
Vather biť fire rock biť fire eir biť vhater
HOME OF GAMING Pred 4 urami
Do another Pokémon vid
Eric Park
Eric Park Pred 6 urami
2:34 for a scientific discovery, play this part with full volume Ya thank me later
Resubal Marcus Javier
I got jumped scared when she shouted lol
sunita raut
sunita raut Pred 10 urami
She has created a new dino called legasaurus
Jean kyzer Magnaye
Jean kyzer Magnaye Pred 16 urami
Cool pokémon vid
Lxser Blxe
Lxser Blxe Pred 16 urami
8:05 *OH SHI-* 2:16 *THEY'LL KICK YOUR A-* 10:53 *I'm shaking my hips.* *funny moments*
Anna Maquiling
Anna Maquiling Pred 19 urami
Brandon Guan
Brandon Guan Pred 19 urami
So kids, whenever you want smack someone in the head hit them with a dinosaur to knock them out
Lester Hottle
Lester Hottle Pred 20 urami
11:07 Hi uwu
Keith Rhinehart
Keith Rhinehart Pred 20 urami
Did you know that game has a sequel
tony Hernandez
tony Hernandez Pred 21 uro
In the beging i thought you were going to say I'm surprised i dug up that old fossil🌝
skull hunter57
skull hunter57 Pred 22 urami
2:20 me when someone trash talks me in vr
Asir Alothaim
Asir Alothaim Pred 23 urami
Where's the water huh?!?! (5:24)
Sylvia Shilongo
Sylvia Shilongo Pred 23 urami
Ok I am whwj
Zachary Boyd
Zachary Boyd Pred dnevom
Why the hell did I write my previous comment it was really stupid 🤦‍♂️😅
Logan Conlon
Logan Conlon Pred dnevom
Cecille flores
Cecille flores Pred dnevom
I love it when she just goes like AHHHHHHHHHHHH Aight done
Daria Khan
Daria Khan Pred dnevom
I love dinosaurs🦕🦖
Mikomation Pred dnevom
Inside the mouth of Gundash Ad, pizza Me: wow, Gundash is a pizza? *WOW*
Mikomation Pred dnevom
DUNAS A FURRY no, no, no... a *SCALER*
Suttu go brrr
Suttu go brrr Pred dnevom
It came out 6 days after my birthday
SYT youssinee
SYT youssinee Pred dnevom
erika flores
erika flores Pred dnevom
The tidy numeric predominantly collect because woman unexpectedly wash a a tiny link. greedy, picayune fork
BB Pred dnevom
I’m a bandit, causing trouble and stealing secret artifacts from the Digadig tribe’s pyramid. Oh, wait- sorry, the Digadigamid.
Annabelle Loy
Annabelle Loy Pred dnevom
The police chief? Doing bad things? Never.
I only know the Jurassic Park games
rebecca bernardo
rebecca bernardo Pred dnevom
People on Fossil fighters:*blows*me:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Joh Brown
Joh Brown Pred dnevom
I laughed when she screamed at the fossil
Juggernautblak1 Pred dnevom
Full respect, I remember having so much trouble getting out of that room!
Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Ferguson Pred dnevom
Gaming with J
Gaming with J Pred dnevom
Hey jaiden this is completely unrelated to the vidio but... What's your favorite coler?
Gaming with J
Gaming with J Pred dnevom
Mines purple
Sami A
Sami A Pred dnevom
What’s better, fossil fighters, or amazing island?
KirkeGaming Pred dnevom
You'd like spectrobes
YuTsePlotYT Pred dnevom
Luna Gaster
Luna Gaster Pred dnevom
Holy crap this video came out on my birthday last year I didn't even realize until now
Elijah Encarnacion
Elijah Encarnacion Pred dnevom
HELL!! why did you spell the boll
Kengkhw vang
Kengkhw vang Pred dnevom
When jaiden screams: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH me: ;-; holy chill jaiden
Caden Lockwood
Caden Lockwood Pred dnevom
I think that they should do a fossil fights remake. I would love that.
myasia Pred dnevom
Getting my sims DS vibes from text box and the way your character just sways.
Roblox_Nicolaa Pred dnevom
xXDarkFlixXx Pred 2 dnevi
We have the same fridge 😂😂
-The Pear-
-The Pear- Pred 2 dnevi
who else feels bad for rosie???
Ricardo javier Gutierrez bojorge
Bs game. Nice
ASHTON HALL Pred 2 dnevi
jaiden = gay
YAP JUN YU Moe Pred 2 dnevi
3:35 Hulk smash is Dino smash
Angelo Andoque
Angelo Andoque Pred 2 dnevi
8:07 oh sh-
Angelo Andoque
Angelo Andoque Pred dnevom
Skeletal Wolf
Skeletal Wolf Pred 2 dnevi
*Jaiden screams into microphone to "blow"* Me with headphones at max : *Time to amputate some ears.*
Nicolas PAUL
Nicolas PAUL Pred 2 dnevi
Same i did the same thing
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Pred 2 dnevi
2:34 why Edit: warning: earrape. Turn down volume very significantly.
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Pred 2 dnevi
1:33 ok pretty cool art 1:34 what 1:35 ok thats too much
Azrael Giacalone
Azrael Giacalone Pred 2 dnevi
Oh man, I saw this video and had to click, because Fossil Fighters Champions is one of my favourite games. No regrets, dig up dinosaurs and battle them, great time/10.
