I'm Totally a Skating Pro 

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The sarcasm is strong in the title of this animation. #2Pro5Me Don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed and share it with your friends who may also be skating pros! Then we can all be pro skaters together and wear beanies.
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Music: Little Fingers by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a free autograph from me when I go full pro in the skating industry ᕙ(◕‿↼‶)ᕗ

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15. mar. 2015

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hillel Krieger
hillel Krieger Pred 14 urami
dan Pred 19 urami
if you wanna learn how to skate try it on a pennyboard first edit: if oyu wanna step off put your weight on your front foot then step off
Candy Gore
Candy Gore Pred dnevom
long live the king slash queen because you are of the female gender but the quote uses the male counter paaaaaaart ??? noooooooooooooo XD
Fer Ortiz
Fer Ortiz Pred dnevom
Don’t worry jaiden I will teach you
erika flores
erika flores Pred 2 dnevi
The bouncy narcissus unquestionably pedal because herring habitually pause within a elite wallet. irritating, vengeful bathroom
lil OwO
lil OwO Pred 2 dnevi
Malte Döpfer
Malte Döpfer Pred 4 dnevi
I found the secret message and Jaiden loves me UwU
Juan-Craft Pred 4 dnevi
The brand new disney movie: the lion king 4: RugScar
Mr Short Sleeves
Mr Short Sleeves Pred 7 dnevi
I wonder if Jaiden really doesn't like this video anymore
Rajan Shendre
Rajan Shendre Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden: shoots the final shot and wins a real life Battle Royale Also Jaiden: panics as she sees a skateboard slowly rollings off of a rug
Mallow-Mations Pred 10 dnevi
I used to be able to do a ramp on my skateboard
Flora West !
Flora West ! Pred 10 dnevi
K so if you have been to a skate board shop then you know that the people ARE SO NICE! (Also it’s not just me right?)
Rahand Op
Rahand Op Pred 11 dnevi
Shanophy Pred 11 dnevi
You know Jaiden, you could've, walked off
Kat VonDu
Kat VonDu Pred 13 dnevi
Who else has been skating since they were babies and has kept skating their whole lives?
face plant north
face plant north Pred 14 dnevi
I’m a skater and that always happens to me so don’t worry!
Peachy! Pred 15 dnevi
I love Jaiden’s old vids!!!!! They are more detailed than what she makes now a days!!!!!
Miner Mole
Miner Mole Pred 15 dnevi
RIP. So much for skateboarding. Can't believe that mat betrayed you.
Cooper Bokkers
Cooper Bokkers Pred 16 dnevi
anyone here in 2021
Efe Icelguc
Efe Icelguc Pred 17 dnevi
instead of stepping off the board JUMP off the board what? oh i see this was made 5 years ago
Anime Pancakemangirl
Anime Pancakemangirl Pred 17 dnevi
Can you redraw this but in your new art style
MinecraftJr2010 Pred 18 dnevi
Me seeing the title Also me: doubt
ohyha72 Pred 18 dnevi
Ah, the good old days, which led into the also good new days.
Rovic cavite
Rovic cavite Pred 18 dnevi
YoUr TotALy a PrO SkAteBoaRder
me: watches video brain: watch it again love ur vids
JJ's animations
JJ's animations Pred 18 dnevi
**Pokéball on laptop**
Anton Faul
Anton Faul Pred 20 dnevi
The drawing of Scar with a rug for a head is very cute.
