Why I Don't Have a "Face Reveal" 

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so please stop asking
(some flashing colors warning)

* I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a straight up walk in the park to overcome right? Takes time and patience. If you're having a really hard time (maybe my story is similar to yours, maybe you have even more things to fight..) I really hope to hear you're working on breaking through it. If you're wanting me to fight, I'm wanting you to fight back just the same. Thanks, dude.

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6. apr. 2017

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JoJo Cova
JoJo Cova Pred 13 minutami
Your the best friend
Dottie Whittemore
Dottie Whittemore Pred 32 minutami
The ppl who disliked this is So much of a hater And just want to get the reacotin
plasma king studios
Ema D
Ema D Pred uro
Erin Simmons
Erin Simmons Pred 3 urami
It doesnt matter what u look like it doesn't matter its fine its on what u do which is awesome @jaidenanimations
Damiano -
Damiano - Pred 4 urami
This video helped me so much. Thank you ♥️
Read Your Soul
Read Your Soul Pred 5 urami
Aesthetic Tutorials
Aesthetic Tutorials Pred 5 urami
U have never disappointed me or ur fans in any way🥺
Ethan Garber
Ethan Garber Pred 5 urami
May be a little late, but I thought your view on waves was a bit skewed. I grew up in Southern California. Play in them and roll with them. Fighting them does nothing but take energy. I hope you’re doing better now.
Amber Mergaert
Amber Mergaert Pred 6 urami
whose the girl who didnt censor the video? does anyone know?
Aj.thesith Pred 6 urami
Slurp Pred 6 urami
axolotl bob
axolotl bob Pred 6 urami
Play SUPERHOT. Theres a similar thing.
axolotl bob
axolotl bob Pred 6 urami
Its on steam.
Ultralama279 Pred 7 urami
this honestly made me feel very sad for Jaiden
valkyrie_pilot Pred 8 urami
Mr. Rodgers, for almost his entire adult life, wheiged 143 pounds. This was because it was the number of letters in "I love you". You really need to have other people to love you, and be kind, and call a psycologist when it all becomes too much. Keep your friends close, and yourself closer.
Yeshabelle Ledesma
Yeshabelle Ledesma Pred 9 urami
What we expected:a pretty girl What (some) guys expected:a girl What haters expected: *a ugly person.* What we got: *A FRICKIN GODDESS*
Mj sauce Cheez
Mj sauce Cheez Pred 9 urami
I had anorexia a couple months ago I saw this video and I told myself that it was a great idea one day my friend hear my stomache rumbling so loud she told me to eat the snack she had in her pocket i enjoyed the taste but in my head I was thinking about saying i was full about 2 bites in later i went to the bathroom and decided weigh myself and I was 48.01 lbs That is so little for my age and I told my friend so she made me eat alot of food and told me that this was the wrong choice and this video was kind of saying not to do that
Mithil Shenaro Silva
Mithil Shenaro Silva Pred 10 urami
I'm new to your channel and right now u r totally fine...
Dan Rolles
Dan Rolles Pred 11 urami
Thomas Drahos
Thomas Drahos Pred 12 urami
i love your content you are great your face is fine and if anyone doesn’t lke you for your face then not only are they a idiot ....... but there an ahol
BigBoiTan Pred 13 urami
That’s me when my teacher tells me to turn my camera on
BzLit15 Pred 13 urami
Thank you for sharing this. It must have been so hard to do. I never understood eating disorders before but you helped me understand it better. Thank you. I don’t know if there’s anything I could say or do to help you with what you have gone through, but I know I’ll be able to be a better friend to those in my life who do struggle with this now. I know it will sound cliché and the comment section isn’t the greatest place for this, but what I do understand is depression and self harm, as I went through it myself. It was terrible but now that I have Jesus in my life I’ve experienced joy beyond what I thought possible in those dark moments. Joy that has re-defined my definition of what joy really is. I do love your videos and think you’re amazing, and super brave for putting yourself out there. In my mind Jaden is talented, courageous, and wonderful person.
