I Hate High Heels 

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yO to all the "tallness-1up-ers" in the comments goin 'EhGHuuMMM you're 5'7"? phtt that's not tall at all i'm 7'3" thank u' chill out for a sec and realize the average japanese woman (which i am) is 5'2" so THERE this has been a public service announcement to the annoyingly judgemental thx and have a nice day
Haven't you ever tried to walk in high heels? Yes, guys, I'm talking to you, too. Well I have, and let me tell you... You've gotta have MAD SKILLS to master the art of walking in those demons.

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Music: The Prognosticator by SkipPeck

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D For that, you get a a free ice pack for all the future injuries you will get when you try on heels!

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29. avg. 2014

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Your pal, Ares the dude
Ig wo see si wol wol
Taylor O'Patchen
Taylor O'Patchen Pred 6 urami
Same exact thing I don’t like High heels either
Diễn Lê Công
Diễn Lê Công Pred 8 urami
Does the background music belong to you? It's a really cute song
Bananas Bananas
Bananas Bananas Pred dnevom
The end card is gold
•Emily Edits•
•Emily Edits• Pred 2 dnevi
I hate heels... Except the ones in royal high ;)
FeFe Loves limes
FeFe Loves limes Pred 2 dnevi
You should wear high heels with flat bottom
Lemon Boh
Lemon Boh Pred 3 dnevi
I’m 4’8 so there :)
Danielle Martinez
Danielle Martinez Pred 3 dnevi
She sounds like such a b a b y!
Noa xx
Noa xx Pred 5 dnevi
I can relate to Jaiden high story :3
Áłÿssã Pred 6 dnevi
Try the platform heels you will get better at walking in those heels in 2 days (i think)
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams Pred 7 dnevi
2021 but she sounds insecure
Kenae Cooper Holland
I was 6 when this video came out...
Evie Braud
Evie Braud Pred 9 dnevi
I can run in 6 in heels
Edins YouTube Channel
me as a boy : mmmmh ... interesting ... me too
lil OwO
lil OwO Pred 9 dnevi
Live that life time for those 10+ heels xp
AeroSquid Pred 10 dnevi
Omg, same. The echoes of my mums laughter can be heard throughout the store whenever i try heels...im more of a suit girl...
guts2 Pred 10 dnevi
Jaiden drip
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Pred 11 dnevi
My sisters don’t like high heels either.
JJ's animations
JJ's animations Pred 12 dnevi
I don't wear high heels... 👇click here to see why Cause I'm a boy 😎
Jahvon Abrigo
Jahvon Abrigo Pred 12 dnevi
The Sleeping Dragon DT
To all Ladys Out ther don't break your feet
P R E M I U M Pred 13 dnevi
my fav shoes to tear are my 10 inch platform shoes.
Jasmine Goodrich
Jasmine Goodrich Pred 13 dnevi
Meeeeeee toooooooo😆👉🏻👈🏻
h paz
h paz Pred 13 dnevi
Your mom is greatttttttttttt mom she try’s to make you sad
silascomputer Official
Jaiden with High heels. A dangeurus creuture you should not go near
Ashley Leray
Ashley Leray Pred 13 dnevi
Omg this was 6 years ago
Pheonix Fire
Pheonix Fire Pred 13 dnevi
I agree, i dont like heals either.. never really worn them..
golden falcon
golden falcon Pred 13 dnevi
PineAcers84 Pred 14 dnevi
Heels: exist Jaiden: Hell nawww
Vinayak Singh
Vinayak Singh Pred 14 dnevi
Lol. This is sooooooo old
a redpanda in vr
a redpanda in vr Pred 14 dnevi
1:35 I'm a guy and I can run in those things
SheepSheep910 Pred 14 dnevi
Jadien wearing 2.9 inch heels = live Jadien wearing 3.0 inch heels = GET OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE
Kristy & Charli
Kristy & Charli Pred 14 dnevi
Love that SLtv is keeping it fresh with the reccomendions
Miner Mole
Miner Mole Pred 14 dnevi
Came from the future to see this video from over 6 years ago.
Anthony Ngu
Anthony Ngu Pred 14 dnevi
txliptxwn ii
txliptxwn ii Pred 15 dnevi
"I would fall over and break something" *looks over at broken arm*
Cutie Jess12
Cutie Jess12 Pred 15 dnevi
Ah yes....... 6years ago =_=
Jacky Luo
