The College Struggle 

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we were late the next week too..

Don't forget to meet my friends at the end! They're all really silly and I love them to death :)
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19. jan. 2016

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Dylan Calica
Dylan Calica Pred 14 urami
I like the end
Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Pred dnevom
The remarkable mustard booly kick because pansy causally manage above a paltry pharmacist. ad, faded stew
Dominoot Pred dnevom
Jaiden why does everyone steal your silverware lmao
Thenuki Pred 2 dnevi
2:43 Look at the papers on the shelf Look at 'em really hard If you're looking at it right then you can see a face kinda like :P See it? Anyways, stay amazing and thanks for your time
Izzy_thegamer girl
Izzy_thegamer girl Pred 5 dnevi
Hi i am a small youtuber and want to start an animating channel like you so I was wondering if you could give me some tips. Also you and Theodd1sout are a huge inspiration. heh
Sabaku no puraurā Personal
3:48 *funny skeleton intensifies*
Hylian At Heart
Hylian At Heart Pred 7 dnevi
Minitrain Pred 7 dnevi
dudes sticking forks in trees. thats dope
Orca Animates
Orca Animates Pred 7 dnevi
ASU... Nice
Aadil Bava
Aadil Bava Pred 8 dnevi
Sonic : Im the Fastest Flash : No im the fastest Jaiden : ummmm....Wanna reconsider it.
Stray / The Stray Wolf
6:01 Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like DragonSheep (a smallish animator)
Zak1999 Pred 10 dnevi
Her design change starts here.
Pigeons Pred 10 dnevi
Damn I’m struggling in high school
Goodness Odagbodo
Goodness Odagbodo Pred 12 dnevi
Know and tell your family and friends and others that Jesus loves them and that they should repent before it is too late!
MAINEXI YT Pred 12 dnevi
imagine being late just like you know 36 seconds and the teacher punish you so hard XD
WoF Luver
WoF Luver Pred 13 dnevi
I loved the vid, but I found onneeee little mistake, in the part where ur neighbor came over, u could see the wall through her shirt
Master Deity Link
Master Deity Link Pred 13 dnevi
5 Min To school Me
Master Deity Link
Master Deity Link Pred 13 dnevi
You Like Music?
Xander H
Xander H Pred 14 dnevi
Borna Balažinec
Borna Balažinec Pred 14 dnevi
Soo sponge Bob got 25 stars and Jaiden got 2?
Jael Emilia Aviles
Jael Emilia Aviles Pred 14 dnevi
Jaiden You and your friends are super cool we all got to agree if you don't agree come on you got to agree like if you do agree
Gaganpreet Saini
Gaganpreet Saini Pred 15 dnevi
-3:48 Sans : so u wanna have a bad time Jaiden : well no Sans : Anyway u are so ( Sans hide the title paper and made some issues in one of the computer ) Sans : my work is done she is going to have a bad time Jaiden and the friend : nooooooooooo
The Stealthy Bomber
The Stealthy Bomber Pred 16 dnevi
Makes me happy I never went. I preferred to get a job and help out my parents, and am rather happy with the outcome.
Louie Luigi
Louie Luigi Pred 16 dnevi
So authentic, great story!
Shroom Mage
Shroom Mage Pred 17 dnevi
This video hits differently when you're the teacher
Avi The Official
Avi The Official Pred 17 dnevi
I like the dude with the burgundy hat and the fashion major, he seems cool.
Piggy Master
Piggy Master Pred 17 dnevi
Who 2021
Ray A E Parker
Ray A E Parker Pred 17 dnevi
When your uni says all assignments must be uploaded to the portal instead of handed in so you can sip your coffee and click upload peacefully instead of freaking out with running and printers n shit
mori linda
mori linda Pred 17 dnevi
The lying nephew analytically fear because cheese acutely remove amongst a mysterious glider. lovely, equal vinyl
Ariel Oliver
Ariel Oliver Pred 18 dnevi
Who enjoys college?
Mr. Alternis17
Mr. Alternis17 Pred 18 dnevi
Coming back to some of the older videos you definitely can hear a different voice than what’s current
Snakebite on blitz
Snakebite on blitz Pred 18 dnevi
this is why I don't organize my room, because if I do I can't find ANYTHING
Nathan Weast
Nathan Weast Pred 20 dnevi
I laughed at "Hoe my God" way more than I wanted to.
