The best pokemon game you never played 

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lol pokemon amirite

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12. jul. 2020

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John Kisir
John Kisir Pred 2 urami
0:16 is every pokemon fan. Doesnt matter if its good or bad. Still will play it.
Brayen Brayen
Brayen Brayen Pred 3 urami
690k noice
Ragos05 Pred 6 urami
As a kid i didnt know how to read english so in my mind i didnt convince isaac, we took him as a prisoner and forced him to work against team dim sun.... also its a shame that only the males get that cool glove stylus
Johnny the deceased rat
I got a Pokémon go ad whole playing this this-
Hannah Bulthuis
Hannah Bulthuis Pred 10 urami
Is there some romance between Kieth and Jaiden that I’m not getting?
Killerkitten_ YT
Killerkitten_ YT Pred 10 urami
Just going to put this for myself 4:55
Hannah Bulthuis
Hannah Bulthuis Pred 10 urami
Wha-? How did you get in here?! Jaiden: WHY DONT YOU SPEND LESS MONEY ON YOUR STUPID TOWER, AND FIX THE FRIGGIN VENDING MACHINE?! I only wanted my poke snacc man. 😢
littleblueclovers Pred 11 urami
DUDE I PLAYED THIS TOO. No one else around me knew about this game and I started to feel like I imagined the whole damn thing
Mission Edgar
Mission Edgar Pred 11 urami
I play that game
Elmago 280
Elmago 280 Pred 12 urami
8:51 yup
Why Pred 12 urami
The pokémon toothbrush game is better.
annie xo
annie xo Pred 12 urami
4:55 i'm just keeping this for myself to watch the dance over and over again
Christian Reed
Christian Reed Pred 12 urami
are you theoddsfirstot's friend
RookoftheRookityRook Pred 13 urami
Touch the bidoof
Aurora Sapphire
Aurora Sapphire Pred 13 urami
Zach Gamez
Zach Gamez Pred 14 urami
4:58 Ratata go woooo and infinity and beyond!
super smash
super smash Pred 14 urami
Pokémon ranger 1 is fucking boring. I hate it.
Phoenix :D
Phoenix :D Pred 15 urami
nickel1fyh the bird
nickel1fyh the bird Pred 15 urami
Touch the bidoof
clark loeffler
clark loeffler Pred 16 urami
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ChestTurtles Pred 16 urami
Did anyone else buy Shadows of Almia after watching this? I immediately wanted to play it after the video was over and lemme just say.... Jaiden was not lying, this game is amazing! Even with the knowledge I had going in to the game, it was still such a fun experience (and a refreshing change from the usual Pokémon games) and it left me wanting more once the game had ended. Now I just need to get the other ones. Thank you, Jaiden, for blessing me with this knowledge haha
Tiger_ Lily
Tiger_ Lily Pred 17 urami
Can confirm that it is the best game ever
Jeffrey Schoenholz
Jeffrey Schoenholz Pred 17 urami
Petition for Jaiden to play Pokémon Reborn. If she wants to, of course. It is probably right up her alley. If she loves the dialogue in that ranger game, she’ll probably love playing through Reborn. Heck, we can throw in Rejuvenation in there as well. Maybe Desolation. I’m not sure if that is the third one of that set of games, but I heard Reborn was connected plotwise to two other fan games. It would be cool if she played these and made animations for big parts of the game, but I understand if she didn’t do it. It’s a hella lot of work. I’m at the battle at Fiore mansion myself and it will take some time.
TheBombBeast Pred 17 urami
6:48 excuse me he wants to what😰.. damn and I thought Pokémon was kid friendly
Swanson Richard
Swanson Richard Pred 18 urami
Watch this video in the bathroom
The mlemmers
The mlemmers Pred 19 urami
This is my least favorite video of yours cause you trashed pokemon sun and ultra sun
Mert Tuncel
Mert Tuncel Pred 19 urami
Ice 487
Ice 487 Pred 20 urami
I can respect a fellow ice-type user. But I probably won't if they start dabbing.
