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18. feb. 2018

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Minecraft whatever
Minecraft whatever Pred 11 minutami
My new years resolution is eat less and focus on school but like the day after still eating so much and not focusing on school. Broken already😃
Rubin De Jong
Rubin De Jong Pred 4 urami
Have you played Pokemon Sword and/or Shield? If yes, then who is your favorite gym trainer
daniel chong
daniel chong Pred 9 urami
Casual battle to the death Well i have been doing that since my little brother turned 4 just get some sticks have a sword fight or go hand to hand combat until someone gets too tired throws up needs a water break or yields
diego moreno
diego moreno Pred 10 urami
For the workout that worked for me it’s called insanity and i legit died every time but once you get into it it gets easy and my girlfriend said that she started to notice the change which I didn’t see but you should try it out
Elliot Richardson
Elliot Richardson Pred 13 urami
"... walking your dog" - Jaiden with Ari wearing a collor and lead 😂
Lose...your money
Pretend something is here
Raise your hand if your up at 2:56 at a sleepover not being able to sleeeep 🖐🏻
Nayaka satiadi
Nayaka satiadi Pred 20 urami
7:48 Jaiden joestar
Franko Ruiz
Franko Ruiz Pred 22 urami
6:06 aye u are right, i lost like 30kg trought water fasting and i keept going after the weight loss usually when i had the extra fat could sustain a fast for over 2 days but later i couldnt even complete one it was time to stop and people say im in much better shape now than when i was forcing myself to fast
Henry Ss
Henry Ss Pred 23 urami
I know it’s been 2 years but this really helps
• Blōxx •
• Blōxx • Pred dnevom
my new years resolution is to breath everyday so ill accomplish it everyday
Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira Pred dnevom
Relax, after 8 years of lifting you just feel that it is part of your nature.
the killer Garchomp
the killer Garchomp Pred 2 dnevi
I'm going to try to do this but my fam WONT STOP BYEING JUNK FOOD-
Bill Ko
Bill Ko Pred 2 dnevi
Well, our new year resolutions are already accomplished. WE LIVED THROUGH THE DANG 2020
I am a MISTERY Pred 2 dnevi
Jayden: lets me honest with ourselves here, that’s a weak excuse for a resolution. Covid-19: *WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!*
andra tanuatmodjo
andra tanuatmodjo Pred 2 dnevi
James sprinkle lul
Mike Hume
Mike Hume Pred 4 dnevi
( school doing a height and weight thing in gym) * gym teacher saying I need to lose 5 pounds for no reason* * me eating what ever I feel like eating*
xxZOBTxx ._.
xxZOBTxx ._. Pred 4 dnevi
*plays hip hop music*
Catia Becerra
Catia Becerra Pred 4 dnevi
Watching this as I'm eating my cupcake
me trying to pick up a jug of full or half milk: 4:16
Men jen T O
Men jen T O Pred 4 dnevi
4:15 😅🤣😇🤣
•ItsDiamond_ YT•
Comment from 2021: Im accualy those 8% People who keep there mind like: NEW YEAR, NEW ME! IM GONNA BECOME WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!
Gemerald Brickz
Gemerald Brickz Pred 4 dnevi
1:33 Me In Online Classes
Hunter 2043
Hunter 2043 Pred 5 dnevi
I walk nearly every day thankfully.
BRODY ROW Pred 5 dnevi
people who live in china '[]'
Dayna de Montagnac
Dayna de Montagnac Pred 5 dnevi
I got an exercise ad right in the middle of this video
Abby Awesome
Abby Awesome Pred 5 dnevi
9r3ss_F Pred 5 dnevi
Jaiden: Don't throw away all your surger. 7:10 Tom Brady: The last time I had candy was when I was 7
Goodwin gamer Weirdo
steven biedrzycki
steven biedrzycki Pred 6 dnevi
THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING!! YOUR CHANNELS VIDEOS MAKE MY DAY AND PLEASE KEEP UPLOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s.- I now really want to go to an art and animation school because of you and animators like you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Oliver Christanto 1610050
Is nobody gonna talk about jaiden hating the background music or is it just me?
Bail Ray
Bail Ray Pred 6 dnevi
I’m eating this eating some muffins and chocolate milk and I feel great
night owl
night owl Pred 6 dnevi
This year I will try to not say “I didn’t have time” everyone has the same amount of time.
Mbalama Baseme
Mbalama Baseme Pred 6 dnevi
Hey am writing a comic so can you help me with drawing
Natalie Mudra
Natalie Mudra Pred 7 dnevi
Omg this is such a relief ... even tho I’m 12 and may or may not be over weight 😣 I’m glad someone else is struggling with their New Years resolution... ❤️Love you jaiden
Marian Stable
Marian Stable Pred 7 dnevi
3:50 Jaiden: woah is that the salad alarm? Me:wait what?
