I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke 

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What an adventure

♥ The Team ♥
Atrox: AtroxChobatsu
Denny: 90percentknuckles
MorganToast: morgantoast.tumblr.com/
Pivots: sltv.info
DavidBaronArt: davidbaronart.tumblr.com/
Devon: devonkong
Duckdee: sltv.info?app=desktop
Jaystarz: sltv.info
JRF: jrfieldsend@aol.com
Shoocharu: sltv.info?feature=mhee
Rachel: tsunderachel
Yangong: sltv.info/watch/ykEEpKGhRSLoBm2o7D9RUQ.html
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We worked hard on this video, it's the result of 3 months worth of nonstop work. So please give a big thank you to all the members on my team for helping me make this video happen. It's been a big dream of mine to do pokemon nuzlockes for youtube, and I would watch them all the time even before I had my own channel. So being able to make this video, even if it is a bit out of the ordinary for my channel, is so awesome and I'm really happy I was finally able to.

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10. nov. 2019

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Little.missMan Pred 59 minutami
Pls do more 🙇
Mitchiko Marie Santos
AtTheEase Pred 5 urami
Me liek Pokémon me liek JaidenAnimation’s animations me liek dis video
Miguel Macaspac
Miguel Macaspac Pred 5 urami
But its not the end of the pokemon emerald you need to catch all pokemon and i am pissed so we decided to just cheat and get all the pokemons to finish it but we are tired and remove the game were so bored at that game😂😂
STS PL Pred 6 urami
17:19 did anyone spot the deoxyis
Cookie06 Pred 7 urami
I catched swablu in my first nuzlocke in pokemon ruby
bloxy runner
bloxy runner Pred 8 urami
Jaiden got lazy when hus child died
Winter Mallows
Winter Mallows Pred 8 urami
What happened to barf?
Rj Gummer
Rj Gummer Pred 10 urami
I smell spongebob
GrindstoneGaming Pred 10 urami
1 millionth like :D
Melynie Moody
Melynie Moody Pred 11 urami
ur rablin ; )
Melynie Moody
Melynie Moody Pred 11 urami
morr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >: 0
Melynie Moody
Melynie Moody Pred 12 urami
mrdr : 0
Spud Lil'
Spud Lil' Pred 12 urami
Excuse me, but what's the Pokémon she named Barf on 4:38? I'm kinda new to Pokémon
Emma Grace
Emma Grace Pred 12 urami
Zigzagoon: *exists* Teriyaki: Wait that's illegal!
Softy - Crybaby
Softy - Crybaby Pred 12 urami
Corn do be Looking thicc 🌚💅🏾
Z Pettus
Z Pettus Pred 15 urami
Oh my gosh zip zap zop lived?! Jaiden your so lucky
Austen Purcell
Austen Purcell Pred 16 urami
the machoke at the funeral 😭
Emma Grace
Emma Grace Pred 16 urami
Altaria: Is about to kill Zipzapzop Zipzapzop: Do you question my power?
nickel1fyh the bird
nickel1fyh the bird Pred 16 urami
Silence of moment
Gabriel Washington
Gabriel Washington Pred 17 urami
Jaiden:Look at us friends that are gonna take on the hoenn region! Teriyaki:DIE CORN Corn:AHHH
Adrian Moreno
Adrian Moreno Pred 18 urami
She should have used Teriyaki to destroy Zigzasoon
Heat Animations
Heat Animations Pred 18 urami
How can she make sound so EASY THO!
LuckyAquaNova 510 productions
In case you ever find another female machop the female equivalent to chad according to reddit is stacey
•BlackOnyx• Pred 19 urami
I don’t have pokemon but I wanna do this... *loomian legacy nuzlocke*
danielle maestas
danielle maestas Pred 20 urami
Anime and music god
Anime and music god Pred 20 urami
This is sadder than some anime
wimpydude375 Pred 21 uro
OK I NEED THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS IT ON DS?
