Dough D-D-Dear 

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Welcome to Episode 1 of EMBARRASSING MOMENTS!
Have you ever been so nervous you couldn't talk? Yeah.... So...
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19. okt. 2014

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Ommy Pred uro
Ohhh god this is baaaad
Pvz4life 52
Pvz4life 52 Pred 2 urami
Ooh I’m from the furure
Ericka Champion
Ericka Champion Pred dnevom
Hey where is this place I wanna play with bread dough
Rawr Pred 3 dnevi
Alexandria Spence
Alexandria Spence Pred 3 dnevi
What color were his eyes tho
Jan Sato
Jan Sato Pred 4 dnevi
pov : you are watching this on the year 2021
DKAproductions Pred 5 dnevi
um the audio lol
Lauch Lauch
Lauch Lauch Pred 7 dnevi
D.D.D.D ouuuuu
Raviv Ladaga
Raviv Ladaga Pred 8 dnevi
Oh dree-eem!
Mahaylah Heimansohn
Mahaylah Heimansohn Pred 8 dnevi
Jebus Crispy, this is old
RaisinTree Pred 11 dnevi
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Miner Mole
Miner Mole Pred 12 dnevi
What is this bread dough that you speak of? I must have it.
lil OwO
lil OwO Pred 13 dnevi
This is still sooo good! I love it! XD
Pebble Browser
Pebble Browser Pred 13 dnevi
The animation also improved quite some in this video huh! Compared to the previous ones yup watching all vids how are you
Quinn Anderson
Quinn Anderson Pred 13 dnevi
1:58 Me when trying to order at a fast food place. XD
DBoy 80
DBoy 80 Pred 13 dnevi
Do you give the dough back?
Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble Pred 13 dnevi
Anyone else here in 2021?
glimmer Pred 13 dnevi
Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble Pred 13 dnevi
@glimmer cool
glimmer Pred 13 dnevi
Fredbearcorn25 Pred 14 dnevi
Bertucci's was a good place to play bread dough. That's why I loved that place so much! But now all the locations near me closed down. But I'm above the age anyway. But still I loved it
max a
max a Pred 14 dnevi
Daniel McGowan
Daniel McGowan Pred 14 dnevi
Freezin Cream
Freezin Cream Pred 14 dnevi
Yea but the drawing use to look good but now it looks like shit
HolyMeaning Gaming
HolyMeaning Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
Its like me if asking for spoon if my classmate have birthday in school
music Studio
music Studio Pred 14 dnevi
skribble_juice Pred 14 dnevi
Is this at California pizza kitchen? They do that there lol
Pancake Wolf The Bat
Pancake Wolf The Bat Pred 14 dnevi
I think I've had this before
D XI Satakshi Niraj 54
He must've thought you have crush on him or something
yoyoboss McCoy
yoyoboss McCoy Pred 15 dnevi
My adio dosent sound had anymor! U should see vids now
Hudson Mathes
Hudson Mathes Pred 16 dnevi
I'm guessing Paxis pizza
Minitrain Pred 16 dnevi
all for the dough baby
Nice Guy
Nice Guy Pred 16 dnevi
Ah old Jaiden.
jacob verchot
jacob verchot Pred 17 dnevi
dear ms.Animations how are you and ari doing today
Ei missing Elsa
Ei missing Elsa Pred 17 dnevi
Thanks everyone for supporting me ❤️
Nathan Kong Xai Tou
Nathan Kong Xai Tou Pred 17 dnevi
Comparing to other vids even my vids recorded using ipad is better than this
adas princ
adas princ Pred 18 dnevi
"Jaiden! Your audio doesn't suck anymore!" W-w-whaaaaat?
Klug Pred 18 dnevi
Sophie K
Sophie K Pred 18 dnevi
so did you get the bread dough?
Pikamations Pred 18 dnevi
Wow. Back then this was good audio.
BlueNova 44
BlueNova 44 Pred 18 dnevi
Who’s here in 2021?
