Speedart: Pokefusion Blazerade 

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Don't forget to leave a like for genetically enhanced war creatures. What two Pokemon should I fuse next? I'm always looking for new suggestions!
Time: 4hr 20min (#420blazeit i'm not even joking)
See full HD image: jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/art/SpeedArt-PokeFusion-Blaziken-and-Roserade-547016807?ga_submit_new=10%253A1437154164
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Music: Shoal Cave Remix V.II. by GlitchxCity
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You're beautiful.

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17. jul. 2015

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Paola Pernice
Paola Pernice Pred 3 dnevi
Jorge Cornejo garcia
Mudkip and treckoo
Eda Lyne
Eda Lyne Pred mesecem
Just looking for her least likes video
Lucas Michaud
Lucas Michaud Pred 19 dnevi
licky tung and charzard jaiden :)
Gas Mask Animations
Gas Mask Animations Pred mesecem
She's really honest about her violet hair
bianca ashziel cruz
bianca ashziel cruz Pred mesecem
Dragonair and milotic
•RainiiDay •
•RainiiDay • Pred mesecem
Akinodesukedo Pred 2 meseci
Maybe fuse mudkip with Klink
Beatup667 Pred 2 meseci
Haha wasted time reading this go brrrrr
Geo Doode
Geo Doode Pred 3 meseci
haha 420
juan Gonzalez
juan Gonzalez Pred 3 meseci
will you ever bring this back?
Eric Davis
Eric Davis Pred 3 meseci
Is enney wun in 2020
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick Pred 3 meseci
🔥 Happy Birthday 🌹
am comics
am comics Pred 4 meseci
this actually makes me sad
soy un pepino viviente
Marowak and cangascan!!!
Fluffy Wolfy
Fluffy Wolfy Pred 4 meseci
if you're still doing these I think Wallrein and Eevee would be.... entertaining xD
pru oggie
pru oggie Pred 4 meseci
at first i thouht it was blaziken + gatorade
kusarin wisuttana
kusarin wisuttana Pred 4 meseci
2020 anyone
AJ Styles
AJ Styles Pred 4 meseci
OMA there is heavenly artist in this world jaiden you are the best best best beautiful art beautiful just beautiful
Péter Henzsel
Péter Henzsel Pred 5 meseci
This video=worst combo+best art
Renan Rasim
Renan Rasim Pred 5 meseci
He Mom İ Sgona Bu A Towsand Chiken And Her Dad A Shamon Ruster
Renan Rasim
Renan Rasim Pred 5 meseci
Ow thith İ Sey He ay Ment She Shez Femal
Renan Rasim
Renan Rasim Pred 5 meseci
Kan Yo Get A Pet Shamo Chiken
Nicholas Tedesco
Nicholas Tedesco Pred 6 meseci
Gloisopod and yveltal
Fantastic Animations
Fantastic Animations Pred 6 meseci
Pikachu and Melton
Mason Bovi
Mason Bovi Pred 6 meseci
doomhound & iceion
lil OwO
lil OwO Pred 6 meseci
Teddyursa and hypno
Jasmine-the-Fox Pred 6 meseci
i would love to see Lucario fused with Togekiss... I think it would be cool
RMS Titanic
RMS Titanic Pred 7 meseci
Noise 👍🏼
Lillian Larsen
Lillian Larsen Pred 7 meseci
mimiku and vulpix
Raznuk el Vengador
Raznuk el Vengador Pred 8 meseci
Goodness, now that's a great great balance between "explosiveness" (Blaziken) and "elegance" (Roserade), and it just keeps increasing my wonderings about why is Pokémon Company not doing a game related to this so far :u
Ramberg Walk
Ramberg Walk Pred 8 meseci
You should mash Groudon And swampert
Маргарита Павлова
Draw tanuki, please
Kuroyukihime6 Pred 8 meseci
Oh my
Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh Pred 8 meseci
Stop this sound is scaring me
Alexander Henninck
Alexander Henninck Pred 8 meseci
Next fusion Pikachu and ballbesour
SometimeTea 7099
SometimeTea 7099 Pred 8 meseci
It's 2020
KaijuBoy 62
KaijuBoy 62 Pred 9 meseci
I like how you made the plant part like a leotard
Elf_boy Pred 9 meseci
pichu and froakie?
Khristian Lopez
Khristian Lopez Pred 9 meseci
I Dare Jaiden To Fuse Xerneas with Yeveltal
Mavy Rama
Mavy Rama Pred 9 meseci
Morelull and poipole pleas 😀❤❤❤❤
orange_enthusiast Pred 9 meseci
blaze it
Water_Bottles Pred 9 meseci
Liking jaidens every single video till i get hearted part 19
Ferrett Ninja
Ferrett Ninja Pred 10 meseci
You should fuse Umbreon and Lucario
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Pred 10 meseci
You should fuse quilava and croconaw
Montgomery Pred 10 meseci
It’s so good
Flora Olmstead
Flora Olmstead Pred 10 meseci
I usually think speed arts are boring, but Jaiden is so good that I can’t help but watch hers
Adrian Ladouceur
Adrian Ladouceur Pred 10 meseci
Pikachu and Charizard
Bartolo Reyes
Bartolo Reyes Pred 11 meseci
SALTY VAPO Pred 11 meseci
can you please mabye fuze squirtle and simpour? thanks!
Braxton Lee-Jones
