I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis 

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this is not what we wanted
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8. apr. 2018

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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations Pred 2 leti
btw the ari merch is a joke I’m not selling that bootleg logan maverick design lol I’d get sued, don’t expect to find it in the shop. 👌🏼 but it makes for a bomb twitter banner I’ll tell ya that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #arigang 👌🏼👌🏼
alisha gardner
alisha gardner Pred 17 dnevi
Love your channel
Dray dill
Dray dill Pred mesecem
yyy77uuyg is a is a great player in the game and is a great team for me
Javier Pena
Javier Pena Pred 3 meseci
This is relatable because with my mom and my brother we were stuck in colorado and my mom was very mad because we got pulled up by a karen
Cxsmicnation Pred 3 meseci
Evan G.
Evan G. Pred 4 meseci
General Kenobi
You're... 14 in this story... and you were THAT oblivious? WHEN I WAA 14 I WAS WOKE! AIGHT? I KNEW SANTA CLAUS DIDN'T EXIST BY 14! I WAS WOKE!
Shane & Sara Gorman
I’m watching this while rocket league downloads on my switch
London Birch
London Birch Pred 2 urami
Ew a rat
SPEED RUNNER Pred 5 urami
Come the Azerbaijan and become the moneyyyyyyyy 1$=1,7manat Sad very sad Penta sad REEEE SAD STUPİD BSQ TEST
jordan exstream
jordan exstream Pred 10 urami
Quinn 333
Quinn 333 Pred 14 urami
Jaiden loving stuffed animals at 14 and me having anxiety at 12 about owning any toys like that at all because I hate my generation
Lankybox fan
Lankybox fan Pred 16 urami
I have a stuffed Animal and is a otter the otter name is Olio
Mikey McGrain
Mikey McGrain Pred 17 urami
Target Field was one of the best
Lauren Grayson
Lauren Grayson Pred 19 urami
Well my we go to south carolina and the thing to keep me happy and busy was my phone but now its not and me leave at night so I play on my tamagotchi but it goes to sleep at 8:00 so that means I have to wait till 7:00 to play but you can change the time so meh I did and I play pokemon go and the two tamagotchi apps and battle on pokemon go witch now I'm a master.
Bentley Deyzel
Bentley Deyzel Pred 20 urami
In canada you never get asks that
NT - 05MV 865976 Plum Tree Park PS
It’s great I Luv Canada
Aj TheBoss
Aj TheBoss Pred dnevom
This should be a video game called jaiden's Avetere to Canada 🇨🇦 that would be game of the century lol
isaac Gader
isaac Gader Pred dnevom
What do you think of Canada it's freezing it's kind of cool and it's fun👍👍👍👍
MLMLee Pred dnevom
I went to mall of America and lots of Nickelodeon yep ok I should shut up
Ljupka Ilieva
Ljupka Ilieva Pred dnevom
Adventure time go grab ur friends and go very distant lands Finn the human jake the the dog Adventure time
EC Slime
EC Slime Pred dnevom
Yeah the country that I live in is a really hard to get in sometimes people are forced to never go here I live in Cacada
garf eeld
garf eeld Pred 2 dnevi
Good mom, Thank you.
DOLFOCUS Productions
“America’s Hat.”🤣
AngryDucky123 Pred 2 dnevi
And then theres me who lives in Canada: So what your telling me... wait nvm i wasnt alive then XD
Mush Pred 2 dnevi
Wait a minute, rat and raccoon stuffed animals... all the dots are connecting, u got Raoole because in ur obsessed with animals video u said u really liked rats for some time. I bet that time was during u went to that library and got Raoole, plus u also said u liked raccoons for some time. I bet ur parents got u the raccoon stuffed animal so ud shut up about wanting one.
the top notch one.
the top notch one. Pred 2 dnevi
May God be with you Jaiden
Rempel Remps
Rempel Remps Pred 2 dnevi
I love my home in canada
have u seen my lemons
Commenting this to see if anyone is still watching this to this day
Ethan Mccaffrey
Ethan Mccaffrey Pred 2 dnevi
Canada fan for hockey
Riley Ghent
Riley Ghent Pred 3 dnevi
I live near Minneapolis So Yeah
Dr Sus
Dr Sus Pred 3 dnevi
You know what’s embarrassing I sleep with an army of Pokémon plushes
Sophie Pred 3 dnevi
me at 14 years old: dancing on tiktok Jayden at 14 years old: **plays with stuffed animals cutely**
Miķelis Birziņš
Miķelis Birziņš Pred 3 dnevi
You Playing neopets i Playing
Jessie Gacha
Jessie Gacha Pred 3 dnevi
My uncle lives in Canada so it’s fun!
