Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions 

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You liek mudkipz?
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Music: Pokemon R/S/E Abandoned Ship Remix by sonicwave1000 sltv.info/label/qZqml5m0bIyGnmc/video
Pokemon R/S/E Sootopolis Remix by PokeRemixStudio sltv.info/label/nZSjuZGwcaeyo2c/video

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a hint to the secret video!! The video I'm posting tomorrow has something to do with MUSIC! (no it's not a parody because I can't sing ^_^)

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19. nov. 2014

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Fatin Nurafifah
Fatin Nurafifah Pred 5 dnevi
Mine is treeko cuse sceptile is awesome
John Nathan Iraham
John Nathan Iraham Pred 8 dnevi
Team mudkip for life
Smug Kid
Smug Kid Pred 9 dnevi
i wonder if alpharad saw this
ItzWhipLash Pred 12 dnevi
2021 recommendation les go
Igor Lopes kuhn
Igor Lopes kuhn Pred 13 dnevi
Way to go
Toasty’s Cheetos
Toasty’s Cheetos Pred 15 dnevi
Ah, almost forgot this was jaiden animations
GibberishDraw Pred 20 dnevi
This so cool I watch most of your vids your speed arts are really inspiring
Ambers ANIMATIONS Pred 27 dnevi
Hi Bye
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Lol you really like pokemon
Donna Gray
Donna Gray Pred mesecem
You’re the best person in the world at drawing Pokémon oh my God
Jotie Pred mesecem
The song in the beginning was 🔥 🔥
Naples Pred mesecem
swampert is one of the strongest puhkemawn in existance. so... *ctrl + c ctrl + v*
Trần Anh
Trần Anh Pred mesecem
My god!
Keilah Valenzuela Garcia
I love your videos, they are so relatable and funny, don't think you'll see this or even care, but I'm going to see all your videos until your most recent one! Thank you!
Mak JLE Pred 2 meseci
Fun Fact:Mudkip is a water pokemon that lives on land And mudskippers are fish that live on land So that means Mudkip is Mudskipper ChAnGe My MiNd
minun_hapie Pred 2 meseci
Axolotl :D
Raven Simmons
Raven Simmons Pred 2 meseci
Aidan Hinkle
Aidan Hinkle Pred 2 meseci
All of them look really good i don’t know what to choose
ParkerJPark Pred 2 meseci
Me: See the time it took her to draw Mudkip Also me: you could speed run Mario Oddesy in that amount of time
Kouki Bouharrat
Kouki Bouharrat Pred 2 meseci
The drawing is adorable
monica do nascimento
monica do nascimento Pred 2 meseci
delluna Pred 2 meseci
Tomas Mapa
Tomas Mapa Pred 2 meseci
Ozias Green
Ozias Green Pred 3 meseci
Mudkip 4 life
Jay'vonn Hammond
Jay'vonn Hammond Pred 3 meseci
Ah yes the 7th animation
Colston Ayers
Colston Ayers Pred 3 meseci
im here in 6 years later...
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry Pred 3 meseci
music is not bad tho
Ian Fralick
Ian Fralick Pred 3 meseci
StellaDraws Pred 3 meseci
What do you use to draw like a computer? With a weird pad thing that connects? I have a channel and I wanted to see if I could get better drawing equipment than just my phone
Dilshad Alam
Dilshad Alam Pred 4 meseci
Wow jaiden it's very nice drawing I love drawing for Pokemon
Turnip Productions
Turnip Productions Pred 4 meseci
ahhh ok, i know this video is 5 years old but it's still great art, like if i were to try drawing them it would look like some weird mess but this is so clean and nice looking!
Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams Pred 4 meseci
Im team treecki
Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams Pred 4 meseci
Iglesia Messiana
Iglesia Messiana Pred 4 meseci
i am done you have beaten my sanity now i must die *falls down from hill* jk
Clovercat YT
Clovercat YT Pred 4 meseci
Currently binging every Jaiden vid
MaxPlayz Games
MaxPlayz Games Pred 4 meseci
Eleanor Schanck
Eleanor Schanck Pred 5 meseci
Jaiden animations is keeping me sane in quarentine. I downloaded GIMP which is kinda like photoshop, but free, and I draw pokemon and other stuff all the time. Not as good as yours though :)
Luna the gamer
Luna the gamer Pred 5 meseci
I have a mudkip in pokemon go
mudkip Pred 5 meseci
dindobasalan134 dindo
dindobasalan134 dindo Pred 5 meseci
Who here in 2020 I just wanted to do that QwQ
Gusiguess Pred 5 meseci
So i heard u liek mudkip?
Adriano Sigona
Adriano Sigona Pred 5 meseci
I love all water Pokemon 1stMudkip 2ndsamurott 3rdgyarados
nabil ghaisan ridwan
nabil ghaisan ridwan Pred 5 meseci
lets be honest right now mudkip is strong
Depressed Devil
Depressed Devil Pred 5 meseci
Mudkip reminds me of a puppy who‘s about to pee
Lucario Issac89
Lucario Issac89 Pred 5 meseci
I ABSOLUTELY love the Mudkip evolution!🤩🤩🤩
Renan Rasim
Renan Rasim Pred 5 meseci
İ Lov Treeko Can Yo Draw İt
Vitra Subhanallah
Vitra Subhanallah Pred 5 meseci
I hate drawing anime but trying to Learn comic style but i like pokemon (can't draw them)
Aparna Jana
Aparna Jana Pred 5 meseci
Mudkip was my hoenn starter as charmander my kanto Thnx for drawing marshtomp and swampert
Clarence May Parojillo
i like torchic
DeCy Pred 6 meseci
