The History of my Hair 

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So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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8. dec. 2019

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riggins0475 Pred 30 minutami
I have dummy thick hair too
David Dermawan
David Dermawan Pred 37 minutami
person:there we go swetie i love you that some handsome that will be 50 bicks jaiden:but mine not that sucsk for you
most hair stylists get them alot
Nicole Velasco
Nicole Velasco Pred 4 urami
My hair is so thin that I just need to brush it like only 3 times and put a bit of water in my hair to move my tiny baby hairs out of the way😆
Tsan S
Tsan S Pred 4 urami
Oh cool
ForeverWeirdoツ Pred 4 urami
my mums a hair stylist too c:
the fidget master
the fidget master Pred 5 urami
Hey Jaden do you no undertale
Gerry Pred 6 urami
0:52 I love that hair sytle :3
Gerry Pred 6 urami
The 2nd one
Anime Ok
Anime Ok Pred 8 urami
I have been pierced through hair on meh leg too
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Pred 9 urami
have you noticed that jaiden has different hair from the start to the back just look at jaiden here 1:14 now look at here in the end card or somthin 6:24
Mittens World
Mittens World Pred 9 urami
My mom is a hairdresser
Brandon Guan
Brandon Guan Pred 10 urami
The coconut hair looks like Dora the exsplora
SnacksHGB Pred 11 urami
Thundercat Pred 13 urami
As you said "Nobody really knows how to draw my hair" I thought, CHALLANGE ACCEPTED
•ÊÑĐŁĚSS• Pred 15 urami
Wait what do you mean by no one can draw it i can! I have a drawing i was bored and so i drawed you took a lot of ink to draw you tho-
Moniqueka Pred 16 urami
5:34 _s n o m_
AGDollieDolls Pred 16 urami
thats really weird i can draw you and not even in middle school for americans and secondary school for english people im english
gamer 34
gamer 34 Pred 18 urami
jaiden: hey guys i have a under cut and used have a boyinaband hair dave:wacth your back mate,
SMILE PoTaTo Pred 19 urami
Fact : females lose 100 hairs a day Me : HOW AM I NOT BOLD YET!?!?
Roxi2Star Pred 20 urami
Every hairdresser has been pierced by a hair. Hair splinters are the worst.
Donovan Wasilevich
Donovan Wasilevich Pred 21 uro
Thank god my 1 of 3 aunts works at a hair salon.
Jaelynn Lopez
Jaelynn Lopez Pred 22 urami
Yes I have been pierced with hair it was on my tongue I don't know how it got there but it really went through my tongue and I was whenever I was about to brush my teeth and then i pulled it out but i felt nothing but i still think about ot till this day
XxSarina TalksxX
XxSarina TalksxX Pred 22 urami
One time my parakeet got stuck in my hair. LIKE ACUALY STUCK AND I NEEDED TO STAY UP TRYING TO GET HER OUT
Cassidy Manalo
Cassidy Manalo Pred 22 urami
This is my fav vid!♡💙
Spiked Tail
Spiked Tail Pred 23 urami
I’m not bragging but I can draw Jaden👍🎈
ღSänı Studio'sღ
ღSänı Studio'sღ Pred 23 urami
3:37 ugh fine,i guess my little pogchamp,come here XDXD BRUH
Sasha Fun
Sasha Fun Pred dnevom
Me: (Finds strands of hair in my bathroom) Me again: (Remembers this video) .....MOM-
Leonardo Gonzalez
Leonardo Gonzalez Pred dnevom
2:02 I like you cut g
Cheesecake 48
Cheesecake 48 Pred dnevom
Me: finds a peice of hair just on the floor vibing Also me: *dang it Jaiden*
TheAp397 Pred dnevom
once i found some hair in my under wear i think it was my moms so that was weird
Heather Mayo
Heather Mayo Pred dnevom
Odd1sout love you
demon knight
demon knight Pred dnevom
Hey jadin I got a haircut and if it grows I get thick hair and long
-.Kassie and lily -.