Braxton Lee-Jones Pred 11 meseci
Swampurt and ho-oh
Roela Cassidy
Roela Cassidy Pred 11 meseci
Lucario and Blaziken
Justin Hall
Justin Hall Pred 11 meseci
roserade is the best pokemon
kobe liu
kobe liu Pred 11 meseci
•[Dog The Monster]•
Kill it
Janus Pred letom
I get partial Swampfire vibes and I like it
Hi Pred letom
Lunala and solgaleo?
Painting plays
Painting plays Pred letom
Mega ampharos and bus harp
What about. Machop and Pidgey?
Yuuka Pred letom
【BettaFiish】 Pred letom
lol 420
J Tang
J Tang Pred letom
Eevee and Mew :3
Seaboy 2007
Seaboy 2007 Pred letom
Jasmine-the-Fox Pred letom
This is amazing! My two favorite pokemon are Primarina and Gardevoir... I kinda wonder what they would look like if fused together?
Jack Hatcher
Jack Hatcher Pred letom
Heatmor and semipour
Comma Pred letom
Scizor and Darkrai
Emily's Shenanigans
Whatz up with the blurred bar at the top?
KMGodzillaKat Animations
Lucario and delfox
clampfan101 Pred letom
You and your art are both so awesome. ^_^ Also so is that remix. Where’d you find that? Also do you still take requests? I know this video is old now, but I still gotta know.
Blue Valor
Blue Valor Pred letom
I guess this would be fire/grass, rly cool fusion Jaiden :) - btw I’ve always wondered why the roserade line is part poison type... can anyone tell me?
Psyduck lover
Psyduck lover Pred 8 meseci
maybe the plant is poison idk
Santiago Menjivar
Ocean Man, Take Me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand.
Goo Fy
Goo Fy Pred letom
Who else immediately thought swampfire
The fat pizza
The fat pizza Pred letom
I love these speed art videos can you plz do more
Victini101 YT
Victini101 YT Pred letom
Victini and Celebi
EeveePlays Pred letom
Eevee and Mew! Pls🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭
trycolor Pred letom
Sakura UwU
Sakura UwU Pred letom
Lucario and sceptile. Thumbs up if u agree 😃
Marta Rosas
Marta Rosas Pred letom
What beautiful eyes you have chicken flower
Roshni B
Roshni B Pred letom
This is probably by far my most favourite one, it looks so cool and so deadly!! And the background is just awesome and the (I'm not sure what but I think it's poison gas) coming from the flowers, and the hair just looks awesome!! There's so much to say about that master piece but it'd probably fill the whole page, to summarise, it looks better than any other Pokemon drawn (even by the creators of the shows).
Finnalia the Artist
Nine tails and Luxio should be next! :D
Colelevel2 Pred letom
U r the best u tube channel ever
Alec P
Alec P Pred letom
Velvet Dawn
Velvet Dawn Pred letom
Greninja and Incinoroar
cashedcredits Pred letom
Kirlia and Gothitelle Or Swirlix and Tympole
Ahri Gomiho FishBomb
Ahri Gomiho FishBomb
Your the best SLtvr in the world
Ahri Gomiho FishBomb
There are cool
Ahri Gomiho FishBomb
I love your animations
Ahri Gomiho FishBomb
I like you jaiden
Ahri Gomiho FishBomb
Whatever Cal305
Whatever Cal305 Pred 2 leti
Fuse Snorlax and Pikachu.
green3mix .1
green3mix .1 Pred 2 leti
greninja with fenaken
Just A Porcupine
Just A Porcupine Pred 2 leti
4h20m. Blazerade. 420 Blazerade, also it has fidget spinners for hands. We're going back into 2015 and 2016, my dudes.
Dreemurr_06 Pred 2 leti
Jaiden...! You're very cool when it comes to Speedarts...! Vid from 2015 but still cool Just a guy from 2018 hehe
Galactic Chicken
Galactic Chicken Pred 2 leti
Thanos and a car
musikSkool Pred 2 leti
Oooh, a fire-grass type would be so cool. He could be a tall stump-man, that looks really old, and part of him is coals that are on fire. No open flames, just white ash trim around hot coals for the top of his head. But he still has green branches for arms and legs, and somehow, magically, is only on fire at one end. His legs are still really really green and fresh looking, with buds and green leaves, but his face looks a little dry, and old. His Pokedex entry could say something about growing as fast as the fire eats him, and he isn't hurt by the fire, but somehow has gained the ability to control fire from it. The green branches on his legs could fade to a more normal brown as you go up his body, so his arms look like normal branches, but his head is much more dry-looking.
Rocks Pred 2 leti
Latios and Keldeo.
Wish on a Shooting Star
Dragonite and Glason
Melon Man
Melon Man Pred 2 leti
Espeon and Umbreon
F & A
F & A Pred 2 leti
rowlet and poplio
Alaina J
Alaina J Pred 2 leti
Try abomasnow and whaleord (sorry if I spelt anything wrong lol)
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