Leah Mitchell
Leah Mitchell Pred 14 urami
I think ur pretty no matter what we all are beautiful in ate own ways
juicy Harlow
juicy Harlow Pred 14 urami
You should have talk to somebody not mad at you but I feel so sorry just for going to the sting
ARandomPerson Pred 15 urami
This is so sad. Know we love you. Your amazing I love your channel and my parents even remember your name cause how inspiring u r.
OliBoss1122 Pred 15 urami
Rose's are red Violets are blue We all support you you should too
AkGun Z Gaming
AkGun Z Gaming Pred 16 urami
Jaiden I just want to say we are all here for you you don’t have to tell us your problems if you don’t want to but we are all here for you and your family is there for you and trust me I was in a little something like that it was easy to brake out of but I thot that if I stoped eating more people will like me more and will think I am the cool kid and I wasn’t happy with my self because I was fat and I still am but my sister helped me brake out of me eating less because I thot is was the answer but no it was not and with just a talk my sister broke me out of me not eating a lot and trying to loss Weight from that but now I am back to normal and I think you look Beautiful AND I AM NOT A SIMP So please don’t think that Plus I am 10
Amaze ing
Amaze ing Pred 16 urami
A face revival
Elijah Jackson
Elijah Jackson Pred 17 urami
Ethan Chang
Ethan Chang Pred 17 urami
It's okay because your life is about to be mine.
Mariah Fencl
Mariah Fencl Pred 19 urami
I like your channel and I would like it even If I don’t like your face or how you look like
O O Pred 19 urami
If you think you're ugly, look around. Is there anyone around you that you would call 'ugly'? No? That's because no one is ugly, only flawed. Flaws don't make a person ugly, they make a person.
Claire VACQUIER Pred 20 urami
Hey, I don't think you'll see this, but... I was like... I don't know... Every single things you said, I though it was me imaginating that you described how I feel at this point... Kind of crazy for me... But hey, unlike me, you are such an nice person... Physically, and you do cool things... I don't know why, but I feel better after seeing this... Like, really, everything was just like me... I'm not lying if you ever wonder... But unlike you, I'm not me anymore... And for a long time before... (Sorry and sorry again... For writting this, and probably in the wrong way since I'm french...) Also, your videos help me a lot more than you can even imagine, so... Thank you❤️
O O Pred 20 urami
I'm not the kind of person who goes commenting on everything, and I'm not even sure if you'll even see this, but I just wanted to let you know that you are an incredible person. I'm so glad I watched this whole thing through because your story is amazing. It's one of the most moving stories I've heard. While I've never had the exact problems you had, I understand and respect you more because of what you had to go through. I also completely understand why you were anxious to show your face. After all that BS you had to go through, I understand how the choice of "should I show my face" is difficult for you. Though I can't relate to your problems, I completely understand them. YOU ARE INCREDIBlE! I can't stress that enough. Though I'm a new fan of yours, I'm certain that I'm going to stay your fan and support you for a long time.
Eden carreno
Eden carreno Pred 21 uro
Wow is it just me but shes just well cute and u can stop thinking that u r not good enough because u are
Samson Arthur
Samson Arthur Pred 21 uro
Hi Jaiden, I know I'm a bit late but I wanted to tell you this (if you even see it) First, I am genetically thin and I knock myself down constantly for being too skinny. I'm a male ballet dancer, and if you didn't know you have to be really strong (physically) to get anywhere in that area of life. I'm only 11 and I am naturally a picky eater. When you don't eat very much your stomach shrinks, and then you can't consume as much food. So to get stronger you have to build up the fat and energy to get stronger! I know this is ridiculous for an 11 year old to go through but I don't know if I'll ever get out of this hole I put myself in. Lastly, I'm LGBTQ+ so I have that to also worry about but my anxiety is fine in that fact of life. But I'm homeschooled and I want to go to back to school but I know I'll get bullied for being LGBTQIA+ I'm scared that if I do go back to school the bullying will hurt me more and my skinny self can't handle the punching and other physical bullying that would happen. Also, I want you to know that you are genuinely funny, caring, hilarious, smart, very funny, etc. All these compliments are not fake! 🥰🌈☁
er_ writes
er_ writes Pred 22 urami
All dislikes are bull crap. Jaiden I support you and you are an amazing person. Keep being you! You videos are amazing!