Devon Deleon
Devon Deleon Pred 21 uro
DEE_MHA 2010
DEE_MHA 2010 Pred 22 urami
Onion be like |:
Hussain Dalal
Hussain Dalal Pred 22 urami
Jaiden I like how funny u make random events
Riana's Animations
Riana's Animations Pred 22 urami
5:20 did i stutter?
Adrian Torres- Garcia
Adrian Torres- Garcia Pred 22 urami
zipzapzop is a pokemon that can hadle any attack a live at 1hp but yah corn was there
Michael Minus
Michael Minus Pred 22 urami
chomps dies* jaiden:oh no anyways
This is best anime I've seen
AS - 08BJ 872508 Royal Orchard MS
What level should my pokemon be by the sootopolis city gym?
K! Pred dnevom
Pls help me I'm doing a nuzlocke all I have is a grass type and I'm facing champion Wallace please help me
Coco Lee
Coco Lee Pred dnevom
What About Barf???
Owen Ross
Owen Ross Pred dnevom
"refused to let any more murder happen" Proceeds to kill Garry's cousin
Illusinite Pred dnevom
Gary is good for sacrificing since he has defense attacks instead of damage attack
Soy Rotanark
Soy Rotanark Pred dnevom
Hey you remember James/odd1sout?
Martin The Gamer
Martin The Gamer Pred dnevom
The Bro,s
The Bro,s Pred dnevom
What Pokémon game
Liu Lucas
Liu Lucas Pred dnevom
I love how your animation makes Maxie look young even though he looks very middle-aged.
MoonSin25 Pred dnevom
Do you have Pokémon Omega ruby? If not give it a try, but not as a nuzlocke or YOU WILL DIE
Andrei Lim
Andrei Lim Pred dnevom
also i saw deoxys
Andrei Lim
Andrei Lim Pred dnevom
seven stone
FLEX_ART Pred dnevom
which game
RedGeoBlaze Pred dnevom
I'm kind of annoyed by this, but you don't have to nickname pokemon in a Nuzlocke. Read the original comics, he doesn't start naming all his guys until he's more than half way through Ruby, and even then it's just for the purpose of making the characters stand out more. as a side note, I'm kind of disappointed that he stopped doing the comics, though after the end of Fire red, it was never the same. It never got a good ending, all the loose ends were tied up in the most unsatisfying way, and it's just hanging in the middle of an unfinished white playthrough.
ditto's second channel
When I play Pokemon Nuzlocke and this is my Pokemon death's here #124 in ruby
SiberianHusky24 Pred dnevom
Emeralti Pred dnevom
Do you ever play pokemon sun moon
BananaBoy Pred dnevom
Bernardo Martinez
Bernardo Martinez Pred dnevom
Zigzagoon: *Exists* Teriyaki: *You know the rules, and so do I. Say goodbye*
Plopplip 924
Plopplip 924 Pred dnevom
Never gonna give up Never gonna let you down Never gonna turn around and desert you Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Aries The Slytherin
Pokémon ruby is only suitable for a gba ( Gameboy Advance ) you animated a DS, no hate or anything just saying
Adrian Porter
Adrian Porter Pred dnevom
It's one am and I'm crying over pokemon :,)
Jordan Wang
Jordan Wang Pred dnevom
Deoyxs be like: Yo
bruh guy
bruh guy Pred dnevom
Alternate title : Pokémon assault an ill, green haired child while they await their inevitable doom
Kian Murray
Kian Murray Pred dnevom
I am very grateful for this video being made because thanks to it I finished a pokemon game for the first time ever
zjow18 Pred dnevom
maxie is an evil team boss R.I.P squidward
Alicia F
Alicia F Pred dnevom
I would of choose the treko
isma78123 Pred dnevom
90 actually
Ethan Howard H. Selodio
hush child:dies everyone: bruh ._.
the group
the group Pred dnevom
Deceased _ Skulls
Deceased _ Skulls Pred dnevom
why did I lowkey cry when I saw corn die? I mean, same for onion cause they were so cute!