Amos Ravenclaw
Amos Ravenclaw Pred 7 dnevi
It's January 11 and it's already been a week since I gave up on my resolution.
popayes5 Pred 7 dnevi
yea your right today in online learning pe class litterly everyone but the person talking was smileing
Noah Dunn
Noah Dunn Pred 7 dnevi
Everybody ari isn’t a dog Me he is true doggo
s sc
s sc Pred 7 dnevi
The venomous leather chronically cough because chime pharmacokinetically concentrate modulo a equal roll. abashed, electric biplane
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
Addyson Pred 8 dnevi
im wearing headphones and i just realized you have really dope music in the background
Star_Art Pred 8 dnevi
I’m watching this while eating Cheetos
Nora Musson
Nora Musson Pred 8 dnevi
How do you run someone over with an exercise bike?
Musa Ncube
Musa Ncube Pred 8 dnevi
Wow who would have know bitcoin would have skyrocketed by now
Pritha Biswas
Pritha Biswas Pred 8 dnevi
Pritha Biswas
Pritha Biswas Pred 8 dnevi
My resolution was - Don't die to a animal in a recwe
Pritha Biswas
Pritha Biswas Pred 8 dnevi
Thank you for the emotional support
t.j. Aarons
t.j. Aarons Pred 8 dnevi
I feel your pain on the eating disorder. for a year now I have been fighting an eating disorder. I struggle to eat 2 meals a day. I will be starving and after eating like half of a sandwich, I will feel bloated.
Keegan Nagel
Keegan Nagel Pred 9 dnevi
*mannrobics tf2*
TheFandom Master
TheFandom Master Pred 9 dnevi
And then, even sadder, those commercials come up as soon as you start to accept your body for how it is
Emily Crass
Emily Crass Pred 9 dnevi
I am eating while watching this video and oh I love it and I am so hungry
MarzBarz Pred 9 dnevi
also u r amazing jaiden, i just want u to know that, you can do so much, u r actually very smart and funny thanks for ur vids :3
MarzBarz Pred 9 dnevi
i did one resolution for 2021, and im a young writer so my goal was to finish my series by setting aside time to write for thirty minutes every day. also jaiden I LUV UR VIDS UR HILARIOUS 🤣
Aquamations Pred 9 dnevi
My resolution: sleep more than three hours a night
Велика Иванова
In my country we don't do resolutions
Prophetic Gaming
Prophetic Gaming Pred 9 dnevi
Someone I know loss 70 pound on keto no hate
Kendra C
Kendra C Pred 9 dnevi
Are you into fitness? I am into Fitness....Fitness Whole pizza in my mouth. LOL
• Cøttøn Gamêr •
Idk if I saw this It would help *bold* :these things on each end of the word “*” -Crossed out- :this on each end “-“ _Italic_ :this on each end “_”
Jacob Rosinski
Jacob Rosinski Pred 10 dnevi
So I guess that means that she posted a video on new year's day
The 2Fort Dweller
The 2Fort Dweller Pred 10 dnevi
Dexterussalt391 Pred 10 dnevi
Ok I have a weird thing where I literally can't get sore from exercise and I actually kinda overwork myself lol
Ellie Fausch
Ellie Fausch Pred 10 dnevi
I don't work out but I do exercise a little and I walk often. I don't look like super thin, but I like how I'm not fat. I count that good. Tip: if you wanna get fit, dance to positive songs. (I have a Playlist of upbeat songs on soundcloud under the name Luna with a cool wolf icon if you wanna look)
Lauren Desmons
Lauren Desmons Pred 10 dnevi
J hi jayden i found this hilarious jazzersise video that makes me laugh and i thought i would show you: copy and paste JAZZERCISE - Move Your Boogie Body
Eli Chin
Eli Chin Pred 10 dnevi
Me:hears the aerobics song. Me 5 seconds later: and the spycrab!
Kuldar Priisalu
Kuldar Priisalu Pred 10 dnevi
Just think how i Starve every day in my life, like every morning!
Angie uwu
Angie uwu Pred 10 dnevi
Welp, here i am Pretending to write resolutions in class when I never did rsolutions :v Help ;-;
Gregg Quinn
Gregg Quinn Pred 10 dnevi
Is this why you made that music video.
