An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK 

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The UK was great and i had a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it

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9. jun. 2019

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Angel Arias
Angel Arias Pred 16 minutami
so were not commenting on the fact that she just admitted to not flushing? alright.
Samala Shireesh
Samala Shireesh Pred 3 urami
Who carries a wallet that was peed😅😅😅
Zooey Zhou
Zooey Zhou Pred 4 urami
I have a sudden realization. you didn't FLUSH after you used the toilet.
OrionJG Pred 6 urami
Girl you aren't the only one who doesn't know how to talk to people
Alex Pred 8 urami
Should have let him hanging on the initial fist bump. He took that as you not being uncomfortable at all if his social skill were actually poor and he wasn't pretending to be socially awkward.
Lazi Pred 9 urami
After a year I realized she was talking to hood shaggy
Andrea Pred 10 urami
Shrek Is love. Shrek Is life
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma Pred 15 urami
The werid guy reminds me of nagito from danarompa
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma Pred 15 urami
The weird guy reminds me of nagito from danarompa
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma Pred 15 urami
The weird guy reminds me of nagito from danarompa
Funtime BentleyBoi
Funtime BentleyBoi Pred 16 urami
Mia Nelson
Mia Nelson Pred 21 uro
And nobody is gonna notice the weirdo detected on the iPhone
Morganoxx 290
Morganoxx 290 Pred 23 urami
Weirdo detected-2021
TIERNAN MC Pred dnevom
I live in the uk
ShikuFish Pred dnevom
So uhm-....some pretty wird things happend to me too...that i was born...(im just joking, im happy that im born)
Owen Stutelberg
Owen Stutelberg Pred dnevom
She never flushed...
Fathia Pramesthi PW
KittycatKaylee Pred dnevom
so you know how there was this kid that skated up to you when you were sixteen? well what if that guy in the airport was the same person??? IDK my friend's mind is weird I know this because she is writing this.
Jaymob Pred dnevom
Wait you dont flush ur toilet when u done using it?
Gacha boba tea
Gacha boba tea Pred dnevom
Pvz4life 52
Pvz4life 52 Pred dnevom
Top ten things to not loose in a foreign county: ViRgInItY
Sophia Kamlan
Sophia Kamlan Pred dnevom
Ok is it normal to be on your phone while peeing?
Ljupka Ilieva
Ljupka Ilieva Pred dnevom
Do u serve medium rere
Fredrika Knutsen
Fredrika Knutsen Pred dnevom
Ummm... Didn't you fluch the Toilet...
Abdielyx González
Abdielyx González Pred 2 dnevi
SAP him 😤
Abdielyx González
Abdielyx González Pred 2 dnevi
youtubers hits
youtubers hits Pred 2 dnevi
i live in da uk
sean Elliffe
sean Elliffe Pred 2 dnevi
AlL gIrlS aRe SeLfIsH Wow just wow may be you wanna know how to do your beard
Adam Volný
Adam Volný Pred 2 dnevi
I mean, you can always buy chain or some string to your wallet.
reggie pillay
reggie pillay Pred 2 dnevi
Wtf,, ":0
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza Pred 2 dnevi
Winston Townsend
Winston Townsend Pred 2 dnevi
Fan theory: the guy at the airport was daftpina.
Stink Face Roblox
Stink Face Roblox Pred 2 dnevi
Me when see how tall he is . My mind : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM TALL OK MY TASTEST FAMLY MEMEBER IS 6'8 ( i was so mad i didn't speed right )
Kidpoolio 11
Kidpoolio 11 Pred 3 dnevi
I promise not all British people are like the guy in the line
Nova Star68
Nova Star68 Pred 3 dnevi
I remember this being my first storytime animation video to watch and looking at this video a year later for some reason made me feel a little teary, without this video I would never have gotten into animation. Thx Jaiden😉😁👍
Brighton Maxwell
Brighton Maxwell Pred 3 dnevi
Imagine if jaiden flushed the toilet-
Arun Try
Arun Try Pred 3 dnevi
Me watching the beginning when the cooking mama 2 speed run is out: FORESHADOWING
David Vazquez
David Vazquez Pred 3 dnevi
So do you have that same wallet
GraysonÙwÚ Meh
GraysonÙwÚ Meh Pred 3 dnevi
One the list the second thing😂😭
Spencer Milshtein
Spencer Milshtein Pred 3 dnevi
Ever think that dude was trying to flirt in line?
