ooooooo surprises!! (feat. ari) 

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i admit i got out of control while making this video
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28. nov. 2016

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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations Pred 4 leti
i’m ashamed this has become one of my favorite videos just because of how dumb it is and how out of control i got while making it shop: www.jaidenanimations.com/store
gene rodriguez
gene rodriguez Pred 9 dnevi
Doina Bodeanu
Doina Bodeanu Pred 10 dnevi
Love your vids I'm 535363535535353553535353553535353553 years old 👍
Aditya Madan
Aditya Madan Pred 14 dnevi
Hey look I’m 479th!
Turnip Productions
Turnip Productions Pred 4 meseci
is this still one of your favourites
tammy threadgate
tammy threadgate Pred 6 meseci
CoolKid 97
CoolKid 97 Pred 17 minutami
I’m actually watching this on my phone
Kristin Sharaby
Kristin Sharaby Pred 15 urami
I hope you don't mind me calling Ari a jerk but does the cutest jerk I've ever seen no offense for calling ari a jerk :);)
Jett Hourigan
Jett Hourigan Pred 2 dnevi
Tablet Genesis
Tablet Genesis Pred 2 dnevi
Leo Pred 4 dnevi
2:45 I just love this moment, if you do to here is a free replay button 2:45
MegaCharizardX FeliciaLau
Ari is just banging it’s head with a ball
FnaF mask maker 1-6
FnaF mask maker 1-6 Pred 4 dnevi
That day me birth day
Esteban Barrera
Esteban Barrera Pred 4 dnevi
December 5th IS MY BDAY :D
Michał Krzymkowski
Michał Krzymkowski Pred 4 dnevi
What type brird ari is?
xXP3ACEKEEPERXx Pred 5 dnevi
jo gormley
jo gormley Pred 6 dnevi
Rilynn Crouse
Rilynn Crouse Pred 6 dnevi
It maybe 2021 but if these are still available I want one
Crazy Creepers
Crazy Creepers Pred 6 dnevi
I ment Ari !
Crazy Creepers
Crazy Creepers Pred 6 dnevi
Can we get arm to sign a card? That would be adorable!!!!!!!
Ari's so cute!(No offense, Jaiden. I know this video is mostly about u)
Monieca Pred 9 dnevi
The prototype jaiden doll looks kinda like coraline
Monieca Pred 8 dnevi
Y r u bothered, it's not like ur the only person on earth who have watched coraline silly
Alex the broken gachatuber
U copied me😑
Ysa Irlanda
Ysa Irlanda Pred 9 dnevi
u so funny dont use my phone but im watching ur video
Alex the broken gachatuber
I love it because it kind of looks like a Coralie doll
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck Pred 10 dnevi
:( I never got to get the plush
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck Pred 10 dnevi
:( I never got to get the plsuh
CJAY stonerted4202
CJAY stonerted4202 Pred 10 dnevi
Jaden's adorable
Elizabeth Flores
Elizabeth Flores Pred 10 dnevi
I scared of dentists and you show me the video and it work I watched your video of what time is understand now understand.
Dharyelle Porcioncula
Dharyelle Porcioncula Pred 13 dnevi
Cool plushie
Spiked Tail
Spiked Tail Pred 14 dnevi
My birthday is on December 5
Zeba Nasrin Moni
Zeba Nasrin Moni Pred 14 dnevi
Pebble Browser
Pebble Browser Pred 15 dnevi
Jitesh Agarwal
Jitesh Agarwal Pred 16 dnevi
Like the video or die
Hibiscous Dragon
Hibiscous Dragon Pred 16 dnevi
Okay, so I love birds, but seeing Ari go ham on that ball made me love them even more
Ashley Stover
Ashley Stover Pred 16 dnevi
Wait do I have to stop making mac & cheese to watch this video
Gaming with J
Gaming with J Pred 17 dnevi
Maidens my favorite youtuber
Iván CS
Iván CS Pred 19 dnevi
Miss this
Christian Loen
Christian Loen Pred 19 dnevi
How did I get a 0 on that? Like I should've got at least a 50%
Captain Mudkipz
Captain Mudkipz Pred 20 dnevi
This is funny
Pedro Pred 20 dnevi
The final ari footage made me laugh
habz edits
habz edits Pred 23 dnevi
why did I actually start panicking at the pop quiz part? LOL
Hides 41
Hides 41 Pred 23 dnevi
Now when I’m animating for someone... I understand your pain Jaden 😂
Ninja playz
Ninja playz Pred 23 dnevi
That's not a quiz
Sketchy Racoon
Sketchy Racoon Pred 24 dnevi
@jaiden animations where did you get ari
Aimee Rowland
Aimee Rowland Pred 24 dnevi
Oh!Misaki from ninjago I Flippin love that show!!!I also love your videos!!!
