Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Medley (Piano) 

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I play an assortment of songs found in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire on the piano for you! Let me know if you enjoyed and should I make this a series?? Leave a like if you enjoyed! I spent many hours on this ^_^ Enjoy! (Also sorry about my nails clicking against the keys from time to time! I'm not willing to cut them short soo...)
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Original: sltv.info/label/n9Bp2sOvcYWSi6o/video
Sheet Music: www.apollomix.com/sheet/view/1243306906.html
Original: sltv.info/label/g6t5qLCOeYWZeG8/video
Sheet Music: www.ninsheetm.us/sheetmusic.php?series=pokemon (you need to do some scrolling)
ROUTE 113:
Original: sltv.info/label/rcl0uKencYVtfZ4/video
Sheet Music: www.mediafire.com/view/qsoov1jfbw2im0x/route_113.pdf
Original: sltv.info/label/htysz9SSnpOrl2c/video
Sheet Music: www.ninsheetm.us/sheetmusic.php?series=pokemon (you need to do some scrolling)
Original: sltv.info/label/bdd4y82ocXiii4Q/video
Sheet Music: www.scribd.com/doc/36262151/Pokemon-RS-Ending-Theme-piano-sheet-music
All rights go to Nintendo

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a free air piano!




20. nov. 2014

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Lansu Tao
Lansu Tao Pred 57 minutami
for some reason, the loop doesn't work on my laptop so now Imma gonna have to click the replay button every ten minutes. *Visible Frustration*
GetReadyToBeAGenius Pred 11 urami
I saw seeing this with my mudkip and it was level 5 and it evolved into a marshtomp and into a swampert and the end of this video lol (and I became the champion don't forget that lmao) I saw a similar comment so shhhhh....
AtTheEase Pred 15 urami
Me very much LIEKY
Un Bruno de Muchos
Un Bruno de Muchos Pred dnevom
Esos 477 dislikes son el cáncer de lo bueno queda en la humanidad, mejor dicho los mata esperanzas y esos son en verdad hijos de puta :''D ahora en se los en ingles, por si no entiende este idioma. Those 477 dislikes are the cancer of the good that remains in humanity, rather, it kills them hope and those are really sons of bitches: '' D now in English, in case you do not understand this language. Por favor sigue tocando mas el piano. Please keep playing the piano more.
Johan Jerry
Johan Jerry Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden use piano showoff super effective Jaiden punched zigzagoons ass
Ben Daniels
Ben Daniels Pred 3 dnevi
Pokémon alpha sapphire was the 1 Pokémon game I ever had the music is so good it makes me happy and sad Evey time I hear it
Ronald Aron
Ronald Aron Pred 3 dnevi
Ah the nostalgia
Stoofy Gaming
Stoofy Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
1 word GODLY
ItsEthan Pred 4 dnevi
477 are the zigzacoons
Thermite Pred 4 dnevi
The nostalgia......
DAISY DINO Pred 4 dnevi
Im listening to this right after the evnts of dreamsmp to relax myself
Lyric Pred 4 dnevi
The Littleroot town and the others are great how very beautiful music jaiden very good
Bananas Bananas
Bananas Bananas Pred 5 dnevi
Everyone is talking about how she is such a good pianist, but no ones talking about how good she was at *16 years old*
xavy Pred 7 dnevi
littleroot town will always be the goat
Peeka_Sparkky Pred 7 dnevi
You're Amazing Jaiden
Keith Animation studio
Your better then my at piano
Guardianments Pred 8 dnevi
It's so wonderful...
Ckpogimaster Pred 8 dnevi
this song is super effective for sleeping
M Alfandanish
M Alfandanish Pred 8 dnevi
I love to hear it during online class so I'm not bored
Shurbay Pred 8 dnevi
WOW JAIDEN! You are so talented playing the piano, and you REALLY know what your doing I love you 😁
Me: Holy moly My brain: I should play that game
Albino Pred 9 dnevi
i like it
Vikram C
Vikram C Pred 9 dnevi
Thank you for the free air piano!
minecraft Hubert
minecraft Hubert Pred 9 dnevi
Wow she is talent
Ranis Games
Ranis Games Pred 9 dnevi
Yes... It's a pity she doesn't record the piano anymore. I think this is due to the fact that it takes a long time. But I hope she hasn't completely abandoned it.
Ardi Padida
Ardi Padida Pred 10 dnevi
I remembered my first mudkip when i first played pokemon emerald so many memories 😢
Sharice Lajeunesse
Sharice Lajeunesse Pred 10 dnevi
Your really good its starting to get catchy
Viggo Pred 10 dnevi
Me: ... ... ... Aight where nostalgia at
Noey 101
Noey 101 Pred 10 dnevi
So talented
Deku-TheRobloxGamer Pred 11 dnevi
Ranis Games
Ranis Games Pred 11 dnevi
2:09 My heart melts from this beautiful song, I love playing the piano from Jayden, even though I play the guitar myself.