Shalese Scott
Shalese Scott Pred 20 dnevi
The animation is so cute 🥰 🥺
Mighty Bacon
Mighty Bacon Pred 20 dnevi
I just thinking why did she not just step off the board when it was on the rug
music Studio
music Studio Pred 20 dnevi
Done Goof
Done Goof Pred 21 dnevom
The OceanEyedDragon
The OceanEyedDragon Pred 21 dnevom
I’m going through all her vids and liking them all, no one can stop me
Meredisu Pred 23 dnevi
!orP gnitakS
Hiverstone Pred 23 dnevi
Wow, classic Jaiden. This is like watching Mickey Mouse in black and white!
esreveR Werewolf
esreveR Werewolf Pred 23 dnevi
It takes a lot to have me to freak out so I think I would be fine PS I’ve tried skateboarding and it’s fun but I’m not to good like I can’t do tricks
Ahmann Milk
Ahmann Milk Pred 24 dnevi
This is sooo old lol
Eh h
Eh h Pred 24 dnevi
Kenneth Z
Kenneth Z Pred 25 dnevi
w i l d e b e e s t s
TeamMateMedia Pred 25 dnevi
My first Jaiden Animations video I watch on 2021. (For my area)
Lucario Issac89
Lucario Issac89 Pred 25 dnevi
The lion king.... ahhh I love that movie
scrub deku
scrub deku Pred 26 dnevi
I think that's a sign that you are not a skater nice try tho
Asmr Sleeper
Asmr Sleeper Pred 26 dnevi
Lol this,is old
kabrachica - cortos animados
How did you died? (1:18)
Harsh Garg
Harsh Garg Pred 27 dnevi
isn't mufasa male....?
Makayla Chudy
Makayla Chudy Pred 27 dnevi
Fernando Lona
Fernando Lona Pred 28 dnevi
You are a Skating Pro.
ThatGreenYoutuber Pred 28 dnevi
Gloria Rodríguez
Gloria Rodríguez Pred 28 dnevi
Who is waching this un 2020 chrismas
•Pickle Plays ÙwÚ•
jaiden i found the secret message
Arenc S.
Arenc S. Pred 29 dnevi
ivan saravanja
ivan saravanja Pred 29 dnevi
916SavageMoB Pred mesecem
Jaiden are you after my heart cause you ready have it pretty much .... hE wAs a sKaTeRbOy sHe wAs a SkAtEr gIrL wHaT mOrE CaN i sAy?!?
916SavageMoB Pred 19 dnevi
Skate videos?
The good Stuff
The good Stuff Pred 19 dnevi
Omg I see you everywhere lmao
Hawkkiwi Pred mesecem
Ishaan Misra
Ishaan Misra Pred mesecem
Another 5 year recommending for me
idk stupid
idk stupid Pred mesecem
i know how to skateboard when i was 8
Thomas Bollin
Thomas Bollin Pred mesecem
i also go on a skateboard
strawberry sprinkles
"Long live....the queen slash king because technically u are of the female gender but the quote uses a male counterpart!!!"
Uh Im strAngE
Uh Im strAngE Pred mesecem
The thing is, if the people in the skate shop were skaters they couldn’t care less, the thing about the skating community is that it’s so chill. The only skaters that make fun of other skaters r posers
Fred Neiman
Fred Neiman Pred mesecem
So old I love it
kittyDMF Pred mesecem
Did they even use xd back in the day?
kittyDMF Pred mesecem
I just wanted to see her first animations there's a huge difference xd
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
I don't have a skate board
Reynaldo Gomez
Reynaldo Gomez Pred mesecem
Ho noticed the Pokemon ball sticker or whatever on the computer
Joshua Logsdon
Joshua Logsdon Pred mesecem
Just sprained my ankle on a 5 stair...
Phillip Waxler
Phillip Waxler Pred mesecem
i like the rug charecter.
Cuphead Pred mesecem
December 2020???
ArkWolff Pred mesecem
The way my anxiety tells me I'm about to panic is that everything happening around me starts to get louder and louder like that scene in into the spiderverse with miles when he was in the school running from the nurses office.
rikuyoreketsu XIII
rikuyoreketsu XIII Pred mesecem
EileenTanaka Pred mesecem
her old videos are so different x)
Jaden Davison
Jaden Davison Pred mesecem
Anonymous Pred mesecem
No one : Jaiden’s car: 🐜🦗🐜🦗🐜🦗🐜🦗🐜
Kitty Crew
Kitty Crew Pred mesecem
Videos pretty nice
Magnus Alme
Magnus Alme Pred mesecem
How her videos have changed...................... :)
NTHN Beats
NTHN Beats Pred mesecem
As someone who can atleast noseslide this is funny and I remember this being me.