Being pierced by your hair or somebody else’s hair wouldn’t that just be leg hair? Unless it’s somebody else is hair
Flame Pred dnevom
I died my hair red and it stayed infor three months
Zoe Trogolo
Zoe Trogolo Pred dnevom
My pants have been pierced.
PragMatto Pred dnevom
I am curious what short hair jaiden would look like. Like a pixie cut or something or like android 18 hair.
Elikim009 Pred dnevom
I know jaidens face
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake Pred dnevom
The amused badger sequently greet because volleyball aerobically harass per a worried zephyr. jumpy, mindless flugelhorn
DR. DEATH6868 Pred dnevom
ok so once when i was young i cut my hair behind but when my larents fonnd out so we tried finding it but we have never found the hair
Jiminizor⟭⟬ Pred dnevom
is it weird that when I was watching this video in my bed and the part about the hair in the leg came up and *THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME AT THAT VERY MOMENT*
999 Pred dnevom
Me: hey dad do you know your bal- Dad: hey son did you know your adopted
Kate Price
Kate Price Pred dnevom
Another main problem of having dummy thick hair is that it ALWAYS blows into your face when a slight breeze is around. That's the reason why I have short hair, but my hair is still thick though
AsheRose Pred dnevom
5:00 yeah... *this is why i maintain it myself. Much cheaper muahahahaha*
Flaming Falcon
Flaming Falcon Pred dnevom
I have blue hair and it so easy to maintain
night_fall hybrid demon
I have gotten a piece of my girlfriend's hair pierced on my leg before
Flaming Falcon
Flaming Falcon Pred dnevom
I'm an aussie mate so rong
luqmeme 420_noscope
Moon? Hhahah
Keerthana Pred dnevom
pls do a video with your face reveal
I dunno E
I dunno E Pred dnevom
Am i related to jaiden...
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Pred dnevom
okay but actually when I broke my leg one of my hairs went through my arm while it was in the cast and when I got it taken off my mom thought that it was really super gross
TheMuffinMan Pred dnevom
TheMuffinMan Pred dnevom
TheMuffinMan Pred dnevom
Cassy may
Cassy may Pred dnevom
My brother is named Jaiden LOL 😆 😂 🤣 😅
Cassy may
Cassy may Pred dnevom
Cool #💇‍♀️
The Heath Channel
The Heath Channel Pred dnevom
One time only of MY hairs was perced enough into my finger
CloudiiMeltz Pred 2 dnevi
Hehe when you play jaiden on 0.25 she sounds kinda drunk ngl
Allison Gomez
Allison Gomez Pred 2 dnevi
5:10 that symbol is from the movie called "9"
Mary Eleby
Mary Eleby Pred 2 dnevi
Whoever punched you I'm going to break their head
Ethan Kremer
Ethan Kremer Pred 2 dnevi
The crazy seagull fascinatingly nest because tub commonly suffer worth a heady sweatshop. cultured, highfalutin lizard
Candice Williams
Candice Williams Pred 2 dnevi
Wow, I’ve never related so much to someone’s views on their own hair.
alejandro rodriguez
alejandro rodriguez Pred 2 dnevi
True story:found a hair in florida In my mouth 👁👄👁
Rhonda Bollinger
Rhonda Bollinger Pred 2 dnevi
I’ve actually been pierced by a hair strand. I think it was actually my own hair...
Kelly Sandoval
Kelly Sandoval Pred 2 dnevi
Jaden we’re is ar ar I the back of jadens hear help
Sammy Kapahi
Sammy Kapahi Pred 2 dnevi
Basically she said she had a bald spot because she was bored. Me: BRUHTHER! LOL WHY THE HECKITY HECK WOULD YOU DO THAT Comment if u agree!
