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does this make me dumb :(

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29. mar. 2020

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BMVS Pred 45 minutami
Pff, who needs books when you got manga
Doggy Froggy
Doggy Froggy Pred uro
Once my school forced me to read a really cringey book...... I hated it and ended up not reading the whole thing
lillian Ruymann
lillian Ruymann Pred 3 urami
Before I found a good book I hated reading, but now that I’ve read it I’ve killed the next 3 books thing a weak, which all had around 600 pages,I doubt you’ll find this comment or find this book but the keeper of the lost cities is good, I have to remind myself not to yell about Fitz because you won’t know what I’m talking about, but just wanna let you know if you do read the series, Sandor lives
Brockster 106
Brockster 106 Pred 3 urami
Hey how did you make a video about my childhood? Lol
Brockster 106
Brockster 106 Pred 3 urami
5:55 also whats with animators and mario maker?
Crow gaming 101
Crow gaming 101 Pred 7 urami
10000000000000000% agree with this my parents always are saying that i will end up dumb if i dont read
Gaming Umbreon
Gaming Umbreon Pred 9 urami
Meybe you should read comic book or try too those are my fav
TimmyTabulous Pred 12 urami
Even though you hate reading and insulted it many times because your such a great and inspiring youtuber and im big fan and your the only person keeping me alive in quarentine other then james I wont personally find you ip adress an- I mean uhhh I will make 100000000000000000 alt accounts just to subscribe and hit the bell...
Ariana garbage
Ariana garbage Pred 15 urami
I draw and listen to music and i like that feeling of time slowing down cuz then i feel like i have all the time i need to make my trashy art
Nebula Rain
Nebula Rain Pred 17 urami
Book snobbery is fucking vile! People absorb information through different methods, and text is just one of them. It doesn't matter one bit how the information is presented or how it's learned. In a pre-television world, books were LITERALLY the only way to learn or be entertained - in other words, they were popular by default. Now that other mediums are available, people are choosing them over books, and that's absolutely fine. Suggesting that someone is less intelligent becasue they learned from a video rather than book is abhorrent gate keeping of the highest order. Loving books is fine, but no one should weaponise them into some sort of superiority label.
ruby_ra1nbow and the krew fams
What about comics?
Johnny the deceased rat
So they actually made the scarlet letter into a manga and it was probably WAY BETTER than the original
AlexIs Cringe
AlexIs Cringe Pred 19 urami
no ilike books its ok jaiden ok so dont think this makes you dum ok ok bye
Ashlin Page
Ashlin Page Pred 22 urami
Reading sucks
Josie Jaros
Josie Jaros Pred 22 urami
I like comic books.
Ian Frost
Ian Frost Pred 22 urami
look in the backround it says jaiden's a furry yay a frewin
Hannah John
Hannah John Pred 23 urami
its not de-stressing, reading causes me stress. not because i dont like it, i love reading, but it makes me cry... i think of the characters as real people and i put myself in their shoes and i cry...
ConeTop tpwp
ConeTop tpwp Pred dnevom
I thought this when I was reading a book, a brick made of shredded wood and pigment can be decoded into an entire movie
Rambunctious Renegade
Me listening to this and playing Minecraft...
jamie byrne
jamie byrne Pred dnevom
im reading animal farm rn in school
Striker Squad
Striker Squad Pred dnevom
I’m in 7th grade and I like reading Geronimo stilton XD I also hate reading and do exactly what you do but I don’t have bookmarks so it’s easier for me XD
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Pred dnevom
Jaidens animations from 4 years ago look so different lol
Welome_To_My_World Pred dnevom
Kids in 2018/2019 : School should die! Kids in 2020/2021 : I regret my choice, lord I take it back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/2021 be like, People who go the work : Where is the file for the artwork?!?! People who work at home 247 : My time has come
Justin Colver
Justin Colver Pred dnevom
When she showed bugaah winning All the 9 year olds: YeS Oh My GoSh
Xionn Pred dnevom
I love reading, but I understand how the school system could ruin that love for most people.