ZAM Pred mesecem
Ori TheRainbowLover
Ori TheRainbowLover Pred mesecem
Me, used to Jaidens funny end card, seeing there's no funny end card: *Gasp, Faint*
Zolina Mohamad
Zolina Mohamad Pred mesecem
My thoughts:hehe wouldnt it be funny if this pencil im playing by putting it in the table tube gets stuck that would be hllarious My mind:Its gunna happen also my mind:Rediculous My predictions:ITS SO GUNNA FRIKIN HAPPEN Me:(realises the pencil got stuck in the tube)it was a special pencil(cause its my moms :O) Also me:(attempts to take it out with straws) The final me:(manages to lose the straws and pencil in the tube forever :/ Me:Ah crap me:mom wont notice until she tilts the table to any side :,D
WHOOOSH XD Pred mesecem
*w i l d a b e e s t s*
Celeste Aguilar
Celeste Aguilar Pred mesecem
wilda beasts!
Val Versey Vlogs
Val Versey Vlogs Pred mesecem
You made this video on my birthday I was turning 3!!!
shenxiian yt
shenxiian yt Pred mesecem
s c o o t e r random comment
Mable Wheeler
Mable Wheeler Pred mesecem
If SLtv actually starts putting ads on non-monetized videos by creators who never asked for them, that just goes to show how greedy this corporation can be. This thought is disgusting. SLtv is essentially making free money off small channels and not paying them a single penny. Yes, these are small channels, but since there's so many of them, SLtv will still make a huge profit off of this new policy. I don't care if SLtv hates us now, it must be said by someone. I urge to our subscribers that we spread the message to all creators, and urge SLtv to immediately repeal this new policy. - Father
Jessica Ortiz
Jessica Ortiz Pred mesecem
# Wilde beast
Ahmed Pred mesecem
SkythaMVP Pred 2 meseci
I thought it was just me, whenever I do something embarrassing, I awkwardly laugh but in the inside, I'm just like "no stop, look away, just stop looking at me" lol
Idk what to name this
Idk what to name this Pred 2 meseci
dude this old art style is so cute
mollyjxoシ Pred 2 meseci
yes 👁👄👁
Isaiah Rayburn
Isaiah Rayburn Pred 2 meseci
The heck stop month
Josh Howarth
Josh Howarth Pred 2 meseci
Tony hawk
Dragon Clan
Dragon Clan Pred 2 meseci
Jaiden being scared me going down tbe things rail on a skateboard
[Brii Studios UwU]
[Brii Studios UwU] Pred 2 meseci
Is anyone waiting for Episode 3?
Lara Sabrina
Lara Sabrina Pred 2 meseci
Jaiden: blocks a high-speed bathroom stall door with quick reflexes like a boss. Also Jaiden: panics as board slowly rolls off of rug.
brian hernandez
brian hernandez Pred 2 meseci
Scar killed Mufasa for the soul stone. I watch too much Marvel.
Christmas shark
Christmas shark Pred 2 meseci
I just realised this video is five years old. :)
Powfu ._Lps
Powfu ._Lps Pred 2 meseci
I can teach u😄
Banana Pred 2 meseci
How did that happen lol epic story dem
HammTari Productions
HammTari Productions Pred 2 meseci
pretty sure this happens to everyone who tries a skateboard
sophia oppel
sophia oppel Pred 2 meseci
Alyssa Chance
Alyssa Chance Pred 2 meseci
1:48 ima use this for an example when there is an obvious way out for my sisters. Sister: AHHHH IM DYING Me: “Just jump off,Just jump off. Just a joke o-o
Slimy_ Playzz
Slimy_ Playzz Pred 2 meseci
LOL I thing you got better in 2017-2020
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy Pred 2 meseci
you know if you step on one side of the board it stops.
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