Drawing our Childhood Drawings w/ theodd1sout 

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we were pretty much baby art prodigies.
james' video: sltv.info/label/eK2Utsy1bXSJiKI/video&ab_channel=TheOdd1sOut
james' channel: sltv.info/watch/o8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ.html?ab_channel=TheOdd1sOut
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Music: the mii theme song (from nintendo)

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8. nov. 2017

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horsie lover
horsie lover Pred 2 urami
Jaiden: ‘what kind of music should I use this video?’ *thinks* ‘omg I got it! Let’s use wii music!’
kimoneko -
kimoneko - Pred 9 urami
What animating program do they use? :)
Troy Incognito
Troy Incognito Pred 12 urami
RIP Club penguin
Štěpánka Mertinová
whats the app called?
rec rec lex
rec rec lex Pred dnevom
Skow gowing owt soiwed. Show dwis tow James
EM B Pred dnevom
Jaiden: ‘Oh so the cloud was-‘ *Cuts Off* || Me: ‘WHAT WAS THE CLOUD’ am I an idiot-
The Buddyverse
The Buddyverse Pred 2 dnevi
Was this made with paint tool sai?
Inok Byon
Inok Byon Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden and James talking about mice: While me thinking about ratatouille lol.
kht dreamer
kht dreamer Pred 4 dnevi
omg I also watched Marly and I (and my mom) cried so hard too.....
A Baradic
A Baradic Pred 4 dnevi
you drawd very good when you were little!!!!!!!
Mitchell Gaughan
Mitchell Gaughan Pred 4 dnevi
ok but you´re dumb
Ollie’s stupid Things
Plot twist: this jaiden is a clone and she’s doing exactly whats she said with the clones and everything she does is actually a clone doing it and she’s just at home watching James’ vids
PenCiL Bfb
PenCiL Bfb Pred 5 dnevi
james's old drawing was labeled "chagin dragin cicinzila"
Tami Hillis
Tami Hillis Pred 5 dnevi
It's a nice day for breathing and smelling right Voldemort
Tami Hillis
Tami Hillis Pred 5 dnevi
It's a nice day for breathing and smelling right Voldemort
Tami Hillis
Tami Hillis Pred 5 dnevi
James: because you don't go outside Me: now you wish you where outside
Elliot Hellyer
Elliot Hellyer Pred 6 dnevi
honestly if I found an exact clone of myself we would probably just laugh at each other really loud for like ten minutes, and then take turns leaving our room
missingindy Pred 6 dnevi
6:18 I love the face of the one on the right, it just radiates chaotic dumba** energy and I love it
Hailey Rigsby
Hailey Rigsby Pred 7 dnevi
I really would like to know what program you guys are using
Dev Knox
Dev Knox Pred 7 dnevi
But james you are a furry
I love sneks
I love sneks Pred 7 dnevi
10:08 I litarilly screamed
InkBird Pred 7 dnevi
james should google 'cockatrice', he will be very happy for it
Robin Wilcox
Robin Wilcox Pred 8 dnevi
3:23 The proper term is *D e s p a c i t o*
Noelle Zaborowski
Noelle Zaborowski Pred 8 dnevi
i luv your drawing battles or what ever i luv drawing
Rainbow Boi
Rainbow Boi Pred 8 dnevi
is this video got one view every year, it would take the life of the universe to have the number of views that it does
Mairyn Brodersen
Mairyn Brodersen Pred 9 dnevi
Secrett Forman
Secrett Forman Pred 9 dnevi
What drawing app do you use
Evelyn Jang
Evelyn Jang Pred 9 dnevi
mouse books: they forgot Stewart little! my childhood drawing was a mix between: armadillo, snake, bat, alligator, mountain lion, black panther, and a wolf. i was a weird little kid
YT Enderman Dark Matter Gaming
How did you and odd1sout meet jaiden?
Munch KING
Munch KING Pred 10 dnevi
Books/Films that killed off the main title character? Pretty much anything that won a Newbery Medal. :p
Brightfeather WindClan
Jaiden: I've never read or watched Harry Potter. Almost everyone: wh-AT Also Jaiden: Is he the bearded one Everyone: *facepalm*
a_ random_person
a_ random_person Pred 11 dnevi
am i the only one who is in love with the furry drawings at the start? I V
Kenzie Bruce
Kenzie Bruce Pred 11 dnevi
I was in a Winnie the Pooh play. And I was a narrator and they were based off the rainbow. I was Green, and we got to make our own backstories. While everyone else chose theirs to be human people, I’ve been mine a alien with earth powers😅
Miku Chan
Miku Chan Pred 11 dnevi
Jaiden: I've never watched or read any of the movies or books Me: stares at all my books,CDs,plushes and posters.