ENERGY YT Pred 2 dnevi
i can draw ur hair
Dragonboi Plaz
Dragonboi Plaz Pred 2 dnevi
Regina Parker
Regina Parker Pred 2 dnevi
I know what it is like to hace thicc hair because i have the thiccest hair in my family
Daisy Jefferson
Daisy Jefferson Pred 2 dnevi
My sister has so much hair i find it in the kitchen, in my bed, in my food (she doesn't even cook)
Curt Nordin
Curt Nordin Pred 2 dnevi
I have never change my hair in my life
Diandra diandra
Diandra diandra Pred 2 dnevi
True story: i found a jaiden hair in indonesia
Diandra diandra
Diandra diandra Pred 2 dnevi
Remember this is a joke, its not serious, i shed hair like jaiden, the jaiden hair is just my hair.
ItzKelly_paws Pred 2 dnevi
my hair can never be messy
The Dark Dragon Games
I have had blue hair for 4 months in a row with out reapplying the blue and it looks good still
Alexanderia Myanne Peterson
0:38 I just realized that the bad haircut guy looks like a bird
Mikey Player One
Mikey Player One Pred 2 dnevi
jaiden: puts ari in hair and stands infront of mirror me: WHY DO THAT MONSTER
Kitsune Akage
Kitsune Akage Pred 2 dnevi
So, my hair story is the same as Jaiden, I have it dyed, I did an undercut all around my head (originally it was just like Jaiden's) because I copied her idea 😅 and had the exact same reasons, I do my own dying tho straight from the box YEEEAHHH!! I have been pierced by my own hairs yet I got no clue how that happens either, and thats it, auto like cuz I like my comment 🙃
Sarah McElhany
Sarah McElhany Pred 3 dnevi
4:01 OmG sHeS uSiNg ThE tHiNg FrOm ShAmPoOdLe
wesley boyer
wesley boyer Pred 3 dnevi
there's a jaiden in my water
Alexis Freeman
Alexis Freeman Pred 3 dnevi
I got dummy thicc hair too Jaiden I can relate to you
Moonlight The Wolf
Moonlight The Wolf Pred 3 dnevi
My Mom was a hairdresser too, and we plan to dye my hair purple
Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi Shinso Pred 3 dnevi
I found one of my hairs in my foot
OmeN Pred 3 dnevi
Lol mee to i have dummy long hair
Helen Lacayanga
Helen Lacayanga Pred 3 dnevi
I have the same hair as jaiden and the feeling is like the beach when its night
ctrepan1986 Pred 3 dnevi
I am a boy and I have long hear
Phil Algozino
Phil Algozino Pred 3 dnevi
Dan Campbell
Thamizh M
Thamizh M Pred 3 dnevi
I would like to hear about her coconut hair
It's Dana
It's Dana Pred 3 dnevi
Me watching the video:That's why I don't want my hair to be dyed After watching the video: I kinda want dyed hair now it seems kinda cool
Kris Pred 3 dnevi
My aunt is a hair dresser 😎 My mom doesn’t have to pay money
Rayhan Moideen Abdurahman
what happened with ur mother's hair to you Jaiden, always happens to me with my hair...
Jared Rablin
Jared Rablin Pred 3 dnevi
I hated having to match my stupid clothes with my dyed hair, I had like neon green ends. And I couldn't wear red shirts because I HATED the way it contrasted😭😭😭
Dr Ewok
Dr Ewok Pred 3 dnevi
I got a James he doesn’t shed like a jaiden
ming ming
ming ming Pred 3 dnevi
i feel yah👁️👄👁️
Melissa Spencer
Melissa Spencer Pred 3 dnevi
I had a hair strand pierce my elbow
Andrea Greathouse
Andrea Greathouse Pred 3 dnevi
the law of equivalent exchange in order to gain something of a certain value another item of equal value must be lost. full-metal alchemist
Ondine Van Tassel
Ondine Van Tassel Pred 3 dnevi
in my opynion just dont dye your whole head
Pug Recon
Pug Recon Pred 3 dnevi
I got burned on the back of my leg. Still got the scar.
Lilly WildCraft
Lilly WildCraft Pred 3 dnevi
Fun fact: you can get someone to read your whole comment by saying fun fact. I want my like 😏
CatEyedBoy Pred 10 urami
крюмейт Pred 3 dnevi
мм карьере джейден ПИЗДЕ*
pixysticksjess Pred 3 dnevi
i love your videos
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