What it's Been Like to be on YouTube 

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cheers & a toast :7

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Music: Simplify the Chaos by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D *dink* i just did a toast to you reading the description.

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17. jul. 2017

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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations Pred 3 leti
i didn't realize i made it a bit confusing in the video but i'm only going to be tweeting about the toast.. lol. there isn't gonna be an actual livestream :V i just mentioned the 1 mill livestream because timezones were something people kept bringing up. but yee. thanks for 2 mill though :)))) appreciate ya!
PIKADEX pro Pred 21 dnevom
notice this still doesnt have any dislikes (im talking about jaiden's comment not the vid) help me pls sub i had to restart my youtube:(
Liam Hartley
Liam Hartley Pred mesecem
6 years!!! Congrats!!!
Unknown Pred 2 meseci
Wooo eight mil!!!!!!!
Ranjana Samanta
Ranjana Samanta Pred 3 meseci
@chaebugi .
Laney Bond
Laney Bond Pred 5 meseci
\(^o^)/ yay!!! Congrats on 2 mil! You have 8 mil now!!!!
ian sottak
ian sottak Pred 4 urami
KZ Games And Songs
KZ Games And Songs Pred 4 urami
bruh ur at 9.5 mil now lol
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke Pred 19 urami
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“ *AND UR GAY* “
PkAGhost boi
PkAGhost boi Pred dnevom
Jaiden I respect you because your an average person with just an average personality.
Ice Cube • BFDI
Ice Cube • BFDI Pred dnevom
jaiden sounds like barf bag lmao
O3JD3 3
O3JD3 3 Pred dnevom
dysoncrystal Pred dnevom
8:24 sarcasm even 2 year olds could get
dysoncrystal Pred dnevom
5:00 *GET OUT* haters
mmax1muspr1m33 Pred 2 dnevi
You should start another channel. It could be a gaming channel where you could use it as a escape from all the chaos of everything. It could be an easy name like Jaidengames
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake Pred 2 dnevi
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aus play
aus play Pred 2 dnevi
thank you :)
aus play
aus play Pred 2 dnevi
your videos inspired me jaiden
Marshmellow Kitty
Marshmellow Kitty Pred 2 dnevi
woah my birthday is July 23!!
xxmama demonxx
xxmama demonxx Pred 2 dnevi
If I met you or any big SLtvr, I’d just treat them like my friend...but not like my BEST friends, that’s a higher level of friendship.
Jefferry Orozco-Aguilar
go it cincinant coid
The Glitch Gaming
The Glitch Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
who remembers when she had more subscribers than james?
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen Pred 3 dnevi
"2 million" heh RIGHTTT
Animal Pet Peps
Animal Pet Peps Pred 3 dnevi
I want to be friends with you you seem like a pretty cool person and the same personality as me keep doing what you’re doing Jaiden and don’t let anybody tell you wrong👍🏾😎
Necrozome 387
Necrozome 387 Pred 3 dnevi
This channel is underrated
一凡TV Pred 3 dnevi
Can you speak Japan language ¿
Brony King Amethyst Rain
I miss the old Plaque design
Ramli Hashim
Ramli Hashim Pred 4 dnevi
0:32 Jaiden don't tell me you actually think that a talented person are born with talent??? I was good at English, Drawing and Physical Strengh because I TRAIN FOR IT!!! No human are born good, even A Legend train to be good. And your animation are good. All that you had to be proud is you train for it and search how to fix your problem. Anyways big fan of your animation. Funny as hell.
Shawn_thebeast1 Pred 4 dnevi
you are not the same as the world at least you are the only one that acually has hair
Kiran Mason
Kiran Mason Pred 4 dnevi
I’ve considered starting a SLtv channel, but you’ve basically said all my fears as well as the idea of people not treating you like a normal person (not that I’d be this popular) and I hope more people start to see creators as people to have a chat with and not idols or untouchable god like beings. Cause that’s terrifying and how cults start people.
Trevor Grajzar
Trevor Grajzar Pred 5 dnevi
『 #sʜᴀᴅᴇɴ ᴍɪx 𖤐 』
Trevor Grajzar
Trevor Grajzar Pred 5 dnevi
Saira Zarib
Saira Zarib Pred 5 dnevi
I love your videos and I wish to meet you but I can not do that but I just wanted to talk to you and you know that and I am nine years old yes and I am a girl but I am not going to say my name ok I don't know what to say 😅
Gregory Guillen
Gregory Guillen Pred 6 dnevi
I didn't know people can be so alike me you are so me but I'm a maiden boiiiii
Christina Monclova
Christina Monclova Pred 6 dnevi
hey i wanna start animations but i cant find a good app to to it on what do you use to make animations?
