Q&A #1: Why do I Animate for iHasCupquake? 

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Music: The Simple Life by Heifervescent

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Just for that, you get a little secret.... I said a hint to the next Cupquake animation somewhere in the video :D

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23. okt. 2014

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leaf nick
leaf nick Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden: draws torchic from ruby Me: foreshadowing
Gece Ergen
Gece Ergen Pred 5 dnevi
8366th commen!!!
Märjørie Ånïmåtes
This girl was drawing my doggo in the second picture I swear
*2021 anyone?*
Devdoesitbest Pred 9 dnevi
Anyone else remember when Jaiden worked for ihascupquake...and now she's more popular Crazy world
Gabriel Seth Tan
Gabriel Seth Tan Pred 10 dnevi
Jaiden: Im 17 years old Me who goggled in 2020: no she's 24 years old
Not Player2000
Not Player2000 Pred 11 dnevi
Roshni Vijayakumar
Roshni Vijayakumar Pred 12 dnevi
Jaiden can you tell me how you animate your videos I recently want to make animated videos but I don't know how to
dAvID L0pEz
dAvID L0pEz Pred 13 dnevi
Of course I whant to learn from u
Isabella Pred 15 dnevi
i like evey video you have
michael Pred 18 dnevi
Your drawing japanese grapics. You know what happens now. 👤
Andy11307 LakersFan
Andy11307 LakersFan Pred 20 dnevi
Wow and she now has 9.4 million subscribers
Navyatha Thoutam
Navyatha Thoutam Pred 20 dnevi
I want to learn from you seriously 😳
Mr Creative Crafter
Mr Creative Crafter Pred 21 dnevom
Searching for a 6 year old comment
Alaire Racaza
Alaire Racaza Pred 21 dnevom
i am 8 and i am a girl and my name is sofia
Ayaan Khandelwal
Ayaan Khandelwal Pred 22 dnevi
You used to be an animator for cupqauke . Now u have 3 mil more dubs than her
NRChris Pred 23 dnevi
SIM JAYEEC Moe Pred 23 dnevi
3:11 err am i the only one ( this vid has been posted too long ago, but still) is it japanese or javanese? i mean it has huge diffrences
Magikarp Kingdom
Magikarp Kingdom Pred 24 dnevi
Canada Hype!!!
SCP 682 [used to be Long Horse cosplay]
Just askin did u animate the “Impostor” song by Cupquake if u did wtf that is a GREAT ANIMATION
_Mae Mae Panda_
_Mae Mae Panda_ Pred 25 dnevi
Omg your style inspires me so much and I love the way you draw
Dizzy Stick
Dizzy Stick Pred 27 dnevi
Jeez I can relate to this video to much
Dris Raheem
Dris Raheem Pred 28 dnevi
hey i just meet your channel and i am already adict at your content
Dark topen-3
Dark topen-3 Pred 28 dnevi
I want to learn from you
Princess Mermista
Princess Mermista Pred mesecem
IHasCupquake was my childhood idol. I don’t really like the content she makes now, but I used to watch anything Minecraft related from her. 💜
ivan 11 cunemo carrillo
Hola soy latino Hola jaiden
gustavo74 Pred mesecem
Noooo nose ingles f
Kelly Plays
Kelly Plays Pred mesecem
If you where in 2020 then it’s obvious to obviously self teach yourself to animate
Melissa Sneesby
Melissa Sneesby Pred mesecem
Do toutorials
TAF GRN Pred mesecem
2:49 original design of dog she use to get out of school in dreams
Donna Gray
Donna Gray Pred mesecem
Donna Gray
Donna Gray Pred mesecem
Wow you’re good at drawing
music Studio
music Studio Pred mesecem
zysingaming Pred mesecem
*Im sure im doing everything wrong * what the flip are you thinking look at ur art bruh its beatiful*srry 6 years ago vid idc tho.-w-
The Sour Candy
The Sour Candy Pred mesecem
Audio jungle
shulkerina id
shulkerina id Pred mesecem
ow wow ^^ sugae
bald Pred mesecem
And now...... Jaiden has more subs than iHasCupquake
Renren - 8 years ago
Rewatching this in 2020
Jurassic_Jake 2019
Jurassic_Jake 2019 Pred mesecem
It is 2020
2.0 Pred mesecem
The first comment of 2020 pin me
Dream 2.1
Dream 2.1 Pred mesecem
Me rewatching this in 2021: wow this was quite a while ago...
Jodi Salvador
Jodi Salvador Pred dnevom
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Pred 4 dnevi
Isaac Corrales Casillas
2021 January 7 and I’m watching this old but good content
Elena Mira
Elena Mira Pred 11 dnevi
bayblade bros
bayblade bros Pred 16 dnevi
Same but in 2021
Jose barrera world multi アニメーター
so cool much thanks
Mollified 13
Mollified 13 Pred mesecem
Rewatching this in 2020
+1 if you watch this at 2020 So i tried to ask jaiden something at her site that you ask questions and i press the send button to send my question and it does nothing my question is still at the place that you write it sooooo.. or my question is to the site 1.000.000 times or something is going wrong
Anna Bussan
Anna Bussan Pred mesecem
Lol im watching this in 2020 who else got this recommended to them 6 years later