Sandie Villanueva
Sandie Villanueva Pred 25 dnevi
Hello jaden
Nicholas Lieto
Nicholas Lieto Pred 25 dnevi
When I grow up I’m gonna get a parrot
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma Pred 25 dnevi
Nooo masaki😂
XxKittyRLxX_YT Pred 26 dnevi
Plot twist: It was paul
Rakesh Rauniyar
Rakesh Rauniyar Pred 26 dnevi
True True True True True
Peter Vellacott
Peter Vellacott Pred 26 dnevi
Rad bird
Peter Vellacott
Peter Vellacott Pred 26 dnevi
Rad ari
ramiro villarreal
ramiro villarreal Pred 27 dnevi
You should bring those back for the new merch store ( this is just a suggestion you don't have to do it )
Charlette Harding
Charlette Harding Pred 27 dnevi
Plush why won't you put in more of these video,s
Charlette Harding
Charlette Harding Pred 27 dnevi
Ari is so playful and yes please make an ARi
Charlette Harding
Charlette Harding Pred 27 dnevi
Merry Christmas Jaden
Jay B
Jay B Pred 28 dnevi
To understand. How SLtv works. We have to go back to 2014-2015 when SLtv really started picking up. It really started to get rolling when pewdiepie joined the service. Understandably over the many years the algorithm has changed a lot since the beginning of SLtv
Sassy Gracie Ohana Roxy Doggo
All true and ari is the best
Lal Rimawia
Lal Rimawia Pred 29 dnevi
why am i seeing this just now
eevann_ _ssaunderss
eevann_ _ssaunderss Pred 29 dnevi
I thiught the title was Nooooooo suprise
Logan Weisel
Logan Weisel Pred 29 dnevi
Jayden: Question 5 is ari the best? Me: yesss 😏..but he doesnt make the vids so you.
Mickayle Mohammed
Mickayle Mohammed Pred mesecem
Your parot is so cutiiiiit 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Pheonix Pred mesecem
2:23 BIRB
Alice Komarova
Alice Komarova Pred mesecem
Ken Huynh Jr
Ken Huynh Jr Pred mesecem
the plush looks like a voodoo doll...
CircleAnimations Pred mesecem
I cant wait for the GOBFBBFOCMHHNJS sale!
Wuri Prasetyo
Wuri Prasetyo Pred mesecem
wow how fun bu ho
Noe Avalos
Noe Avalos Pred mesecem
This is from the future
Owen Giachetti
Owen Giachetti Pred mesecem
Ari with teethe is horrible *please stop*
A Random Birb
A Random Birb Pred mesecem
The lady who accidentally made the sharpie mark is so pure
Sergio Palacios
Sergio Palacios Pred mesecem
I like dogs no I love dogs ye o and good job
Eva Sampaio
Eva Sampaio Pred mesecem
who is watching this in 2020 and wants one of the jaiden plushies.
Kat Marrs
Kat Marrs Pred mesecem
Damn it's December 13th, I missed the promotion.... :(
Vehan Dhanithu
Vehan Dhanithu Pred mesecem
Seyvisoth Sieng
Seyvisoth Sieng Pred mesecem
i have 4 bird and they ares mall i live in cambodia
Green Chewwi
Green Chewwi Pred mesecem
aha i’m one step closer to finding out if ari is actually making the animations secretly because ari’s writing is amazing
roderick maxwell
roderick maxwell Pred mesecem
0:04 is that a phone inside the phone how many uni verse there Are
Nina Harris
Nina Harris Pred mesecem
Wow. A couple of seconds of Ari.
The101player Pred mesecem
Hold on a sec, your animated hair is brown????????
The101player Pred mesecem
I have red green colour deficiency btw
ДЯƎƧ Pred mesecem
Is thad a voodoo doll? Its likr a voodoo doll
Chelan Findlay
Chelan Findlay Pred mesecem
The intro-😂
danielle alchin
danielle alchin Pred mesecem
Do you know Jaden one kind of looks like a tongue
Playgame Egor
Playgame Egor Pred mesecem
Ari is BEST
Pikachu YouTube channel Ortiz
Can you still get them today
Colton Hughes
Colton Hughes Pred mesecem
Ari is cute but deadly! him and my bird would get along great
Jonahtunes J
Jonahtunes J Pred mesecem
2:45 wh
Tanner Tarango
Tanner Tarango Pred mesecem
Pixel Pred mesecem
yay i got perfect score in the pop quiz :D
KayleighKatz37 Pred mesecem
Aaghagagaga are these still for saleeeeee they cute rEeEeEEeeEEEeEeeEEeEeeEeeEeEeE
Ritzel Ermita
Ritzel Ermita Pred mesecem
everybody gangsta till' Ari finds needles and proceeds the stab the Jaiden plush with needles and Jaiden will feel the excruciating pain of being voodoo'd by a bird..............................I'm just kidding BTW I love your channel Jaiden and I watch all of your videos. (and I'm a 13 year old Asian male,in case you want to know)
Caleb Hornback
Caleb Hornback Pred mesecem
You should make an Ari plush
Osaeloka Ilodibia
Osaeloka Ilodibia Pred mesecem
Is anyone watching this in 2020 just after Black Friday just after cyber Monday
Fun Fum R
Fun Fum R Pred mesecem
four years old today. also my birthday...
Cristal Dark
Cristal Dark Pred mesecem
And now! Ari plush!
BloodRayne Pred mesecem
Ari is total SaVaGe
Congration! this video is 4 years ago now!
Ari Vanleu
Ari Vanleu Pred mesecem
Hey Jaiden my name is Ari
Brooklyn's Way
Brooklyn's Way Pred mesecem
Dat bird thoe
teddy and friends
teddy and friends Pred mesecem
Jaden ARI is the be hey
Horacio Mundo
Horacio Mundo Pred mesecem
I think i am going to get a bird/ari
Kaylee 302
Kaylee 302 Pred mesecem
Awww Ari was sooooo cute in the end! He went flippin’ nuts lol 😝
Raniell studio
Raniell studio Pred mesecem
Jennifer Kocon
Jennifer Kocon Pred mesecem
Yes yes yes yes yes
•ABED Gacha potato edits•
Wow they came out on my birthday O-O
Piyush Upadhyay 2435
The jaiden plush voodoo doll
kimo the fun genius
kimo the fun genius Pred mesecem
They were statements not questions.
Happy Birthday Ari!
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