Drawing YuGiOh Monsters We don't know w/ Drawfee 

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i'd build a deck around these guys (but i'd probably lose)
Drawing Dark Souls Bosses: sltv.info/label/n6epvNO2jqGCdao/video
Drawfee's channel: sltv.info/watch/oal_hpPIPAnWlG-kWHLheA.html
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21. mar. 2018

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Artistic Omega
Artistic Omega Pred 5 urami
*watching this in 2020 shortly after watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2* THE SPIDER BURGER!!!!
Anne-Rebecca Janina Van Loock
Am I the only one who saw the original Zorc dragon thing and thought it was phalus and not at all sfw? No, just me? Alright, I'll see myself out.
I DrawThings
I DrawThings Pred 2 dnevi
I dont know why but when I was a kid I was insanely good at yugioh
sethpandas Pred 2 dnevi
Me trying not to get raged
Jesper Høegh Andersen
i a mester to the card Game
Fabian Kamberi
Fabian Kamberi Pred 4 dnevi
I love yugioh
Rich Dupe
Rich Dupe Pred 5 dnevi
Hungry Burger. I feel like the eyes should have been the pickles.
the depretion in his voice at 6:02
Jared Flores
Jared Flores Pred 9 dnevi
Lowkey wanna see them draw badass dragons and let them read their demonic descriptions
Nolan A
Nolan A Pred 9 dnevi
They missed the opportunity to name the little dragon head dork... yeah ik I am binge watching jaiden who doesn't
Caleb Sagum
Caleb Sagum Pred 9 dnevi
they need to believe in the heart of the cards a bit more
Keyla Auikyani
Keyla Auikyani Pred 10 dnevi
I know I'm very late to the party, but a Jaiden/Drawfee crossover is a dream come true!
Mauricio Fernández
Mauricio Fernández Pred 11 dnevi
As a Yu-Gi-Oh player I'm genuinely pissed of
Jose Camacho
Jose Camacho Pred 12 dnevi
Should do both pokemon and yugioh if you like
yugi_ teen
yugi_ teen Pred 13 dnevi
Fierce Animations
Fierce Animations Pred 13 dnevi
Jaiden should have been Jayden
Owen Eldridge
Owen Eldridge Pred 13 dnevi
Can you do another one please?
Sorry, I don't exist
Sorry, I don't exist Pred 13 dnevi
So this is where the inspiration for cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 came from 6:47
Sorry, I don't exist
Sorry, I don't exist Pred 13 dnevi
4:00 paper
Jan Nomden
Jan Nomden Pred 13 dnevi
jor hung burger looks like its raning
David dimmonaa
David dimmonaa Pred 14 dnevi
You play Yu-Gi-Oh too
iaKaN Pred 14 dnevi
He was spot on with hungry burger before taking a HARD left turn
White_IceGaming Pred 14 dnevi
I felt kind of disturbed on where she drew the extra dragon head...
I’m tired Like, really tired
Lol, remember when the game didn’t have any rules and somehow yugi turned blue eyes int a zombie? And THEN Kaiba threatened yugi into surrendering or else the impact of his HOLOGRAM’S attack would knock him of the building to his death?
Specific G
Specific G Pred 15 dnevi
yo Jaiden Yu gi hair is black yellow and red i would know cuz i watched Yu gi oh
H Kelley
H Kelley Pred 16 dnevi
I’m telling you creeper hair is not Poisin I know this because I’m a Yu-Gi-Oh maniac
Markuss Trankalis
Markuss Trankalis Pred 16 dnevi
Anyone else seeing jaidens zorc necrowhateverhe's called head look like a salandit from pokemon?
DemiTheVampireKing Pred 16 dnevi
Hungry burger the ritual monster, ritual summoning "Secret Recipe" if i remember correctly....
