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luv ya guys

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4. jun. 2017

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Krisha Peddakotla
Krisha Peddakotla Pred 2 urami
Did anyone else notice the hidden batman cause it took me 5 years to find it ,btw to yall who didn't find it pause at 0:03 and you'll see it in the corner
I like Lego’s SO MUSH that I can stand on Lego for one minute I’m a Lego G O D
Brian Chavez
Brian Chavez Pred 10 urami
I love black beans
Aviette Buckley moskola
Im a Kid and for some reason I’m completely fine with eating vegetables! Sometimes we have salad for dinner and I’ll eat it like it’s nothing (I was just saying this because she said that kids just wanna live off sugar.😆)
William Eldred
William Eldred Pred 15 urami
ya pr
Imjess Playz
Imjess Playz Pred 16 urami
You under estimate my power
TheGalaxyBunny Pred 19 urami
i don't even know what oatmeal is, what the hell is it?!
ytlpnkn Pred 15 urami
oatmeal is like cereal but mushier. also how do u not know what oatmeal is? and ur wlc
Starbug Pred 20 urami
Yazee Pyaz
Yazee Pyaz Pred 22 urami
OH MY FRIG dont say fri
Gabriella Pred 22 urami
OMGGG my mom got rid of my little pet shop toys and now they’re rare!!! and i had sooo many!!! i could’ve been balling 😩✋🏻
Julianne Stallings
Julianne Stallings Pred 22 urami
i love this 3:30
Tuna Sert
Tuna Sert Pred 23 urami
2:02 Jaiden’s mom : Don’t try it
Eco plays terraria
Eco plays terraria Pred dnevom
"parents hav become the mastersvof making kids eat vegetables" *me(who is now 13) havent eaten 1 vegetable
Move As If
Move As If Pred dnevom
Jaiden:we have parents Bat man: ....
Matheus Castanharo
Matheus Castanharo Pred dnevom
Bruh, If you want to get all the collector items, then you are a collector.
•Alaska Gaming•
I guess my mom was lucky to have a vegetarian for a kid I loved broccoli-
Queen of 0 Dumplings
OMG GURL WE SERECT TWIN SISTERS....I AM A ANLIMAL LOVER AND I ATLEAST HAVE ABOUT maybe 23....toy plushies in my room closet sooooo YEA.
Bradley Shende
Bradley Shende Pred dnevom
My daughter is an stuffed animal lover too
Mr de roblox
Mr de roblox Pred dnevom
1:11 she is saying *mom my stomach hurts
Super pizza Mario
Super pizza Mario Pred dnevom
Literally I was arguing about the oatmeal thing with my dad for lunch
Hun Lim
Hun Lim Pred dnevom
1:38 I feel called out
__ Pred dnevom
wagwan pifting
wagwan pifting Pred dnevom
“You can hide anything in brownies” Like boy do we know 👀
mr wierdo
mr wierdo Pred dnevom
There are space brownies 7u7
beeboobuddies Pred 2 dnevi
I have billions of stuffed animals like literally there’s like a bunch of trash bags and Boxes of stuffed animals in my room by the way hi Jaiden
sheryl abrazaldo
sheryl abrazaldo Pred 2 dnevi
Am i the only one who likes broccoli 🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦 its yummy okay no judgement 🤣
Zoomboy 8z2
Zoomboy 8z2 Pred 2 dnevi
4:29 me to I just am I stuffed animal 🧸
divora dawit
divora dawit Pred 2 dnevi
who saw the bat 🦇 man 👨 pop up at the beginning of the video. 0:02
PlasmaCannon Pred 2 dnevi
0:53 “I like it and will eat it when I desire just WATCH ME!”
jessie leewon kim
jessie leewon kim Pred 2 dnevi
my mum and dad dosent care if i dont eat veggies but i eat veggies (a little bit)
Lorie Chastain
Lorie Chastain Pred 2 dnevi
My mom makes chocolate zucini bread and it pretty good❤👄❤
Zio Chrisanto
Zio Chrisanto Pred 2 dnevi
Ouch. 0:16
thatonerandom person
I have a Jolteon
Yair Rivera Moreno
Yair Rivera Moreno Pred 2 dnevi
watch limeande memes and Jaiden animations
Yair Rivera Moreno
Yair Rivera Moreno Pred 2 dnevi
mickey hi goofy: goofy in his mind mickey says hello not hi: goofy out loud your not mickey what the@$%$#$% i want to be a meme lord
Min Yang
Min Yang Pred 2 dnevi
I love vegetables .-. (I hate white chocolate .-.) BUT IF YOU PUT ONE BAR OF PEPPERMINT BARK INFRONT OF ME I WILL EAT IT (Peppermint barks are chocolate and mint put together.) .-.