Ice 487
Ice 487 Pred 20 urami
"A hero is a hero. But everyone loves a good villain" - Ferb
Ghost Pred 20 urami
Hola ablo español y las animasiones
Scorpius Urielus
Scorpius Urielus Pred 20 urami
how am I just now realising team dimsun sounds like the restaurant called "dimsum"...
Slowking The crewmate
"the best pokemon game you never played" me who has only fully played one pokemon game:
Santiago Valdes
Santiago Valdes Pred 23 urami
0:18 Pokémon shield it's the more bad of Pokémon saga Pd: my inglish Is bad
Christine and Luke Hasselbrock
Youngho Baek
Youngho Baek Pred dnevom
Jaiden the dancing legend 'joins the battle
Doublespace 88
Doublespace 88 Pred dnevom
Chara Undertale
Chara Undertale Pred dnevom
Roman Thomas
Roman Thomas Pred dnevom
Nobody: jaidan: yeets rattata into the sky
y tho
y tho Pred dnevom
Touch the bidoof
BigPapaGoose Pred dnevom
Amy Wood
Amy Wood Pred dnevom
Alex Benton
Alex Benton Pred dnevom
I finished shadows of almia in 24 hours, all the quests and Pokémon and stuff. Everything
Alex Benton
Alex Benton Pred dnevom
Omg I’m the same age as her
baz boo
baz boo Pred dnevom
Dim sum... DIM SUM!
ARandomPerson Pred dnevom
Nobody: Absolutely No One: Like 0 humans Me:Are we gonna ignore the background music?Yes?Well okay...
General.Macaroni Pred dnevom
4:55 best part
Kniffel101 Pred dnevom
If you really think that "only nerds can read this"... then you're entirely correct! =P
Presley and the Ink Machine
What about pokemon snap?
Leona Holdal
Leona Holdal Pred dnevom
Don't touch the- jaiden touches befloof- JADIEN
Seb Pearson
Seb Pearson Pred dnevom
You should try nuzlocke sword and sheild
Jacky Liang
Jacky Liang Pred dnevom
Gigaremos: *exists* Every ranger in existence: “B****H HOW DARE YOU LIVE”
Vineg4r Pred dnevom
I really loved this game! Glad you loved it too 😁😁😁
Sabrina Dunn
Sabrina Dunn Pred dnevom
im stuck on a FRICKING SHARPEDO **raging, please stand by :3 **
EnderMC / / Hallucinatinggrapes
I watched this video, bought the game, shoved it into my Poke Ball New 2DS XL, and got stuck on that battle by the cave in the area with all the vines.
Elton Johnson
Elton Johnson Pred 2 dnevi
-14:19. That's Pokemon Quest
ГоДзЗиЛкА Pred 2 dnevi
Обожаю смотреть тебя🤩
Kirbo Productions
Kirbo Productions Pred 2 dnevi
6:48 Me when a random kid tells the teacher that there’s homework
Tala Abdullah
Tala Abdullah Pred 2 dnevi
If you can do a game you’re talented
Brayden Young
Brayden Young Pred 2 dnevi
Touch the bidoof
3JAD21 Pred 2 dnevi
The best Pokemon game you never played. EXCEPT I DID PLAY IT AS A KID AND I DAMN LOVE IT
Natalie hancock
Natalie hancock Pred 2 dnevi
I still have the game (yeah surprisingly)
Sakeena Saliu
Sakeena Saliu Pred 2 dnevi
Nani Garm
Nani Garm Pred 2 dnevi
You cane for a snowcone?!
GameDJYT Pred 2 dnevi
Wait this video is 6 months old-
DanTheMilkMan Pred 2 dnevi
Thanks for saving me from that bidoof!
Fercho_27 Pred 2 dnevi
A great game! And it gave me a legal a Manaphy :D. I love how you need to catch Pokémon and use their skills in the map. And completing the Dex is much fun, including the tough challenge of the Regis and the One himself Regigigas. It's actually hard!