Helene Smothers Helene
The delicate breakfast specially fence because budget ultimately succeed besides a cuddly donna. serious, hilarious cushion
Maisey Quinlan
Maisey Quinlan Pred 3 dnevi
lol ur mom and my mom r the same
Jake Hamilton
Jake Hamilton Pred 3 dnevi
“Stuck in this obscure city” *Looks up* Oi!
KittyCraft Catty :3
KittyCraft Catty :3 Pred 3 dnevi
Someone normal: My child died. Me: *My child expired.*
J Gray
J Gray Pred 3 dnevi
Ya I who’d be like that but I who’d say fuckin
Maira Usman
Maira Usman Pred 3 dnevi
I born in 2012
Pastel Plays
Pastel Plays Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden this happened after I was born I was born in 2011 Augest 19th. 😂
I'm a goat
I'm a goat Pred 4 dnevi
Same XD
Faker Police
Faker Police Pred 4 dnevi
You went to canada on the month and year i was born
Yonkrill Pred 5 dnevi
I can animate! Can I help you
Yonkrill Pred dnevom
@lowsm 4551
lowsm Pred 2 dnevi
@Yonkrill whats ur tag
Yonkrill Pred 2 dnevi
@lowsm what is your discord mine is YonKrill
lowsm Pred 2 dnevi
@Yonkrill yes
Yonkrill Pred 2 dnevi
@lowsm you have discord
Shaista Hasan
Shaista Hasan Pred 5 dnevi
Expired means dead
MUNCHY man Pred 5 dnevi
Some people don't think canada exists, but i do
Robert Szepielak
Robert Szepielak Pred 5 dnevi
At least your not stranded
Evelyn LeLacheur
Evelyn LeLacheur Pred 5 dnevi
I live in Canada now I hope u can come it’s awesome here ps ur my fav utuber
Oardinal Fitzpatrick
Hey Jaden is James your brother from the odd ones out
MrBRassassin Pred 4 dnevi
wtf?? no he’s not
Oardinal Fitzpatrick
Hey Jaden is James your brother
Hamster care 11
Hamster care 11 Pred 5 dnevi
I can help with animation the tiny ones
Roblox1234ews Pred 5 dnevi
Jaiden: Enters Minnesota Everyone Else: *GOING INTO THERE BASEMENT*
Simon Rebenek
Simon Rebenek Pred 5 dnevi
All 4 aneurysms panic attacks: 1:50 [aneurysm] 3:19 [another aneurysm] 4:46 [aneurysm count: 3] 5:19 [ANOTHER ANEURYSM]
Zoomboy 8z2
Zoomboy 8z2 Pred 6 dnevi
2:44 omg me to!!! There are so cute I sleep with them and play with them!! I just love them!!!
Michmarcodavin Tumatal
LOL copy righting lol
Sanari Ismail
Sanari Ismail Pred 6 dnevi
I love stuffed animals as well! I have almost 100!
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson Pred 6 dnevi
This was made on my friends birthday...dArKsIdE. Edit: i dont know what i just said
X Y Pred 6 dnevi
Нечего не понял, но очень интерестно!
Andres Esquivel
Andres Esquivel Pred 6 dnevi
Canada is sick
Ana Morales
Ana Morales Pred 7 dnevi
erika flores
erika flores Pred 7 dnevi
The parsimonious operation inherently hang because foot morphometrically arrive athwart a chief wish. sulky, drunk medicine
Cartoon cat child eater
I want some merch
Freddie Pred 7 dnevi
im 6
David Dermawan
David Dermawan Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden: mom uh i forgot my stuff animal in the hotel Mom: (aneurysm)
Rob Gaming
Rob Gaming Pred 7 dnevi
Purple streak speeds by, Jaiden the Animator, too fast for the odd1sout's eye, Jaiden the Animator
Udi To
Udi To Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden. Let me tell you something. Your Mom is the real freckking Pepper Potts . Hat's off to her or should I say Canada's off to her 😂
jazz crazy
jazz crazy Pred 7 dnevi
You know whats funny i live in Canada but were i live it never snows lol
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin Pred 7 dnevi
People are lucky to be born in japan
Elijah Encarnacion
Elijah Encarnacion Pred 7 dnevi
im a fan fan fan fan
Gaming with J
Gaming with J Pred 7 dnevi
I have so many stuffed animals that my bed is now uninhabitable for humans...
