I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record) 

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pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single

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11. okt. 2020

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Good vid
That M&L guy
That M&L guy Pred 2 urami
So the last 4 videos were about gaming... Jaiden are you running out of life?
Jem'lad Pred 4 urami
Jaiden, I also wonder if cooking mama is single. She's pretty hot.
Losted Sans
Losted Sans Pred 5 urami
SamuraY 198
SamuraY 198 Pred 7 urami
u are not anymore :(
Tony blair
Tony blair Pred 7 urami
The game I thought she was going to speedrun was fossil fighters
OliKnight YT
OliKnight YT Pred 8 urami
was that smallant?
SPEED RUNNER Pred 9 urami
You are mad mad nevermind
SPEED RUNNER Pred 9 urami
Oh no :( you record good
yousef banat cook and tech diary
Your animations are better that theodd1sout
yousef banat cook and tech diary
The one for theodd1sout is much cleaner You both should work together in the animations hahaha
Cheep Peep
Cheep Peep Pred 12 urami
Can you do a sonic speed run
nhiel gaming
nhiel gaming Pred 12 urami
Hell yeeee food woooorsss
Matthias Mendoza
Matthias Mendoza Pred 14 urami
Anyone was playing like mincraft or fortnite then a Creeper sneaks up on you when you have 30 diamonds oh fu#$ but when a player sneaks up on you in the top 3 Holy Frick
darron arya
darron arya Pred 15 urami
That was a Sykkuno "OH JESUS" 11:37
Sann Lam
Sann Lam Pred 16 urami
10:00 and 10:03 JOJO REFERENCE
Art B
Art B Pred 16 urami
you watch small ant i reconise the brodont and 3 caps
Aldrose D. Cruz
Aldrose D. Cruz Pred 18 urami
0:32 isn't that smallant
Yuri_Yukihira_101 Pred 19 urami
Yo lets go i love food wars and I'm only 12
sperplay Pred 20 urami
I just bought merch :3
Crazy Dino
Crazy Dino Pred 21 uro
Did anyone else hear her say she would die alone in the factory as an old “man”
Jacob's Videos
Jacob's Videos Pred 21 uro
Play undertale u can play it in computer plus attempt it
Xander Waller
Xander Waller Pred 22 urami
*P L A Y G A M E F A S T*
tallaan Pred 23 urami
... you have created a monster... I am literally watching a speed run race of "all recipies (not all gold)" of cooking mana 2
951TheFly Pred dnevom
Ohhhhhh She told you a story!!!!!!
Josue Ramirez
Josue Ramirez Pred dnevom
6:40 That "no" hurt
Its Gamer BOI
Its Gamer BOI Pred dnevom
One day later when this video was uploaded people started to beat her record
Googis Arreola
Googis Arreola Pred dnevom
I had an add about cooking mama when I was watching something else!
•Stars• •Are• •Blue•
I got an ad on yt about a cooking mama 2
coco matt
coco matt Pred dnevom
Is thst a jojo referens
Third Planet
Third Planet Pred dnevom
9:23 Three sword style
Elijah Encarnacion
Elijah Encarnacion Pred dnevom
SoSo Animations
SoSo Animations Pred dnevom
Is that smallant
May Yun
May Yun Pred dnevom
I’m sorry jaiden but I tried it and finished it at 4 hours and 2 minuetes sorry 😅😬
Tloops !
Tloops ! Pred dnevom
You inspired me to plays this game
TheArmoredGamer908 Pred dnevom
jaiden someone took your #1 spot for gold medals
Edison del Rosario
Edison del Rosario Pred dnevom
i won a world record: pause ''I attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)'' by jaidenanimations at 12:41 at the time 15:44:36 on 24/1/2021 on my couch while blinking and breathing and shaking my foot and a wobbly tooth. I feel so happy such a great world record.
Meen Craft
Meen Craft Pred dnevom
The smallest of ants was in this video at the start... SMALLANT1 POGGG
Lujane ELBahou
Lujane ELBahou Pred dnevom
koking mama you mein it and i am praud ow you👏👏👏😊👍👍
awamleh Abdul
awamleh Abdul Pred dnevom
The rampant hydrogen evocatively offend because property jekely listen like a mixed reaction. dear, educated giant
Barin H hussain
Barin H hussain Pred dnevom
I love cooking mama but I don't have to play in but my cooking mama is 3d and my tablet is android tablet
Barin H hussain
Barin H hussain Pred dnevom
And I love your videos
dewi kartika
dewi kartika Pred dnevom
Jaiden..... i just checked the leaderboard and..... you've been beaten
mladjan ivanov
mladjan ivanov Pred dnevom
Godes:no Funny:yes
1:38 I watched anime with blood but i'm only 11
Dionel Mejia
Dionel Mejia Pred dnevom
Well when I was kid younger then 10 I watched anime that had blood and many mature content lol
A Fat Nugget
A Fat Nugget Pred dnevom
I was at a collectables store today and I saw cooking mama 2 there. If I was not in public I probably would have bought it just because of this video
Bearbaerbrae Oso
Bearbaerbrae Oso Pred dnevom
I saw that smallant reference. I saw that
PartyPenguin_369 Pred dnevom
Yesssss Smallant idk i just love that you referenced him
Calvin Pittman
Calvin Pittman Pred dnevom
Jaiden still holds the "First person to speedrun Cooking Mama 2" Record
Spencer Goovaerts
Spencer Goovaerts Pred dnevom
LOL! I did the exact same game and I speed ran it before this video came out!😂
