How to be Stupid 

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DISCLAIMER! If you've done any of these things, I am not calling you "stupid". Everyone has done these (including me!) and it's meant as a joke :) If you take it as more than a joke, then you're actually stupid. I'm sorry to have to tell you like this...
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Music: The Duck Battalion by SkipPeck

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a free pass to be stupid at any time, and no one will judge you! (Use with caution!)

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13. jan. 2015

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Joseph Stanyer
Joseph Stanyer Pred 4 urami
Not Jaiden’s tutorial video being about the only thing I know how to do 💀
Natu Pred 4 urami
I'm the non-future planner (sometimes) and the ignorant
Natu Pred 5 urami
this is me
Why Pred 13 urami
The tutorial ain’t required for me, I was taught this at a young age :)
Hayden4da Win
Hayden4da Win Pred 16 urami
Old video be like:
Shiny Diglet
Shiny Diglet Pred 21 uro
lil OwO
lil OwO Pred 2 dnevi
Thanks for the pass lol
Laptop Pred 2 dnevi
everybody sees this video: woah nobody will be stupid as that Me: are you challenging me?
ꨄAnimal Lover
ꨄAnimal Lover Pred 2 dnevi
Thank you but I think i already gained enough knowledge of stupidity...
GalaxyWolfScent Pred 3 dnevi
even though i havent watched it, i know im gonna relate to most
Rennie Pred 3 dnevi
This video is old but it still holds up
Peter Ellsworth
Peter Ellsworth Pred 3 dnevi
Wait, I DIDN'T need a guide?!?!
AtTheEase Pred 4 dnevi
MagicTingZ Pred 4 dnevi
IM already stupid :3
Jett Hourigan
Jett Hourigan Pred 5 dnevi
I could name about 25,259 kinds of stupid
Garath Whalam
Garath Whalam Pred 5 dnevi
one time I was playing apex legends and me and my friend were one of the last 2 squads. My friend wanted a specific achievement where you wear full gold armour and we had just killed a squad right next to the storm where one of the death boxes was gold so my friend thought: "hmm the chances of there being full gold armour in that box are pretty slim, but there still is a chance". so he told me " hey I'm gonna pop over there and get the achievement" to which I responded "don't do that you're gonna die. now let's guess weather he A) ran into the storm and got the achievement and we won B) listened to my advise and we won C) died like an idiot and left me on no health to get murdered cause I went to try to help him when he inevitably died if you guessed C then you are right. We probably would've lost anyway but it still pains me how this went down. It was funny though so I guess in our hearts we won.
esqimo Pred 5 dnevi
“How to be stupid” Why is this in my recommended, im already a pro
הראל יחזקאל
6 years ago ...
Emmet Chang
Emmet Chang Pred 6 dnevi
Someone in my class was having stomach problems, and decided not to tell the teacher. She kept telling people “ooh my stomach hurts, do something” “ooh i think im going to throw up.” The rest of the students kept saying: “tell the teacher!” But the dumb classmate didn’t listen, and thought: I’ll go lie down on the popular kid’s chair.” She threw up on the popular kid’s chair, and we had to move out of the classroom for 3 days, because the smell was so gut wrenchingly bad, and nobody wants to look at digested fish.
Yobama Pred 6 dnevi
i didnt have to watch this i already am
The Ultimate Potato
The Ultimate Potato Pred 6 dnevi
i has no idea why i is watch this. i already is much stoopid
Cobi Pred 6 dnevi
me: intelligence: 0 XD
Anonymous Man
Anonymous Man Pred 7 dnevi
I’m good at that
Diyupra Pred 7 dnevi
Be yourself
Max Burkhart
Max Burkhart Pred 8 dnevi
im retarded
Max Burkhart
Max Burkhart Pred 7 dnevi
@David The Percussionist lol
David The Percussionist
I’m possibly the same sometimes
Robin Wilcox
Robin Wilcox Pred 9 dnevi
(Sorry if this is rude or something) How to be stoopid: Step 1| Be Jaiden. You are now an idiot. :D
Feranca Sabella
Feranca Sabella Pred 9 dnevi
I don’t need instructions to be stupid
Nevalga Chrisdan
Nevalga Chrisdan Pred 10 dnevi
Only clicked on this video to make sure I was doing it right.
Kelsy Adams
Kelsy Adams Pred 10 dnevi
"Hey, glad you could make! What'd ya bring?" "Peanut butter cookies!" 😑 "You want one? They're still warm!" *Closes door* "Hello?"
