SpeedArt Vlog: Pokefusion Haltariux 

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See full image HD: jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/art/Pokefusion-Haltariux-610400733
I've been in an art kick lately, and it feels good getting back to drawing. I'm probably about 65% happy with the outcome of this drawing. Pretty decent :p
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Otto Croy by Odjbox
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23. maj. 2016

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Sand Castle
Sand Castle Pred 5 dnevi
wait a minute, that's not altaria fuse with haxorus, you just draw ari when she's hungry
X brawler
X brawler Pred 13 dnevi
This is the first video ive seen that has less than 1M
SPLASHEY_ Daniel Pred 19 dnevi
Can you do mewtow and mew please
ivoneherman Pred 19 dnevi
I love these fusions they’re so good and I feel so inspired to do some of my own art about it, but I still really wish Jaiden would do more of these fusion
Harty Goodyear
Harty Goodyear Pred 22 dnevi
Do trubish and zoobat next
BailzZ Pred 22 dnevi
You should've tried magikarp and camerupt
Ellen Pred 26 dnevi
"It's finally summer" (Dies of hypothermia)
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez Pred 27 dnevi
Charizard and gyarados
zy soriano
zy soriano Pred mesecem
can you a fusion of moltres and articuno if you now what they are/but if you dont thire legendary pokemon of pokemon let's go pikachu or pokemon let's go evee you can fine them in cave's/ the totall of the legendary pokemon well birds i should say but teres tons of legandarys pokemon out in the game's thire not just the 3 birds anyhow there are 3 legendary birds and they are zapdos.moltres and articuno so yea pls thingk about it/tysm
Scarlett Saam
Scarlett Saam Pred mesecem
This was fun to watch. If you make more I would be happy
The Part They Skip
The Part They Skip Pred mesecem
I love watching your speed art, as it REALLY helps my animation! THANK YOU JAIDEN!!
sigge Wagner
sigge Wagner Pred 2 meseci
the best poké fusion i’ve ever seen (and i have seen a lot of it)
Mustafa Carbaş
Mustafa Carbaş Pred 2 meseci
Hananiah Tsubasa (Hananiah) Mata
Gabotinus 316
Gabotinus 316 Pred 2 meseci
Let's get this video to 1 million views, it's the closest one from the ones that have under a million
Elizabeth Serna
Elizabeth Serna Pred 2 meseci
0:38 lol Look at that background
Snowy Frost
Snowy Frost Pred 2 meseci
Omg I just paused it at the right time, it bootiful.
Elizabeth Serna
Elizabeth Serna Pred 2 meseci
0:39 sorry
HoudiniJr Gaming
HoudiniJr Gaming Pred 3 meseci
Did anybody else notice her doge background
Pedro MSM
Pedro MSM Pred 3 meseci
Me: Struggles to draw a Pokéball Jaiden:
The Part They Skip
The Part They Skip Pred mesecem
I can relate...
BaconPlays Pred 3 meseci
How did you made that in 4hrs and 46min?!?! For me it will take a day for this art!!!
•Expired_Malk• Pred 3 meseci
Eevee + Money = Patreon :D
General Iroh
General Iroh Pred 3 meseci
You should do Zekshiram (Zekrom + Reshiram)
Ethan Isaacs
Ethan Isaacs Pred 3 meseci
mega gardevior and alolan ninetales
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick Pred 3 meseci
🐉 Happy Birthday ☁️🦢☁️... Sorry, I don’t know Haxorus’ pokémon type. Wait I looked it up. I was right
IMNOOB Pred 3 meseci
4 Year Video In 2020
Rajesh A
Rajesh A Pred 4 meseci
Mega shiny gengar and charizard
Rajesh A
Rajesh A Pred 4 meseci
Zapdos and Ash Greninja I wanna see dat
Cattleya_Fox Audrey
Cattleya_Fox Audrey Pred 4 meseci
Can you make a onix speedart?
