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There were technical difficulties so here's an edited version of the livestream. Also apologies about the music quality/audio peaks. I couldn't do much about it unfortunately :/
Here's an index of the video:
0:00 - Introduction/quick thank you/me being nervous
2:40 - Me being a doof
3:20 - Verdanturf Town (Pokemon RSE)
4:40 - Route 113 (Pokemon RSE)
6:40 - To the Moon
8:38 - Stream crash lol (but video quality improves)
9:57 - Over the Garden Wall
11:52 - Undertale Medley
17:12 - Megalovania
20:28 - Pokemon RSE Ending Theme
24:43 - Shelter (Porter Robinson & Madeon)
30:08 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (I Don't Want to Say Goodbye)
34:18 - Attack on Titan Theme
35:55 - Ari
37:05 - Path of the Wind (Totoro Theme)
39:51 - More Ari/Answering Questions
(I played Howl's Moving Castle but that was when the stream crashed, sry)
Sheet music from Over the Garden Wall & Undertale Medley are from ThePandaTooth (on youtube)
Sheet music from Shelter is from TheIshter (on youtube)
Sheet music from Pokemon Myster Dungeon is from TheBespinben (on youtube)
If you want to watch the whole thing I added some silly editing to it here and there to keep you entertained.
also 500 bonus points to whoever counts how many times I say "umm", "yeah", and "so".
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Music: .....me

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D no really, thank you

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11. dec. 2016

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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations Pred 4 leti
The description has an index of the whole video as well as lots of other helpful info (like some sheet music) if you wanna check that out
Elbert brience zhuo
Elbert brience zhuo Pred 16 dnevi
I also piano
Lilac Fledgling
Lilac Fledgling Pred 26 dnevi
You are the master of piano
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Pred mesecem
This is amazing :D
Orange Pred 3 meseci
Jaiden Animations congrats even thou it’s like 3 yrs later
Victor Flash
Victor Flash Pred 4 meseci
Jaiden it's me from the future, *ahem YOU SHOULD'VE PLAYED DEJA VU AND GIORNOS THEME
Prof Smoke
Prof Smoke Pred 13 minutami
During your Route 113 i think i levitated for a second
Zuko Yeager
Zuko Yeager Pred 33 minutami
While jaiden was playing the attack on titan theme I was singing it
Flaming Recho
Flaming Recho Pred 3 urami
Itssss 9 milliooooon!
Jialou (Carlo) WANG
Jialou (Carlo) WANG Pred 13 urami
Jaiden: **plays undertale music** Me: **dies of a heart attack from excitement**
steve del mundo
steve del mundo Pred 13 urami
Jaiden if you are reading this I love your videos and I hope you get 10M subscribers
Pizza squad Gaming
Pizza squad Gaming Pred dnevom
Ayden Walker
Ayden Walker Pred dnevom
Love megolovaineia
Luis Trejo
Luis Trejo Pred 2 dnevi
You see the hands on the piano creating beautiful masterpieces... you can feel the notes going through your being... you can feel the king of monsters awaken but this time... it’s here giving mercy... *You are filled with determination*
Lollexi Playz
Lollexi Playz Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden : Ari can stay for a bit Ari : nah man I got bills to pay imma go...
Gisel Gomez del rosario
Jaiden, how come you’re so good? WOW. YOU ARE FREAKIN SOOOOOOOO GOOD.😲😲😲
Blitz Twister
Blitz Twister Pred 4 dnevi
I have been learning piano and I when I see this. Me: That is how I should play it??!!
鈴木裕幸 Pred 5 dnevi
I love how she picked classic ghibli songs because I lived in Japan and practically grew up watching ghibli movies
Casey Gadier
Casey Gadier Pred 5 dnevi
God u r so good in piano. Keep up the good work.
Dark wolf Phantum
Dark wolf Phantum Pred 5 dnevi
Wow u are good at playing piano Jaiden
Nintendawgs Pred 5 dnevi
Great job with the Undertale music!!!
Abby Pred 5 dnevi
shi- SHOOT (that totally what i meant to say.) SHE IS FU-FOOKING GOOD AT PIANO
Cookie Fox
Cookie Fox Pred 3 dnevi
sub plz
sub plz Pred 6 dnevi
Me to
Zoe Aguirre
Zoe Aguirre Pred 6 dnevi
I absolutely luv Totoro,love the song u played for us
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Pred 7 dnevi
I am bull crap at guitar and violin and you can do his!
Paul Is Great
Paul Is Great Pred 7 dnevi
I like the megalovania
Paul Is Great
Paul Is Great Pred 7 dnevi
I never thought that jaiden can play piano
Cookie Fox
Cookie Fox Pred 7 dnevi
ik im like 4 years late but shelter was amazing keep up the good work on the channel jaiden :p
Loka Pred 7 dnevi
17:42 I checked if accidently turned on +25% speed... I didn't, wtf 😂 Really enjoyed the video btw :)
aesthetic Pred 7 dnevi
*what 2016 jaiden don't know is that there was something big coming in the future*
Lara xX
Lara xX Pred 8 dnevi
Who is watching this in 2021? How's your year been so far?
