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barkity woof

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Music: Taking Over the World by ionics
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: A Wish for Peace

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D The next pupper you meet will bless you with good luck.

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4. feb. 2017

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Dark_Wolf Pred 57 minutami
Also, does jaiden Have A Dog now. If not she should get one
Nika0703 Pred 2 urami
Jaiden: We called him Opa. Me (a german): wait does this really happening. (Opa is German for Grandpa)
Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai Pred 4 urami
GREAT JOB Ja- what the is dat in 0:29 who Is 🌽
Kaiju Animations
Kaiju Animations Pred 4 urami
At 0:34 ari went “AHHHHHHHHH”
Bram Schipper
Bram Schipper Pred 5 urami
5:17 in the netherlands we call our grandparants opa so thats pretty funny
Mithil Shenaro Silva
I take care of pet well
Mithil Shenaro Silva
I would be soo happy I u get a dog
ElJineteCelestial Pred 10 urami
I have to "Tomy Lee". He has 14 years old. I got him since he has 10 days of life, abandoned in a box with 5 brothers and sisters. He had a great life since he is with me and my family.
Stephanie Pred 10 urami
My dog Harley died.
•Myathecat• Pred 10 urami
This reminds me of a few weeks ago my friends dog was fighting hard against sicknesses and when she got the news about having to put her down her heart broke she had been with that dog since the beginning of her life so it’s hard to let go of someone you love that much
Maci Hamline
Maci Hamline Pred 11 urami
Jaden pull up your pants were going on a run. Me my favorite part lol 😂
cottoncookie3 Pred 12 urami
kenya latimore
kenya latimore Pred 13 urami
elamelon Pred 17 urami
I've fosters 21 dogs I feel u
maila wong
maila wong Pred 19 urami
It’s in her obsession with animals vid but instead she just made her dad throw the dog in her face
Alana Rodriguez
Alana Rodriguez Pred 20 urami
my dog harly just died on january 10 it was sad and now my dog lily is lonely
Adya Mathuria
Adya Mathuria Pred dnevom
jaiden- CALM DOWNNNN ARI- CHICHCIHCIHCI JAIDEN- CALMMMMM DOWNNNN ARI- [ quite ] jaiden- [silent] ari- ahahhahahhahaahhhahahhaahhahhahhaahahahah
Liedewij Cels
Liedewij Cels Pred dnevom
opa is grandpa in dutch
St. pauli
St. pauli Pred dnevom
I Have a dog named kisha 🐕🐕🐕
Patience Lee
Patience Lee Pred dnevom
My 2 dog r die...
Jessica Dungjen
Jessica Dungjen Pred dnevom
Sorry for your lost 💔💔💔💔💔
Mikey McGrain
Mikey McGrain Pred dnevom
I go to Tahoe every year
creeper Pred dnevom
my dogs 31...in dog years 30 in dog years is 3.
Bradley Shende
Bradley Shende Pred dnevom
You're so sweet! Jaden cat died a while ago and I like that you're so understanding
lazar and lazar duo gaming
Opa means grandpa in my region
Logan world
Logan world Pred dnevom
Barkity woof indeed
Cookie Panda
Cookie Panda Pred dnevom
woah m8 too fast for a dog that's 8 pounds.
The Round About With Sofi
After watching this video I went to pet my bunny... He bit me twice🙄😒😔
Anaya Torres
Anaya Torres Pred dnevom
My parents got a dog named zexpher before I was born too and he’s sill alive to this day
fyr- man
fyr- man Pred dnevom
Story 1 i did same thing but was 2 years old never mind I went out side with my dog and I loved trains so I went to go se the trains pass and then my naighboor retrieved me 2 my parents with the dog
Mike Tubiman
Mike Tubiman Pred dnevom
The sticky scene noticeably glue because claus dewailly sail concerning a momentous drizzle. optimal, laughable reason
Sisamm Brothers
Sisamm Brothers Pred dnevom
2017 James dog died in Dec 25 sry Georgie =(
Bloopy Gåchä
Bloopy Gåchä Pred dnevom
my dog looks like skruffy
Cruz Coronado
Cruz Coronado Pred dnevom
Is your logo from your flirting video
Orian Faulmann
Orian Faulmann Pred dnevom
Did u know that the word opa translated means grampa grampa
Dawson Ginyan
Dawson Ginyan Pred 2 dnevi
I have a story when I was 10 I was having a sleepover then my stupid little sister want me go walk her on the flat without telling any one but don't worry they found us
munky mechure
munky mechure Pred 2 dnevi
wait he died?!?!?!?!