Ye Mahn
Ye Mahn Pred 4 meseci
I have never see a speedart that is really beautiful.
Another1Gone Pred 4 meseci
More Pokéfusions plz I miss them 😔
JacobJenkins3108 Pred 5 meseci
Any guides on practicing art?
Michael Case
Michael Case Pred 5 meseci
Ok ok ok... Tyranitar and Charizard or Reshiram and Articuno
Space wanderer
Space wanderer Pred 5 meseci
Alicia McYeetus
Alicia McYeetus Pred 5 meseci
It is illegal to be so good at drawing
game yo butt of
game yo butt of Pred 5 meseci
Maby try Dragonite and zapdoes
game yo butt of
game yo butt of Pred 5 meseci
Nico Hart
Nico Hart Pred 5 meseci
I've been thinking about doing voice-over and talking during my speedpaints as well but... I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO SAY!
Yeoy2704 14
Yeoy2704 14 Pred 5 meseci
I really want to see your version of Incineroar and Greninja.
Lensdo Pred 5 meseci
Altaria is my favorite Pokemon
Steven Mendez
Steven Mendez Pred 5 meseci
Salamence and Togekiss
Nandith s menon
Nandith s menon Pred 5 meseci
In the next pokefusion, please can u draw Arceus and cresselia fusion please! Btw love your work. P.s love from india. ;)
Maximum Pred 5 meseci
"Vloging without vloging" yea let that sink in
Undiscovered Pred 6 meseci
Leafachu. A mix of leafeon and pikachu. Pls do dat
leaf nick
leaf nick Pred 6 meseci
Venasaur and Charizard
Fantastic Animations
Fantastic Animations Pred 6 meseci
Pikachu and Melton
Peb Animates
Peb Animates Pred 6 meseci
She had no idea that she would be an inspiration to lots of people and have lots of subscribers
Mr. OOF Pred 6 meseci
Wow I have never seen her speed paint videos now it’s time to watch them all
Joe Jones
Joe Jones Pred 6 meseci
I can make a pixel art for this ( I know it’s been almost a year but maybe
Ritche Mallare
Ritche Mallare Pred 6 meseci
me after watching this video: i can do that its easy me after drawing: how does she do it SHES ART WIZARD
The Parnell Family
The Parnell Family Pred 6 meseci
i'm trying to do art like that but its so hard for me
The Parnell Family
The Parnell Family Pred 6 meseci
jaiden that is the coolest art ever
Alpha Artz
Alpha Artz Pred 6 meseci
Reply like this series can you do more?
GR33N F0XY RUL3S Pred 6 meseci
You should do some more speed arts and poke fusions.
Andrew Purnell AP consulting
maybe a fusion with Garchomp and Flygon?
Gracie Bitzer
Gracie Bitzer Pred 7 meseci
how about Silvally and Xerneas
Razima Comics
Razima Comics Pred 7 meseci
One year hmmmmmm...
DanyDaDude4 Pred 7 meseci
I got one Salamanca and garchomp
A Random Artist
A Random Artist Pred 7 meseci
Imagine a shiny form for this pokemon That’s just incredible
Turner Osswald
Turner Osswald Pred 7 meseci
can you make a discord server? This video was super awesome! you are great at drawing!!!!! Thank you for giving my family something to watch during quarantine!!
saxmeister Pred 7 meseci
the last comment was 2 years ago lol
kellierae2009 Pred 7 meseci
I breed uv a bard
Spencer George
Spencer George Pred 7 meseci
Next do the hoenn starters
S t a r t
S t a r t Pred 8 meseci
You should do speed arts more often! They seem fun
erick cardenas
erick cardenas Pred 8 meseci
Can you do an Ampharos and Umbreon fusion?
Xylexcs Pred 8 meseci
Can you do a Talonflame with Arceus Pokefusion Pleaseee?