Lorelei Lewis
Lorelei Lewis Pred 2 dnevi
...and Batman appears.
John Rocco
John Rocco Pred 2 dnevi
A different kind of edible
Abner Abacan
Abner Abacan Pred 3 dnevi
totodile's are my favorite pokemon amd also squirtle
É Mexendo que se Aprende ツ
4:14 HEY! BE PG! what other erves tho? i want tha- FBI! OPEN UP!
Mia Bonnici
Mia Bonnici Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden. Since my mums such a push over ###### since my mums so nice Me.hey mum can i have a eevee poke doll My mum. NO!!! Me. Plssssssssss My mum.FINE Me again.*in a whisper* since my mums such a push over🤣🤣🤣🤣
kumori Pred 3 dnevi
My dad thinks I shouldn’t have porridge at 8:06 pm
Danielle Byrum
Danielle Byrum Pred 3 dnevi
Hello people who see this comment on a three year old video
gaming studios
gaming studios Pred 3 dnevi
There is a polish meal called pierogi and you can put anything in there and it will taste good BTW im from Poland best things to put is a polish white cheese with a pinch of pepper
LeviFangirl 308
LeviFangirl 308 Pred 3 dnevi
I really feel for Jaiden, I had almost two thousand cards, some ultra rare ones and one day she just tossed them in the trash without asking me. I still get mad when I think about it cause at least five of those cards would help me get my realtor's license. Apparently that wasn't the only time someone in my family did something like that either.
Ann Summers Ware
Ann Summers Ware Pred 3 dnevi
0:03 Me: ooohh oh FU#@!
Rainbow Starz
Rainbow Starz Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden: Hey, I like stuffed animals and I like pokemon sooo... SLtv: Pokemon Go Ad
Porshia :}
Porshia :} Pred 4 dnevi
"Leaning back to a chair and fell and learn my lesson" Me: 👁👄👁 💧 💧
Chevy Blue
Chevy Blue Pred 4 dnevi
6:58 Well sorry Jaiden but that makes you a collector of rare pokemon.
Sl00m_ Pred 4 dnevi
Heh.. as a collector, what I can say about the pokeplush situation is.. Jaiden, the moment you sold your soul to Ebay for the sake of getting pokeplushes because their stupidly rare, you became a collector. I should know, because I'm a collector for the exact same reason. I have 3/6 1999 gold plated pokemon cards just because of their authenticity/value, with no intentions to sell them. You surrendered to the act of collecting. Welcome to the community, good to have ya.
LastKnight0727 Pred 4 dnevi
FOOD IS FOOD, the only thing that makes it Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner is when you eat it.
Madina Bekeran
Madina Bekeran Pred 4 dnevi
My mom can never make me eat my vegetables but I still eat them I just don’t like them forced down my fucking Throat
Peyton Brink
Peyton Brink Pred 4 dnevi
I remember my POKEDOLL, septile was thrown out by my dad for the garage sale. A GARAGE SALE!!!