ತ_ ತ
ತ_ ತ Pred 5 dnevi
@Ranis Games это хорошие новости
Ranis Games
Ranis Games Pred 5 dnevi
@ತ_ ತ Yehey, nahanap ko sa iyo)
ತ_ ತ
ತ_ ತ Pred 5 dnevi
@Ranis Games 7942
Ranis Games
Ranis Games Pred 5 dnevi
@ತ_ ತ Ngayon ipadala ang tag, ngunit walang "#"
ತ_ ತ
ತ_ ತ Pred 5 dnevi
@Ranis Games its howody (hehe i dont know why i named my self that)
Creedence Mackey
Creedence Mackey Pred 12 dnevi
Wow that is good music
AlexFallingDown Pred 12 dnevi
Why is she so good at everything?
Pixen Chan
Pixen Chan Pred 11 dnevi
Lots of practice and pushy Asian parents. Now don’t use caps lock when being intense. It sounds like you’re yelling. Shush.
Kathryn A
Kathryn A Pred 12 dnevi
Oh no my childhood, it's all coming back to meee 😭💜
Brandon Collins Dewayer
Cheers to the childhood i cant get back
kensgamingchannel Pred 12 dnevi
This video:hand reveal Next video:face reavel
Santeri Pikkarainen
Santeri Pikkarainen Pred 12 dnevi
I don't know why this was in my recommended videos, but I was not disappointed. As I have played flute almost ten years, I started to think about playing songs like this (only game music I have played is from Minecraft and Brawl Stars). Only bad thing is that everything sounds good with piano, but with flute, it most likely doesn't.
Steven Hellsing
Steven Hellsing Pred 12 dnevi
i didnt know jaiden can play the piano this is pretty pog
ScienceWithFred Pred 12 dnevi
U Dont know? She takes a piano class when shes little
pão de batata
pão de batata Pred 12 dnevi
Reaper Red
Reaper Red Pred 12 dnevi
coffee head
coffee head Pred 12 dnevi
She should do anotherrrrr bro this was fireeeee
Tracy O'Hanlon
Tracy O'Hanlon Pred 12 dnevi
Is it just me or is she the best pianist ever!!
ScienceWithFred Pred 13 dnevi
Thank god jaiden is good at piano XD
Kanti Kujur
Kanti Kujur Pred 13 dnevi
Oo so cool
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas Pred 13 dnevi
Everyone who disliked this vid doesn't understand the true fun of music
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas Pred 13 dnevi
Ah, the days with my Swampert and crew. The vid brings back the memories
Banana Trauma
Banana Trauma Pred 13 dnevi
-you finally came home- -your mom healed your pokemon-
James Tolliver
James Tolliver Pred 13 dnevi
I have only played the remakes and when ever I hear piano of Pokemon music it feels like the music is connected to me in some way and it feels like the music is the home that everyone needs in their life and another thing that is nice to have in life: jaiden animations glorious videos
Scarred - PG3D
Scarred - PG3D Pred 13 dnevi
The dislikes are from the gible in wayward cave, people who have extreme nostalgia, and all the innocent marril and zigzagoon that terriyaki and zipzapzop killed
Drpepper497 yeet
Drpepper497 yeet Pred 13 dnevi
who else chose Treecko?
Jamison Frost
Jamison Frost Pred 13 dnevi
She is so awesome
Sydney Littdem
Sydney Littdem Pred 14 dnevi
I feel rude to just leave the video cause she worked so hard on it😥
Viktor kjong-Johnsen
Viktor kjong-Johnsen Pred 14 dnevi
Wow! Wonderful!
Gabriel Seth Tan
Gabriel Seth Tan Pred 14 dnevi
deleted for remove hate
Lowell Polite
Lowell Polite Pred 14 dnevi
That piano looks heavenly to play on with all those weighted keys. It’s always a joy to play a non digital piano. The few times I have it’s always been a treat.
Duality Pred 14 dnevi
I had no idea jaiden could play piano.
Lman Pred 14 dnevi
Dear Jaiden, thanks for your videos, I was just a regular kid when I started to watch them. Awkward stuff and Pokémon videos got my attention, even that I didn't not understood english very well back then, when I was getting older I started to put subtitles in your videos, as a way to me to learn, and help other people to see your content, nowdays I'm just a regular guy. I learned a lot with your social videos and videogame stuff, it's funny to think I was worried about high school when I first met your videos, and now it's over, met a lot of great creators because of you. I hope someday I can make something awesome to the world, so that I can express my thankfulness. Stay safe and always wear your seat belt :)
Rownak Choudhury
Rownak Choudhury Pred 14 dnevi
why is.. jaiden good at everything
Chad Jaden Tayag
Chad Jaden Tayag Pred 14 dnevi
Proof that jaiden really loves pokemon
Torracat Pred 14 dnevi
I love piano music. My heart burns as hot as a torchic’s
Nyan Yui
Nyan Yui Pred 14 dnevi
:OOO Jaiden's AmAzAing!!
