Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid 

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These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies

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14. jul. 2019

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Luke Arbulu
Luke Arbulu Pred uro
Buff bubbles buffules
w0lfy Done
w0lfy Done Pred 2 urami
When I saw jaiden-spongebob, I was thinking “why does sponge bob have a mullet???” 😅
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl Pred 5 urami
3:20 you made planton so GOOD!!!
Zem Pred 8 urami
Bubbles ha buffles
Daniel Burns
Daniel Burns Pred 9 urami
Game boi
Sarah Ferreira
Sarah Ferreira Pred 10 urami
My dream to become a skateboarder my brain:
Blue Wolf Gamer
Blue Wolf Gamer Pred 13 urami
Blue Wolf Gamer
Blue Wolf Gamer Pred 13 urami
She probably locked the door before u could get in
David Dermawan
David Dermawan Pred 15 urami
Laya Athira
Laya Athira Pred 20 urami
Maybe the mechanics are bad bc you weren’t playing with a game boy color.
Alyssa Korte
Alyssa Korte Pred 22 urami
I I have a nicotine that works
Golden Lord566
Golden Lord566 Pred dnevom
Kirby ._.
Renagame56 Pred dnevom
*Door is locked* Jaiden: So you have chosen...death
Rose Cambell
Rose Cambell Pred 21 uro
Xxxgamer 96
Xxxgamer 96 Pred dnevom
I love jaiden
Xxxgamer 96
Xxxgamer 96 Pred dnevom
Fuck you barbie 🖕
Xxxgamer 96
Xxxgamer 96 Pred dnevom
I play Pokémon omega ruby
Xxxgamer 96
Xxxgamer 96 Pred dnevom
I hate spongebob
Rose Cambell
Rose Cambell Pred 21 uro
HHOW COULD U keep those thoughts to urself (*  ̄︿ ̄)
Xxxgamer 96
Xxxgamer 96 Pred dnevom
I hate power puff girls because they equal fuckin shit
Rose Cambell
Rose Cambell Pred 21 uro
cholo21491 Pred dnevom
Sponge bob is pimp on ps2
Snowolfgamer Pred dnevom
Jaiden: I like this part *Ad plays* Me: Wow this part is amazing
Liam Goheen
Liam Goheen Pred dnevom
The console version of Battle for Bikini Bottom is actually pretty good
Tweety Animates
Tweety Animates Pred dnevom
jaiden: ari is going to be alone me: *getting home alone vibes and starts singing* "I hear the bird, you hear the bird"
Dean Dragon
Dean Dragon Pred dnevom
Why is your title dutch?
DisPearBear Pred dnevom
Tehmina Munaf
Tehmina Munaf Pred dnevom
I thought I put a game video on-
Its Royce
Its Royce Pred dnevom
Super super late but... am I the only one who wants to learn more about the Disney plug and play 🤔
Zem Pred dnevom
Jadien : stop it Ari!!! Ari: * squak* Also Ari: no mortal
Kettudragon Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden! There’s now a new ‘Battle for Bikini Bottom’ game!! I saw it yesterday for the PlayStation 4 and it’s called ‘Battle for Bikini Bottom, Rehydrated’!
Ripper The Mighty Indoraptor
The weirdest one I played was ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED
Barb Bourke
Barb Bourke Pred 2 dnevi
I have SpongeBob battle for Bikini bottom
Itz your girl CC
Itz your girl CC Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden Jaiden Jaiden OMG DID IT WORK???
Amy Fette
Amy Fette Pred 2 dnevi
The robots Hey jump on me. Jaden. Fine
Ninjagaming 200
Ninjagaming 200 Pred 2 dnevi
Lol Jaiden: OMG THANKS MOM FOR THIS GAME The mom: yup I'm great The game: hi my name is game
Nicole Josephs
Nicole Josephs Pred 2 dnevi
The axiomatic desert clasically concern because crown typically expect despite a square octopus. hesitant, madly noodle
Dylan dude Moore
Dylan dude Moore Pred 2 dnevi
That’s not battle for bikini bottom I have a remaster on switch
DisPearBear Pred dnevom
You're probably too young for this channel if you don't know what remaster is. Sorry. This is a 13+ channel.