DomBoi Pred 8 dnevi
When Jaiden played the Undertale medley I realized I'll be that good at playing piano in about 50 years.
pão de batata
pão de batata Pred 9 dnevi
Slenderforest Pred 9 dnevi
Jaiden can't hear what she played You lie in april
Slenderforest Pred 9 dnevi
Jaden plays Aot op1 Everyone: YAAAAEEGGGGEEEEEEEEERR
Black Asta
Black Asta Pred 10 dnevi
*aot theme intensifies* weebs: *ah yes a woman of culture*
Drendord Pred 10 dnevi
Guadalupe Perez
Guadalupe Perez Pred 11 dnevi
To the moooooooooooon!!!
Slithery Snake
Slithery Snake Pred 11 dnevi
If only she knew...
Keegan Fountain
Keegan Fountain Pred 11 dnevi
I think my profile pic explains why im here
It's Klara Silverstar
It's Klara Silverstar Pred 11 dnevi
Ok, when you started playing the Attack on titan theme I lost it, THIS IS AMAZING!!!
Sorry, I don't exist
Sorry, I don't exist Pred 12 dnevi
Why am I such a failure. I tried to play this... and failed... 17:12
Sorry, I don't exist
Sorry, I don't exist Pred 12 dnevi
This could be an intro to a game console or something 2:55
Sophia Harford
Sophia Harford Pred 12 dnevi
Wow 50 minutes, dat long
LEG4CYGD Pred 12 dnevi
Hahahahahahahahaha hand reveal hahahahahahahahaha
So Netra Veng
So Netra Veng Pred 12 dnevi
Wow jaiden !!!!! You play piano very good I like it
SpicyMink5 Pred 12 dnevi
Holy mother forker she plays like a virtuoso.
Appa The Gud Boi
Appa The Gud Boi Pred 13 dnevi
*you hear jaiden play piano, hitting each note perfectly. *you are filled with *determination* -and are also happy that 4 years later she has 9.4 mil subscribers
DoTheMario Pred 13 dnevi
Shannon Schiele
Shannon Schiele Pred 14 dnevi
Nobody :p
Nobody :p Pred 14 dnevi
When you realise ari is 4 years old O-o
Ranis Games
Ranis Games Pred 14 dnevi
To the moon is a great game that I was happy to pass. And in the performance of Jayden, the song sounded just fine, the skill of the game is simply amazing.
Mackenzie Doucet
Mackenzie Doucet Pred 14 dnevi
Oh my gosh you are so good at piano!
Ranis Games
Ranis Games Pred 14 dnevi
Jaiden talked about it on deviantart, and yes, she plays great.)
R Sayanan
R Sayanan Pred 14 dnevi
You play the piano so well
N Marc
N Marc Pred 14 dnevi
Over the Garden wall was really good. I liked them all, just that one was my favourite.
michael Pred 14 dnevi
Wow its soo terrable 😒
ツAbu Pred 13 dnevi
Imagine hating on someone
Pudding Pred 14 dnevi
Learn how to spell terrible and then your opinion will be valid 🤦‍♀️
GlacierRedFox Pred 15 dnevi
How do 6 million people not hit the like button? ._.
Anha Maliyat
Anha Maliyat Pred 15 dnevi
I love this jaiden is sooooooooooo talented
Eric Barone
Eric Barone Pred 16 dnevi
Its crazy how much you remind me of my sister. just the way to talk and laugh every so often. not a bad thing, just pointing it out. edit : ok after i posted this i realize that you dont know my sister but, my point being, you remind me of her. Thats all!
Ethan Schlosser
Ethan Schlosser Pred 16 dnevi
Her hands just float so effortlessly 😧
Baba Noël
Baba Noël Pred 16 dnevi
Does she practice 40 hours a day? 🤔
_Blurry Pastel 'w'_
_Blurry Pastel 'w'_ Pred 16 dnevi
No one is better at playing piano than-
Ashley Melendez
Ashley Melendez Pred 16 dnevi
Omg i just noticed that your just about to get 10M, I found your chanel when you were like 2.3M I think, but yea keep getting amazing
raf kwan
raf kwan Pred 16 dnevi
my favorite was the path of the wind ilove ghibli and totoro so yeah......
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez Pred 17 dnevi
Aldana on-air - الدانة على الهواء
I really love shelter It is very relaxing
Cowie Kids
Cowie Kids Pred 17 dnevi
Wow this sounds so good ive always wanted to learn how to play piano
Ethan Hanley
Ethan Hanley Pred 18 dnevi
Why would 1k dislike the video this is the best I have ever heard
Silver Mayhem
Silver Mayhem Pred 19 dnevi
I really liked the undertale medley, you are amazing!