Nyl Rede
Nyl Rede Pred 22 urami
Elyel Mello
Elyel Mello Pred 22 urami
Thank you for for doing this, Jaiden. Whenever i feel better about keep going... Tough times, but weak people get back up too! 💜
Stein Berg
Stein Berg Pred 22 urami
It was hilarious when she starved
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Pred 22 urami
you are not the only one who has gone the path you just told us about. i was also trying to be good at everything. i didn't have eating disorders and i can only imagine what it would be like. there need to be more kind people in this... corrupt world. lets show her some kindness guys.
I'm AdeiToonzs
I'm AdeiToonzs Pred 23 urami
You kinda made me wanna cry 😢
Moises Rivera
Moises Rivera Pred dnevom
Do it I want to see your face I won’t be bad I’m a nice person
Moises Rivera
Moises Rivera Pred dnevom
Why do it just
Firelz Pred dnevom
THU J0KER Pred dnevom
Thank you for sharing Jaiden, you’ve touched so many people in this comment section.
Christian McCafferty
You are the best SLtvr I’ve seen and the face reveal in the comicon is as good as anyone else if not better
Pixel dip gamer
Pixel dip gamer Pred dnevom
Me in the outside :) Me in the inside :( Don’t worry i am fine
{Farah} Pred dnevom
Teacher : what does goddess mean Me: jaiden animations Teacher: gives A+
Jake Morgan
Jake Morgan Pred dnevom
Jaiden, I am a new fan of yours after watching aDrive react to one of your Nuzlocke videos, I subscribed to your channel straight away and have spent the last few months watching all of your videos from the start. I have just got to, and watched this video. I know I am about 4 years late. You are a marvellous human being. Everybody has trials that we must go through and that adds to our story. Strength is not about how little we get knocked over, or what does knock us over. Strength comes from being able to stand back up, again and again, even though we may get flattened again. You contined to get up and face the world. You are a strong person. As I sit through a 3rd national lockdown, thanks to this virus (and peoples refusal to listen to the advice given), your videos have shown me that you are a kind and caring person, you are funny, you are able to tell your stories incredibly well, and you are awesome at animating. When this pandemic is through, if you ever find your way to the UK, my wife and I would love to hang out with you. P.S. I absolutely love your eyes. They're beautiful.
Asv_ Active
Asv_ Active Pred dnevom
Let's just ignore the fact that you already saw her face
Xavierice playz
Xavierice playz Pred dnevom
Why you don't do a like a subscriber thing we always face reveal
Mr.Sandals Pred dnevom
This was very intense. probably the reason why people have disliked this video. I like it though, very inspiring 👌
Starlight Memoryverse
Honestly... Some people who become famous over looks don't just get that but because of their attitudes. Sometimes people like you, us, and others aware of situations like this are the strongest here on earth, unlike jocks, pretty girls, etc. It's just so rare to find good people who'll understand but there will ALWAYS be people similar to us for comfort and the good of our world. Jaiden this is old and Im a new fan but I gotta say your content is AMAZING and me seeing how insecure you were here broke me bc I felt that too. Idk if you're seeing this but until now, you improved so much and the people who just disrespect you and cant understand your boundaries can FLIP OFF. You don't need to keep on pleasing people bc honestly, we should be pleasing you. I adore you and the fact that you came all this way is amazing. Im not good at comments like others nor am I as confident as you at cases, but I'd wanna say as us dans, we are proud of you and be yourself as much as we want. We will NEVER push you. I'd wish to grow up as strong and as at least open as you and how you make video contents. Showing your face, you look ABSOLUTELY beautiful(not to be weird and sorry if you may get anxious seeing this) and there's no shame in that. To all fans new and old, we say go Jaiden, go! Go and live your life with no one to push you over! Thanks for inspiring us. Thanks for inspiring me :) PS. I genuinely cried at the end seeing u and Im so proud and i cried like-
Gamer Plant
Gamer Plant Pred dnevom
No problem, you are normal as you are! Jaiden.