I’ll use this to hopefully to get better (You can see my progress on my YT)
matthman0107 Pred 6 meseci
Yes, I viry mooch sow liek mudkipz!
Uncrowded Reasons
Uncrowded Reasons Pred 6 meseci
You managed to draw marshtomp and make him not look like an odd derp boi :0 so cuute
Ted the Puppy
Ted the Puppy Pred 6 meseci
Mudkips always look so happy and cheerful! Mudkip fainted Me: sees Muskie faint with happy face Covid: exists Mudkip: gets infected Mudkip: yupee!
Lyla Lamoureaux
Lyla Lamoureaux Pred 6 meseci
I'm binge watching all her vids in 2020. Anyone else? You can just comment it don't like bc I don't beg for likes
Ava Stern
Ava Stern Pred 6 meseci
Your drawings are really good
pedro González uwu
pedro González uwu Pred 6 meseci
it is beautiful 10🍐/10🍐
julian cañada
julian cañada Pred 6 meseci
super cute
Marcelina Gonzalez
Marcelina Gonzalez Pred 6 meseci
My brother has a mupkip
the Rabbits order
the Rabbits order Pred 6 meseci
You like mudkips? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
phroggish Pred 6 meseci
old Jaiden videos are great to watch in quarantine!
Lando129 Pred 7 meseci
Mudkip is my favorite so thank you so much.
Zach Harris
Zach Harris Pred 7 meseci
Love the concept of the mega evolution in the shadows!
DoNNeY XD Pred 7 meseci
I named my Swampert Shrek
Contrariar ps
Contrariar ps Pred 7 meseci
Burkenator Pred 7 meseci
whoever disliked this is... *insane*
Possessed Potato Bird Official
Poololololohjy Pred 7 meseci
Karuna Waghmare
Karuna Waghmare Pred 7 meseci
The best artist ever
Kaja the cringe pile
Kaja the cringe pile Pred 7 meseci
So I heard ya leik mudkips
Raznuk el Vengador
Raznuk el Vengador Pred 8 meseci
It's a bit weird, at least I think it's weird, but, for some reason, I just don't like Mudkip evolutions that much, I mean, it's not that I hate it, but I think that the three of them are the least of my favorites, Sceptile ftw :y
Niko Pred 8 meseci
Mudkip is my favorite pokemon
Daan S
Daan S Pred 8 meseci
You're so damn good if you read this
Aurora Hetrick
Aurora Hetrick Pred 9 meseci
Misty: *obsessed with water Pokémon* Me: I think I’ll like you
Aqua Ninja
Aqua Ninja Pred 2 meseci
@Clovercat YT Okay, live the rest of your life without water, and when I mean the rest of your life, I mean probably a week because your gonna die of dehydration. Good luck!
Bea Lopez
Bea Lopez Pred 2 meseci
@Clovercat YT got anything against water?
Bea Lopez
Bea Lopez Pred 2 meseci
@Muna Dhungel Misty isn't on the Hoeen adventures, instead its May
Aurora Hetrick
Aurora Hetrick Pred 2 meseci
@Muna Dhungel I didn’t watch that one, I only watched indigo leave and the one from alola, can you tell me the name of the show with that?
Muna Dhungel
Muna Dhungel Pred 2 meseci
Doesn’t misty have torchic, ash has treko, and brock has midcip
Flamingwolf1213 Pred 9 meseci
mudkip was my favorite ruby starter but my mudkip never evolved into swampert even on lvl90 or someting
Merrick Laguren
Merrick Laguren Pred 9 meseci
Man watching this makes me feel like a magikarp.
Sieta Vora
Sieta Vora Pred 9 meseci
Jaidens art skillz: exist Anorexia: hah, ima RUIN THIS MANS WHOLE- Jaidens amazing recovery SKILLZ: STFU BISH NO ONE LIKES U HERE Skillz return, even more legendary than before :D
OctoDork Pred 9 meseci
7.75 mil subs and 87 dislikes the math is not adding up lol
AlertLucasAlexander Pred 9 meseci
Still cringe
JR Gracia
JR Gracia Pred 9 meseci
I made it to the final stretch of the all videos playlist, finally!
Online_Oliver Pred 9 meseci
Water_Bottles Pred 9 meseci
Liking jaidens every single video till i get hearted part 9
Jason L
Jason L Pred 10 meseci
Before she had enough subs 4 copyright on the music 😂 Luv u Jaiden
Xii Ree
Xii Ree Pred 10 meseci
Awww my favorite pokemonsss 😍😍😍it's cuuuuuuuteeee❤️ It looks so legit
CrudKip Pred 10 meseci
Yes, just yes.
XXGAMERBRO 0 Pred 10 meseci
this is the goddess of animation.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Pred 10 meseci
I can't even draw close to this good!
Benito Abigan
Benito Abigan Pred 10 meseci
Notice me Senpai 😊
lol doll
lol doll Pred 10 meseci
BeeboTheBean Pred 10 meseci
This noice, though Jaiden is probably cringing at us watching such an old video.
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Pred 10 meseci
Evie TV
Evie TV Pred 10 meseci
Keep on doing this it good
Pixelll is dumb
Pixelll is dumb Pred 11 meseci
Muskip is dope
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira Pred 11 meseci
Mudkip is my favorite starter
Big Man
Big Man Pred 11 meseci
I love mudkip and yes I,m team mudkip
Даниель Ли
Даниель Ли Pred 11 meseci
Good job
BLAKERS Pred 11 meseci
This is cool soft wear what's it called ?
MaddieOrSomthing Pred 11 meseci
Mukips my favourite starter ever!
bo i
bo i Pred 11 meseci
Look at those handsome lads
Timothy kirkland
Timothy kirkland Pred letom
Mudcip is my favorite
Timothy kirkland
Timothy kirkland Pred letom
Musical is my favorite
Thomas Lloyd Smith
mudkip my favorite pokemon
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