Mouad Kafif
Mouad Kafif Pred 6 dnevi
Jaden : im average kid in average schools Also jaden : the only humain with hair in like the whole video
Isabelle Audet
Isabelle Audet Pred 6 dnevi
3 years later... she has 9 mill XD
angelo galgo
angelo galgo Pred 6 dnevi
pls make a gaming channel
Good Doggo
Good Doggo Pred 6 dnevi
Honestly I think what’s make you a great SLtvr is that your relatable and your humor works well with your animations
Thank you World
Thank you World Pred 6 dnevi
I accidentally muted it at the perfect time so she said "I didn't know ____ about animating
Gabriel Pardue
Gabriel Pardue Pred 6 dnevi
I think your animation is awesome I can't even animate the only thing I can do is play video games like a boss
mechy 345
mechy 345 Pred 7 dnevi
Im watching this in 2020, meaning you've been doing youtube for 9 and a half years now.
mechy 345
mechy 345 Pred 7 dnevi
Wait no 2021 :/
EnterxxD Pred 7 dnevi
I Know How It Feels But I Will Watch It Bc All Your Vids Good :)
Stephanie Rath
Stephanie Rath Pred 7 dnevi
Subscribe to the big brain noobs
N S Pred 7 dnevi
"More than just an average person" GIRL- I JASBSJSJSJWK have u seen yr channel ;-; you're a sensation
Super Sobos
Super Sobos Pred 7 dnevi
Heres a little way to improve your animations (not saying ur bad) maybe u could try colouring them
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
Blitz Twister
Blitz Twister Pred 7 dnevi
AWESOME VIDS! (I can't stand it either. I see all my mistakes when I see my own vids.)
xu xumuzi
xu xumuzi Pred 7 dnevi
I have nothing to say. ( your videos are perfect)
Алиса Коляка
Quick Pred 8 dnevi
Friendship: Correct People don't just go for the famousy or the popularity...like if I meet a new friend...I meet them and I'm nice...if i meet someone popular and they told me. I wouldn't care...because I dont' live off of being popular.
Tyler Hodges
Tyler Hodges Pred 8 dnevi
Watching this 3 years later and she almost has 10 mil subscribers
Flora West !
Flora West ! Pred 8 dnevi
NO! how dare u say threres nothing special about u! You are amazing
Chili Pepperz
Chili Pepperz Pred 8 dnevi
Who has the audacity to dislike your videos? WHO?!
Ben Botkin
Ben Botkin Pred 8 dnevi
in three years you got 6M subs witch means you got 2M subs a year
ashly athy
ashly athy Pred 8 dnevi
Hey it’s 6 years now continue
ashly athy
ashly athy Pred 8 dnevi
Alan Laiter
Alan Laiter Pred 8 dnevi
This is the opposite of how James reacts
AFK BOY Pred 8 dnevi
No no no you are doing it all wrong don't frisbee the computer and then smack your head on the counter skip a step and smack your head on the computer
HUNTER FORTIN Pred 8 dnevi
“ nothing that stands out” literly the only kid with hair and clothes 4:30
Ori Pred 6 dnevi
This is copied and people like theamaazing and illymation have hair and clothes
Jax Pred 8 dnevi
Me : looking for dog videos SLtv : LeT’s ReCoMEnEd A ViDeo mADe 3 YeARs AgO ThaT JAx HaS EveR SeEN
Starlight Galaxy
Starlight Galaxy Pred 8 dnevi
who’s here before 10m? xd
Biel Elias
Biel Elias Pred 9 dnevi
Was it just me that noticed that the scale metaphor to opinions was wrong?
Freelance Pine
Freelance Pine Pred 9 dnevi
your the best though
im having a good time
The duck animator Yt
Your still a god
『 #sʜᴀᴅᴇɴ ᴍɪx 𖤐 』
No one is god. there is just 1 god ._.
keith Pred 9 dnevi
"2 million subscribers" Holy cow! Your now on 9 mill!
Oakley Moo
Oakley Moo Pred 9 dnevi
i love your vids!
Kiraboo 505
Kiraboo 505 Pred 10 dnevi
I dont have any Ideas for animations so I'm still thinking and it's been a month =w=
Joshua Catigbe
Joshua Catigbe Pred 10 dnevi
i like the way that jaiden makes a funny vid hahahahahahahaha just wana say you are cool jaiden :D
Cia Shadow
Cia Shadow Pred 10 dnevi
I like this video 😝
Bonk Boi
Bonk Boi Pred 10 dnevi
I completely forgot SLtv sends in the play buttons
ProAmazingMK Pred 10 dnevi
Hey Jaiden wanna be friends I don’t have any friends and ur totally not a god cause u draw cartoons. :) we could be good friends:)
Atrijo Roychoudhury
Atrijo Roychoudhury Pred 10 dnevi
Brian D.
