I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke 

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thanks for watching :)

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Thank you for watching the videos, this year was rough for a lot of reasons but despite everything all your support really helped me end mine on a positive note. I'm very greatful for all the people around me be it the team, my friends, and whoever enjoys the videos, and I'm excited about what we can achieve this next year :)

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19. dec. 2020

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Dullmight Comrade
Dullmight Comrade Pred minuto
For Pokemon they should make a Gordon Ramsay dude...
MiraAmri 3048
MiraAmri 3048 Pred 2 minutami
Can you play roblox?
Coolface Oscar
Coolface Oscar Pred 6 minutami
Drifted Animations
Drifted Animations Pred 17 minutami
Adicate Pred 20 minutami
You should do a Randomiser nuzlocke. I feel like it could be nice
Chris Kurowski
Chris Kurowski Pred 23 minutami
Just got another ds and Pokémon platinum to attempt a nuzlocke. Imma name one of meh Pokémon jaiden now
michelle mcconnaughey
michelle mcconnaughey Pred 30 minutami
I can not believe what happened to garchomp
wolfykidgamertv Pred 35 minutami
beeg boy died like the see dot of luck
rafflesia_flower LOL
rafflesia_flower LOL Pred 41 minuto
Adi HTV Pred 44 minutami
POKEMON hart gold pls
Ace Gregory
Ace Gregory Pred 50 minutami
Random singing part one : and I'll take all the memories to be my sunshine after rain it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday
Manel Urueña Alcaide
Manel Urueña Alcaide Pred 54 minutami
Chewbacca be like 2:35
tsuiv Pred 54 minutami
Kind of cringe but sad
Kerri McAlister
I just realised that this is the 100TH VIDEO ON THIS CHANNEL!!! 🔥
Luke Cuda
Luke Cuda Pred uro
22:00 👏👏👏👏👏👏
C4SH Gamez
C4SH Gamez Pred uro
You should do another nuzlocke but a shield or sword nuzlocke
max jt
max jt Pred uro
Seeing one of my favorite youtubers getting into one of my favorite hobbies is so cool. Awesome animation, awesome nicknames, awesome story. 50/10
Arganta Manggala Pandu
hey jaiden nuzlocke pokemon heart gold
Chilee Pred uro
Jaiden is the best. She’s just hilarious without trying. We love her!! yes I liked my own comment
SpookySoap Pred 2 urami
really edgy tho, coulda just said she failed the first run idk lol
Vasya Jonson
Vasya Jonson Pred 2 urami
I love this
Kniffel101 Pred 2 urami
2:03 I appreciate that frame because it's a reference to Sonic, but it's a little cursed at the same time! ^^ _Edit after watching the video til the end:_ Holy sh!t, Jaiden! This is a masterpiece of a video! :O
саммерок Pred 2 urami
Crazed Banette
Crazed Banette Pred 2 urami
Cynthia calming your nerves Cynthia only brings fear
SpookySoap Pred 2 urami
didn’t know abt the failed run at first and just thought she was being really emo lol
Sluxshie Shiezx
Sluxshie Shiezx Pred 2 urami
Do you have a TikTok? Called Maiden. Animations? I saw it and it didn't have the blue check thingy so I wanted to make sure it's you even though you wont respond does anyone else know?
3JAD21 Pred 2 urami
I really love that Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of T/D/S reference with the music at the end.
Ami Lipton
Ami Lipton Pred 3 urami
Puppy is my favourite Edit: NOOOOOOOIOOI PUPPYYYYU
Ignacio Narvaez
Ignacio Narvaez Pred 3 urami
Great video hurra jaiden yeiiiiiiii
Angus Murray
Angus Murray Pred 3 urami
The comment infection has started
GalaxyGreenCat Pred 3 urami
I have enjoyed your content for the time I have watched it. I'm sorry, but I won't be watching it anymore, as I am taking my life. Goodbye.
Alec Oli
Alec Oli Pred 4 urami
Cmon where is the next vid yeah i know it takes time but it has been one month
Yash K
Yash K Pred 4 urami
OH MY GOD this is my all time favourite game and favourite video ever BUT how the fuck can you do Shinx like that?? :((
no one
no one Pred 4 urami
Jujubukulu Pred 4 urami
Congratulations on the 100th video, Jaiden!
Sauryam Pred 4 urami
How do you have so many life story
Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai Pred 5 urami
this is da wife of odd1sOut (i think)
mr . Gamer
mr . Gamer Pred 5 urami
Я русскийййй
Sky Storm
Sky Storm Pred 5 urami
Jaiden make a Pokémon sword and shield Nuzlock
Housein Akoum
Housein Akoum Pred 5 urami
R.I.P oops he will not be forgotten
Leela Fourie
Leela Fourie Pred 5 urami
Hey Jaiden when u uploading again? doing another nuzlocke?
kenny mahadewsing
kenny mahadewsing Pred 5 urami
Damn this was good
Relax Pred 5 urami
Brandon K. Ferguson
Brandon K. Ferguson Pred 5 urami
I know you won't see this, but PLEASE do a GEN 2 nuzlocke.
Ktaki Pred 6 urami
which platform is she playing on
Хван Давыд
Хван Давыд Pred 5 urami
In nintendo ds
Lucas Baurichter
Lucas Baurichter Pred 6 urami
Oops is my spirit Pokémon