Lemon Boh
Lemon Boh Pred 11 dnevi
10:11 What the lake-bottom footlicker?
Sunset Skye
Sunset Skye Pred 12 dnevi
I love how James immediatly starts doodling
Evelyn Eras
Evelyn Eras Pred 12 dnevi
Lol no godsila 😂😂😂🌺😂😂
Kaley McQuinn
Kaley McQuinn Pred 12 dnevi
Captain looks like a mix of mew and Garfield
Sheed Chooseme
Sheed Chooseme Pred 13 dnevi
Yooo I have been doing this with a notebook I found from when I was 7 back in 02. Currently coloring a blue eyes white dragon vs blastoise. Keep up the great vids
Benjamin Charlton
Benjamin Charlton Pred 13 dnevi
James should make his own comic book called Garfild Unloaded as a reference to his videos.
Egg Fam
Egg Fam Pred 13 dnevi
The even excellent excited brick admittedly snow because cauliflower temporally owe round a amazing reduction. lewd, fanatical withdrawal
the cloud is wat (confused me) THE CLOUD IS WATTTTTTTTTTTTT
Salmon Muffin
Salmon Muffin Pred 14 dnevi
What do you draw with?
SiberianHusky24 Pred 14 dnevi
Jaiden: wHo iS HaRry pOtTer. Me a huge fan of harry potter"at 6th book at 6th movie : oh god- harry dies :(
Lacey Palmer
Lacey Palmer Pred 14 dnevi
I’m surprised none of them said “Nostalgia”
Frander999 Pred 14 dnevi
10:27 Nobody Jayden: WEED!
Valerie Pred 14 dnevi
Hearing James explain petpets and petpetpets to Jaiden made me realize how weird they are
Montana Specht
Montana Specht Pred 14 dnevi
What book series killed it's main character? Me: MAGNUS CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGORE
Viscas The great
Viscas The great Pred 14 dnevi
James. Do u know what a cockatrice is
Nik Smith
Nik Smith Pred 15 dnevi
Did James just unintentionally draw the chicken for GMM?
Tiger Prime
Tiger Prime Pred 15 dnevi
You can't rush art
Axel Logic
Axel Logic Pred 15 dnevi
I love when you asked who killed Harry Potter‘s parents and Jaden said Dumbledore and James said Voldemort I like the Harry Potter series
John Manaro
John Manaro Pred 15 dnevi
Pls do more
Michelle Balco
Michelle Balco Pred 15 dnevi
I got attacked by a 9 Yeah old at my Friends birthday party
MrFunky ChickenDude
MrFunky ChickenDude Pred 15 dnevi
What was the cloud suposed to be?
jo gormley
jo gormley Pred 15 dnevi
chickzilla: bock raaar plane: stop it get some help
Egg Fam
Egg Fam Pred 16 dnevi
The different fender pathologically touch because geology pathologically slap aside a royal botany. savory, incandescent moon
Waylon's Animations
Waylon's Animations Pred 16 dnevi
Ok who else noticed the wii sports theme in the background?
Naomi Delaire
Naomi Delaire Pred 16 dnevi
Where not furrys Me:*wearing Cat ears* Also me:Welp I am
ivysgran Pred 16 dnevi
You are so good at art
Dean payman
Dean payman Pred 16 dnevi
I really wanna be a artist like you Jaiden and James can you tell me your drawing source
TorToise77 Pred 16 dnevi
@Daantje well thx
Daantje Pred 16 dnevi
@TorToise77 your speaking facts people think you need really expensive stuff but while you just can do it traditionel and..... I have a drawing tab for 30 bucks wacom drawing tablet some are really cheap
TorToise77 Pred 16 dnevi
Well, you don't need any drawing tablets or things like that to become an artist, pencil and paper is fine! :D
Dean payman
Dean payman Pred 16 dnevi
what do you guys use to draw /James what do you?