Addyson Pred dnevom
0:58 everyone sees me as this really happy cheerful optimistic 14 year old teen but thats not even close to whats inside... i struggle with lonliness and anxiety i might have ADHD so i cant get my work done quickly and i hate school things float into my head without me realizing it i have extreme fear that people hate me i have low self esteem i dont feel in control i tried to fill in holes with things i shouldnt have its my biggest reget in life that i did that i thought i was alone i thought everyone didnt care if i died i was never scicidal but then i felt stuck i didnt know where to go next i couldnt tell people my problems they would get offended and not care they would hurt me more than i hurt myself i could only move on go on with each day pretending i was ok pretending i was fine that i was happy but i wasnt i still feel like i cant talk about that time with my friends. i cant tell them that thier friendship was the reason my life was so misrable the reason i went to school and had panic attacks the reason i would miss the begining of 4th period because i had to calm down in the bathroom the reason i was misrable well at least most of it school was also hard so that added another pressure and stress to my life if your struggling there is a way if you trust strangers like us more than your family or friends then talk to us here on youtube we will be there for you share your story please we are there for you everyone seeing this stay alive ||-//
Addyson Pred dnevom
The 16k people who disliked thi are people who.. 1. have no soul 2. accidently hit it when they were crying too hard
{Shanelle Khaye}
{Shanelle Khaye} Pred dnevom
But actually I saw ur face reveal in google and you look so very pretttttyyyyyyyyy and half-Japanese lookin’
Jaiden you are preety
Tram Tran
Tram Tran Pred dnevom
Your not a disappointment
Hamster care 11
Hamster care 11 Pred dnevom
You are awesome kind and a hard worker
Andres Blacklaws
Andres Blacklaws Pred dnevom
hey jaiden i know what ur face looks like. >:)
Logan Roof
Logan Roof Pred dnevom
I cried toward the end...WHEN I SAW YOUR FACE LMFAO 🤣🤣😂
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Pred dnevom
I think you were looking into mirror
Teddy The Springer
Teddy The Springer Pred dnevom
I cried at how much I related to some of this, you're amazing Jaiden! I only found your channel in the past month or so, but you're one of my favourite channels x
NTB Playz
NTB Playz Pred dnevom
I love the vids IDC what you look like you good the way you are your my favorite yt
Supreme Warrior
Supreme Warrior Pred dnevom
This is great and this aint a lie you look great keep up the good work and the ball chain part i felt i felt that too in my whole life so keep up the good work
Supreme Warrior
Supreme Warrior Pred dnevom
I wish i shown my face to the school i was like that emokid only sees the mouth my hair was long i was always in the dark corner at every time until a girl said hi i shown her my face and she said you look nice why try hide it and i completely froze
D0j0 Master
D0j0 Master Pred dnevom
You're brave to show yourself.I had almost same thing.I wanted to stop being fat that i starved myself 2 weeks straight,I was able to say to the voice it's liar that starvation will make me prettier a.k.a nonfatter.I cried from pain i had every night.I can understand you.(ik im late but does it matter)
Riff Silver
Riff Silver Pred dnevom
People think that youtube is just a bunch of people that play games, are stupid, and are just bad people. I say youtube is a platform for great things to be created by good people that just want to create entertainment, make something fun, or just something to let out emotions. Sure there are bad people on SLtv but it is mostly it is people like Jaiden, a great fun person but at least in Jaiden's case, she has been through a lot. No matter what, we are your fans and we don't care what you look like. - A 13-year old that just likes youtube...
Riley Morgan
Riley Morgan Pred dnevom
I love your vids
Blueberry yay
Blueberry yay Pred dnevom
oso Backkeks oso
oso Backkeks oso Pred dnevom
I watched the whole video and even could relate a bit but when she said stuff about weak persons and helping others I could totally relate. I always help other people. I was always the class clown in class so that nobody would have to feel the same pain as me, but in the inside I slowly died. I'm still dying inside. Everyday wen I wake up and realize my life wasn't a nightmare I just break. Everyone expects good stuff from me but I just can't hold it anymore. Thx for reading this whoever you are, have a great day
jennifer Deeb
jennifer Deeb Pred dnevom
Emmathekitty Cool
Emmathekitty Cool Pred dnevom
Don't worry your BUTEFULE don't hate your body it's amazing 😊
Anna May Cayat
Anna May Cayat Pred dnevom
I've been watching you for 2 years your amazing I understand everything you had to go through I know its late.. But your the best when I first saw this I was sad and depressed.. But know I'm happy for you
Karl Marx
Karl Marx Pred dnevom
If we had communism Jaiden wouldnt be fat
Weast Pred dnevom
I disagree
Kirby The Axolotl
Kirby The Axolotl Pred dnevom
People who dislikes this video most likely judge people for their looks. That's alot if dislikes too. That's really sad once you think about it. The world is horrible.
