Drawing Alola Pokemon w/ theodd1sout 

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we're trying to be creative, here, okay? and if you hAVE to know I'm using Clip Studio Paint and James is using PaintTool Sai
James' video: sltv.info/label/n86bnJLEmaKGpXw/video&ab_channel=theodd1soutcomic
James' channel (if somehow you don't know him already): sltv.info/watch/o8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ.html?&ab_channel=theodd1soutcomic
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Music: Pallet Town (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow)
Pokemon is owned by Nintendo. No, we did not invent pokemon.

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get an "Aloha!" from Alola

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1. okt. 2016

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The Sneakerhead god
Jaden ur milk tank would actually be in my team if it was an official pokemon
Lod Pred dnevom
This was 4 years ago I feel so OLD
nokie ali
nokie ali Pred dnevom
Its not alola its alolan
Evelyn Jang
Evelyn Jang Pred 3 dnevi
how many times dey say "aloHA" it be aloLA IT DRIVE ME CRAZZZZY
kell4660 kell4660
kell4660 kell4660 Pred 3 dnevi
Me and my friend made a alolaen psyduck
Red crisologo
Red crisologo Pred 3 dnevi
hey im from the future jaiden
Stino Pred 3 dnevi
We need video's like this again with theodd1sout
chiaki nanami
chiaki nanami Pred 3 dnevi
Wait alola pokemon is not going to the beach or going on a vaction it changes its look and type lol not hating
Jian Timoteo
Jian Timoteo Pred 4 dnevi
i kinda wanna make a animating channel what app do you use?????
Orayzo Pred 4 dnevi
I swear you two are better at making pokemon than the actual devs
Claire Day
Claire Day Pred 4 dnevi
Imagine if the first two drawings were actually in the sun and moon series
what is that thing you use to draw
Chii_ One
Chii_ One Pred 6 dnevi
Почему, когда я смотрю такие видио, у меня такое чувство, будто они не умеют рисовать?
Haroldette Pred 6 dnevi
Can we talk about Jaiden's wallpaper?
Cats MORE CAT Pred 6 dnevi
I want to go to Japan to:D
Max Bosman
Max Bosman Pred 6 dnevi
Yay now just do galar !
Rosa Lopez
Rosa Lopez Pred 7 dnevi
you know the alolan form of pokemon is just a little diffrent its not like Hawaii you morewones
Nicolas Calgaro
Nicolas Calgaro Pred 7 dnevi
Algum brasileiro?
Mr. Kitty
Mr. Kitty Pred 7 dnevi
Okay, can we talk about jaidens computer background?
Sathya Azarael
Sathya Azarael Pred 7 dnevi
I kept reading Alola as Aloha. 😅
장홍순 Pred 7 dnevi
The warm newsstand surprisingly flower because giraffe mechanically heap amidst a better peace. numberless, educated employee
Igneel Enryūō
Igneel Enryūō Pred 7 dnevi
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous Pred 7 dnevi
Breloom is King
cruz halliburton
cruz halliburton Pred 8 dnevi
Watch the aloha show I recommend it :)
lazyeggz gaming
lazyeggz gaming Pred 8 dnevi
Don't wanna be that guy *Alolan, ALOLAN* but I am
Fern Satchell
Fern Satchell Pred 8 dnevi
she should have put the coconut bra, for Miltank, on the utters instead of the chest so it could somewhat accurate lol.
Booty Holeman
Booty Holeman Pred 8 dnevi
Does she draw with a stylist or mouse????
Acosta Ronin
Acosta Ronin Pred 8 dnevi
Nice polar bear
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person Pred 8 dnevi
James: I want to go to New York Me: I live in New York and it’s boring
lizzy wood
lizzy wood Pred 9 dnevi
8:26 Me: Wai- why is Elsa there?