francisco tapia
francisco tapia Pred 7 dnevi
Francisca:I. LIKE. SNOOOOOOOOWWWW (Proceeds to roll into the nearest snow-covered ground like a kid) Sentient coldtzo:if you wanna ask "¿is she always like that?", then the answer is yes
Troublemaker Gamer
Troublemaker Gamer Pred 8 dnevi
I am an animator i’m in school right now finishing my last semester when I graduate I’ll have 2d and 3-D animation
Troublemaker Gamer
Troublemaker Gamer Pred 8 dnevi
Best story ever!!
ADERGUTE Pred 8 dnevi
You Sonic CD'd to the hotel
Inok Byon
Inok Byon Pred 8 dnevi
Most of the video is just Jaidens mom panicking 😂😅😅
Sosig Man
Sosig Man Pred 8 dnevi
The man at the security booth: I didn’t ask
Rono Hernandez
Rono Hernandez Pred 8 dnevi
Flimangoo is better animator than u >:3 *This is a joke, Albert does not animate.*
Flareon376 V
Flareon376 V Pred 8 dnevi
I likee how ur mom goes all hypervental
Flareon376 V
Flareon376 V Pred 8 dnevi
Freezing weather is better than boiling weater
JonMarc Chiriboga
JonMarc Chiriboga Pred 8 dnevi
I'm canadain
Travis Cryder
Travis Cryder Pred 8 dnevi
its cool that you were 15 when i was born bc i was born in 2013
silas jackson
silas jackson Pred 8 dnevi
I'me 10 and I have an ipod and I love it
Basketball Pineapple
Canada is great
Xx natalie gacha Xx
Xx natalie gacha Xx Pred 9 dnevi
haaahaaa so good XD
Spelling and grammar police Official
Once I was at an airport and we had a lay over. We were like the home alone movie trying to get to the plane because we almost mist it
Lisa Hitchcock
Lisa Hitchcock Pred 9 dnevi
Isabel Ross
Isabel Ross Pred 9 dnevi
She has a interesting life
NetYT Pred 9 dnevi
If this happens to me... We won’t make it
raf kwan
raf kwan Pred 9 dnevi
Shadow S.S
Shadow S.S Pred 9 dnevi
i think i have a similar plush of Ringo It's Ringo sitting on his hind legs Thats a nice thing to realize haha ^^
Mirza Ramish Baig
Mirza Ramish Baig Pred 9 dnevi
Jaiden your mom has a lot of panic attacks she need theropy
Sophie Says
Sophie Says Pred 9 dnevi
I was born in 2012
Ø Stormy Ø
Ø Stormy Ø Pred 9 dnevi
Eyyy Canada gang
Jonas Peterson
Jonas Peterson Pred 9 dnevi
As Minnesotans, we don’t claim the airport clerk that didn’t let you through
Ninja Boi
Ninja Boi Pred 9 dnevi
8:11 WHAT??? I’m going to Canada 🇨🇦
Brayden Anderson
Brayden Anderson Pred 10 dnevi
I think that's cool because I LIVE in Minnasota. I have been watching your videos for a will, I just want to say that you are Awesome!
Georgina Elysse Lugasip
Bruh I was born in 2012. U U U. .. Forgot me. *so u have chosed death*
London Puppi
London Puppi Pred 10 dnevi
I thought this would be like home alone 2
H Pilisko
H Pilisko Pred 10 dnevi
i live in canada
Iyay Lim
Iyay Lim Pred 10 dnevi
Expired children! ! ! ! !
Cindy Morrick
Cindy Morrick Pred 10 dnevi
i was 1 in 2012
Rosthorn Sittiwong
Rosthorn Sittiwong Pred 10 dnevi
I was born in 2012
Olivialwin Win
Olivialwin Win Pred 10 dnevi
I live in Canada too
Emyle T
Emyle T Pred 10 dnevi
I love stuffed animals too! :) :D
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