Nathan Kim
Nathan Kim Pred 3 dnevi
plot twist: he new it was Jaiden and decided to mess around with her
SONYA LE Pred 3 dnevi
Game of gaming
Game of gaming Pred 3 dnevi
“So I peed on my wall and” ummm
Minerva Artemis Art
Minerva Artemis Art Pred 4 dnevi
This guy was a pick yp artist, such stupid lines had to be from a pick up artist!
Chris Wiersma
Chris Wiersma Pred 4 dnevi
\_('-')_/ || / \
Yammy Sushi
Yammy Sushi Pred 4 dnevi
Me see that this video has no subtitles in my language Also Me:Spanish from Latin America there we go
Mayo Palileo
Mayo Palileo Pred 4 dnevi
The guy in the time 5:48 I saw a video if someone likes You and he did a step.
X brawler
X brawler Pred 4 dnevi
Imagine if this guy sees this video and makes the connection
Addyson Pred 4 dnevi
answer me these questions three and you may reclaim the spot taken by me - The creepy guy in the airport 2019 (resaid by Jaiden)
Joe West
Joe West Pred 4 dnevi
Ok, rewatching why did I get the feeling a ridge wallet transition was coming up like “my wallet falls out of my girls skinny pocket, and that’s why I use ridge wallet now”.
Mark Kender
Mark Kender Pred 4 dnevi
I have that one guy from the uk vibes. Fist pumps and all. Probably knew it’s was jaiden animations. Failed to create conversation due to bad social skills. He’s mind is probably all over the place. Realized things weren’t going great but still tried to play it cool. Unsuccessfully used fist pumps as a form of redemption. Which give off weirdo/creepy vibes.
Lukas Wackenier
Lukas Wackenier Pred 5 dnevi
Haha shrekfast
Dmoe 0
Dmoe 0 Pred 5 dnevi
I like the 'Weirdo Detected' on the phone
Chris Nordstrom
Chris Nordstrom Pred 5 dnevi
The UK is better than u described it
Foga the Fox
Foga the Fox Pred 5 dnevi
Number 2 1:07
TeamMateMedia Pred 5 dnevi
2:51 jaiden's unusual swearing moment
bilbosilbo Pred 5 dnevi
I live in Scotland my people are super nice
sudoku Pred 5 dnevi
me who lives in the UK: makes sense, i am weird, and so is everyone I know
Pred 5 dnevi
“So many people have iPhones” *Phone is phone you need phone*
valkyrie_pilot Pred 5 dnevi
is customs in great britan _Has TSA badge_ Me, an airport buff: thats not supposed to be there....
Teh random otaku
Teh random otaku Pred 5 dnevi
jaiden : do you have an android or sum? me remembering an r/madladspost : *GUCCI SMART TOILET*
Mikayla Callahan
Mikayla Callahan Pred 5 dnevi
1:05 ahhh yess losing 2. is badd
That person that trys to make a animation
I check the toilet to see if any spiders are in there
Ramiro Escamilla
Ramiro Escamilla Pred 5 dnevi
“Weird Detected”
moonlight cookie
moonlight cookie Pred 6 dnevi
6:46 can u see it
ItsNeragg Pred 6 dnevi
6:45 did the phone say "weirdo dectected"
Micro Beast
Micro Beast Pred 6 dnevi
Thank God she didn't flush😆🤣
Salty Cheese
Salty Cheese Pred 6 dnevi
A very questionable video
LOVE This Games
LOVE This Games Pred 6 dnevi
0:26 Ok... What❗️❔😂 2:47 Oooh, it kinda makes sense now-
Quinn Hooper
Quinn Hooper Pred 6 dnevi
why didn't she flush the toult
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin Pred 6 dnevi
If that guy was a pervert than you would lose the top 2 things in your dont lose list
Jacob Kohr
Jacob Kohr Pred 6 dnevi
In case you didn't know that guy in the last story is what the rest of society refers to as a d-bag.
