Locked out of my House 

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two idiot dont make a smart

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10. feb. 2019

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John Thorpe
John Thorpe Pred 5 urami
# relatable
Willem Barr
Willem Barr Pred 8 urami
You could’ve said, I’m gonna head to my friend’s house.
Nicola Keady
Nicola Keady Pred 9 urami
Here is a little tip Open your window and then you can get back in
David Dermawan
David Dermawan Pred 13 urami
Jaiden:here's a bunch of money
Ender Hasan ツ
Ender Hasan ツ Pred 15 urami
U thing 20 hours is a lot to be awake I was awake for 1 week & 4 days
erika flores
erika flores Pred dnevom
The vengeful bone inspiringly detect because anatomy elderly bake lest a lazy stopwatch. symptomatic, whole hardware
BubbaDahutt Pred dnevom
HApyp Boirtyhday :D
redge clisters
redge clisters Pred dnevom
1:00 thats a indian name
Kristin Moodie
Kristin Moodie Pred dnevom
Happy birthday
Moop SikI
Moop SikI Pred dnevom
I have a secret pair of keys in my house it’s in my You really thought I was gonna tell you where it is
Elliot Senecal
Elliot Senecal Pred dnevom
the Skyrim references are my favorite 3:25 3:28 6:01
X brawler
X brawler Pred 2 dnevi
I can't be the only one who acts drunk when you don't get sleep right?
cat memes and video games
Jaiden looks like she took some drugs lol
Sheree Reno
Sheree Reno Pred 2 dnevi
My turn I broke my open window
Sivie Lovegood
Sivie Lovegood Pred 2 dnevi
1:14 Anyone else looked at their phone?
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Pred 2 dnevi
Why didn’t you just say that was the wrong house?
Kendra Gorter
Kendra Gorter Pred 2 dnevi
StarPlayz_RB Pred 2 dnevi
At 2:08 if jaiden were to play gta 5 I think this would be the first thing she would do lol.
Raedell Resurreccion
if i lock myself out of my house i would stay at my neighbors you know why? OUR HOUSE IS CONNECTED BY GOD DAMN GATE IF THEIR NOT HOME WELL IMM JUST MAKE MY BED OUTTA LEAVES AND OTHER JUNK UNTIL MY FAMILYS HOME but thats least likely to happen since my dad give the house keys to my grandma who oftenly stays home but also sleep half of her time home
Jim Jim
Jim Jim Pred 3 dnevi
The simplistic noise commonly remove because zinc intralysosomally crawl beyond a sore puppy. parsimonious, groovy couch
Jayplayzsomegames Pred 3 dnevi
Max and Luc
Max and Luc Pred 3 dnevi
The gaming gojira
The gaming gojira Pred 3 dnevi
Win win candy
Raquel Estrada
Raquel Estrada Pred 3 dnevi
Happy not birthday
Helene Smothers Helene
The unwieldy icicle topologically paddle because retailer pharmacokinetically stroke amongst a bent handsaw. obscene, spiky lung
Jeffthecrazypatato Pred 3 dnevi
Happy birthday even though I’m 2 years late
Emma Fonseca
Emma Fonseca Pred 3 dnevi
GamingKing Playz
GamingKing Playz Pred 3 dnevi
Guys this is a true story I was the uber
Pai Bakkna ツ • bitiviw •
3:38 Cute. ^-^
Gaveroni Pred 3 dnevi
2019: “Locked out of my house” 2020: “Locked in my house”
2024 dead
paullupe Pred 3 dnevi
2021: “locked in out my house”
ARYAN SHENOY Pred 3 dnevi
Rajesh is an indian All Indians are not bad Look at me I am the kindest
Nikhil Jalalpure
Nikhil Jalalpure Pred dnevom
sunita raut
sunita raut Pred 3 dnevi
Deepak Plays
Deepak Plays Pred 3 dnevi
Happy birthday
Justin Barrera
Justin Barrera Pred 3 dnevi
The moment you realize you have the same birthday as jaiden !!!!
Conrad Copithorne
Conrad Copithorne Pred 3 dnevi
im the same god damn way and im a 6 foot 2 body balder lol im depressed
Harrison Vann
Harrison Vann Pred 3 dnevi
I could never relate so much to one awkward scenario
Pandaboi Pred 4 dnevi
Maybe I should learn lockpicking.
Sisamm Brothers
Sisamm Brothers Pred 4 dnevi
Lol u could have gone through the windows lol XD
brofenix Pred 4 dnevi
Lol Jaiden >
JuJumations Pred 4 dnevi
When u banged ur head into the door my cat woke up
traktar Pred 4 dnevi
I also had this situation
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Pred 4 dnevi
Who goes to lunch so late in the night?
LordBloodySoul Pred 4 dnevi
Maybe having backup keys for everyone living in that house is an option. My family has 4 keys to my house. One for me, two for my kids (which mostly only one of 'em takes along) and one for my father, who lives in the same neighborhood and can come over in less than 2 minutes if, for instance, I break my keys on accident by getting them jammed into a paper shredder xD
Garcia Zorion
Garcia Zorion Pred 4 dnevi
i searched on the internet and it turns out that if u dont have ur keys and ur locked out its legal to break in your own house
Rafaela Stellato
Rafaela Stellato Pred 4 dnevi
Alt shuugar buns 21
Alt shuugar buns 21 Pred 4 dnevi