Zayn Salame
Zayn Salame Pred 2 dnevi
That’s from freaking Roblox
Zayn Salame
Zayn Salame Pred 2 dnevi
Did you say adopt me?
Samala Shireesh
Samala Shireesh Pred 3 dnevi
Can't stop laughing 🤣😂🤣😂
Lyra Martin
Lyra Martin Pred 3 dnevi
Nooooo gabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jamie Martinez
Jamie Martinez Pred 3 dnevi
hi im 7 and I have 2 dogs and they do not like Each other
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Pred 3 dnevi
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Pred 3 dnevi
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Pred 3 dnevi
and also draw jaiden bald
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson Pred 3 dnevi
someone draw jaiden with a beard
tala badrani
tala badrani Pred 3 dnevi
Bobet _Draws
Bobet _Draws Pred 3 dnevi
We have a bunch of chickens and we love them, even chickens deserve lots of love
Lauren Grayson
Lauren Grayson Pred 3 dnevi
Simba my dog he barks to much then the whole thing goes on but hes the fluffiest pup in da world well for meh.
Simona Tatucu
Simona Tatucu Pred 3 dnevi
Ay have a simeler story may bunie run out and ay never see agen😭
Games And stuff
Games And stuff Pred 4 dnevi
My dog jumped out our car he scratched his eye and hit his mouth he is still alive but learned a lesson
Vera Stillman
Vera Stillman Pred 4 dnevi
We had to put my dog brooks a male down on Christmas Eve he was a australian cattle dog mixed with a lab he was the best puppy
Normie Perez
Normie Perez Pred 4 dnevi
Well I see on TV that a dog that die from a 🚝┐(‘~`;)┌
louis.huang 1867
louis.huang 1867 Pred 4 dnevi
I have a fish and my catfish die all of Theo ahhhh
Anita Docusin
Anita Docusin Pred 4 dnevi
R Mark
R Mark Pred 4 dnevi
Katmeowzz _
Katmeowzz _ Pred 4 dnevi
Scruffy is honestly my dog, Pip but not brown haired.
Elliot Tetzlaff
Elliot Tetzlaff Pred 4 dnevi
I have 25 animals. I will give each one pat. promise
Sam Evans
Sam Evans Pred 4 dnevi
Lisa Hitchcock
Lisa Hitchcock Pred 4 dnevi
Hi hello
Goumbri Zara
Goumbri Zara Pred 5 dnevi
stuff Pred 5 dnevi
Danielle Kieftenburg
Fun fact, "opa" means "grandvader" in dutch 😋.
Natalie Watkins
Natalie Watkins Pred 5 dnevi
If it makes anyone fell better my dog Nova died a few years ago see got sick and there was tires every were
AURABLADE Pred 5 dnevi
Wow you had 3 doggo’s including ari
DisPearBear Pred 4 dnevi
I've had 5 xD
Mirza Ramish Baig
Mirza Ramish Baig Pred 5 dnevi
Did you ever saw or heard of a rattle snake that are native to arazonia
Michael Dillard
Michael Dillard Pred 5 dnevi
Xman P
Xman P Pred 5 dnevi
I love dods
Eclispe The Hybrid
Eclispe The Hybrid Pred 5 dnevi
"Ari calm down!" Ari: "SCREEEEEE"
Jacky Vang
Jacky Vang Pred 5 dnevi
it's strange how scruffy is almost the same as my dog :0
Melissa Yilmaz
Melissa Yilmaz Pred 5 dnevi
Is that literally lemon my cousins dog who is the only want to follow my cousin’s mom because if so I don’t know what to say ok?