OdinPlays Pred 2 dnevi
if you pause or slow down at the credits when she brings Duna back, It said some pretty weird things
Sofia Rovno
Sofia Rovno Pred 2 dnevi
9:30 Well, if I had this situation, than I would just like: Rosy: I want to go with you Duna: I want it too. Me: You two want to ? Than why don't you two go instead of me ? 😂
The Gil Family
The Gil Family Pred 2 dnevi
Me: so this is Pokémon but with dinosaurs
Matthew Oakes
Matthew Oakes Pred 2 dnevi
5:22 did anyone notice that she said Air Earth Fire Ground She replaced water with ground
Shurui Shinobi
Shurui Shinobi Pred 3 dnevi
Actually another person doing animated video game videos is terminal montage
SiimplySunflower Pred 3 dnevi
"Editors ... the actual SpongeBob Squarepants" -Credits
Liquid Sandwich
Liquid Sandwich Pred 3 dnevi
So this game is a mix of Spectrobes and Pokemon?
Keisuke Gianan
Keisuke Gianan Pred 3 dnevi
Sri Lakshmi
Sri Lakshmi Pred 3 dnevi
They will kick ur as- Nope I am out
XoShawn Pred 3 dnevi
I literally was addicted
Jmarth Mondares
Jmarth Mondares Pred 3 dnevi
this video was playing in the background, i had the speaker on max volume and then the scream came in... edit: now my brother is mad for waking him up :sob: :sob:
ApexDemon1160 Pred 3 dnevi
can we all agree that dorie didn't do cra!
Renaesha Pred 3 dnevi
My name is Aiden
Vibhav Vosa
Vibhav Vosa Pred 3 dnevi
Pokemon with dinos
03272004chicago96 Pred 3 dnevi
So gay Pokémon
Remy Boulais
Remy Boulais Pred 4 dnevi
THESE VIDEOS ARE AMAZING I LOVE THESE! I’m such a nerd so these are perfect
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings Pred 4 dnevi
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings Pred 4 dnevi
2:33 headphone users get ready
16BitGamer Pred 4 dnevi
"I think I'm getting the hang of it now." *selects hyper hammer* Oh no. Edit: the sequel is better in every way.
Nino's Pokemon
Nino's Pokemon Pred 4 dnevi
2:34 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
omega red for alpha
omega red for alpha Pred 4 dnevi
wait wha realy pokemon emerald better than that but wha 2:34 my ears
EduardoIsMissing Pred 4 dnevi
You woke up my dad 2:35
Kiran Kiran
Kiran Kiran Pred 4 dnevi
Play minecraft
Karis The Unicorn
Karis The Unicorn Pred 4 dnevi
Credits: foot mitten, socks Me: XD WHY! Also Plot twist: Duna is Zelda
do you like this
do you like this Pred 4 dnevi
Weight limit to people OK I’ll take chief dig dig him do you know and for every other thing except for Rose
Paxportal 27
Paxportal 27 Pred 4 dnevi
I know I'm probably hella late to this, but I absolutely love Fossil Fighters and the second game Champions. I like Champions' battle mechanics better, but I'm too in love with Duna so I prefer Fossil Fighter's story line a bit more. I also prefer the element chart and moves sets of Fossil Fighters over the Pokemon jumble of types and moves, it's just too much for me to keep track of. Jaiden, if you see this, I highly recommend playing Fossil Fighters Champions and doing a video on it. These two games are my childhood and helped fuel my dinosaur obsession that has only diluted slightly over time. (I also loved you smacking people with your vivosaurs and want to see more of that)
JustSomeGlasses YT
JustSomeGlasses YT Pred 4 dnevi
I’m playing fossil fighters while watching this
ARandomPerson Pred 4 dnevi
ARandomPerson Pred 4 dnevi
ARandomPerson Pred 4 dnevi
Am I the only one that read the credits?
Michael Amin
Michael Amin Pred 4 dnevi
No I did too
splash vaporeon and glaceon ice
merry Christmas!
Flood December
Flood December Pred 4 dnevi
1:44 only Jaiden animations can make anything look good
Snow Nami
Snow Nami Pred 5 dnevi
I might check this out it looks pretty fun
Desiree Bowen
Desiree Bowen Pred 5 dnevi
i was born in 2008
CallmeRosie Luv
CallmeRosie Luv Pred 5 dnevi
Rip headphone users when jaiden screams ;-;
Baguette Pred 5 dnevi
Resurrecting hip shaking
Marble Bubble
Marble Bubble Pred 5 dnevi
I was deafened by her scream... noice
Hello Drawfee
Hello Drawfee Pred 5 dnevi
Big Boss
Big Boss Pred 5 dnevi
11:07 “A secret... Tofu” My god what an easter egg.
nope Pred 5 dnevi
5:24 ah yes, air, earth, fire, and ground
mario Mii
mario Mii Pred 5 dnevi
Isaac Crandell
Isaac Crandell Pred 5 dnevi
She just couldn't put in the head phone warning
Nina Kruczyk
Nina Kruczyk Pred 5 dnevi
02:34 is the most quiet part so you'll need some higher volume
banananay Pred 5 dnevi
5:42 wait... You have a tattoo?
Veteran bunger 2939
Veteran bunger 2939 Pred 5 dnevi
I found some bepis shibe inus are going to be happy