Bradyn Klauser
Bradyn Klauser Pred 2 dnevi
why do dimeson have the friendship loops
Emerson Brown
Emerson Brown Pred 2 dnevi
i love pokemon my family hates it
Eyan Gaming!
Eyan Gaming! Pred 2 dnevi
Poke ranger sucks no hate tho just my opinion
Flynn Richardson
Flynn Richardson Pred 2 dnevi
I used to have this game i never finished it tho
milk Pred 2 dnevi
4:59 yeet
PlatinumKai Pred 2 dnevi
Don't mind me, just praying for a video on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky here after stumbling upon this channel with this video and immediately subbing.
Teh random otaku
Teh random otaku Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden : i dont know what his deal is but he called me Jaiden noob and dabbed. Me : seems like something my brother would do-
Anai _Doodles
Anai _Doodles Pred 2 dnevi
I had this game i got stuck at the bit when u got to get rid of 2 dancing pokemon it probably didn't help I didn't have a pen thingy and I couldn't read ;-;
EddyKidPlayz Pred 2 dnevi
Recon Mudkip
Recon Mudkip Pred 2 dnevi
For a second at the end i saw 99.9% and 100.0% perfect circle...WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Mjunoir 2416
Mjunoir 2416 Pred 2 dnevi
YOUR THE BEST U INSPIRE ME 🤩 for animation
Honey bee & bear
Honey bee & bear Pred 2 dnevi
I can’t with the danceing
Nat Duran
Nat Duran Pred 2 dnevi
Team dim sum?
Mariana Barros
Mariana Barros Pred 2 dnevi
Me seeing her dance lol
Almonds Pred 2 dnevi
Cynthia Bowles
Cynthia Bowles Pred 2 dnevi
I'm a pokemon fan to so SAME
The Rage
The Rage Pred 2 dnevi
Jaden do more Pokémon theme videos
XxShadow_ WolfiexX
XxShadow_ WolfiexX Pred 2 dnevi
luisanyi contreras
luisanyi contreras Pred 2 dnevi
I request you to play Fortnite
Shadow Afton
Shadow Afton Pred 2 dnevi
When I clicked the video a Pokémon go ad came up
MattheJ1 Pred 3 dnevi
My favorite mission in the game was when a guy asked you to find him a Nosepass just so he could laugh at how silly it looked, and then one of the Dim Sun grunts shows up and says, "Man, even I think that's fucked up." Seriously.
Min Yang
Min Yang Pred 3 dnevi
Me:Touch da budoff My brother:*Touches me* Me:I is no BIDOOF
Turtle Pug
Turtle Pug Pred 3 dnevi
Guardian signs was so good
Drake Master!!!
Drake Master!!! Pred 3 dnevi
i played a pokemon ranger game in my past but it was probably the hardest pokemon ranger game ever made
LaylaTheCookieGirl Pred 3 dnevi
Can you do the other Pokémon ranger games?
Avinaash Pred 3 dnevi
9:56 blushing mushroom
aids514 Pred 3 dnevi
Touch the Bidoof.
Debbo S
Debbo S Pred 3 dnevi
Dunno if you might read this, but I stumbled across this account and was pissed YT algorithm didn't lead me here earlier. Jesus, your videos are addicting! Your humor and animations are simple outta this world. Absolutely binging now
Anakin2800 AceWingCore1987
This video is so good that I am planning on giving these games another chance. In the past I wasn't that into them.
Helene Smothers Helene
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Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja Pred 3 dnevi
Dim sum
Zach Attack
Zach Attack Pred 3 dnevi
I am very surprised when she said she didn’t like the new games
Kate aCk
Kate aCk Pred 3 dnevi
Moments I have completely died at 1. 2:35 2. 7:10 3.7:22 4. 7:34
Ember Flame
Ember Flame Pred 3 dnevi
Ice dude: Jaiden noob *dabs* Jaiden: peace was never an option
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