Rose Girl
Rose Girl Pred mesecem
Rewatching this in 2020
Flawless Pred mesecem
So, this is Jaiden?
Bad Boss
Bad Boss Pred mesecem
If I was Jaiden looking back on this I would cringe so hard
Cris Haines
Cris Haines Pred mesecem
"I might reveal my face one day" *Remembers face reveal video* 🥺
Maria Theresa Beltran
Not to lie but I like to watch you vids every day because when I am bored I love to watch your vid, it is just funny and fun to watch!🤩
Mr the unknown
Mr the unknown Pred mesecem
I hate Ihascupquake
RedOak Pred mesecem
When you reilze that this came out 6 years ago and reilze how long you've been watching her
Mystica Pred mesecem
Rewatching this in 2020
I drink Bleach
I drink Bleach Pred mesecem
Rewhatching in 2020 🥺💙
Rosetta story's
Rosetta story's Pred mesecem
Wow jaiden is so good at drawing I tried to make my story animation it didn't work out well
x_ sugarbell _x
x_ sugarbell _x Pred mesecem
Who's here watching in 2020
Val Espinoza
Val Espinoza Pred mesecem
Can you do a Canadian accent
Finley Mackinnon
Finley Mackinnon Pred mesecem
In 2020 she has more subs that iHasCupquake, thats nice.
rplmx Pred mesecem
i REALLY hate ihascupquake
Sky Pred mesecem
rewatching this in 2020
CHRISTOPHER Pred mesecem
Who is watching this in 2020.
CHRISTOPHER Pred mesecem
Who is watching this in 2020.
Unfocused Locust Games
I didn’t even know she worked for cupquake 😂
Iffat Mansoor
Iffat Mansoor Pred mesecem
Bulkcorrupt gamez
Bulkcorrupt gamez Pred mesecem
I just watched the anamatoin
Douzyy 9
Douzyy 9 Pred mesecem
Rewatchig in 2020
LivLifeDrawing Pred mesecem
I love how she always puts subtitles! Thoughtfully of her! :3
Dino Fanand Star Wars fan Poop
I’m 14
Iconic Animations studio
I animate on flipaclip while I animate I watch SLtv and stuff
Mimi Pred mesecem
Now you have more subscribers than cupquick Nice @.@
•mocha_ bear•
•mocha_ bear• Pred mesecem
Me:who is In 2020
amazing amber
amazing amber Pred 2 meseci
comment section: who’s watching in 2019? *me watching in 2020*
ajay nirala
ajay nirala Pred 2 meseci
In 2020.
Spencer Game MEON
Spencer Game MEON Pred 2 meseci
2020 anyone or 2021
Spencer Game MEON
Spencer Game MEON Pred 2 meseci
Oh you love pokemon Name every pokemon
DarkFire Soul
DarkFire Soul Pred 2 meseci
Seeing her back in 2014, from the eyes of someone who comes from 2020 after she beat Minecraft with Carson, SHE WAS SO ADORABLE AND SHY
Raiden Gray
Raiden Gray Pred 2 meseci
Torchic = best
Fanimation Pred 2 meseci
Who is watching in 2020?
Nishant P
Nishant P Pred 2 meseci
Who is watching this in 2020? 😁
Haunted Gamer
Haunted Gamer Pred 2 meseci
Wow I just realized there is a whole dimension of vids I didn’t watch... Hi Jaiden! You are old now!!! :>
Aayana &toys
Aayana &toys Pred 2 meseci
Whoa whoa whoa U DID!?!?!?!?
Yuè líng
Yuè líng Pred 2 meseci
Watching in 2020
Toga house designer
Toga house designer Pred 2 meseci
I think people should not ask what you look like cuz,VID con.=-=
Blue WaterC
Blue WaterC Pred 2 meseci
Jaiden: I once used Adobe animator and I like it! 2020: allow me to introduce myself.
MissShinnyPearl Pred 2 meseci
6 years later and here I am.
Jumar Berba
Jumar Berba Pred 2 meseci
Rewatching on 2020
bts Alexander
bts Alexander Pred 2 meseci
Did she even thanked you for animating
Evan Dugas
Evan Dugas Pred 2 meseci
@bts Alexander Ya me as well. From the sound of it they helped her get started and gave her the first members of her fan base.
bts Alexander
bts Alexander Pred 2 meseci
@Evan Dugas good thing because I love Jaden
Evan Dugas
Evan Dugas Pred 2 meseci
Ya they thanked her and credited her work.Jaiden and Ihascupquake have a good relationship.
Jemboiminirolls Pred 2 meseci
Now she has more subs than her
Matese 19
Matese 19 Pred 2 meseci
0:44 I guess Andrei Terbea was right You don’t study art You learn art by doing art
Ruthy• Sister
Ruthy• Sister Pred 2 meseci
*Hi-* Nov. 15 2020
iiSleepyNow Pred 2 meseci
Rewatching this in 2020 😌✌️
Morbid Prince
Morbid Prince Pred 2 meseci
Rewatching in soon to be 2021
Jacob Escalante
Jacob Escalante Pred 2 meseci
Rewatching this in 2020
Tevin Games
Tevin Games Pred 2 meseci
Rewatching this in 2020
JACOB Pred 2 meseci
Who is rewatching at 2020?😓
TʜuꮐᏦıꪀꮐ Pred 2 meseci
hush Pred 2 meseci
Rewatching in the year of 3081 you guys 🖖 idk what y’all were doing stuck in 2019 and 2020 😒 like c’mon
ImpactedPlayz Pred 2 meseci
Who is watching this in 2020 just saying to yourselves “wow jaiden really grew”
Enia Orellana
Enia Orellana Pred 2 meseci
How did I just notice Jaiden hit 9M subscribers qwq I thought it was still I9k oof
Jujug509 Pred 2 meseci
Rewatching this in 2020
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