Jade Bayo Ba
Jade Bayo Ba Pred 14 dnevi
I played Alpha Sapphire, and I still have memorias with the songs, even though its the original version
Leila Visser
Leila Visser Pred 15 dnevi
Cool jaiden
James Tolliver
James Tolliver Pred 15 dnevi
I'm currently doing a alpha sapphire nuzlock and my partner is devito the gardevior
Butter Dawg
Butter Dawg Pred 15 dnevi
Oh my god I’m being overwhelmed with nostalgia
Elias Camarena
Elias Camarena Pred 15 dnevi
I am just discovering this, beautiful to say the least ;)
Pokemon Trainer Blue
Pokemon Trainer Blue Pred 15 dnevi
HallzVlogz Pred 15 dnevi
My ears are blessed. She is a goddess. period.
tiery Pred 15 dnevi
why am i just seeing this excuse me
Bigger Gamer
Bigger Gamer Pred 15 dnevi
Wow jaiden ur channel was already one of my favourites ever but this just makes me love ur channel even more. I am a really big Gen 3 fan and this makes me so happy seeing it get a little more love! :)
Family gaming
Family gaming Pred 16 dnevi
Good job!
Tristan McQuern
Tristan McQuern Pred 16 dnevi
Thin Mohe Mohe Thwe
Thin Mohe Mohe Thwe Pred 16 dnevi
You are good at pinos Jaiden!
Daniel Zimik
Daniel Zimik Pred 16 dnevi
Anyone else cried? Oh maybe only me...
Daniel Zimik
Daniel Zimik Pred 16 dnevi
Any gardeivor fan remember running across route 102 to catch ralts ?
IroDraws Pred 16 dnevi
I don't have words in my brain to describe this except for h- ho- how- HOW
Breaking stuff
Breaking stuff Pred 16 dnevi
Verdanturf Town has absolutely no business being as good as it is and I love it.
William Pred 16 dnevi
[RLM ღ ]
[RLM ღ ] Pred 17 dnevi
Route 113 made me revive my childhood, I remember that days just with nothing to do chilling in this route, getting a shiny skarmory
Steven Nogaro
Steven Nogaro Pred 17 dnevi
That one Servine card I got years ago introduced me to my first video games ever(ORAS), and that made me into the person I am today. Thanks, Servine, for starting my journey. And thanks to all of the Pokémon that got me through it.
•{Itz Asriel Dreemurr}•
I literally just got alpha sapphire for my 2DS
Michaela Pred 18 dnevi
I'm not meaning to be offensive when I ask this but... how can you play so gorgeous with your longer fingernails? I always have to cut them super short to play comfortably.
James Smith
James Smith Pred 18 dnevi
Please do more of these
Abi Muthukumar
Abi Muthukumar Pred 18 dnevi
50% of comments- Complementing on her nails 50% of comments- Either how good she is or nostalgia playing the games BOTH ARE CORRECT
Annaroo Pred 18 dnevi
Nice nails
Ivan Lestet Baligod
Ivan Lestet Baligod Pred 18 dnevi
E E Pred 18 dnevi
Nostalgia hits like a planet
Powder the dog
Powder the dog Pred 18 dnevi
I have never played Rudy or sapphire yet I cried because I liked the song
Axo Gamer
Axo Gamer Pred 18 dnevi
😯😯😯😯😦😦😦😳😳😳😳🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 you’re sooo good
fish bot
fish bot Pred 19 dnevi
I dont need to play pokemon ruby and spi
Kyuubi9110 Pred 19 dnevi
Not even that she's an absolute pro with animations, no she also can play piano! I'm jealous!
Keira Hernandez
Keira Hernandez Pred 19 dnevi
I literally started to cry when I heard the Verdanturf theme
Keira Hernandez
Keira Hernandez Pred 19 dnevi
OMG!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Perez
Dylan Perez Pred 19 dnevi
I wanted to play this on my keyboard but then i remembered.... i c a n’t r e a d s h e e t m u s i c ;_;
Gasar Pred 19 dnevi
Nostalgic feeling inside
AidenThat1Cuber Pred 19 dnevi
if you do a sinnoh medley with a trumpet I literally will
{Clear Claire}
{Clear Claire} Pred 19 dnevi
Matt S
Matt S Pred 19 dnevi
These are among the songs of my childhood! Great job!
Sonu Giri
Sonu Giri Pred 19 dnevi
Pokemon themes are one of the best. Who agrees hit like
sly Salamander
sly Salamander Pred 20 dnevi
Kool moosic
ChainSaw 97
ChainSaw 97 Pred 20 dnevi
The last one is really good
AndreiLawrence Baisa
AndreiLawrence Baisa Pred 20 dnevi
Watchin this in jan 2 2021
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