Things I Do that Adults Probably Don't Do (Jaiden Edition) 

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adults, amirite?
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll send you a very mini plastic dinosaur. like, you can't see it because it's way too small,,, but it's there.

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3. sep. 2017

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cakepop your local god
cakepop your local god Pred 19 minutami
This video makes me realize that how much useless stuff we talk to people about. Like imagine how many people didn't care about what you were saying and we're just listening because it's polite.
Evy Charlton
Evy Charlton Pred uro
Jaiden: I got stuck on the phone for an extra hour Sponge Bob: My paints shrunk because Patrick would not stop singing. (did anyone see that episode. Wait maybe it was a book I had.) xD
Alex Iorillo
Alex Iorillo Pred uro
Salma esam Atia
Tbh i do the same "perfect bite" like you but i make sure that all of them are perfect soo that's an other extra hour of planning
Loren Martinez
Loren Martinez Pred 2 urami
I am a fan of you
NA SONG Pred 6 urami
I do that😅
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Pred 6 urami
But when you get to the perfect bite you're already full and use to the flavor!!! YOU ALWAYS GO PERFECT BITE FIRST
Nixon Nicholas
Nixon Nicholas Pred 7 urami
The conscious east crucially unite because veil clasically learn around a historical quail. onerous, square dibble
Phillisia P. Polotung
Phillisia P. Polotung Pred 10 urami
I only save the best
Animation Generation
Animation Generation Pred 12 urami
Why is your voice so calming! When i record my audio it's so cringe!!!
theblueblur theblueblur
i do it with chips
Tanvi Bajaj
Tanvi Bajaj Pred 13 urami
I eat like that too
ytlpnkn Pred 16 urami
i do the "perfect bite tm style" too but its "worst bite tm copyright" i eat the worst bite/chip/fry first and then the best bite/chip/fry :D dont judge me pls also like if u do that too:)
PizzaDuck77 Pred 17 urami
I do a thing that's kind of similar but not really. when it comes to fruity candy like skittles i color code it and eat from worst flavor to best.
Olivia Belshaw
Olivia Belshaw Pred 18 urami
im a kid
Olivia Belshaw
Olivia Belshaw Pred 18 urami
Im watching this anyways. Lol
Cringy's Pred 19 urami
I wonder if jaiden has ever come across where every bite is the perfect bite
Olvustin Pred 20 urami
"Thats not a dinasour, THIS IS A DINASOUR"
Joel Ferguson
Joel Ferguson Pred 20 urami
Am I the only one who thought everyone didn’t do that and I was the only one who did this I thought I invented that I’m talking about the perfect bite
A-weird-one Pred 22 urami
Jaiden predicted social distancing
Ikroop Sandhu
Ikroop Sandhu Pred 22 urami
When I am on a call with somebody and I am bored I just end and text I got to go
Juliette Hill
Juliette Hill Pred 23 urami
the best thing that ever happend to this world 5:40
Teh random otaku
Teh random otaku Pred dnevom
person : it was the biggest fattest squirrel i have ever seen. me : Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel?
Maria Sheerin
Maria Sheerin Pred dnevom
Jaiden:call people back Me:WTF THAT'S A THING
Sithy Aysha
Sithy Aysha Pred dnevom
I dose the same lol i safe the best bite
juliaclinton piadasa
Perfect bite is the beeeest
shruti kapoor
shruti kapoor Pred dnevom
I also do the perfect bite
Sirin_ragtag Pred dnevom
I always thought I was the only one who did the perfect bite thing and now I'm happy I'm not!
HD B Pred dnevom
Lol I’ve started using the perfect bite after watching this video
Jayanti Shankar
Jayanti Shankar Pred dnevom
Omg the phone call one was sooo truee
Sadie M :D
Sadie M :D Pred dnevom
we had that same rooster in my old kitchen xD
General.Macaroni Pred dnevom
How many people do the perfect bite? (I know I do.)