Pink Glitch
Pink Glitch Pred 10 dnevi
My new years resolution is make a new years resolution
WOODEN HOE Pred 10 dnevi
I love the the part of the video where there was three blue guys dancing it was funny😂😂😂
serena b
serena b Pred 10 dnevi
Ah yes don’t pull a James:)
3VBrosGaming YT
3VBrosGaming YT Pred 10 dnevi
2:18 cute pic
Emma Pred 11 dnevi
I'm......gonna try to eat now 🥲 I do know the dangers of NOT eating....and unfortunately I do that for self destruction....but I'm trying to get better. 👌🏻 Therapy is helping. Thank you Jaiden. ❤️👑
Gold Chain z
Gold Chain z Pred 11 dnevi
This vid is trash
Itzpanda z
Itzpanda z Pred 11 dnevi
Pulling a James.
Kirstine Ida Brink
Kirstine Ida Brink Pred 11 dnevi
I laugh so hard In The scene OHh im hopeless NOMnOmNOMNoMNOMNOM
Carterplays Terraria
Carterplays Terraria Pred 11 dnevi
I'll listen to my epic gemer playlist while I exercise when ever I start also MY EPIC GEMER PLAYLIST IS PUBLIC
Marybel Fanugon
Marybel Fanugon Pred 11 dnevi
this is the best way fitness 10 push ups everyday
becky cai
becky cai Pred 11 dnevi
2:56 Pikachu
becky cai
becky cai Pred 11 dnevi
This could be a good video to make me transform into Rocky Horror (the rocky horror picture show)
becky cai
becky cai Pred 11 dnevi
When I see the 80’s aerobics video i go “Pikachu!”
Angry Tachanka Frog
Angry Tachanka Frog Pred 12 dnevi
7:29 (bad hip-hop intensifies)
er_ writes
er_ writes Pred 12 dnevi
Person: Fitness is great whooo! EXERCISE! Me: I need to take a break. . my skin is crying
Dany 21
Dany 21 Pred 12 dnevi
My resulution was not to die, I think Im doing preaty good.
Benjamin Curran
Benjamin Curran Pred 12 dnevi
If you're eating or drinking, Do Not By Any Means Watch 1:32. Otherwise you'll choke to death.
Abbie Amend
Abbie Amend Pred 12 dnevi
I remember when you posted your eating disorder video, I thought to myself that would never happen to me. Never. Welp, 2020 really kicked me in the butt there. I then found your channel again, rewatched the video, and realized how mentally unsound I had become. Your video opened my eyes to how bad I had become and made me realize that I was miserable. Being cold 24/7, never feeling satisfied, lashing out uncontrollably, crying in my room if I ate any more than 800 calories, and having no energy to do anything. Hanging out with friends was completely out the window because I could barely walk for more than 20 minutes before being completely wiped out. I saw your video and did my own research on anorexia. I then came to the conclusion that I had developed Atypical anorexia (same mindset and tendencies, you’re BMI is normal. I was on the verge of being underweight, but like 5 lbs above). I started eating correctly, and made an effort to love who I am, and I thank you for helping me though that. So, thank you Jaiden.
Olivia Paul
Olivia Paul Pred 12 dnevi
We just NEED to thank PE with Joe at this point. He stopped us looking like blobs during lockdown.
Louise O
Louise O Pred 12 dnevi
You can’t expect to put a cup of gasoline into a car What if you live in China?
Richie Stewart
Richie Stewart Pred 12 dnevi
This is so weird but i like it
Reverse time LOL
Reverse time LOL Pred 12 dnevi
Jaiden sry if you see this 😂 Im i the only one that thinks that music is kinda katchy
itsoNOTemily Pred 12 dnevi
I love your videos 😊☺️
ThatGreenYoutuber Pred 12 dnevi
2:15 voice change
Heidi Peters
Heidi Peters Pred 13 dnevi
Happy jaiden new year 😁🥳🎆🥳🎆🎆
Silly Rook
Silly Rook Pred 13 dnevi
Why does Daniel look like Steve from mincraft
Virgil Chelsea
Virgil Chelsea Pred 13 dnevi
Can I still eat gummy fruit?
Gabriel Girata
Gabriel Girata Pred 13 dnevi
Wait if every day is a jaiden new year then what is a normal new year is it a double new year for you?
Baal Hawkins
Baal Hawkins Pred 13 dnevi
Pep The J
Pep The J Pred 13 dnevi
I know this is an old video, but I’m gonna vent a little. My body is refusing to eat on its own, and because of the video about your eating disorder story, I’m forcing myself to eat. It’s because of you that I’m trying to survive. As much as I don’t feel like I need to eat, I do it anyway because I know the dangers of eating disorders. I want to say thank you because if you didn’t make videos, I would be starving myself just to feel better. I know you don’t realize it, but you’re the reason I’m not going to die by my own hands.
panda y
panda y Pred 11 dnevi
This is an amazing story stay strong know I believe in you
Anthony Croswhite
Anthony Croswhite Pred 13 dnevi
mine this year was hopefully COVID goes away
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