꧁Gacha Ivy꧂
꧁Gacha Ivy꧂ Pred 2 dnevi
bubbles mood swings lol
Zahir Ali
Zahir Ali Pred 2 dnevi
Barbie means pig in malay
Entity Pred 2 dnevi
A BABY could beat me at connect four, I'm that bad. If we meet IRL, challenge me.
gamers-rjyrobloX Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden: I suck at conntet four and I’m proud I SUCK AT CONETE FOUR AND IM PROUD me: ok
Gisele the rain wing
CASSIDY CRANE Pred 3 dnevi
0:12 she makes a car and girl kiss 👁👄👁😘
Sukhi A
Sukhi A Pred 3 dnevi
You are strolling down the comments but not watching the video hmmmm GO AND WATCH THE VIDEO
Mask Kid
Mask Kid Pred 3 dnevi
i know why they gave the nerd the gun, cus he knows what angle to aim at
Socially Awkward Club
I can't stop rewatching the barbie congo line part and laughing at 6:40
Jax among us And other stuff
I played the sponge bob game to but the new 2020 version
I am rat queen
I am rat queen Pred 3 dnevi
So about the spongebob game they rebooted it but its a little different its 3d and the robots actrully attack and the bosses are a little more difficult but the same story line for the robots so ya
Amy Tourand Johnston
“Wait is that kid dead?!?” The words of a ture sponge.
Alok Kumar datta
Alok Kumar datta Pred 3 dnevi
Boo. You stink
DisPearBear Pred dnevom
Why you don't try Spongebob battle for bikini bottom (PS2 and PS4) Btw i play in PS2 and i reach kelp forest and Spongebob dream
Choco Bijou
Choco Bijou Pred 3 dnevi
The only reason for my dislike is it is spongeboob. Your animation and everything else is A1.
Ben Wirth
Ben Wirth Pred 3 dnevi
Admittedly I only scrolled a little on the comments, but the spongebob crabby patty throwing game is a knockoff of “paperboy” lol. An ancient arcade game and eventual port to almost all early consoles lol. I remember the version on the SNES from my childhood lol
Marissaplayzroblox Follow me on roblox
I was dying when young jaiden climbed onto the lamp like f’ing moth
George Moussa
George Moussa Pred 4 dnevi
What is Nathaniel bandy saw this do you make a triggering video of all of those games
The Dinosaur Pals
The Dinosaur Pals Pred 4 dnevi
4:26 you ain’t making that jump
Ahmadplayz _09
Ahmadplayz _09 Pred 4 dnevi
barbie sucks like a b****
DisPearBear Pred dnevom
Like a bee? XD
I'm a pet not KFC
I'm a pet not KFC Pred 4 dnevi
This big robot wouldn't hurt a fly 5:35 me:uhh yeah sure
Talia Chamseddine
Talia Chamseddine Pred 4 dnevi
Kids: I don’t think that game was real oh wait I remember I was not even born like me I was born in 2013 February 11 so you can say I’m seven years old which I am You which is Jaiden: so guys this is a game boy in this game is like very old so yeah and yeah Kids:I’m gonna watch this video just because I love her channel but I have no idea what the hell these things mean even though I’ve seen them like 1,000,000 times and two on SLtv
Window Licker
Window Licker Pred 4 dnevi
Is it true that if you say a you tubers named three you get pinned idk I see people say this a lot 🧐🧐🧐 Jaiden Animations Jaiden Animations Jaiden Animations
Bear Boi
Bear Boi Pred 4 dnevi
Weak Spongebob can't jump, and robot uber.
Ramli Hashim
Ramli Hashim Pred 4 dnevi
Everyone gangsta until Bubles has Jaiden face and personality.
The Three Moons
The Three Moons Pred 5 dnevi
7:40 When she said SLtv hit me with a double as 😩
SavageBound Pred 5 dnevi
if you add Jojo music at 1:57, its a haha funny
TheRealFoxyops Pred 5 dnevi
no one: a alternative universe :strange kid i played as game
Kittens GALORE
Kittens GALORE Pred 5 dnevi
7:40 right when you said “I LIKE THIS PART” an ad played for some anime game.
Dj Bendy47
Dj Bendy47 Pred 5 dnevi
Dj Bendy47
Dj Bendy47 Pred 5 dnevi
You draw all the characters
Tabby_cat Meow!
Tabby_cat Meow! Pred 5 dnevi
You collect people. I DEMAND A RANDSOM!