Mosi Pred 16 dnevi
Harry never died bc he's mother gave him a protection so he can't be killed by Voldemort, jaiden can u please tell James that
Holly Bacon
Holly Bacon Pred 16 dnevi
Mi maker music in the background
DefinitelyNotLyra :D
DefinitelyNotLyra :D Pred 17 dnevi
Watching the video then hears the words "Harry Potter" and literally jumps up for no reason Fact: Erised backwards is desire
Aaron sepulveda
Aaron sepulveda Pred 17 dnevi
gg HA
Anime Pancakemangirl
Anime Pancakemangirl Pred 17 dnevi
^^ * /\
Jassiel Gaming
Jassiel Gaming Pred 17 dnevi
A chicken is a dinosaur
Fiery Drogon
Fiery Drogon Pred 17 dnevi
Jeidem only If clone was same age and had same memories and had same life as you it will be like you If one of this thing will change it will not be like you
Megan Mattson
Megan Mattson Pred 18 dnevi
The giant comb postprandially desert because store chemically push anenst a stale cd. sincere, makeshift capital
KylieAnimates Pred 18 dnevi
"Lions don't have stripes." Ever heard of ligers?
Edith Zarco
Edith Zarco Pred 18 dnevi
Hold on me as a kid have read every book of harry potter what????????
Antonio Zuniga
Antonio Zuniga Pred 18 dnevi
The mirror is the mirror of the erised and I only know it because I read two of the books
Vilashni Prasad
Vilashni Prasad Pred 18 dnevi
Yeah captain underpants is my favourite it’s also very very very cool
Pixel Gaming
Pixel Gaming Pred 18 dnevi
you can defenetly see who the better artist is
Y K Pred 19 dnevi
there are lions with stripe they are called ligers search it up
superjuniorkidney Pred 19 dnevi
the rose monster kinda looks like shing godzilla
Moonie Kestrel
Moonie Kestrel Pred 19 dnevi
Warriors killed off the main character in the books but honestly, everyone dies
*•mr. Deku•*
*•mr. Deku•* Pred 19 dnevi
10:08 uhhmmm this is creepy
TheDounutIsHere Pred 20 dnevi
Jaiden: I’ve never had a sunburn Me: *cries with sensitive skin*
Nixon Nicholas
Nixon Nicholas Pred 20 dnevi
The wry cost collectively notice because swan unfortunately battle forenenst a last view. sulky, truthful pastry
Kayle Plants
Kayle Plants Pred 20 dnevi
Pet pet pet’s
Zizzy Playz
Zizzy Playz Pred 21 dnevom
I’m like Jaiden I have never watched or red Harry Potter and I’m not a fan of it either
Wrachford Pred 21 dnevom
I hate Marley and me because every time I watch it makes me cry for like a week
Anais Cornfeld
Anais Cornfeld Pred 21 dnevom
When I hear the word captain, I think of Captain the penguin from Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Idk that’s kinda random
quinn squyres
quinn squyres Pred 21 dnevom
we watched the tale of despereux on the last day of school intill xmas break.
Timothy Hickman
Timothy Hickman Pred 21 dnevom
James is that Godzilla your refrensing. By chicken roor. (My bad spelling🤣😑)
NRL_mikeymcflick Pred 21 dnevom
4:44 dinosaur wing ???????
Maggie Luv
Maggie Luv Pred 21 dnevom
The last drawing Jaiden did was after Tom from Tom and Jerry got hit by the piano then died and went to "cat heaven"
Maggie Luv
Maggie Luv Pred 21 dnevom
Well I I thought so anyway it kind of reminded me of that
Mr. YetToBeThrownOutLemon formally known as Liam
James & Jaiden: What's a movie that kills off the main character? me: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood.
The Sweetries
The Sweetries Pred 22 dnevi
I'm wearing a Winnie the poo blanket lololololololol 9:40
Iacob Costel
Iacob Costel Pred 22 dnevi
A lion with strips is a liger.
clark loeffler
clark loeffler Pred 22 dnevi
The workable israel supply saw because tax explicitly sip in a overjoyed hardboard. thick, dapper brandy
Sara Huntington
Sara Huntington Pred 22 dnevi
I’m was reading The Tale Of Desperoux (I can’t spell) to day it’s so sad :(
Deuse Juice
Deuse Juice Pred 23 dnevi
Claim your found both of Justin Y's comments before 1000 likes here
Bluey Pred 23 dnevi
0:30 that art by jaiden is great
Thomas Drahos
Thomas Drahos Pred 23 dnevi
why would dumble dore kill harrys parants
Chad Smith
Chad Smith Pred 23 dnevi
another movie is a dogs purpose...the dog died a lot, on one of his lives, I think he died by a gunshot. sorry if I am spoiling anything for the people that didn't see this movie
BlackKnight Pred 23 dnevi
Once at 4 years old I drew a man crying He was crying because his legs where cut off and the picture was a blood bath
nO Pred 23 dnevi
I like that the colors that jaiden has saved are the colors she uses to draw her and Ari
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