Jirachi Blade
Jirachi Blade Pred 16 dnevi
Nathan's hungry burger looks like a bugsnack
Connor Butcher
Connor Butcher Pred 17 dnevi
Have you read misc🙃
burnum Pred 17 dnevi
"ChefBoh" The next in the line up of Kuriboh cards.
bonbon famliy
bonbon famliy Pred 17 dnevi
i now it 50 50 of it all
Ginu Choi
Ginu Choi Pred 17 dnevi
Why is there a guy called hungrey burger
Isaac Nguyen
Isaac Nguyen Pred 17 dnevi
i have been watching jaiden for years HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS
Papyrus Pred 18 dnevi
I actually new like half of these
Eli Stillston
Eli Stillston Pred 18 dnevi
I'm loving yami jaiden
BerserkerCiaran Pred 18 dnevi
I love how it's the old glories: Kuriboh, Hungry Burger, and Zorc... And then Misc.
Late night Creature
Late night Creature Pred 18 dnevi
I fucking LOVE yu-gi-oh
Alamdar'game Tv
Alamdar'game Tv Pred 18 dnevi
3:36 ?
Gezmo Pred 18 dnevi
As a Yugioh player until this day, this is the funniest video ever, please do a part two one day
Catherine Huff
Catherine Huff Pred 18 dnevi
I NEVER KNEW YOUR DREW WITH DRAWFEE!!!!!! The crossover I didnt know I needed until I saw it
Deborah Fischer
Deborah Fischer Pred 19 dnevi
This dude just made the burger spider from cloudy with a chance of meat balls 2
Maciej Szabelski
Maciej Szabelski Pred 19 dnevi
Zorc the dork
Luke Devilux
Luke Devilux Pred 19 dnevi
Hungry burger just looks like the spider burger in the "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2"
Laura Hopkins
Laura Hopkins Pred 19 dnevi
Jeremy Morris
Jeremy Morris Pred 20 dnevi
Zork isnt a real card. There is a zork card but its different.
Jeremy Morris
Jeremy Morris Pred 20 dnevi
When you love yugioh and pokemon.
Kat Gacha
Kat Gacha Pred 20 dnevi
Hungry burger- Cloudy with the chance of meatballs???
Kit Farman
Kit Farman Pred 20 dnevi
"I will turn this card around!" Is so good.
LunDruid Pred 20 dnevi
Jaiden: What do dragon nipples look like? Me: ...Uh... dragons aren't mammals....
Redpanda GAMES
Redpanda GAMES Pred 21 dnevom
You literally drew the burger from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 lol😂
TimbrrWolfe Pred 22 dnevi
I can't believe this rendition of Hungry Burger inspired Bugsnax =P
AceWiz Pred 22 dnevi
I did not know this existed
My MOM!!!
My MOM!!! Pred 23 dnevi
Bruh they just drew the monster from cloudy and a chance of meet balls 2 For Hungary burger
Star Shot
Star Shot Pred 23 dnevi
kuriboh annoying how dare u and zorc isnt a monster its a god
Lewis Way
Lewis Way Pred 23 dnevi
The burger is the cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 burger spider
Fede MC
Fede MC Pred 24 dnevi
You clearly did not read Misc...
DarkExcel Pred 24 dnevi
With a dragon from the stomach. Uhhhhhh i think that is the urm... Dong
DarkExcel Pred 24 dnevi
MISC STILL NOT BANNED!!!! Misc = miscellaneousaurus
I stubed my toe pls help
There is a Yu-Gi-Oh deck called "Lair of darkness" and the boss monster is called "Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the lair" but guess what i call him Larry
Višnja Lokas
Višnja Lokas Pred 25 dnevi
I love yugioh
TB1 Pred 25 dnevi
The 3rd drawing looks like the burger spider from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
Millie Hayes
Millie Hayes Pred 26 dnevi
karina would’ve been so happy.
Currywurst Bude
Currywurst Bude Pred 26 dnevi
7:00 He can Just eat His own tongue xD
Melker Ahlback
Melker Ahlback Pred 26 dnevi
Zorc zerc and zuckerberg
Aadomination Pred 27 dnevi
I wonder if this was the inspiration of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meathballs
Sir Cartier
Sir Cartier Pred 27 dnevi
ITZ SIR Pred 27 dnevi
I have many legendary cards
endriusza Pred 27 dnevi
7:29 ey it looks like that one monster from cloudy with a chance of meateballs 2
joe torrance
joe torrance Pred 28 dnevi
Me who plays yu gi oh
Kyle nunya biznuss
Kyle nunya biznuss Pred 28 dnevi
Did they just copy hungry burger from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2?