Johnson Joy
Johnson Joy Pred 9 dnevi
alolan Pokémon aren't just Pokémon with sunglasses slapped on to them
The Golden pikachu
The Golden pikachu Pred 9 dnevi
I love Pokemon sun and moon and the old one Because there is a tv show
Welcome to hi bois
Welcome to hi bois Pred 9 dnevi
Jaden’s computer background totally fits with the video
Phil Algozino
Phil Algozino Pred 9 dnevi
Flareon Pred 10 dnevi
Yeah there's a whole new reason now but I still haven't gotten any new forms why?
Andrew Shepro
Andrew Shepro Pred 10 dnevi
people watching this in 2021 be like
Allison Yoder
Allison Yoder Pred 10 dnevi
Hector Huaman Meza
Hector Huaman Meza Pred 10 dnevi
loved trubbish!
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Pred 10 dnevi
Alolan Voltorb is a beach ball, and when your playing volleyball ot just explodes in your face
Muhammad Ismail Adeel
Muhammad Ismail Adeel Pred 10 dnevi
I hate miltank as a pokemon.
Tomas_ Attack
Tomas_ Attack Pred 10 dnevi
Espur looks high
Braxton Gaming
Braxton Gaming Pred 10 dnevi
If james is 16 now, then 4 years ago, james was 12.
Alex Malandrenias
Alex Malandrenias Pred 11 dnevi
Does anyone know what drawing app they’re using??
Sofija Cvetkovic
Sofija Cvetkovic Pred 11 dnevi
My brain when I'm drawing : 🚮 My brain at 4 am 🖼️🎨👩‍🎨
Junodreas Holmen
Junodreas Holmen Pred 11 dnevi
You guys should make a pokemon alola and the other person should geuse the pokemon
jc castillo
jc castillo Pred 11 dnevi
i have a pokemon sun and i have solgaleo
Jackson Owens
Jackson Owens Pred 11 dnevi
My name is Jackson
ROBLOX-XOLBOR Pred 12 dnevi
hey TheOdd1sOut! your breloom i cannot see
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic Pred 12 dnevi
Its funny how half pokemon look same in alola region
Savilllozz Pred 12 dnevi
Most Pokémon in Aloha are ice types
Coco Lee
Coco Lee Pred 12 dnevi
Maybe Both
Coco Lee
Coco Lee Pred 12 dnevi
I Do Like Jaidens Art:)
Elle Matthew
Elle Matthew Pred 12 dnevi
꧁Gacha Ivy꧂
꧁Gacha Ivy꧂ Pred 12 dnevi
"they are Hawaiian" komala: am i joke? (komala is based off of a koala NOT A KOALA *BEAR* FROM aUstrLia)
Pigglepix Pred 13 dnevi
Me after compleating the alola pokedex 100% ... ya they have no idea what they are talking about. a alolen pokemon is just a pokemon with 1 or more types changed.
Lion Master
Lion Master Pred 13 dnevi
What is your drawing site?
trâm nguyễn
trâm nguyễn Pred 13 dnevi
James should draw the fire pokemon into ice or water
Nugget King
Nugget King Pred 14 dnevi
That Espurr honestly looks like it could be a real alola form.
Flaming Dog123
Flaming Dog123 Pred 14 dnevi
Who's watching in 2021?
Kyle Finley Hong
Kyle Finley Hong Pred 14 dnevi
Hey 👋 jaiden do you know there’s a total of 890 Pokémon
Norilya Afirina Ismail
I have pokemon sun
amitava bhattacharjee
amitava bhattacharjee Pred 14 dnevi
What drawing app are you using?
Gabriel loza
Gabriel loza Pred 14 dnevi
Show your face in a video
Michael O'Doherty
Michael O'Doherty Pred 14 dnevi
What do they use to make the drawings ?
Nerd_Muffin_3 Pred 15 dnevi
can we talk about jaidens desktop background
khlixia -
khlixia - Pred 15 dnevi
Lots of people like not like sun and moon I feel like but I love it
corne animations
corne animations Pred 15 dnevi
More spoilers: They are not sprites
William Farrimond
William Farrimond Pred 15 dnevi
huanter does not have a alola form
Rebel Doomsday
Rebel Doomsday Pred 15 dnevi
6:48 onion!