Jacky Luo Pred 16 dnevi
is jaiden also the one playing the piano in the outro?
DudezGamez Pred 16 dnevi
Nathaniel Potter
Nathaniel Potter Pred 16 dnevi
WHAT 5'7''?!
The Stealthy Bomber
The Stealthy Bomber Pred 16 dnevi
Fun factoid: High heels were used by butchers so that their feet would stay clean while they did their job. They were also used by soldiers in the 10th century I believe?
Ana Quinn
Ana Quinn Pred 12 dnevi
Dank Dog Creative
Dank Dog Creative Pred 16 dnevi
Who’s watching this it 2021
Anthony Ngu
Anthony Ngu Pred 14 dnevi
Me, god sound so different.
username Pred 16 dnevi
Dam 6 years
coneair123 Pred 16 dnevi
Who saw this in their recommended like me?
Stephanie Graham
Stephanie Graham Pred 16 dnevi
Maybe you need to wear better shoes no high-heeled shoes not those things going I hope you feed Jaden animation hope your booty burn you’re still OK hope that pretty pretty bird hope your bird turn in the big tree happy birthday pretty bird happy birthday and have a good luck Jaden and I hope you have a good year to do you evolution to make more SLtv famous trolling make it really good and make it anime anime villain best don’t because you yourself too much get yourself some rest and write something really good for the people you can meet with someone who is different from you and I having a hard time for their life and hard times for their dreams I hope you be lucky you’ll be taller out of someone else who the world record tallest person ever to exist in the world and assisted the future into the present into the pass into the year Time is in right round the corner I hope you wear a beautiful dress not like all the other dresses just the perfect dress and help me if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or whatever type you have promised me if you are a straight look for you are you are you even gay you’d be like on that too if you be safe bisexual it’s OK by me only I like girls like you I like you as a friend the best friend the best future best friend
simplyvani Pred 16 dnevi
Annie Xie
Annie Xie Pred 17 dnevi
2:22: - 3 -
NeverArtSoul Pred 17 dnevi
2021 anyone
Brentt Bumatay
Brentt Bumatay Pred 17 dnevi
Wedges girl. They give the height and the look of heels with the fear of toppling over.
Sophia Harford
Sophia Harford Pred 18 dnevi
I remember when her animation was like this.
Kendra Sainval
Kendra Sainval Pred 18 dnevi
This is my first time watching 1 of your old vids. (At least I think it' smy 1st time)
Belley K.
Belley K. Pred 18 dnevi
1:43 that looks like the "hold up" meme 🤣
かつみ Pred 18 dnevi
I have a strange talent of being able to wear high heels-
Yummy Tea
Yummy Tea Pred 18 dnevi
0:51 why does my brain tells me that there's an earthquake? Her shaking fools my innocent brain lol
RedenGames Pred 18 dnevi
Where are the 6 Years ago comments.
Kurapika Melon
Kurapika Melon Pred 19 dnevi
Niral Jangid
Niral Jangid Pred 19 dnevi
I am 12 and I am 6 foot 3
haplays_150 Pred 19 dnevi
Why is her mom smaller then her? 1:25
Dayton Coates
Dayton Coates Pred 19 dnevi
Sheesh I can’t imagine tripping and trying to catch my self while wearing heels like I can in other shoes
VioletJazz 35
VioletJazz 35 Pred 20 dnevi
I hate heels a lot. The imbalance is just frightening for me
Rados Barner
Rados Barner Pred 20 dnevi
Crazy to look back at these videos from 6 years ago and see a level of improvement that's higher than even the highest heels.
pichu -
pichu - Pred 20 dnevi
To me i have the talent that i can run in heels but i dont feel confident in them-
Pastel Kara
Pastel Kara Pred 21 dnevom
Cool opinion, I like them because they make me look less American
ZeGingerCat Pred 21 dnevom
👠 Heels = H=has E=everyone E=ever L=looked S=scared Yes yes they have when they see Jaiden wearing heels 👠
The Bookworm
The Bookworm Pred 21 dnevom
Great job SLtv for recommending this 6 years later 👏👏👏👏
Dohyden2 Pred 21 dnevom