Marla Canete
Marla Canete Pred 4 dnevi
Aug Adams
Aug Adams Pred 4 dnevi
I don’t eat broccoli or that stuff bc I always beat them up and is too smart for that I gave my mom a bruise ... anyway
gxcha.nerdyz -
gxcha.nerdyz - Pred 4 dnevi
Hey! Dont joke about selling your soul to the devil its not to joke about 🥺 plz plz ask for forgiveness and don't do it
Carly Olczak
Carly Olczak Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden’s cousin: how about... five? The plate: *has four carrots*
DopeEdit Lover
DopeEdit Lover Pred 5 dnevi
I also very like blazicken cause when I hav one I always name it Kentucky😂
ELITHB Oops Pred 5 dnevi
ELITHB Oops Pred 5 dnevi
Me being grateful for hating brownies
Flaming Falcon
Flaming Falcon Pred 5 dnevi
Why do i want to get you one instead of getting a dirt bike
Riikka Kauko
Riikka Kauko Pred 5 dnevi
When Jaiden said " Hey i like stuffed animal and i like pokemon" i gotta pokemon game commercial
Sidney Immonen
Sidney Immonen Pred 5 dnevi
Parenting hack: Pretend candy and sweets dont exist :-[
Isabella Vansteenburg
My mom put beans in my brownies
《Fruity_Queen》 Pred 5 dnevi
>:c I like healthy stuff
rene Pred 5 dnevi
Jaiden I sell for 20 dolars a dragoniye and a chikoriya plus
Himanshi Maharia
Himanshi Maharia Pred 6 dnevi
I had three blaziken and they got lost
Rachel Verhoef
Rachel Verhoef Pred 6 dnevi
That happened to me butt with peas
Augustus Bailey
Augustus Bailey Pred 6 dnevi
Lol only real fans will remember
KIMBER PIPKIN Pred 6 dnevi
jaiden, i love oatmeal but...my mom FORCED me to eat oatmeal for a year straight, but i got so sick of it one day i almost PUKED and went home
Dylan Damian
Dylan Damian Pred 6 dnevi
4040 she sill have them NO
Normal Nebula
Normal Nebula Pred 6 dnevi
..... 1:49 Jaiden: *”If you think you can beat me, you can’t.”* If u know what show I’m quoting.. ur cool >:3
Jared Gamiao
Jared Gamiao Pred 6 dnevi
Gauvo Bravo
Gauvo Bravo Pred 6 dnevi
I like broccoli
Matthew Sullivan
Matthew Sullivan Pred 6 dnevi
The somber afghanistan coincidentally pause because range respectively taste amongst a late germany. tidy, abrasive surname
melissa crohan
melissa crohan Pred 6 dnevi
If she wants to have a lot of rare things doesn’t that make her a collector?
Mickelräven Pred 6 dnevi
6:20 I literally screamed *NO!* at 3AM. What have you done Jaiden's mom?! D:
Sophie Holland
Sophie Holland Pred 6 dnevi
My mum never puts broccoli in a brownie because she knows not to ruin a perfectly good broccoli 🥦
Mycah Contreras
Mycah Contreras Pred 6 dnevi
Why are you always lying
• mosuchi •
• mosuchi • Pred 6 dnevi
One time my mum gave me lettuce inside the ice cream cone of my ice cream... ;-;. Yhhhh 🥲
Dario G. Pastore
Dario G. Pastore Pred 7 dnevi
I just tried to pinch the Totodile. The computer screen is in the way.
Geo Tryte
Geo Tryte Pred 7 dnevi
Olivia Kim
Olivia Kim Pred 7 dnevi
Don’t worry u will I AM IN 2021 😂 but for real u will
Albbey Plays
Albbey Plays Pred 7 dnevi
I feel so bad when she started talking about blazikin my inner sinnoh childhood was just like no longer interested in this channel then I realized how petty that thought was so I gave the video a like
Grace Soeder
Grace Soeder Pred 7 dnevi
MOM OH MY FRIG A PLUSH - mom from distance - don’t say frig
Llama Boy
Llama Boy Pred 7 dnevi
O OOooooooo
Owen Biltcliffe
Owen Biltcliffe Pred 7 dnevi
sometimes i get zucini chocolate cake
Phoenix :D
Phoenix :D Pred 7 dnevi
I'm eating pizza today..... So yeah
Jayden Akio
Jayden Akio Pred 7 dnevi
aha ik what about u turn ari plush to be a blaziken doll
Isabel Arista
Isabel Arista Pred 7 dnevi
Ok I'm the same I love stuffed toys and Totodile is my favorite pokemon
Abed Abdesselem
Abed Abdesselem Pred 7 dnevi
"There Is A Lot Of Things That U Can Hide In Brownies" This line has so many meanings Thanks for the likes
Rock Forts
Rock Forts Pred 7 dnevi
The plushie is now 32 dollars
-3- Pred 8 dnevi
me googling how much the pokedoll thing is worth: HOLY FRICK ITS WORTH 200 DOLLARS
FranJam's channel
FranJam's channel Pred 8 dnevi
bet some really super mega fan gonna send her a bunch of pokedolls just cause
Abby Awesome
Abby Awesome Pred 8 dnevi
My mom has literally *never* made me brownies
Desmond Balas
Desmond Balas Pred 8 dnevi
Mmmmmmm broccoli is the beast in my tongue
Ebonee Keatley
Ebonee Keatley Pred 8 dnevi
I been watching your vids for an hour straight
JJ Everett
JJ Everett Pred 8 dnevi
I gonna do the same thing but with Pokémon cards
DUO ANNUS Pred 8 dnevi
4:14 I literally just got that joke now, rewatching this 3 years after it was uploaded
what is my name
what is my name Pred 8 dnevi
My name is jaiden to
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