Pink yoshi and more
Pink yoshi and more Pred 10 dnevi
i'm already stupid bcuz im trash and have no self-love :D
MAD_BAGUETTE Pred 10 dnevi
Who here is watching this in 2021? And who escaped 2020's hell safely?
pixie cupcake
pixie cupcake Pred 10 dnevi
i born stupid B^
Garisson Jade
Garisson Jade Pred 11 dnevi
Don't need a tutorial for this one.
AJR Pred 11 dnevi
This video is 6 year old OMG! 😱
Butter Dawg
Butter Dawg Pred 11 dnevi
I AM A GOD AT THIS (oh wait I’m stupid)
Russell mahdipour
Russell mahdipour Pred 11 dnevi
"I've never done something this amazing!" Her youtube channel existing: Am I a joke to you
Wolf_FairyXx Pred 12 dnevi
I’m my class this kid once was like starring out to outer space and like got startled when the teacher called him when the teacher asked him for the answer he blurted out, “SHES MEAN” I think he was talking about the girl who is mean to him but since he got embarrassed for saying that bout someone in another class he pointed to me a said he’s talking about me. I just SLAPED my face out of disappointment for this dudes tiny brain. We got it all cleared up in the end though
Random_Stuff Pred 12 dnevi
6th anniversary of this video let’s goo
Krispy Klips
Krispy Klips Pred 12 dnevi
15 million people: Interesting
Lynnsey and vango Da budgie
am still stupid
Kingdom of Nerdz
Kingdom of Nerdz Pred 13 dnevi
2:40 I want this as a pin.
Tony Donselaar
Tony Donselaar Pred 13 dnevi
Your not stupid
Failure 44
Failure 44 Pred 13 dnevi
Instructions unclear, accidentally became a supergenius
Park Y / N
Park Y / N Pred 13 dnevi
I am pro in being a stupid ✌
Robotgamer8045 Pred 13 dnevi
Me reads title Also me: Now this is my kina video!
/_Top Tesco_/
/_Top Tesco_/ Pred 13 dnevi
Why is this teaching me to be smarter. let me be stupid ok.
pikachu Pred 13 dnevi
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⓛⓔⓝⓝⓨ. ⓕⓐⓒⓔ ⓗⓞⓦ ⓣⓞ ⓑⓔ ⓢⓣⓤⓟⓘⓓ? ⓔⓩ 1+1 ⓘⓢ 11 ⓛⓞⓛ
Juju’s Creation 12
Juju’s Creation 12 Pred 13 dnevi
This is a complete definition of my Sister
A X Pred 14 dnevi
I feel like everyone in my school is like all of these combined.
kobi wheaton
kobi wheaton Pred 14 dnevi
this reminds me of gumball in a nutshell.
Lacey Palmer
Lacey Palmer Pred 14 dnevi
Wow Jaiden how you’ve evolved
UnIcOrN lOvEr
UnIcOrN lOvEr Pred 14 dnevi
whenever your here in 2021
Augustine Popoy
Augustine Popoy Pred 14 dnevi
The last one is like me I forgot stuff that happened every 30 minutes
EnterxxD Pred 14 dnevi
Me: * Looking At Thumbnail And Name * Me aFter: I DOnT NeEd a TuToRiAl
Angry Pomeranian
Angry Pomeranian Pred 14 dnevi
I don't need to watch this video
Jing Yi Cheong
Jing Yi Cheong Pred 15 dnevi
"How to be stupid. " People in 2020/2021 be like: don't wear a mask and boom. U stupid :>
Pritha Biswas
Pritha Biswas Pred 15 dnevi
Do you like riding on a lion I have a lion you can ride on for Free
Jfla MEOW Pred 15 dnevi
Jaiden:'' upload a how to be stupid vidio'' me: THE EXPERT
Abigail_puppylover Pred 15 dnevi
i'm a PRO at being stupid i don't need a lesson on it!
SomeRandom Dude
SomeRandom Dude Pred 15 dnevi
this just makes me happy :]
Washington Pred 16 dnevi
Jaiden's old art style is adorable
Tommy Weyh
Tommy Weyh Pred 16 dnevi
Step 1. Be me.