Stein Berg
Stein Berg Pred dnevom
Obvious scam and fraud
Tazein Pred dnevom
Jaiden is so pretty prettyer then meee
Logan Roof
Logan Roof Pred dnevom
Your face reminds me of the Markiplier niece. SHE PASSED AWAY IN A CAR CRASH LMFAO 😂🤣🤣
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Pred dnevom
Your face reminds me that humanity was a mistake
mohammed badrul
mohammed badrul Pred dnevom
Jaiden you are perfect no matter what you look like.
lindsey middlebush
lindsey middlebush Pred dnevom
i dont know why there are so much thumbs down there is 16k down and also jaiden is a beautiful women and dont be sad cuz all of your fans love u and make all of us smile it is ok to feel sad but just know that we love u
Paula&OwlPower Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden! Your not the only one! Dont worry its alright! Your already amazing and I love your content! No lies your work is the best!
Your pal, Ares the dude
I need to do homework now. One quick message, you don't need to show your face. Same, im about the basing like famous for there looks your at that bit. Sooooo bye. Ill be back in a few hours or minutes
RiverThunder261 Pred 2 dnevi
If anyone is suffering from mental illness in my life I will point them to this video.
Bayan Al-Shaar
Bayan Al-Shaar Pred 2 dnevi
youre so prety
Naahidha Naaih
Naahidha Naaih Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden being a awesome person is a fact
Mr Unknown
Mr Unknown Pred 2 dnevi
That kind of anorexia I bad for you.. But also sad. We all support you as much as possible Jaiden.
Jack Bean 卐
Jack Bean 卐 Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden, you’re a liar, a scammer
Aimee Rodman
Aimee Rodman Pred 2 dnevi
TheCoilzGuy Pred 2 dnevi
Me when i already know what Jaiden looks like: aight. cool
Kasie Thompson
Kasie Thompson Pred 2 dnevi
I only have this much to say you're the coolest tuber I've seen and if I met u in real life i would really want to give u a big hug and I'm also kind of going through a mental spiral but I'm getting better hope u are to😁
Kamlynn’s Pink lemonade
What the heck you are Beautiful and I am telling the truth I am not some person who sees the video and want attention I love your videos and you ( sorry I am late like 2021 late soooo sorry)
Dan Rolles
Dan Rolles Pred 2 dnevi
Lose weight.
Logan Roof
Logan Roof Pred 2 dnevi
She is Japanese yet looks so fat 🤢🤢
Logan Roof
Logan Roof Pred dnevom
@Aimee Rodman They make good rice.
Aimee Rodman
Aimee Rodman Pred 2 dnevi
Why do you fetishise Japanese women wtf
Jonathan Peterson
Jonathan Peterson Pred 2 dnevi
That’s cool I look like shit 👍
Sharpness-Yo Pred 2 dnevi
Are you Korean because I’m Korean :)
Sharpness-Yo Pred 2 dnevi
Are you Korean because I’m Korean :)
Katzuki Bakugou
Katzuki Bakugou Pred 2 dnevi
I was crying😢 I hate that people have to feel like this😥
aria luna
aria luna Pred 2 dnevi
hi Jaiden I almost killed myself bc my classmates would say I look like a pig so I got a knife and almost slit my throat but then i I said to myself that I can do a thing so I put the knife down and said 'I can do this and well I never did sadly but i still try not eating at all my life is just i hate it SO MUCH LIKE UGHHHHH I'm done with this goodbye world say to my mom I love
Aria Blessing
Aria Blessing Pred 2 dnevi
Thank you for that
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