S t a r t
S t a r t Pred 8 meseci
0-0 I must take notes- I can’t draw on any electronics :/
Ramberg Walk
Ramberg Walk Pred 8 meseci
You should mash Groudon And swampert
RafCon5 Gaming
RafCon5 Gaming Pred 8 meseci
Draw a fusion of Breloom and Lucario. That's what my stepdad and I did, I didn't do to well
Issac Figueroa
Issac Figueroa Pred 8 meseci
altaria is my favorite dragon type
Fifty Nein
Fifty Nein Pred 8 meseci
This reminds me when I fused Altaria and palpitoad P A L T A R I A Imagine palpitoad with cloud wings
Caleb Stolz
Caleb Stolz Pred 8 meseci
Can you fuse rusheam and sacrum
Kat Marrs
Kat Marrs Pred 8 meseci
LMAO I thought you were going to say "It's been almost two years since I started working on this drawing"
Kat Marrs
Kat Marrs Pred 8 meseci
I did one of these with cross-stitching... except I didn't think to talk over... :c
Lillygames Pred 8 meseci
The head kinda looks like a corviknight shinny
bluegem Minecraft
bluegem Minecraft Pred 9 meseci
Someone give this thing stats
Kuroyukihime6 Pred 9 meseci
This come out amazing.
Yuunarichu Pred 9 meseci
And this girl does animation the whole time??? Add this in!
latifah omar
latifah omar Pred 9 meseci
I dare you to draw digimon and pokemon fusion >:D
Benimatoins Video
Benimatoins Video Pred 9 meseci
Jaden I’ve been watching your videos for two years can I please get shout out
U̸l̸t̸i̸m̸a̴t̵e̵ S̷u̵p̶r̶e̴m̷e̴ M̸e̴m̶e̴
Imagine if this thing could mega evolve (since Altaria has a mega evolution) That would be crazy
Maya W
Maya W Pred 9 meseci
That’s a really good drawing! ❤️❤️🤗🤗👍👍
Gavin Sasek
Gavin Sasek Pred 9 meseci
man i wish i could draw like that ive practiced for so long but i did find somthing i can draw and im happy with that for now
Nelson Venema
Nelson Venema Pred 9 meseci
This looks awesome
Bdiba Pred 9 meseci
My favorite bird
FoxGalah - Official Main Channel
Haltariux looks so cool
FoxGalah - Official Main Channel
Sylveon x Salazzle Lunala x Naganedel Alolan ninetales x galarian rapidash Mandibuzz x braixen Zacian x zapdos
Cristy Benavente
Cristy Benavente Pred 9 meseci
Do Grininja & Lucario
FoxGalah - Official Main Channel
How did you do the textures so good?
xXsadboiXx Pred 9 meseci
I love your drawing! Its super good and I love you videos, its super funny and entertaining! I've been a fan for awhile and your art just keeps improving and getting better!
A Completely Normal Youtube Channel
Needs more views...
efgdelcatty Pred 10 meseci
Mayve try dusknoir and alakazam
Moffat Twins
Moffat Twins Pred 10 meseci
How do you draw online? I don't have any online are things like online artpad and other how do printed like that?I lose my point here 😄
Mudkip Pred 10 meseci
Heheh... 4 years too late... Oh well here's Galvantula and Avalugg as an idea.
Crimson Pred 10 meseci
Crim Gamer
Crim Gamer Pred 10 meseci
do mewtwo and and ombraon
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Pred 10 meseci
Could you maybe fuse slugma and noctowl? Plz?
KieranBoi Pred 10 meseci
I want to see a fusion of hydreigon and rayquaza. I would love to see that
Exotic Tornado
Exotic Tornado Pred 10 meseci
Anyone else see the doge background at 0:38
XZR3 _
XZR3 _ Pred 10 meseci
Altaria X haxurus
chunet kulit
chunet kulit Pred 10 meseci
I think you should make a Gardevoir and Mawile^ - ^
luis martin
luis martin Pred 11 meseci
MASSSS!!!!...o....ingles? M......+ ?
dakota baker
dakota baker Pred 11 meseci
Try fuzing deoxys and Rayquaza it might work
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