Kiwi :P
Kiwi :P Pred 5 dnevi
*me vibing to hayloft gave the dog version* also me:*crys*
Kingsley Noonan
Kingsley Noonan Pred 5 dnevi
I have a hamster named teddy
M Bucket
M Bucket Pred 5 dnevi
Ok so when I went to pet my dog she bite me
Kitty Crumble Cookie
My kitten died last night
Vladalex Tolentino
Vladalex Tolentino Pred 6 dnevi
A Few Years My Lil Pup Died ;-;
Sara Ketcham
Sara Ketcham Pred 6 dnevi
My dog tends to run away too, so I taught him how to fight off a coyote so he wouldn't die.
Prince King
Prince King Pred 6 dnevi
I love your dog!!!!!!!!
DisPearBear Pred 4 dnevi
Which one?
Ryder GILBERT Pred 6 dnevi
I have a dog in a cats body i can safely say I have played fetch with a cat
Sobs Animates
Sobs Animates Pred 6 dnevi
I was nervous when getting my cat (her name is Terri) but now I’ve had for 3 months+ I will do anything to make sure that she doesn’t experience any pain or sadness whatsoever. I know beings need happiness and sadness but I DEMAND AN EXCEPTION. She might have been mistreated in her old home (we didn’t get all the details) so I will make sure that she gets treats, cuddles and overall love 💗.
Momobobo Bobomomo
Momobobo Bobomomo Pred 6 dnevi
RIP gabe 😔
Brunito Pred 6 dnevi
i thought Ari was dying/getting kidnapped with the REEEEEEEEEE scream xD
Molly the lucky one
Molly the lucky one Pred 6 dnevi
I don't have a pet. :(
ShadowAnimatez Pred 6 dnevi
Phillipa Wynn
Phillipa Wynn Pred 6 dnevi
why is my dog just like scruffy :-;
Big Drip
Big Drip Pred 6 dnevi
r.i.p kashia, r.i.p gabe, r.i.p scruffy
Chloe The Big Fat Cat!
hi Jaiden love your vids!
It’s PangoYT
It’s PangoYT Pred 6 dnevi
This came out on my birthday
Dawid Udzik
Dawid Udzik Pred 6 dnevi
My cat iz dead liked a year but now i have 2 cats and wen then die i will not cery 3 days but 6 days
Gabriel Ramos
Gabriel Ramos Pred 6 dnevi
Ari screams makes me laugh it’s so cute😂
Victoria Enriquez
Victoria Enriquez Pred 6 dnevi
jaiden:but they gave it back to us me: did she just call scruffy IT????NANI?!?!
Georgina Elysse Lugasip
"rRRRrrRRrRRr" Me:.................... Also me:😂 HAHAHAHAAHAHHSHhHahahahahshahahshahhahahaahsggshshahahaha i-🤣🤣
Pixela Moonz
Pixela Moonz Pred 6 dnevi
My dog He has to be on a leash And a good leash or else gone 4 hours ANXIETY TO ME He is a brat along with my cat
Deklan MacNeil
Deklan MacNeil Pred 7 dnevi
Gabe borks will love in our Hearts
Mark Pagan
Mark Pagan Pred 7 dnevi
Magic Cat
Magic Cat Pred 7 dnevi
Do you live in Australia by the way I’m just yeah I don’t know?
Belinda Chaplin
Belinda Chaplin Pred 7 dnevi
Yeah I’m sorry about you doing ok well I’m just really bored I just woke you I
Belinda Chaplin
Belinda Chaplin Pred 7 dnevi
Isla Blackford
Isla Blackford Pred 7 dnevi
I have a dog when i was a baby it was called david it died tho
Cookie Pred 7 dnevi
0:52 *Flashbacks to barky*