I hate high heels too. Feet are supposed to be flat on the ground. I think the exception is Italian boots but they also have the benefit of being very comfortable. No one should have to put up with squishing their feet into these awkwardly shaped ankle-sprain-hazards.
Alexander brother 2
Alexander brother 2 Pred 21 dnevom
Look at her now
Natalie Newman
Natalie Newman Pred 22 dnevi
Try flats
Seth S.
Seth S. Pred 22 dnevi
I hate high heels too
WillowPillow Pred 22 dnevi
Her voice sounds weird and the animation is much better now
eevann_ _ssaunderss
eevann_ _ssaunderss Pred 23 dnevi
Wait 5-7 is tall
Tegan Martin
Tegan Martin Pred 23 dnevi
Ankle breakers! The number one heel! Me: your just asking to be sued
Content Created
Content Created Pred 23 dnevi
thanks for this SLtv I've already watched Jaiden for a while but this is amazingly amazing
Zohmangaiha Kawlni
Zohmangaiha Kawlni Pred 23 dnevi
Jaiden assuring dominance
evolve Re4zz
evolve Re4zz Pred 24 dnevi
Her voice doe
bigWazaa Pred 24 dnevi
5'6.5'' = 1.70m. "I'm tall". No you're not :D At least in my country :D
shay kk
shay kk Pred 24 dnevi
Idk bro
Idk bro Pred 25 dnevi
Um.....what if you 5,7 and a half and haven’t finished growing while you’re full height will be 5,9
Joe Cole
Joe Cole Pred 26 dnevi
If I ever decide to go to a con to meet you Jaiden then I’m going to wear heels.
Cookies Animates
Cookies Animates Pred 26 dnevi
The high heel box said ankle breakers
Meawoof Pred 26 dnevi
Louie Luigi
Louie Luigi Pred 27 dnevi
Stay strong🏋🕺
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
I wear shoes
Rakoon Pred 28 dnevi
To h*ll with heels
Halley Angel
Halley Angel Pred 28 dnevi
This is why I wear pumps. I got a grey pair of pumps I can wear anywhere and it is a lot easier than just heels.
Mariam Atef
Mariam Atef Pred 28 dnevi
Harlynn Binions
Harlynn Binions Pred 28 dnevi
Brieana Buck
Brieana Buck Pred 28 dnevi
This is why I’m trying my very best to go for easier to walk-in heels and or less cramped dress shoes.
My MOM!!!
My MOM!!! Pred 29 dnevi
Bruh just use cheese wedges
delfín Pred 29 dnevi
wow 170K likes
Henry Cornier
Henry Cornier Pred 29 dnevi
NAME NOTFOUND Pred 29 dnevi
my only thought in heels.. "dont fall, dont fall, dont fall"
Ferret Lover
Ferret Lover Pred 29 dnevi
In one year I’ll be as tall as my step mom 5 8 in one year. The doctor said
Stride Pred mesecem
I'll just say it, heels look immensely stupid.
Anna Wolf
Anna Wolf Pred mesecem
Fun fact I do not like to wear heels but when I put them on luckily I can walk perfectly fine. I'm not trying to flex or anything I promise that. I just sorta forget I'm wearing them. To be honest I dont really like to wear shoes. When I first had to start wearing heels my aunt tried to make me have a book on my head and walk at the same time. It didnt work. But then I just walked in heels and was fine. I used to balance on all kinds of things when I was little so that probably helped me. I dont have to wear high heels because I'm already tall (I'm not going to say my height because in the description what Jaiden said but I also just wanted to get that out there) so luckily I dont need heels. I hope no one found this offensive. The main point I tried to get out was 1. Not everyone will be able to walk in heels and 2. Not everyone who can wear heels like them so dont feel bad if you want too but cant
Mira Dagasan
Mira Dagasan Pred mesecem
Bo Liu
Bo Liu Pred mesecem
My mom is like 7
Johnny Cortez
Johnny Cortez Pred mesecem
Only use the heel when you are just standing anytime else, walk on your toes. Sorta.
Melissa Mensah
Melissa Mensah Pred mesecem
That's happens to me a lot when I wear heels
Jeddy Bear
Jeddy Bear Pred mesecem
For a few dances I wore knee high converse. I had a few different colors. Everyone thought it was pretty awesome.
Billy'sRandom Stuff
Billy'sRandom Stuff Pred mesecem
This sounds like a flight safety demonstration
llirbwerdnadivad Pred mesecem
I'm a boy. I don't like wearing high heels either. Granted, I've never tried them...