Random Videos for you
Andy Polasek
Andy Polasek Pred 5 dnevi
Battle Him is the third game in the series. If you played the first two, it's not as hard or weird. Unfortunately half of the cartridges have a glitch that crashes the game halfway through and there's nothing that can be done but to use cheats to skip that level.
Lillia Cookie
Lillia Cookie Pred 5 dnevi
Game: This Door is Locked! Jaiden: LET ME IN PLEASEEE
T3CHN0-BAB3 Teresa
T3CHN0-BAB3 Teresa Pred 5 dnevi
I also had the barbie game and loveeed conga line
king of games and anime
0:15 remember being five, back when bonking a doll and a car together was all you needed to be fulfilled? What happened man?
• Pedal of flowers •
Well I guess Bugs Also Play games because they go to Light 💡 I’m a human a covek O!.
Anime1 Pred 5 dnevi
We Indian kids be like : Games!! Huh what is a GBA What are games... Your parents gave you games 😶 what !? Still a dream to see a Game Boy Advance 😞👀
Thelma Dixon
Thelma Dixon Pred 6 dnevi
The aromatic volcano gradually happen because suggestion ipsilaterally correct past a lewd yacht. teeny-tiny, calm time
ChargedTracer Pred 5 dnevi
Jose Tecson
Jose Tecson Pred 6 dnevi
who was the first friend you met>.
Jr Jeronimoalejandroo
old thinking's were hard for some reason
Alicia Prince
Alicia Prince Pred 6 dnevi
Meeeeeeeeeee 8
ennoshita Pred 6 dnevi
I had a Star Wars one in the shape of Vader’s helmet
Niki fantasi
Niki fantasi Pred 6 dnevi
sunita raut
sunita raut Pred 6 dnevi
Its a squid from minecraft that spiny thingy
ZOCCOK Pred 6 dnevi
Jaiden: My parents got me video games Me being an Indian: *Yup, can't relate*
fish kid
fish kid Pred 6 dnevi
Spongbob jumps f you Spongbob ×10000000000000000
Mia Murillo Byrnes
Mia Murillo Byrnes Pred 6 dnevi
I liked playing zelda, mario cart, and pokemon on the ds as a kid.
Dasneakypancake Gaming
The gameboi advance
amber Kinsey
amber Kinsey Pred 7 dnevi
Yes a commercial about a tomato sauce drink
Adam Blablabla
Adam Blablabla Pred 7 dnevi
woah plays gen 3 games me playing gen 2 games talking about you Pokemon gold
Zareen Alban
Zareen Alban Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden: the robots in the spongebob game are harmless Robot Patrick: am I a joke to you!?!?
Giada Ciaccia
Giada Ciaccia Pred 7 dnevi
F u Teresa 😂
Eve and Em
Eve and Em Pred 7 dnevi
Jaden:it’s dead to me. Me: no it’s not because there is now a Nintendo version! It’s new and better!!!
Brony King Amethyst Rain
Battle for Bikini Bottom on Console was better. I have the Gamecube port and i got Rehydrated last year for PS4
Morrismanstanson The Pretty Good
Yeah I went back to Battle for Bikini Bottom for ps2 a couple months ago when they remastered it. Still love it
Bryan Pred 7 dnevi
Battle for Bikini Bottom- Me: AW HELL YEAH -for the GBA Me: AW HELL NO
Pwnytail Pred 7 dnevi
This just reached into the darkest corner of my mind and made me remember the Spongebob jellyfish and scooby doo plug and play I had as a kid, the nostalgia is hitting me like a truck
Quidditch 2018
Quidditch 2018 Pred 7 dnevi
This video is the only reason Battle for Bikini Bottom got remade
Ochoa Family
Ochoa Family Pred 8 dnevi
Fun Fact: I'm a simple -man- person If I see spongebob on a thumbnail I click
Snowyy0 W0RLD
Snowyy0 W0RLD Pred 8 dnevi
I went to GameStop AND WHAT DO I SEE THATS NEW MINECRAFT but my mom bought me a Nintendo a few days ago😂😂
Juztine Bolivar
Juztine Bolivar Pred 8 dnevi
that spongebob game 2#: wow this realisticly game it's feels like new because you don't need to order just deliver COVID ME
fu3k_ blaze
fu3k_ blaze Pred 8 dnevi
Savannah DeGroot
Savannah DeGroot Pred 8 dnevi
Idk why but when she says "because they're scaring away me customers" it sends me everytime😂
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