Aaron Hobson
Aaron Hobson Pred 18 dnevi
Natimationarts will help Defend Justin Y
I like the old videos more `
raf kwan
raf kwan Pred 21 dnevom
lol isnt it weird that jaiden's animation style changes AND her voice changes
Ellaine .__. Okay
Ellaine .__. Okay Pred 21 dnevom
Who's here in 2021 bc its in our recommendation
Devin Lepine
Devin Lepine Pred 21 dnevom
that one moment that u wasted time to count her "7 words" but realize its 8. we 1, want 2, some 3, fried 4, dough 5, up 6, in 7, here 8, XD sorry jaiden.
Devin Lepine
Devin Lepine Pred 21 dnevom
i meant bread and not fried, oops
Some Doof
Some Doof Pred 21 dnevom
you could have just said its for a cook lesson or you want to know what type of bread dough it is.
Lyra Wood
Lyra Wood Pred 22 dnevi
wow. u got to play with bread dough? :1 have u ever played with pizza dough? cuz I have >v>
Robert Madrid
Robert Madrid Pred 22 dnevi
She went to germaldes
jacob verchot
jacob verchot Pred 22 dnevi
hi im 11 luv your vids 😄😃🤣😂😁😀😉😊😋😎😍😘🥰😗🤨🤔🤩🤗🙂☺😚😙😐😑😶🙄😏😣😥😮😛😌😴🥱😫😪😯🤐🙊🦊🦒🙉🙈🐯🦁🐱‍🚀🐱‍👓🐱🐱‍🐉🐺🐶🐱‍💻🐱‍🏍🐵🐲
Pucmuc Kutya
Pucmuc Kutya Pred 18 dnevi
@jacob verchot because what? Because you're stupid?
jacob verchot
jacob verchot Pred 18 dnevi
@Pucmuc Kutya because
Pucmuc Kutya
Pucmuc Kutya Pred 19 dnevi
Why does it need so much emojis?
vy4 bgw
vy4 bgw Pred 21 dnevom
No one cares
Aidan Acosta ( Student )
Yeah back in the days...
imanelys Pred 23 dnevi
I like how the views are the same amount of subscribers that Jaiden has (9.4m by the time this comment was made)
AirF1owGD Pred 23 dnevi
Bred doh
Zara Cocurullo
Zara Cocurullo Pred 23 dnevi
SLtv: let’s recommend this 6 years later
Arbil Bader
Arbil Bader Pred 24 dnevi
I think that’s a toaster not a mic
DJ & Stacy Borges-McAvoy
it still sounds good why are you looking stop. stop.. stop... STOP!!!!!!!!!!!..
Olivia Crawford
Olivia Crawford Pred 24 dnevi
remember when all her animations were short like tony's?
Pawel NIEZNALSKI Pred 24 dnevi
Rachel Kompass
Rachel Kompass Pred 24 dnevi
bad audio
Lansu Tao
Lansu Tao Pred 25 dnevi
How to start a bakery! 1. ask for bread dough 2. repeat step one until there is a mountain of dough in your room 3. cook dough 4. sell bread
Victor Nikolai Martinez
i went to a restaraunt just like that! *cough* Pie-tanza
Earth Gamer
Earth Gamer Pred 25 dnevi
Earth Gamer
Earth Gamer Pred 24 dnevi
@Gwendyylen ok ok u win i won't post hate comments again 🙂 ☺ 😊 🙃 😄 😤 🙂 ☺ 😊 🙃 😄
Mara Lala
Mara Lala Pred 24 dnevi
@Gwendyylen i agree
Gwendyylen Pred 24 dnevi
@Earth Gamer But 6 years ago they were not
Earth Gamer
Earth Gamer Pred 24 dnevi
@Gwendyylen yeah her videos now a days are great but old videos kinda poop ngl I m a fan btw
Gwendyylen Pred 24 dnevi
@Earth Gamer Compared to her old videos yes But back then they were good
Pumpkins 64
Pumpkins 64 Pred 25 dnevi
Bertuccis do be hitting different doe
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred 26 dnevi
The title is *perfection* 👌🏽👌🏽
Jasmyn Aurielle
Jasmyn Aurielle Pred 26 dnevi
i watched this 6 years ago when i was 8 and i didnt realize how mortifying it is to be in this situation back then
Dylan Gill
Dylan Gill Pred 26 dnevi
Jaiden: I know I sound better. ME: oh nononono
DefinitelyEmily Pred 27 dnevi
Everyone sounded so insecure and depressed and emotionless during their first videos.
slitherin' snek
slitherin' snek Pred 27 dnevi
Im watching this 6 years after she posted
BenTMCB Pred 27 dnevi
Jaiden: The audio doesn't sound bad anymore! Me: Bruh.