GrandStar Hill
GrandStar Hill Pred dnevom
Fun fact:the AJ book is the funniest book ever and you shouid try the beach AJ book
Jacob Kohr
Jacob Kohr Pred dnevom
It genuinely pisses me off how the school system is more or less DESIGNED to get kids to DESPISE learning and reading.
Xionn Pred dnevom
Because the school system is supposed to teach you how to be a mindless drone, that's literally it.
Mr. HoldsBar!
Mr. HoldsBar! Pred dnevom
Wow.. I relate 100%
yuansenpai Pred dnevom
Reading is fun I can read faster than flash
cosmic crewxmate
cosmic crewxmate Pred dnevom
Free reading is awesome! I love fanfics too-
Prodigy Knight
Prodigy Knight Pred dnevom
Last year I read 162 books and spen around 300plus hours doing so
i love reading. i am the book worm and i talk to my english teacher about books. best believe that i will not read a book if it is for school
Christin Sitara Emmanuel
WOW! You read Geronimo Stilton! I read it to!
Miku Chan
Miku Chan Pred dnevom
Wonderful product jaiden. Mocky. 6:00
Maria Montelongo
Maria Montelongo Pred 2 dnevi
I like reading but it's not like READ EVERYDAY it's just like I CAN do it on free time
LastKnight0727 Pred 2 dnevi
Caitlin Starlin
Caitlin Starlin Pred 2 dnevi
i love the book my secret guide to paris then when my teacher said so what book are you reading i was like i hate is book and i will never read it again
Sweet like Honey
Sweet like Honey Pred 2 dnevi
2:29 💀💀
B H Pred 2 dnevi
U hate books, huh? Well... ... SAME HERE! I wanna burn dem all!!
The Mouse Channel
The Mouse Channel Pred 2 dnevi
Im not even close to your level. I fake *ALL BOOKS* when I have to read.
Joseph Kaja
Joseph Kaja Pred 2 dnevi
Yea I hate reading
Gacha somethinguwu
Gacha somethinguwu Pred 2 dnevi
If you feel kinda boring or quiet when reading book put some music on. Also jaiden you might love this book. The book tittle is. Magnus Chase and the ship of the dead. By Rick Riordan.
PYE Games
PYE Games Pred 2 dnevi
I have 2 things: 1: In 5th grade I read a 300 page book in 1 day. 2:... Why is there no Wings of Fire? Also, if you like adventure, romance, action, and dragons, it's the book series for you.
Squirrel Sans TV
Squirrel Sans TV Pred 2 dnevi
I sympathize with Jaiden 100% I'm also in the small minority where forced reading had the opposite effect.
Daniel Warren
Daniel Warren Pred 2 dnevi
I didn’t even watch the video I just saw the title and I’m going to say I do too
Adyaan Raza
Adyaan Raza Pred 2 dnevi
When i am on the internet,my mom tells me to go and read and I am so angry but when i sit down and read by myself there is nothing wrong with that (By the way I do not have chamomile tea to drink with me,Its just not NESSECARY OK?)
A Seraphim
A Seraphim Pred 3 dnevi
The books I loved as a kid were the Fairy books. You know the ones that were like, “Haley the Rain Fairy.” Now I’m more into LOTR, Narnia, Count of Monte Cristo, and some of Bill O’Reillys books on history. Example: George Washington and the Secret Six, which was about the spy ring in the American Revolution.
I like tacos I like Pizza
The recycled robot it is a good book it is a manga but it good
TheDounutIsHere Pred 3 dnevi
Me: *reads the diary of Anne frank and puts down book after an hour* *a few days later* Dad:sweetie, why don’t you read diary of Anne frank again? I now hate that book because my dad made me read it
chirimoya triste
chirimoya triste Pred 3 dnevi
it's so shitty how school ruins reading for ppl like that, I mean I've always been a major bookworm for pretty much all my life but I remember HATING reading books for school (they were so boring, ew). I would literally get scolded because I would read entire book sagas (that actually interested me) instead of the "book of the month" for school lmao
Xionn Pred dnevom
School books were a joke. It's either shakespeare or some other book from 1905. Maybe if they tried more recent books people could get into it more.
kittygacha_qween Pred 3 dnevi
ella random.
ella random. Pred 3 dnevi
When I saw the warriors book I was like yes. My. Favorite. Book.