•Поми дорка•
Хто Укр? Или руский?
blah blah
blah blah Pred 6 urami
New vid pls
Lars Lindström
Lars Lindström Pred 6 urami
Wtf you have a starly and bidoff
Jude Boorman
Jude Boorman Pred 6 urami
Jaiden in my opinion is deku of pokemon
ezriel jan dayon
ezriel jan dayon Pred 6 urami
I love opps
DG64 Pred 6 urami
Is Anyone Not Going To Acknowledge The Fact That This Is Jaidens 100th Video?... Anyone?... No?... Well... I Guess Not
Melanie RobloxGamer
Melanie RobloxGamer Pred 6 urami
whyyyyy facilite look sooooo cute
Albert Acosta
Albert Acosta Pred 7 urami
Poor nurse joy and chancey
Ground Type
Ground Type Pred 7 urami
Day 1 of commenting every day until Jaiden does a HeartGold/SoulSilver Nuzlocke
Nova Lightning
Nova Lightning Pred 7 urami
I dont have pokemon game until now i was just watching some people playing pokemon
Cyb3r M1a
Cyb3r M1a Pred 7 urami
Fly high Failure 🕊💔
Ardan Iaquinta
Ardan Iaquinta Pred 7 urami
What Is This RU Trying To Make an Anime Or Something?
Kirby34 64
Kirby34 64 Pred 7 urami
Fenton Tuck
Fenton Tuck Pred 7 urami
but what was up with that ending
Fenton Tuck
Fenton Tuck Pred 7 urami
That bit at 15:15 was really really cool!
Akshaykvinod Gaming with Agent 27
giratina looks scary
Yeshabelle Ledesma
Yeshabelle Ledesma Pred 8 urami
Why isn't she posting anymore...?I'm kinda worried.....
corey john
corey john Pred 8 urami
How do I send fan art?
Eric Cooper
Eric Cooper Pred 8 urami
I like your channel
Carl Amat
Carl Amat Pred 8 urami
Every single pokemon game: How to meet the professor: 1. Wake Up 2. Get out of house 3. Step into tall grass
Michelle Korum
Michelle Korum Pred 8 urami
I like when the Pokémon’s head pops off
Sophia Mizer
Sophia Mizer Pred 8 urami
I just subscribed!
KC King
KC King Pred 8 urami
Congrats on ur 100th video
CookieCandyYT Pred 9 urami
Congrats, you have 100 videos!
daniel toro
daniel toro Pred 9 urami
Tomer zucker
Tomer zucker Pred 9 urami
when is video about epic smp?
Koka Kola
Koka Kola Pred 9 urami
Her animation for Failure getting killed literally breaks my heart
AkGun Z Gaming
AkGun Z Gaming Pred 9 urami
Me and my sun conure mango we LOVE your videos
Nathaniel Bryan
Nathaniel Bryan Pred 10 urami
Crit happens
JuanJo Guillén Destéfano
Jaiden can u make a pokemon gold silver or crystal nuzlocke?
The Mage of Content
The Mage of Content Pred 10 urami
that glitch part at the end kind of scared me for a quick second ngl
José Alejandro López Gómez
Nuzlocke pokemon fire red!!!!!! Please
Alex Huerta
Alex Huerta Pred 10 urami
Play Doom Eternal, since both Animal crossing and Doom are being wholesome.
Kingston Ta
Kingston Ta Pred 10 urami
Cynthia be like: LeT’s EaT 4:50
Manjeet kumar
Manjeet kumar Pred 10 urami
I reaĺly wat another video to see link a 5000 times
Gabriel Klos-McRoBB
Gabriel Klos-McRoBB Pred 11 urami
If there's a Pokemon game where you fight a character named Jaiden, I've got a good pick for the story. You say that you came to the region from Sinnoh so you could have 2 titles, but ran into alternate-dimension you. You beat yourself so you could fuse with them and accept your title as Sinnoh Champion.
Minecraft Tutorials
Minecraft Tutorials Pred 11 urami
Damn the last part hits hard😔
Ashley Singer
Ashley Singer Pred 11 urami
I am actually your biggest fan I love your videos I’ve always wanted to see you
Bendy Gamer 590
Bendy Gamer 590 Pred 11 urami
Greattings in tacoland
Amanda the bunny
Amanda the bunny Pred 11 urami
Things got pretty darker👁👄👁
Bendy Gamer 590
Bendy Gamer 590 Pred 11 urami
I think I was subscribing but no
Солнечная Империя
I’m from Russia
MrSkitMan Pred 11 urami
Melynie Moody
Melynie Moody Pred 11 urami
Melynie Moody
Melynie Moody Pred 11 urami
you detr
Nghi Le
Nghi Le Pred 12 urami
It okay I feel bad too,I killed lily and I feel it too.
Daniel Mendez
Daniel Mendez Pred 12 urami
Jaiden should redo the nuzlocke next year December 19 2021 anyone
shifty 6979
shifty 6979 Pred 12 urami
We need more nuzlucks and jaiden keep up the anaimations and liked the video and subbed
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Pred 12 urami
I love you videos plus your bird is so cute
adamdddq Pred 12 urami
Where ari
FIKRI the kaneko
FIKRI the kaneko Pred 8 urami
This is a diffrent pokemon game U can encounter only 100+ (i think) in every pokemon game
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson Pred 12 urami
I say in honor of Failure the Shinx, we all refer to him as Hero.
Tucker Dog
Tucker Dog Pred 12 urami
have a great day no problem with the exact same thing on no
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad Pred 12 urami
Her in her nuzlockes: Has 1 death by the 3rd gym Me in my nuzlockes: Has 11 deaths by the 2nd gym
Hank Nelson
Hank Nelson Pred 12 urami
rip Failure died young :[
HARRY POOTER Pred 12 urami
100th vid noice
My First Pokemon Nuzlocke
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