Clyde Akira
Clyde Akira Pred 19 dnevi
You could make a second channel
Clyde Akira
Clyde Akira Pred 19 dnevi
Piano is another thing you can make videos about
ivoneherman Pred 19 dnevi
At this point, I think SLtv just increases dislikes if there aren’t a lot to make SLtvrs think that they should make better content so that there are more videos coming which means monetisation on more videos which means more income
Ailee’s Wild World
Ailee’s Wild World Pred 19 dnevi
Wow this is so good! I love it 😀🤩😎 you could be a music teacher! P.s. please me my teacher
Judah Magno
Judah Magno Pred 19 dnevi
Talented and awesome at the piano, wow.
batata 2
batata 2 Pred 20 dnevi
Omg the undertale theme! Your so good jadien!!!
LexTheRandom Pred 20 dnevi
Megalovania YESSSSSS
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Pred 20 dnevi
Holy, how did I never find out about this channel before???? This, wow, UNDERTALE!!! Even I couldn't do that TwT
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Pred 20 dnevi
Hopes and Dreams is the best :P
Totally not a spare acc
If I don’t here Eterna Forest on the piano I’m gonna disintegrate
Slytheringirl09 Pred 21 dnevom
well now she is closer to 10 million...
Sammuzou Pred 21 dnevom
it was a good ol generic 1 mil subscriber special til you started playing undertale
tkardaishou Pred 21 dnevom
Gotta love that RSE music. :3
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Pred 21 dnevom
Just bought To the Moon tonight. I haven't played it yet, but I wanted to come back to this. I remember Jaiden going on about how much she loved to the moon, and I remember how good her cover was in the 1,000,000 sub livestream. It made me want to get the game, and now I have it. Since then, I was also inspired to pick up the piano. I'm still not good at it by a long shot, but I write covers for others better than me to play. Thanks, Jaiden. Edit: Holy sh*t. Wow. To the Moon screwed me up, but in a good way. Please go an get it.
bDarnandy Pred 21 dnevom
I love this video. I truly love it. ❤️
Lego Darth Maul
Lego Darth Maul Pred 22 dnevi
This is awesome no AMAZING! but can you do the halo theme?
Dr. Rafiqul Islam Bhuiyan
I love that you know piano 🎹
coneair123 Pred 23 dnevi
Jaiden played for almost an hour, her hands must hate her now
Pyxlgod Pred 23 dnevi
If she played jojo bizarre adventure theme
Leon Tak
Leon Tak Pred 23 dnevi
Future Mozart
Kirito Murasame
Kirito Murasame Pred 24 dnevi
Almost to 10 million!!!
Kian Balatbat
Kian Balatbat Pred 24 dnevi
How can an intro sound so cute what the heck
Jared Flores
Jared Flores Pred 24 dnevi
After I watch this video, I'm gonna go ahead beat the shit out of my piano teacher
Emma McBride
Emma McBride Pred 25 dnevi
Even though Meglovania is here,ari is the best thing in this vid
ultra story roblox
ultra story roblox Pred 25 dnevi
17:12 holy mother
Toby _SW
Toby _SW Pred 25 dnevi
I really wanted to hear you play howls moving castle though ;-;
Louis Nguyen
Louis Nguyen Pred 25 dnevi
this might be a "little" late but daym u have great piano skillz
Cat king miow
Cat king miow Pred 25 dnevi
When Jaiden plays Megalovania you know this channel is good
Daniel Fazylov
Daniel Fazylov Pred 26 dnevi
17:12 Jaiden is giving people bad times and this was before she had her own megalovania
M the Blepalop
M the Blepalop Pred 26 dnevi
I'm planning to post some piano vids in the future. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should play? I know i'm going to post some Chopin waltzes, but tell me if there is anything else
Guojun Zheng
Guojun Zheng Pred 26 dnevi
WHO SUCKS AT PIANO ?(lower level than Jaiden) Like=YES I DO SUCK Comment=NO I DONT SUCK
I DrawThings
I DrawThings Pred 26 dnevi
i just learnt pianos are amazing
Jacob Vargas
Jacob Vargas Pred 26 dnevi
i haven’t watched the full thing yet shelter is my favorite
ozengunes oyku
ozengunes oyku Pred 26 dnevi
"I knew something was going to go wrong, and it DID" Basically the last six months of 2020
Diana Andriani
Diana Andriani Pred 26 dnevi
I love the piano song :)
ozengunes oyku
ozengunes oyku Pred 26 dnevi
now look at you, only four years later with NINE TIMES that many subs!
Happy Birthday Ari!
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