שני אסייג
שני אסייג Pred 4 dnevi
So true 🤣
KittenPanda Pred 6 dnevi
The DO NOT LOSE list omg 5. Patience 4. Phone 3. Small child 2. Virginity 1. Wallet 😂😂😂
Kryzer K9
Kryzer K9 Pred 6 dnevi
So, does that mean you didn't flush the toiled after you peed? ~_~
Michael Barajas
Michael Barajas Pred 7 dnevi
You know he was flirting with you
DuckDominator Pred 7 dnevi
1:06 viriginity Jaiden HOW AND WHY
Ree Person
Ree Person Pred 7 dnevi
Boy: girls are kinda selfish Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *inhale* s h u t t h e f u c c u p
RED CORPS Pred 7 dnevi
I BuRnEd My HaNd On A lIgHt BuLb OnE tImE
Aashan Kabir Chowdhury
6:46 look at the phone lol
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose Pred 7 dnevi
I love jaidens travel videos and feel the opposite to her statement at the start of the video
Gacha Cookie!
Gacha Cookie! Pred 7 dnevi
“I peed on the wall”😂😂😂
pink rose 26
pink rose 26 Pred 7 dnevi
The UK isn't that bad but FOR SOME REASON London IS SOOOOO ecspensive
Aidan Dolan
Aidan Dolan Pred 8 dnevi
What if he watches this
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Gordon Ramsey
TheRoblox6kid Pred 8 dnevi
Wait a sec. Did she flush the toilet?
Camilla Nielsen
Camilla Nielsen Pred 8 dnevi
i hate that guy, that said all girls are selfish
Mohammad Farhan
Mohammad Farhan Pred 8 dnevi
I am british
Reptile With Depression
Are you half?
Billy Simon
Billy Simon Pred 8 dnevi
Ware a miny bakepake
Ernesto Ruiloba
Ernesto Ruiloba Pred 8 dnevi
Are the brown haired girl and blond boy Marzia and Pewds? I think she was in New Years with them one year but idk I the characters looked like them.
ジュニア Pred 8 dnevi
Wait so she ain’t flush?
Reptile With Depression
Kristen Gonzalez
Kristen Gonzalez Pred 8 dnevi
I love your vids jaiden
eabha dalton
eabha dalton Pred 8 dnevi
If the wallet feel into the toilet before hand and she peed on it that means..... she didnt flush it. Am I the only one that thought of that?
EnderwolfPlayz YT
EnderwolfPlayz YT Pred 8 dnevi
Glad you did not flush
keithbuckle Pred 8 dnevi
Sorry I don’t know how to post stamp but at 0:12 in the vid was the fire about Australia
Bloxaur Pred 9 dnevi
Rewatching this, I realized that I look like this guy right now. Grey sweatshirt, slightly longer scruffy hair, and a minor beard. But the misogyny and weirdness aura, I definitely don’t have
Ikazune ฅ'ω'ฅ
Ikazune ฅ'ω'ฅ Pred 9 dnevi
Augustus Bailey
Augustus Bailey Pred 9 dnevi
Jaden I am like the most finest chef inside of SLtv I am James I am the man who orders at McDonald’s every day
Reptile With Depression
Chefs dont work at mcdonalds
Rose Queen
Rose Queen Pred 9 dnevi
“ so I peed on my Wallet” -Jaden 2019
The Unpredictable
The Unpredictable Pred 9 dnevi
Thanks. Now every time I loose something I check the toilet first. One time I couldn’t find my cat ANYWHERE in my house and for some stupid reason I checked the toilet. Don’t worry my cat’s fine.
numebernode Pred 9 dnevi
Its amazing how you slyly told us at the very beginning what happened to the wallet, but we (or at least me anyways...) was being so engrossed in the story that we didn't think much of it. Genius! EDIT: Also: "I didn't expect such generosity since all girls are selfish." I wonder what would happen if he said that in front of Rarity from MLP.
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang Pred 9 dnevi
The guy with blonde hair reminds me of Matt from eddsworld
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