Guwana Kent
Guwana Kent Pred dnevom
Why didn’t she use groundon it would have been easier
Vanessa Laina
Vanessa Laina Pred dnevom
your a way better trainer than ash will ever be lol
Mary Humphreys
Mary Humphreys Pred dnevom
I’m surprised she didn’t add groudon on her team
Jdxnudc Eundgxugxgu
I mean CHUuuUuUuUuuUuUUUuuUuuUuuUUuUu uUuUuUUU
Jdxnudc Eundgxugxgu
Francisco Giovani Cortes chavez
Tu voz es increible
Francisco Giovani Cortes chavez
Sorry spanish
Mary Humphreys
Mary Humphreys Pred dnevom
The first time I watched this I didn’t know wut the hell was happening. Then my friend gave me his old DS and I bought Pokémon ruby off of eBay After I played for a while (I’m stuck on whattsons gym :p) I watched this video again and I under stand it now
Scar _Ziod
Scar _Ziod Pred dnevom
Yeet corn
Jessica Dungjen
Jessica Dungjen Pred dnevom
Wow what a cool team you have
lindsey middlebush
lindsey middlebush Pred dnevom
jaiden is a pokemon freak witch is a good thing cuz i know someone like that and she soooooo awsome
Gold Luke
Gold Luke Pred dnevom
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
BigBoiTan Pred dnevom
13:55 avengers assemble *avengers music plays*
Hannah Patterson
Hannah Patterson Pred dnevom
How would she catch the tentacool
Fluffyfootprints Playz
Why does this video still seem so new?
Liam Cantu
Liam Cantu Pred dnevom
That's so ari
Liam Cantu
Liam Cantu Pred dnevom
That's so ari
Malted Freddy 10X
Malted Freddy 10X Pred dnevom
I have Pokémon go
Mitsuri Kanroji
Mitsuri Kanroji Pred dnevom
It’s always sad at the end
Il hwan Kim
Il hwan Kim Pred dnevom
i am so sorry for your dead pokemon
Il hwan Kim
Il hwan Kim Pred dnevom
for real
Dream Street
Dream Street Pred dnevom
the pokemon when jaiden switched in hush child: WATCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH!!!
Jay B
Jay B Pred dnevom
Brock uses golem . And squashes jaiden's team. Whoops jaiden lost her nuzlocke
SatchmoGames Pred dnevom
Came here to sub from Purpleclife.
Mr CrazyGamer
Mr CrazyGamer Pred dnevom
I didn’t realize the whismur at the beginning did a Texas smash lol 😂 (if you don’t get it it’s from an anime called my hero academia)
GreenEggsAndSam Pred dnevom
moar nuzlock animations plz
Britton Crowder
Britton Crowder Pred 2 dnevi
This funny at the start
Britton Crowder
Britton Crowder Pred 2 dnevi
Britton Crowder
Britton Crowder Pred 2 dnevi
Can you say do the one that makes Pokémon do put Pokémon sword and something in canda
ʜɪ ʜɪ
ʜɪ ʜɪ Pred 2 dnevi
Please don't kill me Pikachu. I had to
cole speakman
cole speakman Pred 2 dnevi
Guess this emoji code 🐤🔪🐿️
Dr.sindhu Sathish
Dr.sindhu Sathish Pred 2 dnevi
taweesuk kanokkhun
taweesuk kanokkhun Pred 2 dnevi
so.sadddd 9:35
Erna Török
Erna Török Pred 2 dnevi
quak Stephen
quak Stephen Pred 2 dnevi
FIRE IS weak to rock LOSER
Reese Pred dnevom
she knows more about Pokemon than you, *loser.*
quak Stephen
quak Stephen Pred 2 dnevi
the master ball broke loser
Reese Pred dnevom
the Master Ball has a VERY VERY very low chance of not working. it never broke for her.
quak Stephen
quak Stephen Pred 2 dnevi
fire is weak to rock loser
Just Gaming Videos
Just Gaming Videos Pred 2 dnevi
Love this
My First Pokemon Nuzlocke
Happy Birthday Ari!
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Our Cats :3
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