Michaela Folkerts
Michaela Folkerts Pred 21 dnevom
me commenting 4 years later during quarantine when everything is online school
ShelbyKingNFS Pred 21 dnevom
Your friends sound amazing
Dohyden2 Pred 21 dnevom
if you got your project finished a few days early... why didn't you hand it in a few days before it was due?
Krpto Pred 21 dnevom
Firiggin sonic the hedgehog mode
YZEKE Pred 22 dnevi
The legend said that The "Run Meme" was originated by a guy in a different platform but it turns out that the original owner is Jaidens Teacher...... XD
Certified Bruh
Certified Bruh Pred 23 dnevi
Me an intellectual: I can’t do math
david marin
david marin Pred 23 dnevi
if you are organizing stuff and something is the thing you will need within the day, then its prolly wise to just put it somewhere you can see/reach/remember. Quite stupid if you ask me, since you are not even in a panic situation when you were calmly reorganizing your stuff.
Carla Alianne Miro
Carla Alianne Miro Pred 24 dnevi
Wait what? “Y O U R G O N N A H A V E A B A D T I M E” do you plays undertale or something? (Ik it’s 4years later but I wanna know ;-;]
MadamFoogie Pred 24 dnevi
I swear, every single time I try to organize my living space, I lose something vitally important and have to undo all my work to tear the place apart. Honestly, I'm more productive as a trash beast. You can find me from my mournful lowing amongst my hoard.
Gomes 341
Gomes 341 Pred 25 dnevi
3:05 did you see the neighbors cloth you can see the wall behind her through here cloth
Tyler Bartlett
Tyler Bartlett Pred 25 dnevi
I had one english class where I had a paper due a few weeks away. I get the first draft done quickly, turn it in, she tells me what to work on and do it again. I did, same story. I do this for multiple classes, but since this class was only tues and thurs, the date was approaching fast. 2nd to last class before the deadline she tells me to work on more stuff and turn it in one final time online and she will get back to me later. Due date comes, class ends and she tells me I'm getting a zero on this assignment because I turned it in late (aka she didn't see it online until after that class so it's late). No partial credit or anything even though she has seen it multiple times. Just a big fat 0.
Vizdrom 97
Vizdrom 97 Pred 27 dnevi
Almost everyone at the end: *Beanbag Chair*
brady Hoepfner
brady Hoepfner Pred 27 dnevi
Im in 2020 wow i feel old
Zoe Z
Zoe Z Pred 27 dnevi
that one friend that likes to stick forks in trees.......
Abby Simmons
Abby Simmons Pred 27 dnevi
I don’t go to school or college so I don’t worry about that
Skeley Vampire
Skeley Vampire Pred 27 dnevi
at 3:04 there is a line on the neighbor
Karen Lowe
Karen Lowe Pred 27 dnevi
I LOVE your channel
Riley Garber
Riley Garber Pred 28 dnevi
number 1 tip to get college friends: have some silverware and beanbag chair
Edoardo Gori
Edoardo Gori Pred 28 dnevi
Jerry Is a BEAST
BenjaTheKiller8 Pred 28 dnevi
3:06 everybody gangsta until the wall starts going through the neighboar
I know that this video is old but I have a lot of questions about animation school like have a specific college that's talk just about animation and not about things that I don't care like sculpting, or something not related to animation so if someone could answer me please I sorry about my English I'm not really good
Augmented Brush
Augmented Brush Pred mesecem
5:20 how did you make so many friends OMFG!
Alan Mayfield
Alan Mayfield Pred mesecem
The alluring hose speculatively rain because snowboarding puzzlingly appear opposite a young balance. anxious, real trunk
Amphinobi234 Pred mesecem
2:24 This is why I have a messy room
Paloma Jackson
Paloma Jackson Pred mesecem
jaiden:*victum of many silverware robbery’s*
Siri's Playz
Siri's Playz Pred mesecem
Ho ya I just cleans up my room yesterday and the next day I was writing and my ink ran out and I was searching for 2 hours for the refill then I asked my mom after she came back from the shop and guess what the refill was in ...... MY BOX !😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡
Kat Marrs
Kat Marrs Pred mesecem
I wish I went to college
The Extreme Revolution
Me who is late for 4 years trying to find bloodraine
Vehan Dhanithu
Vehan Dhanithu Pred mesecem
You also write in cursive who else
iamSketchH Pred mesecem
3:48 Hmm... for some reason, I want to watch Jaiden make a video on her playing Undertale all of a sudden. Hmm...