Brian D. Pred 10 dnevi
Platnium Risin
Platnium Risin Pred 11 dnevi
Im pretty sure Casually Explained just flips through a powerpoint...
Sandy Has quit yt
Sandy Has quit yt Pred 11 dnevi
Who is watching this in 2021
Funtime FeatherMay
Funtime FeatherMay Pred 11 dnevi
Here we are, 3 years later rn, AT 9.46 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS,
Paige Hall
Paige Hall Pred 11 dnevi
Your the SLtv channel i wi
Aldana_5 Pred 11 dnevi
Now we are almost 6 years in ! :D congratulations for 9m
Carter Lindert
Carter Lindert Pred 11 dnevi
Jaiden:”I don’t stand out” Me: but... your the only one with hair”😂 keep on animating, the animations are great
i watched you for 10 years
Rayplazo Pred 11 dnevi
I have a SLtv channel check it out
reginal burgers
reginal burgers Pred 11 dnevi
who watches this in 2021??? i guess i am
asher cosio
asher cosio Pred 11 dnevi
here we are 3 years later and the world is ending
Rune Meltzer
Rune Meltzer Pred 11 dnevi
I enjoy your videos, they absolutely make my day :) thanks for existing
Laney Junk
Laney Junk Pred 12 dnevi
I love your videos! I wish I could be like you!!!
zcod 3
zcod 3 Pred 12 dnevi
JAIDEN YOUR THE BEST SLtvR EVER your animations are soooooo good and i always watch your videos i know your probaly not reading thia but if you are please respond
VioletJazz 35
VioletJazz 35 Pred 12 dnevi
Everyone does wrong, so no one is God. But if God was wrong, then we are all Gods
VioletJazz 35
VioletJazz 35 Pred 12 dnevi
What do you mean your animation isn't good?! It looks smoother then most modern animations I see today! You did a great job creating the illusion in some parts
Thor Hanson
Thor Hanson Pred 12 dnevi
at 5:23 i feel that this was targeted at me as i wear 2-3 weeks in the same cothes and i did not give permission to be publicly attacked on youtube (that was a joke)
INrainbowgirl YT
INrainbowgirl YT Pred 12 dnevi
She PANS (right?) not GAY/LESBIAN (and pansexuals keep on overruling us bisexuals bc pans means ur attracted to all genders, whereas us bi people are attracted to female and male.)
Pika Melon
Pika Melon Pred 12 dnevi
u earn money by hate comments
Donnie Steeves
Donnie Steeves Pred 12 dnevi
i love your videos they are the best im 9 and im on my daddys accont im female you are the best
Louis W
Louis W Pred 12 dnevi
She is about to get 10 mil
Janet Munoz
Janet Munoz Pred 12 dnevi
The likeable bagel postsynaptically change because moat conversly push plus a bizarre hate. shy, electric crown
Sophia Harford
Sophia Harford Pred 12 dnevi
She's been doing it for almost 7 years, so proud.
Savilllozz Pred 12 dnevi
How do we animate? Look up how to animate 💯 IQ
sally cartoon cats girlfriend YT
Im trying to be a animator....
Jared Riley Chua
Jared Riley Chua Pred 12 dnevi
You are the best animator cuss you are good at writing but James is just circles sorry James.
Fatima The Smollest
Fatima The Smollest Pred 12 dnevi
i love your vidos
Rowena Cahinde
Rowena Cahinde Pred 12 dnevi
i want to meet alot of animators but jaiden is the number one in my animator list!!!!(and yes i have a list of them) too bad i cant you jaiden and alot of animator because i am like in the philipines im not kidding and i'm 10 years old:1
Faith Cat
Faith Cat Pred 12 dnevi
congratulations on over 9 million subs!! ^^ These are the kind of things that I love about her channel
MoonlightTheCat Pred 12 dnevi
Me: "I wonder what it's like to be a youtuber-" *"wait i am a youtuber..."*
banana clipper
banana clipper Pred 13 dnevi
Literally this is what happens being a welder. Coworker comes up looks at you work tells you your work sucks walks away hahahha, but it's all jokes hahahaha
Profily the Profile Picture
Im good at free hand art so im think good at digital art I don't know
Klarina Abazaj
Klarina Abazaj Pred 13 dnevi
Try it. Also same
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