Abinash Lama
Abinash Lama Pred 15 dnevi
They look like there having a vacation instead if being a alola form
Splash Woman
Splash Woman Pred 16 dnevi
chin ji lung
chin ji lung Pred 16 dnevi
jaiden pleese play more pokemon nuzlocke but in leafgreen version
Concerned user
Concerned user Pred 16 dnevi
Damn it I won’t ever be anything :( I just want to cry today
Liam Burger
Liam Burger Pred 17 dnevi
Jaiden: makes alolan miltank MandJTV: so you have chosen death.
Becky Hobson
Becky Hobson Pred 18 dnevi
Powers fade
Mahendra Joshi
Mahendra Joshi Pred 18 dnevi
Which app does she use for drawing?
DogsAndDonuts Woof
DogsAndDonuts Woof Pred 18 dnevi
I think you were thinking about alolian raichu when you were drawing your haunter Jaiden.
Loonular Pred 19 dnevi
It doesn’t feel like Pokemon sun and moon were four years ago.... dang
Turtle_ Master
Turtle_ Master Pred 19 dnevi
Awww her murrcrow is so awesome
McKenzie Wilson
McKenzie Wilson Pred 19 dnevi
I have
Ollie McArdell
Ollie McArdell Pred 19 dnevi
its so scary how this is almost 5 years ago
WofDudeMan Pred 19 dnevi
Brynncess the princess
The entire time I was singing aloha form from random encounters
Crazy gamer Alekz
Crazy gamer Alekz Pred 19 dnevi
Milktank does not have a alola form because in The series sun & moon we kan SEE one in The episode: young Kiawe had a farm Sooooo IT does not have alolan milktank
-Lunar- -Shadows-
-Lunar- -Shadows- Pred 19 dnevi
Jiadens backround is the best, dog getting hit by a frizbe
Shaija Gopalan
Shaija Gopalan Pred 20 dnevi
SFG Waltis 123
SFG Waltis 123 Pred 20 dnevi
This was 4 years ago feel old yet?
sleepyshipper Pred 20 dnevi
Me who watched the sun and moon anime: Oh
Rix Arguel
Rix Arguel Pred 20 dnevi
Aloha Jaiden and aloha James
TrashFrog Pred 20 dnevi
James: dogs don't drink from straws Me: well they also don't breath fire so
Hewo hewo
Hewo hewo Pred 20 dnevi
So creative
Dylan Reccoppa
Dylan Reccoppa Pred 21 dnevom
James: bad fan art is what this is. Draws better than I can
G. Duruu Offical
G. Duruu Offical Pred 19 dnevi
I read this while synchronising with James saying these words
Mateo Pérez Ristorto
Mateo Pérez Ristorto Pred 21 dnevom
I like Jaiden's, because they change types, and well, their look James is just straight up the pokemon with a flower shirt and sunglasses.
Alice Komarova
Alice Komarova Pred 21 dnevom
its alola
Alice Komarova
Alice Komarova Pred 21 dnevom
nun of your pokemon have a alola foorms
Man Mason
Man Mason Pred 21 dnevom
I have now purchased a Huion HS64 Special Edition because of this video. I was so amazed by this that I went to google to try and figure out how people actually draw so good on computers.
Myer Wong
Myer Wong Pred 21 dnevom
Have you seen the alolan vulpix It is sooooooo cuteeeeee
Santiago Hernandez
Santiago Hernandez Pred 22 dnevi
Its alolan pokemon
Tyler Mays
Tyler Mays Pred 22 dnevi
My tablet randomly started playing this when it was off and I was asleep and it woke me up in the morning 10\10wtf
Tayna x L'Algérino - Moona
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Tayna x L'Algérino - Moona
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