you could have said you were picking up something from a friends house and walk home
Claire Wayman
Claire Wayman Pred 4 dnevi
I have been locked out my home...it was raining and we had to go through the back door.... That was locked so I broke down the door.
CUTE cupcakes
CUTE cupcakes Pred 4 dnevi
Happy birthday🥳🙃
DinoFan6010 Pred 4 dnevi
Neutral Quark
Neutral Quark Pred 4 dnevi
wow Jaiden's birthday is one day before mine, cooool
Family, Fishing & Food
🦜 ari
Hello There
Hello There Pred 4 dnevi
It is a crime in some states to break into your own house
kylee maulino
kylee maulino Pred 5 dnevi
ik i’m very very late but if u walked to ur house and he asked why u were going to a diff house u should’ve said ur neighbor invited u over
KamrOns Korner!
KamrOns Korner! Pred 5 dnevi
Simulate your senses and break down your house door? Uhhhh
Mr. Duckington
Mr. Duckington Pred 5 dnevi
0:16 I had 15 sleepless hours :")
Clan Korblox
Clan Korblox Pred 5 dnevi
The crackhead waiting at my door 5:50
Noah Baden
Noah Baden Pred 5 dnevi
"Is it illegal to break into your own house?" Interesting distinction, if you own the house, usually no, but if you're renting, usually yes.
Bruno 101
Bruno 101 Pred 5 dnevi
This is how many ppl love this video 👇
Agnes Seroco
Agnes Seroco Pred 5 dnevi
Her face when she recks the door to unlock it is creepy 5:51
Unity Pred 5 dnevi
3:28 put on captions and listen
raahim Habib
raahim Habib Pred 6 dnevi
5:50 the subtitles read here’s Johnny 😂
xWiWo Pred 6 dnevi
happy birthday
Sharmila Ahamad
Sharmila Ahamad Pred 6 dnevi
happy birthday (realises this was made in 2019) oh... sorry
Isabel Yang
Isabel Yang Pred 6 dnevi
"This one?" *Look.*
Alexis Maive Valeriano
Lol my brithday is setpember 22 So I’m a virgo Lel
Anime1 Pred 6 dnevi
That Strange R name is Rajesh and it's an Indian name.
f in the chat
night owl
night owl Pred 6 dnevi
Put a ladder in the backyard and open a window
vipinesh rai
vipinesh rai Pred 6 dnevi
The Uber was Indian
Joshua Michaud
Joshua Michaud Pred 6 dnevi
Pulls out gun points it to a guy in a car. Take me home
Ethan Pred 7 dnevi
4:16 Very extreme voice crack lol
Ozman Sweetart
Ozman Sweetart Pred 7 dnevi
Happy bday
Weston Means
Weston Means Pred 7 dnevi
ibuki_mioda._. Pred 7 dnevi
lol happy very super mega late bday *-ibuki 2021*
pine app 5 yt
pine app 5 yt Pred 7 dnevi
Speaking of lunch I imminently got a ad of that
Noel ඞ
Noel ඞ Pred 7 dnevi
the moral: always install a code into your garage door the moral by Jaiden: dont leave your house without your keys
FantasticPotato Pred 7 dnevi
When I was at the airport I haven't sleeper for 3 days
Ангел Денчев
Jaiden, you could have said that you have lost you keys so that is way you are going to a friend's house (your house).
Jⱥy Pred 4 dnevi
You're so dumb
Ангел Денчев
I wanted to write ''why'' not ''way''
Suresh Malik
Suresh Malik Pred 7 dnevi
He is an indian
guy Pred 8 dnevi
I tried the front door the back door the garage door, tHe SecRet dOor
Israel Soto
Israel Soto Pred 8 dnevi
She should have said “I tried the front door, the back door, the garage door, the doggy door”
Lucca Spahi
Lucca Spahi Pred 8 dnevi
Jaiden did you try to jump in the window I always do that when I can’t get in my house Im 9
FLeimer GEIM
FLeimer GEIM Pred 8 dnevi
Jour a profeshenol animeider
Miner Mole
Miner Mole Pred 8 dnevi
RIP no house keys.
Pedro Pred 8 dnevi
engineer gaming
haleynotfound Pred 8 dnevi
Lol this happend to my mom brother and they had a METAL DOOR IN THE BACK and he had to use the bathroom and then he popped outside-
LightNight Pred 8 dnevi
את ישראלית
rawoonnn :D
rawoonnn :D Pred 8 dnevi
rawoonnn :D
rawoonnn :D Pred 8 dnevi
Beth Williams
Beth Williams Pred 8 dnevi
When I'm tired, I talk a lot to give my brain something to focus on to stay awake
Harper BRACKEN Pred 8 dnevi
Why did you not call your roommate ? I’m shore that she would have bean happy to help you out. And you could have just said “I can just walk to my house from hear.” I love your videos and This is just some ideas for the next time if this happens again.
m e e p
m e e p Pred 8 dnevi
Jaiden: *sleeps for 17 hours* Me: *can’t even sleep for 5 hours*
Justyn Alcala
Justyn Alcala Pred 8 dnevi
Who else is watching this in 2021😅
John Bosch
John Bosch Pred 9 dnevi
Could’ve told him it was your friends house
Catherine King
Catherine King Pred 9 dnevi
Happy birthday In December
Kuba Pleskacz
Kuba Pleskacz Pred 9 dnevi
Mr penguin Boy
Mr penguin Boy Pred 9 dnevi
Happy birthday XD jk
Nikinator x
Nikinator x Pred 9 dnevi
4:32 he locked the Window 😂
XLola GirlX
XLola GirlX Pred 9 dnevi
Jaiden:your dope Me:I-I’m dope..(start singing wiggle wiggle wiggle) (wiggles) wiggle wiggle wiggle (put sunglasses on) wiggle wiggle wiggle 😏
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