Nathaniel Chen 1
Nathaniel Chen 1 Pred 28 dnevi
Isn't Kuribo like Goomba's (from Mario) Japanese name or something?
Amanda tries
Amanda tries Pred 28 dnevi
Jaden: Hungry Burger :3 Nathan: *WJSMjwnakNAWKZNkw2nJwwjNSMAKma*
Bass-D C
Bass-D C Pred 29 dnevi
Fun fact: In the Anime, cards often get censored if they look too suggestive. In the 4kids US release: Zorc gained a few pounds so the other head does not look like a Dragondong. Among other cards that got crotch-detailes censored are: Flying fortress SKY FI RE and Bicular For the same reason. YUGIOH. One of the few cardgames where the sentence "The International release castrated this robots Rocketschlong" makes sense.
Shadow Wolfie
Shadow Wolfie Pred 29 dnevi
My cousin had I hair in the cookies we made and even since the family joke when there is a hair in a baked good we say “Its a insert name hair!”
Token Pred 29 dnevi
Does anyone else not rememeber watching thjis video when it was uploaded to Jaidens chanell at all? ;-;
Claudia Powell
Claudia Powell Pred mesecem
Show this to Karina @drawfee
Ermac Macro
Ermac Macro Pred mesecem
I see Drawfee made "Kuribun"
newquinken Pred mesecem
That moment when Baker kuriboh becomes a real Card called Bakuriboh
MJ Gonzalez
MJ Gonzalez Pred mesecem
NATHAN!!!! i love nathan 🥺🥺🥺
Pixel_ Jade81
Pixel_ Jade81 Pred mesecem
Gregory Sokil
Gregory Sokil Pred mesecem
The burger is the same as the spider in Cloudly with a chance of meatball 2
Spark Gamer
Spark Gamer Pred mesecem
Omg this burger is from raining meatbals 2
Vehan Dhanithu
Vehan Dhanithu Pred mesecem
Guys the burger is like a reference to cloidy with a chance of meatballs
Brandon Turner
Brandon Turner Pred mesecem
Jaiden talking about how hungry burger could be useless. Me: basically
Jean Kirschtein
Jean Kirschtein Pred mesecem
My dad had one of the most OP cards in the game (so op it was banned) he got it from one of those little Walmart card packs you find in the front too! But his friend stole it so my dad stole his friends WHOLE deck, WHOLE.
Mr. Nylund
Mr. Nylund Pred mesecem
Damn.. lol
Fabienne Hyacinth
Fabienne Hyacinth Pred mesecem
I like how deku / izuku midoriya from the anime my hero academia is there with Japanese flags
Ali e 537
Ali e 537 Pred mesecem
I have six rare yugi oh cards i have a SLtv channel im gonna show all my yugi cards i have the blu eyed white ka dragon
Clunk Clink
Clunk Clink Pred mesecem
They should have done Interplanetarypurplythornydragon. Yes. This is real. Yugioh is awesome
That one girl
That one girl Pred mesecem
*I WILL TURN THIS CARD AROUND* it made me spit out my choccy milk guys
Lucario _YT
Lucario _YT Pred mesecem
You my spanish :( Chile
Noa Schimek
Noa Schimek Pred mesecem
Hold up, if you haven’t seen the movie with the food that comes to life to monster burger is exactly the same as what they came up with so I think the producers of the movie saw this and liked the idea
Danielle Caouette
Danielle Caouette Pred mesecem
The only thing that you got wrong is that he actually has a dragon dong.
Killer Lizard
Killer Lizard Pred mesecem
A beautiful Duwang
A beautiful Duwang Pred mesecem
Kuribaker new support for madolche
Dany SanAv.
Dany SanAv. Pred mesecem
Why give the hardest to jaiden jajaja
Ryan Cotton
Ryan Cotton Pred mesecem
Is that the burger spider from cloudy and the chance of mettballs
Lee Butler
Lee Butler Pred mesecem
If only karina could've hosted
Eldon Peters
Eldon Peters Pred mesecem
miscellaneousaurus coming at me "ha, trap!"
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