Jade Bayo Ba
Jade Bayo Ba Pred 16 dnevi
0:47 in my, idk how you call it but here in México we call it "Primaria", we had A LOT OF THESE, LIKE, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, 3 EACH YEAR TO BE EXACT I BELIEVE, i kinda like them bc of the bubbles, but they stress me bc I don't actually use n. 2 pencils nor my classmates, and since not everybody had, it began a hunt for a n. 2 pencil, yeah, worst thing evurr (did that on purpose)
J.Y tube
J.Y tube Pred 16 dnevi
Haweni Gaming
Haweni Gaming Pred 16 dnevi
I am all of these
Idiota Pred 17 dnevi
Step 1: Be me
kitpvp yay
kitpvp yay Pred 17 dnevi
i found this video by searching 'hi im stupid what do i do'
golf cheung
golf cheung Pred 17 dnevi
The absorbed cave postsurgically open because bacon functionally hang toward a useful paperback. hard, skinny kick
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke Pred 17 dnevi
The victorious tuna contradictorily seal because christmas plausibly concern besides a unsuitable granddaughter. wasteful, exotic chin
Jojo Ridley
Jojo Ridley Pred 17 dnevi
I have a friend like this her name was shyly
gaming with marshmallows
My friend, I don't need to know I'm already stupid me ummmm ok😬
シRenjiro Pred 17 dnevi
Thanks now i know hwo to be stupid I don’t flush the toilet after using it
enrico. Pred 18 dnevi
ADI's are so stupid
Shining Pred 18 dnevi
Sorry but i Already are dumb
Gacha V
Gacha V Pred 18 dnevi
2:05 is my entire class
gua kaixin
gua kaixin Pred 18 dnevi
Funny how 15 million people want to know how to be stupid
Kendra Sainval
Kendra Sainval Pred 18 dnevi
2:33 Cutest karate pose I've ever seen.
[ • Ň Ã Ń Ī • ] _døňť_śűb ťø mē x
why would you upload something like this?
EspressoCookie89 Pred 18 dnevi
So... I have NO planning ability in the moment and I'm oblivious to everything. If my friend dares me to ride a bike off a wall, I'm doing it(it was fun) with no consideration for the result of my actions.
turtletrain Pred 18 dnevi
Im sure all 15million of us are so smart we need to watch this to LEARn how to be stupid
Mr.Waffleeezz -
Mr.Waffleeezz - Pred 19 dnevi
like I'm not stupid enough
Savilllozz Pred 19 dnevi
Multiple choice? You Americans have it easy xd
joey del rosario
joey del rosario Pred 19 dnevi
it doesn't teach me how to be stupid i put a thumbs down :-( sorry your talking about commonsense.
Magnemite987 Pred 19 dnevi
Among us: Imposter: ??? why is there "kill" on my screen? crewmate: Ok you are the imposter! Imposter: ??? What is imposter? crewmate: this is among us!!! imposter: ??? what is among us?
Antloverguy Pred 19 dnevi
Hmmmm.... Stupity is part of my life.... My lack of brain cells is insanely strange..... And I am no ordinary humen.... I am the antloverguy!!!! ( Who is very stupid, and his animations are weirdest thing you'll ever see)
Dane Henson
Dane Henson Pred 19 dnevi
I am new to SLtv
JJ's animations
JJ's animations Pred 19 dnevi
15 million people: Oooooh
Grady S
Grady S Pred 19 dnevi
Koru Pred 19 dnevi
I like being stupid :P
Nicholas Lackey
Nicholas Lackey Pred 20 dnevi
OKOKOKOKOK SOOOO there was this kid that decided to be everything you listed and ONLY to me. he hated me specifically and he got me in massive amounts of both famiy and school problems because of his... stupidity. his name is jerry and he wears glasses. he is the 12 year old embodiment of caillou (meaning on the inside he is a demon, a jerk, and a complete 4-y/o moron)
Xander Coyle
Xander Coyle Pred 20 dnevi
How to be stupid in 2020: Wear a mask below your nose
Aka jump 1981
Aka jump 1981 Pred 20 dnevi
I’m definitely the important detail overlooker
Joana Herly Menor
Joana Herly Menor Pred 20 dnevi
Domic of course dum dum
Carl Sacel
Carl Sacel Pred 20 dnevi
how to be stupid?? Be yourself lol
Kenji212 Pred 20 dnevi
Ty this will help in my training to be an idiot
sweetman Pred 20 dnevi
i have falancia and your stories are so funny
Liliana Dominguez
Liliana Dominguez Pred 20 dnevi
Jaiden you should play fortnite
Alexa Rodriguez
Alexa Rodriguez Pred 20 dnevi
Alexa Rodriguez
Alexa Rodriguez Pred 20 dnevi
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