Poizin Pred dnevom
*thanks for the very tiny mini dinosaur*
Angah Dayat
Angah Dayat Pred dnevom
I do perfect bite too
Eden carreno
Eden carreno Pred dnevom
Dude the fist bite oh my god thats me!
Christina Fidler
Christina Fidler Pred dnevom
I do perfect bite, yes
Hadie Hafiizan Muhammad Hafidz
I'm not that good at talking to people but I'm good at ending them
WingsofFire Master999
That one time when you connect deeply with a youtuber because you realize you aren't the only one that does weird stuff.
Deti the Yeti
Deti the Yeti Pred dnevom
I used to do that but my parents told me to stop cause they said stop playing with your food
Kristin Sharaby
Kristin Sharaby Pred dnevom
I will not joke you can just say I'm making it up but I do the perfect bite but I do it a little bit differently I start with the least perfect end it on the perfect and I don't even have to think about it I just do it I'm not even joking
sHeRlOcK FLoOf
sHeRlOcK FLoOf Pred dnevom
I do the Perfect Bite too, but with pizza. So I like pizza with an egg in the middle and I eat around the egg. Then I shove the egg in my mouth. You should try it! 2021 anyone?
epicgamer 9876
epicgamer 9876 Pred 2 dnevi
when I was in kindergarten I would eat half of my chips and then take all of the chips out, eat the smallest chip then work my way up to the biggest chip
MATIX Matei Pred 2 dnevi
I do all those things :D
Remmy martin Lopez
Remmy martin Lopez Pred 2 dnevi
I've ate food like that (ok where's the best and almost best bite)
SylNoodlez Pred 2 dnevi
I'm not an adult but I have a weird eating habit, sometimes when I have the last 2 pieces of something I ate I'll pick the worst part and eat that one first lol
Dhruv Nellore
Dhruv Nellore Pred 2 dnevi
Well I did
Tori Neko
Tori Neko Pred 2 dnevi
I to do the Perfect bite I thought I was the only weird one :3
mai_ maNz
mai_ maNz Pred 2 dnevi
I do the perfect bite
Multi_Youtuber Pred 2 dnevi
Sorry but I will not watch his channel because my brother made me sick of it
raf kwan
raf kwan Pred 2 dnevi
Rubi Pred 2 dnevi
i do the food thing 😂
Sparky 74
Sparky 74 Pred 2 dnevi
Me too i do the perfect bite.
Sparky 74
Sparky 74 Pred 2 dnevi
( I, ve always eaten food this way)
Yee Tung
Yee Tung Pred 2 dnevi
dis a odd1sout ripoff? jaiden is dead
Starlight Vids
Starlight Vids Pred 2 dnevi
I look at my berries closely and see which one is **PERFECT** lol
hi hi
hi hi Pred 2 dnevi
I do "the perfect bite" lol.
Sena Hameed
Sena Hameed Pred 2 dnevi
Omg I do the perfect bite thing to
Heidi Lavender
Heidi Lavender Pred 2 dnevi
I start with the worst bite so it gradually gets better
Emme's Productions
Emme's Productions Pred 2 dnevi
I do the "Perfect Bite", and up to this point I didn't know anyone else who did it so it's good to know that you do too😁
Eli Zeitlin
Eli Zeitlin Pred 2 dnevi
instead of saying i am bading at noticing when the conversation ends. say it is hard to notice when the conversation ends. try that it'l boost your self confidence
Zoe Jaquith
Zoe Jaquith Pred 2 dnevi
I do the first thing, save the "perfect bite" for the last... I am not a normally functioning human lol
Raegan Walker
Raegan Walker Pred 2 dnevi
I do "The Perfect BiteTM"
Magically Me
Magically Me Pred 3 dnevi
Fun fact: I tried to do the perfect bite AND WE ALL SHOULD
LOVE This Games
LOVE This Games Pred 3 dnevi
2:13 The faces though LMAO (pause required)
Tiahna Burton
Tiahna Burton Pred 3 dnevi
I start on the worst, and then end with the best. I've told people about this, and they just think I'm weird
Crazydriver 31
Crazydriver 31 Pred 3 dnevi
I do perfect bites TM STYLE but with sandwiches and donuts
Roderick Hunt
Roderick Hunt Pred 3 dnevi
PERFECT BITE?! we think alike OwO
ZAYLA LENEAVE Pred 3 dnevi
I do perfect bite tm style
Luna Ramírez Retana
I also have weird things on my room 😂
Mfer Minecraft
Mfer Minecraft Pred 3 dnevi
I do the perfect bite. Also odd decoration. Also I'm an introvert, all my conversations end like that.