Phantomwolf Gamer
Phantomwolf Gamer Pred 3 dnevi
Why are ya allergic to cats
A Seraphim
A Seraphim Pred 3 dnevi
Because she is.
Katmeowzz _
Katmeowzz _ Pred 3 dnevi
You suggest I watch all your videos on infinite repeat? Sorry, I’ve already done that, suggest something else.
TheRealFoxyops Pred 3 dnevi
warroir cat books is my favirite
Eli Bockus
Eli Bockus Pred 3 dnevi
gerinimo stiltin was the bomb
Marianne Navidad
Marianne Navidad Pred 3 dnevi
Other kids: THERE'S SO MANY HOMEWORK :< Me: hehe my country doesnt allow homework!!(ik im lucky)
Vienna Duran
Vienna Duran Pred 3 dnevi
The a comic book, because I do have a selection book, look up sisters😘
Vienna Duran
Vienna Duran Pred 3 dnevi
Its because when your asked to do it, you don't want to anymore
Aurora The Corgi
Aurora The Corgi Pred 3 dnevi
Bro, I am the same way.
Aurora The Corgi
Aurora The Corgi Pred 3 dnevi
But I do like audiobooks
neo b
neo b Pred 3 dnevi
I don't like books to
Jessica Stein
Jessica Stein Pred 3 dnevi
I fell in love with reading as a kid and actually loved the books I was told to read in school. But I fell out of the habit when college turned reading into a substitute for teaching a class, and it turns out I’m ✨ super bad✨ at learning from textbooks and the frustration broke me. I also got too used to my high school giving me cool adult books to read, so when that stopped I became incapable of choosing a book because I hadn’t picked a book for myself since my young adult fiction phase in middle school.
Angelina Melnik
Angelina Melnik Pred 4 dnevi
oml huckleberry finn book is my fav XD
Moonlit Angel Cosplay
I've always liked reading. I wasn't really forced to read as a kid because I always had an interest. School killed my love of reading a bit, but gothic literature got me back into the swing of things with reading
Allison Thompson
Allison Thompson Pred 4 dnevi
I have read like 13 books on the same thing (wings of fire) and alone they are 300-400 pages in 24 hours
Nyah Scarlett
Nyah Scarlett Pred 4 dnevi
I can relate to this so much, but the only reason I don’t like reading is because I have a stigmatism, so it takes longer for me to read and I can’t retain anything unless I have someone say it to me or I read in absolute silence
geckoman XD
geckoman XD Pred 4 dnevi
She spoke the truth
Anything Agatha
Anything Agatha Pred 4 dnevi
Children: I like reading School: lets fix that.....
lulu thedog
lulu thedog Pred 4 dnevi
In the part where a bunch of text popped up in the background, I decided to read it. I won't put a timestamp since I'm too lazy but at some point, she was talking about "how she first became a furry". She's a furry? If you're reading this, (which you probably won't) I want to let you know that I fully support you, and hope you know how much your viewers admire you. Or James could of written that idk. It mentioned a sister but you don't have a sister
Esty Why
Esty Why Pred 4 dnevi
Every time I think of an assignment I have to do: I wanna die
SMK Gaming 2
SMK Gaming 2 Pred 4 dnevi
The most boring book is that it has full of leeters
Dario G. Pastore
Dario G. Pastore Pred 4 dnevi
After watching this, I believe that Pride & Prejudice should be assigned by English Literature - as anybody would- but at the same time as "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" should be part of "Regular English"'s curriculum
Jarema Karwowski
Jarema Karwowski Pred 4 dnevi
Well, my judgement depends on what people read. Some of them look down at you, beacouse they read more then you, but looking at what they read... well, It would be better for them to just watch Netflix.