BenTMCB Pred 24 dnevi
@Gwendyylen why do people have to be so dumb. Like its just a joke. And yes I know this was made 6 years ago
Gwendyylen Pred 24 dnevi
What do you expect this was made 6 years ago
WAFFLE Pred 27 dnevi
jaiden um watching this 6 years later and so I mean this is really bad but now I love your vids.
gabri br
gabri br Pred 27 dnevi
my mom makes bread so u know what that means? i can play with bread dough any time i want
astrid Pred 28 dnevi
i can't believe this was 6 years ago
Magic Man
Magic Man Pred 28 dnevi
Holy cow 6 years ago
Charlette Harding
Charlette Harding Pred 28 dnevi
Do you know the secrets about the dolphins there are deadly only if you were a dolphin child they eat their freaking child
ぞあゴAsami Pred 29 dnevi
I was like, 6 when this vid came out
Semaj Tell
Semaj Tell Pred 29 dnevi
You such a Goblin
Borl Pred 29 dnevi
It’s been 6 years. People are still commenting on this video
funnel cake Squad
funnel cake Squad Pred 29 dnevi
dough D-D dear
culinary comedys
culinary comedys Pred mesecem
Why didn't you guys ask her mom
Annelies VW
Annelies VW Pred mesecem
Haha this is good quality not the quality from now!!!
pol chii
pol chii Pred mesecem
Dough Deer, a female deer... yes i am very funny...
Princess Mermista
Princess Mermista Pred mesecem
Finding a random microphone in your house sounds like the dream. The only useful thing I’ve found in my house was ear buds.
Condom Pred mesecem
This story made me feel embarrassed
Vadim Galperson
Vadim Galperson Pred mesecem
Jaiden: and we wanted to play with bed dough Me: OOF I’m eight and I don’t even play with play-Doh !
Via Bean tv
Via Bean tv Pred mesecem
Me watching in 2020 where her videos are EVEN better than this 😂
EatSleepDie Pred mesecem
Good old times...
Kyla Meicher
Kyla Meicher Pred mesecem
... you hesitated.
Caleb Pengosro
Caleb Pengosro Pred mesecem
Alex Lybashev
Alex Lybashev Pred mesecem
Is the restaurant perhaps Bertuccis?
im watching in 2020 and the name of the video... well that was a good pun just wow
Donna Gray
Donna Gray Pred mesecem
Make more videos
Megan Weber
Megan Weber Pred mesecem
I went there once but I don't remember where that was.
Connecticut Ball
Connecticut Ball Pred mesecem
Not very good audio
Gwendyylen Pred 24 dnevi
It was made 6 years ago
Bre bunny17
Bre bunny17 Pred mesecem
“We want some bread dough up in here” that’s 8 words not 7
Vizdrom 97
Vizdrom 97 Pred mesecem
I always feel terrible for not discovering this channel earlier, but then I realised when this video was made I wasn't even a SLtv user, So I'm making up for it by binge-watching all of this channel's videos.
Gwendolyn BD
Gwendolyn BD Pred mesecem
Anyone here in 3020?
Gwendolyn BD
Gwendolyn BD Pred mesecem
Me: wow the audio is so bad Jaiden: I got new audio do u like it? Me: YEP ITS GREAT I LOVE IT WOW
Kawaii dinosaur
Kawaii dinosaur Pred mesecem
I hate talking to waiters
Revolting Two96
Revolting Two96 Pred mesecem
SLtv:hmmmm how about we recommend this about........6 years after it’s been posted Me:...what..why Edit:this is my first time trying to make one of these soooo.....I suck at this kind of things
Lily the Leo
Lily the Leo Pred mesecem
Pangolin Pred mesecem
When I was learning English, I thought “dough” was pronounced “doff” and not “dow”
nothin to see here
nothin to see here Pred mesecem
dude! I remember going there!! Plus I also live in Arizona.
hayley chung
hayley chung Pred mesecem
its the hair for me
stonks Pred mesecem
"The audio doesn't sound horrible anymore"