The Art-inator
The Art-inator Pred 4 dnevi
I do the perfect bite, it makes me so happy
ebrahim moolla
ebrahim moolla Pred 4 dnevi
all bites are perfect
Noot Noot
Noot Noot Pred 4 dnevi
I've watched, like, 10 of your videos in a row and I'm getting freaked out by how much I relate to every single one of them
Samala Shireesh
Samala Shireesh Pred 4 dnevi
4:32 me too😂😂😂
RED CORPS Pred 4 dnevi
Want to here something erelevant? The polish made walkie-talkies.
Sahad Ibne Salam
Sahad Ibne Salam Pred 4 dnevi
Who doesn't do 'The Perfect Bite'
Aishee Aindree Banerjee
6:08 did anyone realize she said "how much left they have to say" and not "how much they have left to say" (・o・)
Gween Frogge
Gween Frogge Pred 4 dnevi
My mum has missed 654 phone calls
Jo I'm
Jo I'm Pred 4 dnevi
Wend your 18 you are adult
Ashen De Lamboardi
Ashen De Lamboardi Pred 4 dnevi
*sees the "EAT" rooster sign*........
Hiroshi YitamA
Hiroshi YitamA Pred 4 dnevi
Humans in the future: lol wait till she figures out how to do the perfect drink
nuggetzzz Pred 4 dnevi
Can I get pinned? I'm feeling sad and Sooubway didn't help.
Coolblue Playz
Coolblue Playz Pred 4 dnevi
YOspacedreamer Pred 4 dnevi
i ALWAYS eat the perfect bite last
Nut Beam
Nut Beam Pred 4 dnevi
Fung Yee Ma
Fung Yee Ma Pred 4 dnevi
I do that the first one the perfect bite but I am a child
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson Pred 4 dnevi
I tried the perfect bite .......=P And it’s OK
DamilZ :I
DamilZ :I Pred 5 dnevi
I also do ,,The Perect bite'' but I just finish it with the perfect bite i dnt start with the second best bite.
Alwi Hafizi
Alwi Hafizi Pred 5 dnevi
I do that
Banana_man 0407
Banana_man 0407 Pred 5 dnevi
Hey Jaiden how about soup?
Sebas Alvarez
Sebas Alvarez Pred 5 dnevi
I do all of those things except for the conversation ender. Im happy someone finally understands me
Kidus Andusiae
Kidus Andusiae Pred 5 dnevi
I do the perfect bite
gussed Pred 5 dnevi
This vid is now old
KIN SUN CHAN Pred 5 dnevi
Me interior designing:my room looks like a goddamn office
JaydenGalaxy Pred 5 dnevi
Though im forced to eat it all so i cant leave any left
JaydenGalaxy Pred 5 dnevi
Omg same about the food
Strawberry Cow
Strawberry Cow Pred 5 dnevi
I also Do you perfect bite like it makes me more happy
Hunter Small
Hunter Small Pred 5 dnevi
In the words of marge Simpson “it’s good for the economy” so buy your silly things if they make you happy!!
my mum did the perfect bite tm
Lance Pred 5 dnevi
Perfect Bite (tm) is a real thing and is legit. I've done this for all of my 20 years.
Amy Young
Amy Young Pred 5 dnevi
wait what this is a kinda crazy vid
koenskills Pred 5 dnevi
Jaiden... you are an adult
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