rida fatima
rida fatima Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden ; schools should die Corona virus: i agree 😏
Jaiden:Everyone wants school to die Me: yknow I actually know someone who wants ppl that hate school to die It’s not me it’s my best friend (and... I hAtE sChOoL) the irony lmao Jaiden: and send me your Nintendo friend code Me: well forget being friends with a hypocrite,,, im doing that instead
dana cantley
dana cantley Pred 4 dnevi
i like reading but same as you i dont like it when ppl tell me- lol. but if you ever feel like reading something and to everyone who doesnt like reading all that much, i have a book for ya. its called "closed for the season." its about some kids figuring out how an old woman got murdered and go on an adverture/investigation to try an figure out what happened. if you dont like scary and or adventure books, thats fine i understand lol. but for me it was an amazing and intertaning book and i think at least some ppl will like it.
maley xan
maley xan Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden:school should die COVID-19:AM I A JOKE TO YOU
ozge duman atilla
ozge duman atilla Pred 4 dnevi
Kid: *shows this to parents to prove that there are still people who hates books* Parents: read the book or get choked
Kai? ツ
Kai? ツ Pred 4 dnevi
Me: I don't like reading Also me: Graphic Novels @-@
Francois Odendaal
Francois Odendaal Pred 4 dnevi
Meowgical Savannha yt
jaiden read *novels* pictures AND reading and CLAM DOWNN HOLY CRA-
Graciella Caulkins
Graciella Caulkins Pred 5 dnevi
I don’t know if I’m crazy... but is 5:10 an Ace Attorney reference? 🤔
Jason Luo
Jason Luo Pred 5 dnevi
Friend code huh, k, SW-1120-0510-5170
Marble Bubble
Marble Bubble Pred 5 dnevi
In summary... Blame the school
Katieplaz Plaz
Katieplaz Plaz Pred 5 dnevi
I hate books
FIREHYPERVOLT99 Pred 5 dnevi
I like reading books until it becomes an assignment. But still fun
Abby Awesome
Abby Awesome Pred 5 dnevi
Cause of school I now don’t like chapter books just graphic novels
Espider Pred 5 dnevi
Ew scp3166
Midnight eclipse Gacha?
Anyone one see what that note said
Ashton Chaos
Ashton Chaos Pred 5 dnevi
Jaiden: I have a cat allergy Me, also having a cat allergy while living in a house with five cats: unless you're gonna die from being around a cat, you'll be fine
Callum Emirali
Callum Emirali Pred 5 dnevi
Y dont u read manga amd comics 📖😁
Shikhar Kumar
Shikhar Kumar Pred 5 dnevi
I still read Geronimo Stilton and I am 14 😅
• umako •
• umako • Pred 5 dnevi
0:56 :0 am I the only one here who loves Warriors?
Aarush raj 6g 15
Aarush raj 6g 15 Pred 5 dnevi
If you like picture books then you can try the Tom gates it’s just full of pictures
Kailynn Hoyt
Kailynn Hoyt Pred 5 dnevi
Jaiden: Everyone thinks school should die... Me: Respect...
Pikachu099loko Pred 5 dnevi
The answer for kid's don't get dumb?!?! PUT THEM TO READ LORD OF THE RINGS
Lloydie Ball
Lloydie Ball Pred 5 dnevi
Tamás Harcsa
Tamás Harcsa Pred 5 dnevi
My parents told me to read books in english, so I decided to watch anime with English subtitles XD They were not amused.
Colette Davila
Colette Davila Pred 5 dnevi
Jeaidan main is not like dath in mayschool drowin like in motoring you poberliy 😶
anime fanboy234
anime fanboy234 Pred 5 dnevi
Please try my hero Academia
anime fanboy234
anime fanboy234 Pred 5 dnevi
I love geronimo stilton
I Don't Like the Dentist
Crazy Substitute Teachers
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