Angus Antley
Angus Antley Pred dnevom
7:05 "until i inevitably die an unaccomplished old MAN?!?!
Jayla Kelly
Jayla Kelly Pred dnevom
guys.. it's very serious when jaiden makes the video 14 mins long
•みちこ ゆみ•
I loved this game but then I was raging becuz of the mistakes and misses I make
Ahri Pred dnevom
Jaiden is currently at 7th for the all gold category.
Red Panda Studios
Red Panda Studios Pred dnevom
why is 4:18 so funny-
Google Fake Company
٠ Ularaliek ٠
٠ Ularaliek ٠ Pred dnevom
is 0:32 smallant?
Alicia Hernandez
Alicia Hernandez Pred dnevom
There is a cooking mamá on iPhone
Colleen Hartung
Colleen Hartung Pred dnevom
Who else was moving their head along with the animation team?...........just me? Ok.
Cody Wigley
Cody Wigley Pred dnevom
Hey you still have number 7!!!!
Zero Lee
Zero Lee Pred dnevom
Exerside PlaysRoblox
I love cooking momma
Maria Miles
Maria Miles Pred 2 dnevi
You can get the 1st cooking mama on the Playstore on android! (i have it on my iPad shut up :>)
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen Pred 2 dnevi
And sadly, someone has beaten ur world record Jaiden :(
_-Fat Shiba-_
_-Fat Shiba-_ Pred 2 dnevi
Kahlil Umal
Kahlil Umal Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden: I've seen food wars and know all their techniques and secrets Me: Ah wait what now?! Also Jaiden: If your under 18 don't watch it. Me: I watched it on television :)
•Minty Puff•
•Minty Puff• Pred 2 dnevi
Wouldn’t this be your second speed run, well first one by yourself! Cause when you Adam (something else yet) and James (Odd1sout) play Mario odyssey?
looneytoon76 Pred 2 dnevi
You're funny. Subscribed
the blue creeper
the blue creeper Pred 2 dnevi
Cedric Kho
Cedric Kho Pred 2 dnevi
I got an idea *every microorganism in my body is cooking mama*
kakka leipä
kakka leipä Pred 2 dnevi
I have done a speed run of myfriendpedro's old town and got 29:05 if i remember it.
Yeh Haw
Yeh Haw Pred 2 dnevi
tip to make it harder and more painful: If you mess up the recipe, restart fully, restsrt all the previous recipes
Caden Cao
Caden Cao Pred 2 dnevi
What about minecraft
Shiny Mudkip
Shiny Mudkip Pred 2 dnevi
There is now cookingmama on mobile
melissa crohan
melissa crohan Pred 2 dnevi
“I wonder if cooking mama is single” that’s the best ending in a desc I’ve ever seen lol
That piano girl
That piano girl Pred 2 dnevi
I love how when Jaiden was pretending to drink alcohol, the bottle said Spicy Water
Ahle Ruzicka
Ahle Ruzicka Pred 2 dnevi
well its cool
Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Pred 2 dnevi
The zippy party pivotally wait because route intialy fire apropos a unequaled parade. unequaled, shocking route
Magolor 420
Magolor 420 Pred 2 dnevi
"I'll cook you so well, I ' L L B E C O M E T H E M A M A." -Jaiden, 2020
Marc Mas
Marc Mas Pred dnevom
wait nvm
Marc Mas
Marc Mas Pred dnevom
Rowan Cairns
Rowan Cairns Pred 2 dnevi
can we talk about how accurately she portrayed smallant's stream setup, if only for a second?
shin-ae's number 1 fan
Cooking Mama is the best cooking game : ) : )
Ethan Mccaffrey
Ethan Mccaffrey Pred 3 dnevi
speedrun minecraft
Gabbo Speed
Gabbo Speed Pred 3 dnevi
someone pirate cooking mama and make the pirate screen mad jaiden
SuRyu—すりゆ Pred 3 dnevi
Is it true your friends with the odd1sout ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Z Pettus
Z Pettus Pred 3 dnevi
I used high so I got it quicker
EW - 05PA 867828 Vista Heights PS
Jaiden: greAt everyone that has a intendo is going to take my recorded
Marcela Flores
Marcela Flores Pred 3 dnevi
Te amo Jaiden UwU Saludos desde argentina
NA5TEE Pred 3 dnevi
Maybe u chould have made the most viewed animation
Splitz Ayden
Splitz Ayden Pred 3 dnevi
It’s broken
Oreo Animates
Oreo Animates Pred 3 dnevi
First think I know on speed runs It’s obviously dream-
g_yx_megan Pred 3 dnevi
food wars is such a good anime
Ariel Hernandez
Ariel Hernandez Pred 3 dnevi
portalite oxide
portalite oxide Pred 3 dnevi
i just checked and some south korean guy had beaten the game in 2h and 25m just recently lol
Tiia parm
Tiia parm Pred 3 dnevi
The useless learning reciprocally branch because vegetarian accidentally crush in a wet pail. ad, sore waterfall
Kusuo S.
Kusuo S. Pred 3 dnevi
NimeNom 2886
NimeNom 2886 Pred 3 dnevi
ItzFrostGamer Pred 3 dnevi
any game you couldve played no you choose cooking mama 2 why not... oh dream ok ummm im going to leave
Miriama Veale
Miriama Veale Pred 3 dnevi
Try a speed run on roblox!
Хана Альфа PLAY
Я одна смотрю хотя я русская
William Baker
William Baker Pred 3 dnevi
I just checked speedrun.con and there are like 7 different people to do the all gold percent
shadow Anthony 2
shadow Anthony 2 Pred 3 dnevi
10:18 that face cracks me up
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Pred 3 dnevi
And 40 minutes
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Pred 3 dnevi
I finished it in 2 hours
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