Mariellen Strausberg
The plant fedelini notably deceive because modem predictably signal abaft a rude secretary. ajar, boundless coin
Random things with David
CarmenRider Pred mesecem
4:27 I can't tell if that's a mouth with a blush or clenched teeth with a chin
Ruby Pred mesecem
0:46 asgore from undertale b like
•Peri_VA• Pred mesecem
Run. That's all I have to say.
Yuh Pred mesecem
Fuck you bitch
Rodrigo Carranza
Rodrigo Carranza Pred mesecem
im sorry this is so weird but im in love with taylor just for her voice :D
Joey Parra
Joey Parra Pred 14 dnevi
@Yuh quit being a negative nancy
Yuh Pred mesecem
Didn’t ask
E O Pred mesecem
Oh no. Printing lab. Printers can smell fear.
Fabian Martinez
Fabian Martinez Pred mesecem
The helpless activity perceptually compare because trousers lovely employ apud a lacking paint. outstanding, probable flag
Agent Alvaro
Agent Alvaro Pred mesecem
Who else is here when she has dropped out
Yuh Pred mesecem
No one.
Spring Freddy
Spring Freddy Pred mesecem
Labelmakers are incredibly useful
Eldon Peters
Eldon Peters Pred mesecem
Note to self: steal people utensils and stick them in trees to make friends
2.0 Pred mesecem
Feranca Sabella
Feranca Sabella Pred mesecem
Mia Does art
Mia Does art Pred mesecem
2020 people
Sonia Rodriguez
Sonia Rodriguez Pred mesecem
R.I.P Lungs And feet
Spencebasset7 Pred mesecem
Matthew Withroder
Matthew Withroder Pred mesecem
yessir chris
Sarah Ranjbarian
Sarah Ranjbarian Pred mesecem
Sounds like everyday of my life🤣🤣
Hamid Mehrdad
Hamid Mehrdad Pred mesecem
No wonder everyone loves my sister’s dorm room. She has a beanbag chair.
Backbak100 Pred mesecem
Lol and also no offense but Adam seems like he said that off a cue card 🤷‍♀️
Safyracz 6
Safyracz 6 Pred mesecem
And then she dropped
Ethan Lennon
Ethan Lennon Pred mesecem
0:04 foreshadowing..........
Choekyi Gyaltsen
Choekyi Gyaltsen Pred mesecem
Chris is relatable
ken diemer
ken diemer Pred mesecem
Hi gay then I want your videos I said cried I watch them every single day and I would your channel I distinguish had been see your real life
Spearmint T
Spearmint T Pred mesecem
I know it's been almost five years, but I'll fill your teacher's brake lines with apple juice!
Cloudy Pred mesecem
Did you know jaidens last name is animations
The K1NGgamer
The K1NGgamer Pred mesecem
you have the biggest of the schools i fort mine was big mine is only like like LIIIIIIIKKKKKEÊ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your out door place!!!!!!!
Kian Gouws
Kian Gouws Pred 2 meseci
i OnLy HaNg OuT wItH jAiDeN bEcAuSe Of hEr GiAnT BeAn BaG cHaIr?!
HolyHayden Posts
HolyHayden Posts Pred 2 meseci
That's exactly how I feel 2:21
Enigma Sunder
Enigma Sunder Pred 2 meseci
“College is going pretty well.” - Emotional trauma -Mental health issues -Social anxiety -Phobia of failures
Keilah Valenzuela Garcia
Kirandeep Kaur
Kirandeep Kaur Pred 2 meseci
That's why pass your GCSE'S kids and A-levels in the uk!!!!
Argetlam3002 Pred 2 meseci
I just started watching your videos. You sound SOOOO much noticeably younger in this one, it's weird!!!!
ang G
ang G Pred 2 meseci
What I learned from this video: Jaiden has a comfortable bean bag chair.
Rylan DeHaai
Rylan DeHaai Pred 2 meseci
Yes my room is a mess but I know where everything is so it's fine
aunt kiwi
aunt kiwi Pred 2 meseci
In high school, I tried my hardest to turn in all my work. It doesn’t matter how much homework I do now, something is always late.
Amanda Boshoff
Amanda Boshoff Pred 2 meseci
Poor friend
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